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Howard University ‘21 | Forbes Under 30 Scholar | AKΨ | @theculturecreators 2020 | she/her |

At Maia Regman's dinner table, Cherokee fables and African folklore were passed around the table like forks and knives. She would devour stories about marches and protests and was never shielded from the struggles her ancestors endured in America and Honduras — economic disadvantages, political disenfranchisement, and social marginalization. This encouraged Maia to start her career in her freshman year of high school, currently granting her with five years of work experience in social media, public relations, writing, and event planning. Having a varied knowledge of industries has made her incredibly interested in consulting and media management so she can offer her expertise to clients. She provides professional services (resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn edits) and creative services (graphic design, photography, and videography).

Location Washington, DC , New York
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It’s time to shift the culture from our computers 👩🏾‍💻 💻 Join me at the @insightsassociation IDEA Forum, where we’ll be focused on actions to improve gender, racial, and ethnic diversity within market research. I’m excited to join leaders at @bet , @ultabeauty , @meta , @hilton and more to discuss the methods, policies, and practices necessary to mitigate bias. It’s time to ensure tech is truly representative when it comes to #marketresearch, #dataanalytics , and #consumerinsights work! Join at the link below & DM me if you’re interested in a free ticket! 🥰

“Your personal brand serves as your best protection against business factors you can’t control.” -Dan Schawbel 💡💻💡 As a #BlackVisionary, I’ve been building my brand to create the career I always saw for myself at the intersection of market research, technology, business, communications, and social justice. I’m excited to empower and educate other creative professionals in @brijapp ‘s first ever #SummerSpeakerSeries in partnership with @blackvisionarieslead- "Branding Yourself As A Creative Professional" 💡💻💡 RSVP at the link in @brijapp ‘s bio to join us at 7 pm EST on Wednesday, July 27th to discuss branding with my fellow panelists that are revolutionizing the media industry! Swipe right to learn more about @_madisonstar @aarons_way @wannnafantaaa 💡 #dei #brijapp #blackvisionaries #hbcualumni #blackcreatives

✨what mentorship looks like ✨ thanks to 7 years of mentorship, I’m able to be the change I’ve always wanted to see in the workplace. ✨this✨ is what it looks like to be a 23-year-old Program Manager & running an internship program, @blacinternship , to train 60 Black creative thinkers into becoming advertising professionals across the country. I’ve been working in advertising for the last 7 years to become that mentor that I needed - someone who educates professionals on how to live aligned, sustainable lives and shows you that you can rock your crystals, natural hair, and nails at the same time 💅🏾 (shoutout @essie & for sending me their new inclusive line) ✨ Over 90 BLAC interns and alumni are looking to be paired with mentors who represent all that they can be in advertising and marketing. If you're a Black mid- to senior-level professional working in an agency, brand or platform, and are interested in helping nurture the industry's future, sign up today at the link in my bio 🥰 Thank you @bennettdbennett for working with me to lead this! ✨ #diversityequityinclusion #nonprofitsofinstagram #blacinternship #600andrising #mentorshipmatters #prequel #prequelapp

✨222✨ 💕 as a coach, public speaker, and creative strategist, it was important to me to get my trauma-informed care certification this year. it’s funny when my clients come into my office hours expecting me to tell them to work harder, when I’m actuallyyyyy gonna ask you if you remember to breathe or if you’ve tried meditation 😂 being able to positively improve my clients’ mindsets by prioritizing wellness is what’s led to results like increased salaries, moves to the cities of their dreams, and job changes to the professional industries that give them the opportunity to pursue their creative passions full-time. 💕 when my boyfriend (whose guitar I stole hehe) taught me how to meditate last year, he blew my mind when he taught me how to do it with music. for years I thought that meditation was all about being “quiet”, and eyeee thought that I did not have that in me (especially having ADHD). that simple mindset shift is what led to me learning how to release the limiting beliefs were holding me back from my fullest health potential. studying neuroscience alongside trauma-informed care taught me that there was a lot more benefit to using music than I thought 🌚 💕 becoming a Founding Member of @high_vibe_women has been an opportunity to grow with a community of supportive & spiritual entrepreneurs thanks to @geneva (s/o @juvconsulting ). I’ve been introduced to the resources & inspiring women that I prayed for a year ago when I first started studying for my trauma-informed care certification. Meditation has been so much easier for me AND my clients thanks to @sonacares & @marniwandner ✨ Getting ready for & leading my presentation with @distillandexpress’s Women’s Manifestation Group with Sona this week helped us get into the Alpha brain wave state we needed for the Creative Visualization technique I taught them thanks to @vishen, @lisa2motivate & @mindvalley 🥰 Simplifying neuroscience, manifestation, and personal/professional branding with her group of entrepreneurs this week was an honor. 💕 I’m grateful to be able to share some of these moments & this discount code with my community now too 🥰✨ I know @sonacares will help you as much as it’s helped us 🌟

