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(she/her) Motherhood stories Twin mom plus one Pediatric Chaplain Postpartum Doula Contributer @bayarea.moms How to demand justice for Jacob Blake 👇

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Save this for next year’s Holiday event list!!! Tis the Season for Science at @calacademy We attended their Welcome Winter Event and the kids loved it! We enjoyed a magic show, live music, crafts and cookie decorating! Before playing in the lights of the Wander Woods playground and saying hi the visiting reindeer. Save the date for the Spring into Summer Event June 20th! And don’t forget to visit Tis the Season for Science at @calacademy

The holidays can be so hectic and this suite was a fantastic escape! I was editing photos from this trip and my son snuggled in my lap asking when we could go back - it really was so memorable. I’m so grateful that we were hosted at the @fairmontsanfrancisco and we were able to start our holidays with an easy escape to this gorgeously decorated space - it was amazing watching the kids eyes light up and it was wonderful to rest and connect with them. Not pictured here was all of us cuddled under blankets for first holiday movie of the season or our fantastic breakfast 🎄 🧑🏽‍🎄Overnight accommodations in a family-friendly, luxury suite, decked out in Santa-inspired décor 🧑🏽‍🎄Breakfast for up to four registered guests 🧑🏽‍🎄Santa’s “Candy and Hot Chocolate Bar” with adult beverage options for parents 🧑🏽‍🎄One gingerbread house kit 🧑🏽‍🎄One complimentary movie to select a favorite holiday classic 🧑🏽‍🎄Overnight Parking for one vehicle Book your stay #fairmontsanfrancisco #thatfairmontfeeling 📸 fun fact: I used my real camera for these and I can tell - can you?

One of the most intriguing things about Mary is that she was generally normal. She was born into oppression and although she came from an important family line she wasn’t important (that’s an assumption because Joseph was from the line of David and I’m assuming the match makers thought about those things). She wasn’t privileged- she would face all the struggles a WOC would experience in America today. For Christians celebrating the holidays this feels like something we should remember. The story of Mary is the story of a courageous minority woman in a time of oppression taking on the burden of saving the world. She really is phenomenal and it is unfair that humanity has consistently asked WOC to be the saviors of the world for so long. We can work towards policy change that support all women. The maternal mortality rates in the US are abysmal and they are worse for BIPOC birthing persons. Our lack of parental leave is disastrous and we are the ONLY wealthy nation without guaranteed leave. We can do so much more to support moms and the stories we tell this season are a reminder of what we can and should do. If your looking for organizations doing good work check out @thematernalrevolution #parentingtruths #raisegoodhumans #maternalhealth #momtruths #policychange

Hope is one of the most complicated emotions I have ever had the pleasure and pain of experiencing. Hope for healing, hope for reconciliation and hope for change. In many ways I have seen my hope come to fruition and in many ways I have been left longing for hope renewed. The Tree of Hope at Grace Cathedral possibly my favorite tree in SF during the holidays. The story of the tree is beautiful and inspiring and it stands as a reminder that the season of Advent is a season of waiting, lamenting, and hoping for a day when all things will be made new. 17th Annual Tree of Hope Lighting Celebration Monday, December 5 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm “Rainbow World Fund (RWF) and Grace Cathedral invite you to the 17th Annual RWF World Tree Lighting Celebration. The RWF World Tree of Hope is a holiday tree decorated with thousands of origami cranes, each containing written notes of hope and peace from children and individuals from around the world. Created annually as a symbol of global unity and world peace, the tree is a gift from members of the San Francisco LGBTQ and Japanese American communities to the world – given to inspire hope, love and humanitarian action. Wishes from world leaders to school children, from San Francisco to Sir Lanka, make the RWF World Tree of Hope a powerful expression of people coming together to create a better world.”

So incredibly proud of this girl! Performing in 4 shows of the @sfyouthballetacademy Nutcracker 🎄

We attended the Carousel Lighting at @creativitykids and their photographer snapped these fantastic photos- seriously I love my family!

