Sarah Montoya

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(she/her) Motherhood stories Twin mom plus one Pediatric Chaplain Postpartum Doula Contributer @bayarea.moms How to demand justice for Jacob Blake 👇

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Happy Father’s Day @trevormcneilsf To a man who loves these kids fiercely and playfully. To a man dedicated to giving these beautiful humans the best life he possibly can. To a man equally committed to teaching these kids about art, travel, justice, and diversity. To a man who is constantly striving to do offer his best to the world. Swipe for an oldie but a goodie

🗽I miss New York🗽 That’s all. Actually, I wanted to post this picture of me feeling like bad as$ with 6 month old twins in the stroller and my nearly 2 year old strapped to my back in the toddler @babytula because we’re flying today and I’m channeling all brave mama energy for our first major trip with mobile kids - gone are the days of strapping them in and throwing them on my back! Dear mama lugging around tiny humans while you show them the world: you are a bad as$ - someday they will walk or run through the streets. Each phase has requires its own bad as$ery and you will handle it with grace and you’ll apologize when you don’t. Also, wear your kids being hands free is fantastic! I still have this carrier and I’m probably going to use it while we travel this summer.

G I F T A W A Y 🌞 We want you to have an awesome summer, because you DESERVE IT! 🌞 Our HAPPY FAMILY G I F T A W A Y will help you have a summer that is…. 😃 Joyfull! 🧘‍♀️Intentional! And, 🙌 ethical + sustainable We are giving you… TWO free coaching sessions from @sarahromontoya And a $130 store credit organic and ethical clothes from @hellojackalo ✨That’s a $430 TOTAL VALUE! 🤩 To enter ✅ Go to the link in bio to sign up ✅ Like this post and tag a friend that needs a HAPPIER SUMMER (cuz after last year, who doesn’t???) Want an extra chance to win? ✅ Share this post in your stories and tag @hellojackalo and @sarahromontoya The lucky recipient of this gift will be announced BY EMAIL on June 28, so be sure to check you inbox! 💌 Not endorsed by Instagram

🦄Not Quite A Narwhal🦄 By Jessie Sima Sweet girl joined me for the selfie with our next book in our Pride book series. This lovely little book about a unicorn who thinks it’s a narwhal and discovers it’s a unicorn and has to decide which community is really home - spoiler: both are home 🌈 The books is beautifully written and illustrated. We read it so often that even though this is our second copy the spine of the book is already broken again! It’s about community, identity, acceptance, and understanding home all in one short little story. Although the book doesn’t mention anything about gender or sexual orientation the book creates the framework for understanding how we grow into a greater understanding of our identity beyond the families we are born into and that’s okay - we are still loved and lovable in our uniqueness. #welovebooks #readingismagic #bookrecommendation #littlebookworm #bookishlove #becauseofreading #justmomlife #momlifestyle #motherhoodcommunity #unitedinmotherhood #slowmotherhood #teammotherly #mymotherhood #motherhoodrising #inbeautyandchaos #parentalk #parentlife #positiveparenting #pocket_sweetness #thepursuitofjoyproject #booksforkids #raisingreaders #happypridemonth

✨Last Day of School Vibes✨ This fantastic human THRIVED in Pandemic Kindergarten and I’m so incredibly grateful for the educators, friends and families that formed this beautiful community this year!!

👟Fun fact👟 Women’s feet grow when they have babies. My feet have always been big for someone my height - size 9.5 before kids and I’m only 5’4” Then I had three babies in two years and now they are even bigger! These beauties are size 11.5 for running shoes! I’m just so amazed by all the ways my body has changed since having babies!! 👟👟👟👟 Are you following along on my Good Cookie Challenge? Check out the link in my bio for how you can support @cookies4kids as they raise funds to support nontoxic pediatric cancer treatment research - I’m running 43 miles for the next three month in honor of the 43 kids who will diagnosed with cancer today. I need YOU to pledge a donation in honor of each mile I move (129 total) 👟link in bio👟 #getmovinggivehope

🌈🎤Sing with me🎤🌈 The Hips on the Drag Queen go Swish, Swish, Swish🎶 I’m celebrating Pride by sharing LGBTQIA books for kids. In my journey to offer better diverse books to my kids I have only recently (in the past year) learned the importance of joyfully silly, fun books for kids. It isn’t all about the struggle. It’s also about celebrating diversity and unique ways of being in the world. This book is so much fun!! It’s beautifully illustrated and creative all the way through. My kids LOVE it! It’s also fabulously San Franciscan as you flip the pages to see all the beautiful part of the city (swipe to see more!) We don’t currently own this one but it’s will be on our home self soon!!

