Perlu Advisors

Perlu Advisors are leaders in their categories.
For brands, they’re experts that can advise on winning campaigns.
For influencers, they’re where to start for networking and partnerships.

Meg - Australia Travel Advisor
Meg Jerrard Australia Travel Advisor
Dennis - European Culinary Travel Advisor
Dennis Littley European Culinary Travel Advisor
Astrid - Alternative Fashion Advisor
Astrid Sedgvvick Alternative Fashion Advisor
Maiah - Vegan Health Advisor
Maiah Miller Vegan Health Advisor
Nicolas - Latin America Travel Advisor
Nicolas Ierino Latin America Travel Advisor
Kavita - Foodie Travel Advisor
Kavita Favelle Foodie Travel Advisor
Jessie - Solo Female Travel Advisor
Jessie Festa Solo Female Travel Advisor
Nathan - Active Travel Advisor
Nathan Sado Active Travel Advisor
Chelsea - Makeup Advisor
Chelsea Fields Makeup Advisor
Kacie - European Travel & Local Cuisine Advisor
Kacie Morgan European Travel & Local Cuisine Advisor
Alicia - Special Needs Parenting Advisor
Alicia Trautwein Special Needs Parenting Advisor
Kevin - Outdoors Advisor
Kevin Paulson Outdoors Advisor
Megan - Multiracial Family Advisor
Megan Stephen Multiracial Family Advisor
Courtney - Middle East Culinary Advisor
Courtney Brandt Middle East Culinary Advisor
Flor - Hispanic Travel Advisor
Flor Zaccagnino Hispanic Travel Advisor
Cacinda - Luxe Travel Advisor
Cacinda Maloney Luxe Travel Advisor
Jennifer - Motherhood Fitness Advisor
Jennifer O'Shea Motherhood Fitness Advisor
Celine - Active Family Travel Advisor
Celine Brewer Active Family Travel Advisor
Dana - Cruising Advisor
Dana Freeman Cruising Advisor
Emma - Hiking & Trekking Advisor
Emma Hiking & Trekking Advisor
Lauren - USA Travel Advisor
Lauren Monitz USA Travel Advisor
Ava - Luxury Travel Advisor
Ava Roxanne Stritt Luxury Travel Advisor
Kirsten - Adventure Family Travel Advisor
Kirsten Maxwell Adventure Family Travel Advisor
Alexa - Wine Travel Advisor
Alexa Meisler Wine Travel Advisor
Megan Marie - New England Fashion & Lifestyle Advisor
Megan Marie New England Fashion & Lifestyle Advisor
Stephanie - Canadian Travel Advisor
Stephanie White Canadian Travel Advisor
Sheri - Canadian Family Travel Advisor
Sheri McDonald Canadian Family Travel Advisor
Karolina - European Travel Advisor
Karolina Klesta European Travel Advisor
Valerie - Southwest Food and Beverage Advisor
Valerie Mitchell Southwest Food and Beverage Advisor
Jenn - Family Health Advisor
Jenn Mitchell Family Health Advisor
Sheri - Family Cruising Advisor
Sheri Griffiths Family Cruising Advisor
Lizzie - Single Parent Travel Advisor
Lizzie Lau Single Parent Travel Advisor
Keri - Middle East Travel Advisor
Keri Hedrick Middle East Travel Advisor
Clelia - Italian Travel Advisor
Clelia Mattana Italian Travel Advisor
Maureen - Pet Advisor
Maureen Fitzgerald Pet Advisor
Stacey - Cocktail Advisor
Stacey Doyle Cocktail Advisor
Anika - Socially Conscious Fashion Advisor
Anika Jackson Socially Conscious Fashion Advisor
Kathy - Digital Nomad Advisor
Kathy McPaul Digital Nomad Advisor
Al - Comic Culture Advisor
Al Mega Comic Culture Advisor
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