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#knowyourlemons: a truly global breast cancer awareness campaign.

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Congrats! You're old enough for a mammogram! ⁠ Prepare for your first mammogram with our app! Link in bio.⁠ ⁠ #mammogram #throwback #fullhouse #mammogramssavelives #mammography

Honoring our #volunteer Lemonista #cancersurvivors and #thrivers today! Share this with a survivor or thriver you know 💞

Go to the “I Am Evidence” button in our bio to have your voice heard when it comes to the new screening reccomendation. DEADLINE JUNE 5. We have been overwhelmed by the amount of inspirational #iamevidence stories on how ultrasounds are such an integral part of women with dense breasts getting diagnosed with breast cancer. Has an ultrasound helped you get diagnosed, or helped rule something out in a way that a mammogram couldn’t do alone because of dense breasts? If so, please share this image and share your story. The US Preventative Services Task Force is in charge of breast screening recommendations. They say they need more evidence that an ultrasound is important for early detection. Here’s what you need to do:⁠ ⁠ Post this image with your story and tag @knowyourlemons so we can collect these stories.⁠ Go to the “I am evidence!” link in bio to learn how to include your voice as they finalize screening recommendations by JUNE 5th.⁠ Spread the word to those you know who also can be part of this.⁠ ⁠ Thanks for being part of our lifesaving mission to improve early detection! 🍋🍋  #USPSTF #knowyourlemons

Help us start a conversation about inclusivity! ⁠ ⁠ We would love for you to share your story about your breast health from an LGBTQ+ perspective OR if you know someone who is, share this image with them and let us know how the conversation went!⁠ ⁠ Download our free app to learn more about these symptoms in detail. Link in bio.

Purchase this poster for only $12 to help educate and save lives. ⁠ ⁠ "Everyone in the world needs to see this image." How do we do that? By ensuring this image is seen by everyone.

4 things to tell your doctor if you notice a breast change. Our doctor conversation guide (found in the Know Your Lemons app) can help you advocate for yourself and communicate more clearly with your doctor. Link in bio.

Download. Share. Dance. #knowyourlemonsapp

For these Asian women, AAPI Heritage Month in the US and Canada is a great opportunity to create awareness and start conversations within their communities to dispel fear and stigma around breast cancer. If you want to know more for yourself, download our Know Your Lemons app and share what you learn with those you love.⁠ @melbeyondyoga @jessmiso @missclareli @anjscancerjourney⁠ ⁠ #AAPI #AAPImonth #story #woman #ladies #female #app #healthapp #breastcancer #breastcancerawareness #breasthealth #breasthealthawareness #breasthealtheducation #breasthealthsaveslives #earlydetection #cancer #cancersucks #healthyhabits #selfexam #knowyournormal #wellness #health #selfcare #selflove #conversations #womenempoweringwomen #empower

"Thank you to Odiellia Latre and Claudette Currie from Know Your Lemons Foundation for the wonderfully creative and informative breast health talk held at Hospice White River on the 12th of October 2022. Learning how to conduct a self-examination was just one of the many interesting topics the Lemonista ladies discussed and just when we thought the fun was over, the ladies showed us all how to massage the breast tissue assisting in stimulating the lymphatic system to none other than Dolly Partons “9 to 5”. Thank you again for facilitating such a fun and educational workshop."⁠ -Hospice White River

Join our winners by donating from now until tomorrow at midnight for a chance to be whisked away on a trip for two to the Bahamas with activities and airfare included! All money donated goes to getting a mammogram machine in the Bahamas and to early detection of breast cancer education programs 💗 Link in bio. #bahamas #trip #travel #donate #dogood #mammogram #breastcancerawareness

RESULTS! No matter what your results are you are a winner for looking after your health. Taking action is the BEST thing for you to do, especially if you find a symptom. From us to you- we encourage you to look after your health. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion. It’s your body. It’s your health and you deserve the best. Get started on your breast health journey by downloading our free self exam app. Link in bio. #womenshealth #womenshealthweek #mammogram #fyp #breastcancer #story

What symptom(s) are new to you? If you have/had breast cancer which symptom(s) did you experience? Comment below, share this image and get our free app to learn how to self-exam! #womenshealthweek #knowyourlemonsapp

GREAT QUESTION! Dont be afraid to ask questions. This is your body and your journey and you deserve all the information to take the breast steps forward for your health. A good place to start is with our app. Free download because you deserve it. Link in bio. #womenshealthweek #health #breastcancer #mammogram #story #breastcancerstory #womenshealth

Do you know the next steps (diagnostic procedures) to take if you discover a symptom of breast cancer? Follow along as our founder, Corrine, takes the necessary steps in investigating a symptom and living her breast life. #womenshealthweek #getscreened #mammogram #breastcancer #story

What does a lemon seed mean in this picture? If you know, comment below! ⁠ ⁠ Want to know more about what you are feeling in a self-exam? Get our free app! #womenshealthweek #knowyourlemonsapp

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