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Your Perlu network is your collection of other Perlu members. See someone on Perlu you know or want to remember? Just click “follow”. If they follow you back, you’re connected and you can message them directly. Use other members’ networks to discover and explore new communities.


Perlu Packs let you group and compare Perlu members. You can build Packs containing your colleagues, your competitors, your heroes or any other Perlu member. As you build your Packs, you’ll see stats about the Pack such as total audience and share of audience by social channel. Keep your Pack private, visible only to you and the Pack’s members, or make your Pack visible to the Perlu community.


Perlu Collaborations provide a way for you to work with other Perlu members. Collaborations let others know you’re available to do work, or need help from other qualified members. You can create different types of Collaborations for different kinds of work, and share them with your favorite Packs.

As member of a Pack, you may see Collaborations shared by other Pack members. If you’re interested in the Collaboration, you can apply, and begin work. Perlu provides the communication tools you need to make working with a partner simple and easy.

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