i don’t invent anything, i just rediscover everything 🌟 I’m still logged into my Google Drive from middle school and going back and looking at my old essays always gives me inspiration 😪 She’d be proud of who I am now. 🌟 There isn’t anything I’m doing now that I wasn’t studying before college. I saw it as the destination that most first-gen kids do - this is where you do everything your grandparents & parents couldn’t. 🌟 When people ask me what I do for work now, the easiest answer is “break generational curses”. Like a lot of Gen Z Black kids, I’m the first person in my family to be able to find a way to do EVERYTHING I want, and it’s because civil rights activists & marginalized communities made sacrifices bigger than I could ever imagine. 🌟 Using my communication, creativity, and community service to make equitable change in business, media, and tech has always been a theme of my life - meeting amazing people like Nicole Tinson of @hbcu20x20 & @1johnnybailey through events for @my.scholly feels more full circle than I could have ever predicted. 🌟 The one thing I stopped doing in college was letting everything shine. I was told I had to pick and choose parts of myself to do what I truly wanted, which was to give back, educate, and be the representation that I needed most when I was growing up. Now here I am designing Web 3 worlds for my audience with @telliesite 😪 chile imma always do what I want & imma find dope people to do it with! 🌟 I was told as a little girl that I couldn’t keep dancing, singing, designing, and playing instruments for fun while I did research, interviews, and run a business. It sounded crazy then, it still sounds crazy now, which is why I’ll keep doing everything I want until it’s normal for Black girls to do everything they want - & that’s on @waymakerculture 🎯 🌟 #blackhistorymonth #bhm #blackgirlsrock #blackgirlmagic #supportblackcreatives #howardalumni

generational wealth starts with generations coming together ✨ 🌟 I grew up studying the leaders of creative geniuses like Quincy Jones & once I was able to learn from him through @theculturecreators , I realized I was farther along my journey than I gave myself credit for. 🌟 I don’t think Gen Z gives ourselves enough credit. Everything we’ve ever wanted to learn, we grew up knowing is just a Google away. 🌟 I came to Howard knowing that I wanted to learn from the DC community. Being from the Bronx, I know New Yorkers have our stereotypes, but the one that rings true for me is that imma talk to everyone I see if I know them. Being an HBCU Product has led to some of my best conversations with local artists, business owners, and community activists. Representing truth & service during undergrad has turned into becoming a visual storyteller, a manifestation coach, a Web 3.0 community organizer, and a million other titles I never would’ve predicted - but I always dreamed of. All possible because of my community - thank you @oluwa.icon for inviting me to this space 🙇🏽‍♀️ 🌟 Thank you @urbanbillionairesclub & @janaenadams for the shirt & for empowering Black Gen Z, millennials, and beyond with the tools to learn financial literacy so we can become community leaders that can give back in more ways than one! 🌟 Song: “Light Beam” by @malik.dope 🌟 #washingtondc #blackcreatives #blackhistorymonth #shareblackstories #blackstories

memories of the woman I’m becoming 💖 @sc #sephoracollectionlove #SCpartner 💋 My dream has always been to be able to lift as I climb. Being a part of a national beauty campaign with my favorite beauty company, @sephora , as a natural haired, indigenous Black Howard woman is a confirmation that the 16 year old that shot her first national campaign on an iPod touch did things right. I wanted to celebrate my birthday right with all of the right products and people, my MUA, little, and spec @nefonthebeat and my photographer, spec, and dawta @iamnajahk ✨ 💋 On my story y’all said you wanted to know how I liked the collection and BABY. Every product is a 10. This was the first time I actually got to celebrate my birthday in years, thanks to my best friend & boyfriend. I was out for hours and by the time I came home my beat was still FLAWLESS. Thank you @sc for gifting me these products and helping me celebrate my birthday & my beauty in exchange of my honest opinion✨ 💋 Stay tuned for a reel with the product details of this Sephora Collection 🥰

23. 01.23. 12:12. ♒️ The only thing I want this year is me. 12th house profection year, Jordan year, my year ✨

WILL YOU JOIN THE MASTERMIND 🧠 ✨ I'm so incredibly honored for the opportunity to speak with my client’s group of dynamic women entrepreneurs. I’ll be joining these manifesting magnets in the 7th week of her mastermind, as a guest speaker, to share how I manifested multiple collaborations and sponsorships! ✨ I will be sharing my tips and tricks on creating a brand that your audience will resonate with. Go to @distillandexpress link in bio to learn more! ✨ For my new followers, you can read below to learn a little more about me 🥰💖 ✨ Maia is a proud Howard Woman™ that has been empowered by her HBCU, the illustrious Howard University, to advocate for the advancement of all Black people. As CEO of Maia Melanin Marketing, LLC she uses influencer marketing (@maia_melanin) to inspire creatives and empower entrepreneurs. By combining her graphic design, photography, and videography skills, she's been featured in influencer campaigns for the United Nations, Fenty Beauty, Grubhub, and more. Featured in publications such as Essence, Refinery29, and HBCUDigest, she looks forward to leveraging her experience and network to bring innovative ideas and excellent execution to her clients.

