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Influencers are potent partners for awareness, sales, and content.

Most brands struggle with…

  • Finding the ideal influencer partners
  • Knowing how to budget campaigns
  • Developing strategies for maximum impact
  • Using influencers as an “always on” part of the marketing mix

Perlu makes influencer marketing fast and easy.

Perlu’s innovative, engaging and scalable Influence Solutions connect brands with new audiences in authentic and impactful ways.

We Provide…

  • Influencer-sourced research and insights
  • Campaign strategy and creative
  • Pilot and exploratory campaigns
  • Custom influencer teams
  • Managed influencer programs

What makes Perlu different?

Our Influence Solutions are powered by a dynamic community of influencer pros at Our proprietary technology quickly connects brands and influencers, providing a marketplace for partnerships and sophisticated tools for managing programs.

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