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One Consolidator to Rule them All: Optimized Processing of Digital Bill Payments

Businesses now offer customers more choice in bill pay channels than ever before, but with the increase in choice and volume comes an increase in challenges for back office operations: multiple accounts receivables It’s incumbent on us as providers to address these challenges by leveraging our tools to simplify processing for all payments, focusing on streamlining data streams and automating processing. Imagine a world where a small business owner can easily set rules that validate transactions with “good” data and automatically correct errors in others to ensure successful posting – Through our work with our partners, we’re enhancing current solutions to capture all payment streams, and developing efficient tools that simplify payment processing for all.

Cannabis y farmacopea (2/2) ¿Qué monografías son necesarias?

I: conceptual issues with Cannabis and cannabinoids terminology » [5]. El autor agradece el apoyo de Fundación CANNA, Hempoint s.r.o. a Genís Oña, Òscar Parés e Igor Domsac (ICEERS) I: conceptual issues with Cannabis and cannabinoids terminology, Drug Science, Policy and Law 2020;6 (in press)

TBLI Webinar-Wendell Potter - Healthcare Superhero Whistleblower

See who else is going to TBLI Webinar-Wendell Potter - Healthcare Superhero Whistleblower, and keep up-to-date with conversations about the event. Prior to resignation in 2008, Wendell Potter was vice president of corporate communications for the health insurance company CIGNA. Potter is the first and only "health insurance insider" to have publicly criticized the industry's stance on the Obama health care reforms. A supporter of the Affordable Care Act, Potter correctly predicted in 2010 the final version of the law would increase health insurance industry profits and argued they would find a way to "game the system."He became a vocal advocate for Medicare for All in 2018, saying in September 2019 that "it's time to move to a program that makes a lot of sense economically as well as morally"

Kevin McDonnell on LinkedIn: Nigel Edwards: Plans to shake-up the NHS have a central flaw - The

Boris Johnson, the UK prime minister, is planning a “radical shake-up of the NHS in a bid to regain more direct control. ” - Some of the changes appear to be an attempt to deal with the problems resulting from the 2012 NHS Health and Social Care Act that is widely regarded as a major policy error. The new proposals are reported to assert more direct control over NHS England and PHE, and in particular would hold NHS England more closely to account and deal with perceived PHE failings. #digitalhealth #healthcare #NHS, Professor Shafi Ahmed, Dr. Sandeep Bansal, Martin Bell, Damien Marmion, Peter Gerber, Rachel Dunscombe, Rachel Murphy, Manish Patel, Stuart Bailey, Stuart Hendry, Paul Henderson, Sam Shah, Adam Kamruddin, Robin Stern, Dr. Stewart Southey

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