About Perlu

Perlu is where creators, authors, designers, parents, foodies, photographers, athletes, critics, artists, and enthusiasts and experts of all kinds come together to connect, collaborate and grow.

Why Perlu?

Being influential involves a lot of work that’s not your passion.

You know how complicated it is to be a publisher today. While you’re doing the things you love and sharing them with your audiences, keeping up with social media and messages takes more time than you have. But as tedious as that is, you know it’s key to success and can’t be ignored.

You’re known by the company you keep.

Your path brings you into contact with many others who share your interests. These connections are opportunities for new experiences and exposure. But without a way to share, enhance, and promote your network, you lack a critical edge for growth.

Growth happens when you work with others.

Working with others brings new inspirations, projects, and audiences that can speed growth. But finding the right partners, working through project details, and easily managing compensation is all but impossible.

If your business is sharing insights and perspectives, then who you are, who you know, and what you do deserves a showcase. And whether you’re a celebrity, a leader in your category, or an aspiring enthusiast, Perlu is your essential partner in growth.