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(she/her) Motherhood stories Twin mom plus one Pediatric Chaplain Postpartum Doula Contributer @bayarea.moms How to demand justice for Jacob Blake 👇

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I wrote these words 2 years ago - my heart full of rage and grief for what we lost in the overturning of Roe. It was a desperate hope that maybe now that the prolife movement had succeeded they would put their energy into doing something good. Maybe now they could address all the challenges that come with birth. Maybe we could work together to make something good? But t no, in two years the “prolife” movement has done NOTHING to address these issues - instead they have taken on the task of ending access to birth control and IVF. Gun violence is now the leading cause of death for children in America. Instead of serving free lunch they are requiring the 10 Commandments be displayed in schools. Forced birth is forcing women out of the workforce without paid leave, access to childcare and lack of equal pay. They are stripping us of our rights and letting our children die in the name of being both anti-choice and pro-gun at all costs. But I am holding on to hope. We can protect our freedom and we can accomplish our goals of a world where women and children thrive, where dads have the opportunity to bond with their babies and birthing parents are given proper care- before, during and after birth, where children learn to read while being well fed and protected from gun violence, and every form of love and every gender identity is celebrated. Oh, and where religious freedom is practiced by all- so you don’t have to worry about anyone’s religion but your own. Women’s rights are on the ballot this November. We can vote for the rights we deserve and we can win.

🏳️‍🌈Happy Pride🏳️‍🌈 Every year I post this list of 10 books because I love them so much and I’m so grateful that I was able to have them on my children’s shelf as they were going up. I’m so grateful that their first exposure to the LGBTQIA community were exposures of love and celebration 🌈 I really need to update this list now that my kids are in chapter books📚😂 maybe I’ll get inspired to post something by the end of the month! 😉 But for you mamas, papas and grands who have children under the age of seven. These books are just delightful!! ❤️ Not Quite Narwhal Author and Illustrator Jessie Sima 🧡A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo Written by Marlon Bundo with Jill Twiss Illustrated by EG Keller 💛Who are you? The kid’s guide to gender identity By Brooke Pessin-Whedbee Illustrated by Naomi Bardoff 💚I Am Jazz By Jessica Herthel & Jazz Jennings Illustrated by Shelagh McNicholas 💙It Feels Good to Be Yourself By Theresa Thorn Illustrated by Noah Grigni 🧡Prince w& Knight By Daniel Haack Pictures by Stevie Lewis 💜Pride, The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag By Rob Sanders Illustrated by Steven Salnero 🤎Introducing Teddy By Jessica Walton Illustrated by Dougal MacPherson 🖤My Two Dads and Me By Michael Joonsten Illustrated by Izak Zenou 🌈The Hips On The Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish By Lil Miss Hot Mess Illustrated by Olga de Dios 🏳️‍🌈What books would you add???🏳️‍🌈

🧡Today is a good day to End Gun Violence🧡 Thank you @rocktheride for an amazing event raising funds for @everytown @momsdemand @alainasvoicefoundation & @giffords_org We had a delightful day with tasty treats from @karascupcakes, delicious wine from @cliffamily and yummy burritos 🌯 Thank you @jackiespeier for your ongoing work.

☀️Happy Summer☀️ Here is your weekend guide to FREE family fun in San Francisco this weekend 🌁 I post these lists every Friday so be sure to SAVE, SHARE & FOLLOW ❤️ Summer Solstice Inner Sunset Art Walk Friday, June 21 5-8 pm Free “Circus Bella” in the Park (2024 Yerba Buena Gardens Festival) Friday & Saturday June 21 & 22, 12 pm Art and Food Festival at Stonestown Galleria (SF) Saturday, June 22, 11- 5 pm “Pollinator Day” at SF’s Presidio Tunnel Tops Saturday, June 22, 10-3 pm San Francisco Bluegrass and Old Time Festival at TJPA’s Salesforce Park Saturday, June 22 11:30 am “Sunday Streets” 2024 Kickoff: SF’s Free Street Festival & Block Party (Tenderloin) Sunday, June 23 - 12-5 pm 2024 Stern Grove Festival Kickoff: Teagan and Sara Sunday, June 23 – 2 pm COMMENT: with any fun local events I missed!

💚Will you help me raise money for pediatric cancer research?💚 💛In 2017 this little guy survived cancer. He had a solid mass Wilms Tumor - Kidney Cancer. Thanks for cancer research that was completed just a year earlier he was spared chemo and radiation. ☢️ Chemotherapy and radiation are wonderful life saving treatments and I fully support them when necessary, but what many of us who aren’t in the cancer community don’t know is that they are toxic and cause lifelong complications. Right now they are the only treatment available for most kids and very little research is being done to provide better options. Less than 5% of all cancer research funding goes to kids 👦🏼 💚@cookies4kids is an organization started by a fellow cancer mom to provide funding for better treatment options. This June and July I’m walking 43 miles for the 43 kids who are diagnosed with cancer everyday in America. (It’s possible that the number is actually 47) Please consider donating to my Cookie for Kids Challenge - link in bio Thanks to the team at @stanfordchildrens - we will always be grateful to you 💛

Yesterday was a good day @sfgiants @oraclepark @kidsmeetsf If you missed my reel earlier today - the kids got to run the bases! Check out my reel to see how! 🏟️

Happy Father’s Day! I said “hi” over @okcupid and you suggested we meet over to coffee to confirm I am not a serial killer- I was 30 minutes late!! And somehow we made it here!! I love raising three fantastic kids with you!! We have so many adventures and big dreams and I am so incredibly grateful for you @kidsmeetsf You are the best thing Happy Father’s Day ❤️

🚨Puberty Alert🚨 Drop an emoji with your favorite emotion 🥹 See Disney and @pixar #InsideOut2, only in theaters June 14! 🎥🍿 Inside Out has long been one of my favorite movies and I am so excited to experience Inside Out 2 with my growing kid, especially as she is like kind of maybe entering the tween phase like not quite there but definitely on her way! 😳 With the introduction Anxiety- one of my much loved emotions‼️ the story is so sweet and HONEST! Add to that the San Francisco element my heart is just exploding with excitement about this movie!! 🍿 So grab your snacks and head to the movies!!!🎥

☕️Check out this Coffee with a view☕️ Save and share ❤️ A few weekends ago I stoped by @equatorcoffees at the Golden Gate Bridge on my way to join the @momsdemand and @everytown walk to across the Golden Gate Bridge and this place is fantastic!! ☕️ I feel like it’s the type of place locals might miss and tourist need to add to the San Francisco bucket lists. 🌁 The views are fantastic, the treats are delightful, and the coffee is delicious 😋 Grab a cup before walking the bridge or just pull up a seat and enjoy the view - either way it’s worth the trip! Follow @sarahromontoya for more San Francisco activities for locals and tourists alike!!

✨You will never convince me this place isn’t pure magic✨ People can hate on San Francisco as much as they want to, but every day I am so incredibly grateful that I get to raise my kids here the city is full of beauty and adventure and joy. Yes, it’s hard to raise kids here but it’s worth it! The diversity of food, art culture, and nature is breathtaking! Every single one of these photos was taken during a normal day in my life. I was not out doing anything extravagant. I was just living and I’m so incredibly grateful. ❤️🌁❤️ Follow @sarahromontoya for more San Francisco summer family fun ⛅️

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