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Perlu is a very different take on Influencer Marketing — With Perlu, you can see how influencers are connected to each other, revealing exciting new campaign opportunities.

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Perlu helps brands easily connect and collaborate with thriving communities of global influencers.

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The Perlu Difference

On most influencer platforms, influencers are passive. They sign up, fill out their info, and wait to be found. Other platforms simply scrape data from the web and make it searchable. That kind of sucks for everyone. Perlu is different…

Thousands of Active Influencers Itching to Collaborate.

Our mega-, micro- and nano- influencers have organized themselves into hundreds of groups, each with highly specific interests and ready to collaborate with brands.

Better Influencers and More Impactful Results.

Perlu’s professional network helps you find thousands of trustworthy, professional influencers with authentic audiences, and our powerful collaboration tools take the headache out of working on large campaigns.