Five years ago we had to reschedule our family photo shoot because F was in the hospital recovering from having his kidney removed along with a massive Wilms tumor. We rescheduled as quickly as possible because we wanted to capture our family before chemo and radiation took over, but we were so incredibly lucky that instead we were able to capture his first days cancer free. I love these photos more than I can say and I’m forever grateful for these images from @10baretoes As we celebrate his 5 cancer free screening I’m also incredibly grateful for the research that spared him chemo and radiation- and I’m hopeful that someday Childhood Cancers will receive more than 5% of cancer research funds. Our kids deserve #morethan4 #cancerfreekids #childhoodcancer #wilmstumor #cancerresearch

We attended the Ritz Carlton Teddy Bear Tea for a second year in a row - this year I brought my twins and it was a FANTASTIC way to kick off the holidays! It really is such a sweet fun way to enjoy the holiday season with a tea service that’s appropriate and playful enough for kids and delicious for adults. They have elves that come visit you at the table and invite you into an interactive holiday show, including sing-along, skits and story-time. Reserve your tickets now! November 26 and 27, 2022 December 3 and 4, 2022 December 10 and 11, 2022 December 17-23, 2022 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. seating times. &172 USD per guest, inclusive of tax and gratuity. Tickets are non-refundable. Advance purchase required. #holidaytea #teddybeartea #ritzcarlton #bayareakids #bayareafamily #bayareamoms #sfkids #sffamily #sfchristmas #holidaysinsf #ilovesf #onlysf

Fantastic human - you are worthy of rest, joy, and connection. These experiences come in many forms, but it often requires intention. For me I need intentional time away from obligations and distractions. This weekend I found that in a luxury suit - most often I find it at a budget friendly motel. The honest truth - I grew up with the unconscious belief that I wasn’t worthy of luxury. I’m my 20s I took a vow of simplicity that idealized poverty as the only way to truly follow the teachings of Jesus. Somehow over the years through therapy and expanding my theological perspective I’ve decided that ALL PEOPLE are worthy, including me. If I’m being spiritual about it I believe that when God created us God delighted in us and continues to delight in our joy. If I’m being practical about it - humans need joy to get through the hard parts of being human. Money has no moral value and luxury is a title we give things to make them feel exclusive - it’s a marketing tactic not a value statement. The misuse of money and policies that perpetuate inequity have moral value, but money is a neutral thing. I need these moments with my family. I need to be intentional about creating time without distractions (I.e. dishes and laundry) The odd thing about being a content creator is the motel stays I pay for myself have a greater impact on my family’s budget than the hosted hotel stays I often share here. I try to share both so that I’m showing on honest reflection of life, but at my family’s request I don’t share as many of our unsponsored adventures because my family would rather I take fewer pictures and put my phone away. All that to say I hope in the busyness of the season you’re able to have slow moments, frivolous fun, and intentional time connecting with your loves. I personally find that as a mom I’m best able to connect when I leave my house and I order dinner - maybe you just need to set aside a night at home. We all have our own ways of being intentional. You are worthy of rest, joy and connection.

What would you add to the list? I know luxury vacations are nice but what I really want to add are equal pay, police reform and elder care need to be added. Also - I had a lovely conversation with @votemamalobby today and we need more moms in office - I’m not saying that mother hen is a qualification for anything but I am saying that mom see problems that others don’t see and 87% of women over 45 are moms - we need our issues addressed and fellow moms are more aware of those issues. @votemamalobby has an app that makes it easier for everyone and especially busy moms to get involved in politics on the level they feel ready - check them out if your interested in supporting getting moms in office. #roevswade #abortioncare #prochoiceisprolife #abortionrights #reproductiverights #progressivechristian #christianleft #taxtherich #policychange #selfcareformoms #solvechildcare #mentalload #progressivepolitics #raisegoodhumans #parentingtruths #momtruth #votelikeamadre #momsdemandaction #roeoverturned #electwomen

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