🕵🏾‍♀️OPERATION IYKYK🕵🏾‍♀️ 15,000 people in mind. never forget who you started with. leave a comment if you figure it out. #blackcreatives #blackfashion #blackfashionblogger #supportblackcreatives #supportblackbusinesses

“I’m Every Woman” x Chaka Khan (1978) 🕺🏾 This time last year, I was deep in interviews with the C-Suite of the company I fell in love with during an impromptu trip to LA in the fall. I spent my whole time at Howard working at least four different jobs every semester because I knew when I graduated, I needed a job that I’d be happy in AND could support my family with. I girlbossed WAYYYY too close to the sun & ended up being eligible to interview for senior roles for most of the companies I was interested in, instead of entry-level. I ended 2020 excited for a full-time job in Hollywood doing everything I’ve EVER worked towards. 🕺🏾 There’s a parallel universe where I chose that job offer instead of choosing myself. I would’ve spent my last semester at Howard doing what I loved, getting paid full-time for it, and worked with the team of my dreams in LA. As a creative & entrepreneur, you’d think there’s not much more I could’ve asked for. But there was. And for a lot of Black women like me, we need to ask for a lot because we’re taking care of a lot. 🕺🏾 It took the hardest year of my life (check my highlights if you’re nosy 😜), but I’m finally choosing myself. Within the first month of launching my LLC, I’ve gotten into two business accelerators that will scale Maia Melanin Marketing to a 7-figure business. And I’m going after everything I’ve ever wanted on behalf of every Black girl that had to say no to her dreams because reality forced her to. 🕺🏾 Thank you for helping me raise $10,000 for my mom. Thank you for helping me through housing insecurity. Thank you for Rookie of the Year, Culture Award, Next Generation Innovator, Brother of the Year, Member of the Year, Educator of the Year, Forbes Under 30 Scholar, and every future award I’m going after in 2022 & beyond. It took my community seeing me as every woman before I decided to truly live like it’s all in me. Yesterday’s price is NOT today’s price, especially because I need the money to give back to the communities that need it most and have believed in me from the start. 🕺🏾 Special thanks to @creativetheoryagency @trillakay_ @jeromebaker3rd for an amazing 70’s themed party for DMV creatives 🤍

you have the same choice every day, evolve or repeat 🤨

for a lot of us, it’s more than a drink 🤎 🍹 Growing up in New York & being raised by a village showed me the diverse ways Africans & Caribbeans celebrate. Summer cookouts with Puerto Rican aunties, weekends with my Ghanaian godfamily, and being with my Garifuna grandparents during the week - my calendar growing up was a melting pot. I was raised by hard workers that celebrated together, which meant food, music, and always a good rum. Now being a young professional, I’ve carried those same traditions in my home. 🍹 There’s a lot to celebrate when you’ve put six years into crafting your space as a Black creative. That’s why it’s an honor to partner with the world’s FIRST Afro-Caribbean rum, @equianorum, named after Olaudah Equiano, a former slave who bought his freedom. With a percentage of profits and sales going towards anti-slavery, freedom, and equality projects, each glass is a toast to advancing our people. 🍹 Cheers to my fellow young Black professionals making a path for those who will come after us and those who will dare to forge their own path! Putting in this work now is my freedom & our story - check out the link in my bio to learn more🍹 #EquianoRumPartner #MyFreedomOurStory #EquianoRum

y’all wanna get in your bag the @jansport way 👀🤑🎒 • Jansport is looking for their next Chief Mood Officer to run their TikTok! Here are the perks 🤠 🤑 $3,000 cash prize 📚$1,000 textbook stipend 🎒FREE Jansport merch 🤳Digital home studio 🧘🏾‍♀️Wellness package Check out @jansport website for more information! #jansport #chiefmoodofficer #ad

You won’t want to miss learning from the legends behind the lens 🤩📸 • It’s an honor to host this event for @community.of.creatives where we’ll be talking about what it takes to innovate and find your place in the creative industry. • Thank you @shaughncooper & @madenchynna for inviting me to host & our sponsors @nuvegancafe & @texturedhands ✨ I’ll see y’all there - link in bio! • #blackcreatives #dcphotographer #dcphotography #dcphotographers #dmvphotographer #dmvphotography #blackcreators #blacklivesmatter #blackcreator #supportsmallbusiness #supportblackbusiness #supportblackownedbusinesses #dmvbusiness #blackexcellence

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