About Perlu

Perlu is a professional community for brands and influencers.
We provide tools that help our members connect, collaborate, and grow.

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Growth for influencers comes from working other influencers. Perlu makes it easy to find other influencers and work together on projects that help grow your audience and attract the attention of brands.

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Brands & Agencies

The Perlu community of influencers provides brands with the fastest, most effective means to find and engage with trusted, active influencers in every category. Choose your own qualification criteria, target your needs, and they come to you.

No monthly membership or subscription fee.

Pay only for what you use:
Commission fees apply to cash payments made by brands and agencies to influencers.

Brand and Agency teams can use Perlu for campaigns directly.

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Our Company

Inspired by the founding team’s extensive experience collaborating with thousands of influencers in every category, Perlu was founded in 2017 to help influencers connect, grow and collaborate. As the landscape for content creation and partnerships among brands and influencers evolves, we believe that human insights and communities connected by common interests will always be the foundation of success. Our mission is to help foster these connections, and help communities thrive.

We are guided in this mission by leading and forward-thinking influencers on our Advisor Team.

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