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#knowyourlemons: a truly global breast cancer awareness campaign.

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When breast cancer is detected early, the chances for survival are very high. 🙌 So keep checking your lemons 🍋🍋 every month and keep up on your yearly mammograms. ⁠Our KNOW YOUR LEMONS app teaches you how and when to self-exam and reminds you monthly, at the correct time of your menstrual cycle. ⏰ It also helps you schedule a mammogram and teaches you what to look and feel for. Amazing, right? 🤯 Get the app today📱and tell your friends! 💛 Link in bio.

We love that you guys ask us how you can get involved in raising awareness for early detection 💗 Corrine talked with Peri Kinder on the @lifeandlaughtercoaching podcast to give you some ideas and you can read our latest blog post for more!

"I was browsing online when I came across this post about Know Your Lemons. The post said this lady wished everyone would share Know Your Lemons instead of the little red hearts. If it wasn’t for that post and Know Your Lemons she wouldn’t have known the indentation on her breast was breast cancer." -Terry ⁠ ⁠ You can learn even more about this symptom on our app. Link in bio 💗🍋

For some women after menopause, breast tissue becomes less dense and more fatty, making it easier to see a cancerous lump on an x-ray. It is also an important way for women to know their breast density. When breast tissue is dense, radiologists may have a harder time seeing cancer in the tissue on the x-ray. Learn more about breast density on our blog (link in bio) and visit our 🇨🇦 partner @densebreastcanada to know more.

Here's the tea sis.... Underwire bras DON'T cause cancer! The myth about lymph blockage isn’t true. They can cause a temporary indentation in the skin if worn too tightly, but other than discomfort, that’s it for negative effects on your breasts! Whatever bra you wear be sure it fits comfortably and take note of any changes in your breasts from month to month with the Know Your Lemons app. Link in bio to download

We know who we’d support in getting a mammogram. Who would you? Tag them below or share this with them. Not sure where to begin? Our FREE app can guide you through all your mammogram questions, explain what happens during a mammogram, help you talk to your doctor about it, and even check if there are resources in your area for a free mammogram. Download it today using the link in our bio.

Wishing a Happy Birthday to @oliviamunn who inspires us to take care of our breast health. She has been outspoken in how important it is to know your risk factors for breast cancer. Prioritize yourself. Take action like Olivia. Get started on our free app. Learn more through our link in bio.

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