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Perlu is where travelers, foodies, fashionistas, parents, lifestyle gurus, health enthusiasts and experts of all kinds come together to connect, collaborate and grow.

What can you do with Perlu?

Perlu helps influencers curate, manage, and engage networks and communities of publishers, colleagues, and partners. Perlu also helps influencers collaborate, replacing cumbersome spreadsheets, emails, DMs, and Facebook groups for finding and working with partners.

Step 1: Establish Yourself

Edit your profile, connect your blog and your social accounts. This will show everyone who you are, what you care about, detail your audience, and help you get found by potential partners.

Step 2: Build Your Network

Perlu Packs are groups of influencers curated by Perlu members and editors. Explore packs that align with your interests, join them, connect with pack members and owners.

Step 3: Curate Your Community

Create your own packs to organize your community of colleagues, partners, and inspirations. If they’re not all on Perlu, invite them to join.

Step 4: Collaborate

Define a project, set qualifications for partners, share your opportunity with Packs, choose from applicants, and visually manage and track workflow — all within Perlu.

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