✨Hi!✨ I’m Sarah! ✨Somethings I’d love for you to know about me: I’m a mother of three I’m a Coach, Postpartum Doula, and Photographer I’m from TX but I’ve lived in SF longer than I have lived anywhere else in my life (the longest I lived in one place growing up was 6 years) I love living in SF and I want urban life to be more family friendly I have lived most my life dealing with depression and anxiety and I’ve learned a lot of amazing skills to help me thrive I’m an enneagram 8 with a strong 7 wing I’m an ex-evangelical and ordained minister - my faith is still very important to me but it doesn’t really fit into a box anymore - I believe in a God that deeply loves humanity and I understand God through the story of Jesus, and I’ve encountered the Devine in people who don’t identify as Christian and I will not discount their experience I’m deeply committed to creating a more just world ✨What you can expect to see on this page: My experience of motherhood My journey towards social and racial justice Thoughts on faith and it’s intersection with action in the world San Francisco city tips and travel hacks (mostly in reels) Life lessons and Self Love Collaborations, reviews and discounts intended to help you find activities and products designed to help you thrive I’m glad you’re here! I believe social media should be social and fun! I’d love to get to know you better- please tell me something fun about you in the comments below 👇👇👇👇 📸 @ksienkphoto

Pretty consistently I get messages from people asking me to support their friends when their kid has a difficult diagnosis. As a Pediatric Chaplain and a mom of a cancer survivor I believe the most important thing you can do is listen and commit to the long haul. Don’t offer advice; no encouraging words (you aren’t their doctor you don’t know if it’s going to be okay- so don’t say it will be). Please acknowledge that it’s freaking hard and that you don’t have any idea what they are going through. If they are open to practical support the following tend to be helpful, but always ask before doing anything. Saying “what can I do?” Is often too vague and the parent or caregiver might just say “nothing” even when the list of things they need is longer then they can explain. It helps to decide on one or two things you know you can offer and offer them. Ideas: ❤️Meal train - friends cook and deliver food ❤️Meal delivery (ask them what their favorite comfort foods are and order them) ❤️Gift card to the hospital cafeteria - not all hospitals feed the family at bedside (many don’t) ❤️Plane tickets for family to come help ❤️Hotel for family or friends who come help ❤️Coffee or tea delivery ❤️Cleaning service ❤️Laundry (or laundry service) ❤️Childcare - not just for medical appointments but for a date night ❤️Gift certificate to a spa (check the expiration date - many moms don’t want to leave their kids side and the card might go unused for months or years) ❤️Gift Certificate for pretty and comfortable sweat pants, pjs, and house dresses to wear at the bedside - also, house shoes, an eye mask to block the light and ear plugs to block the constant noise of the hospital room. ❤️ Pet care ❤️ Water plants Honestly, the list could go on. Illness and loss are complicated and everyone has unique needs. I hope this list of ideas can be a resource. #lovewell

🥾Bernal Hill🥾 I climbed this hill so many times when I first moved to the city and lived in the Mission. Now I’m back in the neighborhood and I’m hiking it with the kids! From the top you can see all of the city, the bay, and the ocean. It’s definitely windy and my little daredevils had me terrified they were doing to take a tumble down the steep trails or off some of the rocks. Nonetheless, it is a manageable hike with kids and you can take a paved road up to the top if you like. I wouldn’t recommend a stroller because it has a decent incline, but I do believe it is possible. There is a small parking lot and street parking or you can walk through the neighborhood to get to one of the many entrances to the hill trails. Bernal Heights is a super cute area - the slides I posted in my reels are right there!! There are dogs off leash every time I go, so watch out to avoid getting caught in the middle of a game of fetch. Let me know if you go! Save and share this post! Also, I just learned that today is #NationaCancerSurvivorDay and I’m so proud of this guy right here!! Check the link in my bio for how you can support Pediatrc Cancer Research by donating to my @cookies4kids Good Cookie Challenge- 43 miles of movement each month to honor the 43 kids diagnosed with cancer each day. #goodcookiechallenge #beagoodcookie @bayarea.moms

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