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A little lonely in
the crowd?

Most platforms are just giant directories of folks like you. You’re in there with a few stats and a few keywords, but that’s about it. We know there’s more to you than that.

Perlu helps you show brands and collaborators who you really are: what communities you’re in, your reputation, how hard you work, how you give back.

Perlu replaces all those time consuming influencer private Facebook groups I’ve had to abandon.

Stephanie White, Travel Blogger

Perlu Collabs are more streamlined and one of the main features that makes Perlu stand above Facebook.

Meg Jerrard, Travel Influencer

You’re known by the
company you keep.

It’s easy to fake an audience, and even fake content. Brands won’t work with fakes. They need real leaders in real communities with loyal audiences and amazing and unique content.

Perlu takes the hard work out of collaborating, building audiences and connecting with peers. And as you use Perlu to drive your growth, your professional reputation builds as well, helping you stand out from the crowd.

Tired of “sup yo?”

If you’re spending time in private Facebook groups, or in Instagram pods, you know the routine: lots of noise, lots of spam, and not enough pros.

Perlu makes it easy to find pros and get stuff done using the same powerful collaboration tools the brands use. After all, you’re a brand too, right?

More work than you
thought, right?

Building and keeping an audience is a ton of work. Go dark for a few days? Ouch. Teaming is the answer but finding great partners and managing all the emails and DMs is a hassle.

Perlu helps you easily find perfect partners that will help double your content with half the work and none of the hassle. Not to mention proving you’re not a bot.

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