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(she/her) Motherhood stories Twin mom plus one Pediatric Chaplain Postpartum Doula Contributer @bayarea.moms How to demand justice for Jacob Blake 👇

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Check out these amazing events! Save, Share and follow me @sarahromontoya for all things family in SF Friday Opening of World’s Largest Dinosaurs at The California Academy of Sciences - check out my reel from the preview for more information!! Saturday City Star Party - stargaze with Amateur Astronomers (no telescope required) 8 - 10:30 p.m. @ Presidio Main Parade Lawn 2023 San Francisco Youth Bike Rodeo (Pier 30-32) 10 - 2 pm Free Outdoor Kids’ Fest 2023 at Golden Gate Park’s Historic Bandshell 10 - 2:00 pm Sunday Ocean Beach Hot Rods, Kustoms & Classics: vintage car show 7 - 11 a.m. @ Ocean Beach, Great Highway & Lincoln Way Saturday & Sunday Carnaval San Francisco Festival & Grand Parade 11 - 6 p.m. in the Mission Parade Sunday 9:30 - 2:30 p.m. 24th & Bryant Streets Monday SF City Guides Memorial Day 2023 (7 Free Walking Tours) All Over San Francisco 9:30 am

The families of Uvalde deserve policy change. Today marks the one year anniversary of the deaths 19 children and 2 teachers. They were murdered in their classrooms with an AR-15 while law enforcement stood outside too afraid of the weapon to confront the killer. The good guys with guns couldn’t stop the massacre. Despite these tragic and horrific deaths politicians continue to protect guns not kids. Gun violence is the leading cause of death for children in America. Contact your representatives and demand action. It takes 5 minutes and there are scripts available at @forfactssake_ This is mine: Hello {insert representative name} I'm {your name} and I'm a constituent who supports common sense gun reform. Please help us get background checks into law. Support the bipartisan bill S.494/H.R.715. Guns are the #1 leading cause of death for our children in America. Thank you This is all I’m asking for: Ban assault weapons - there has been a 70% increase in gun deaths since the ban lapsed in the 90s. Require background checks - 87% of American support background checks! Support red flag laws - if we know someone is violent or having a mental health crisis they shouldn’t have a gun. This is common sense gun reform. Follow the organizations tagged for how you can take action. #momsdemandaction #banassaultweapons #commonsensegunlaws #backgroundchecks #redflaglaws #protectkidsnotguns

How can you sneak more pockets of joy into your week? I’ve started parking a few blocks from school for drop off so we can walk together - it’s one of my favorite ways to squeeze in quality time in the mornings and it adds so much beauty to our day ❤️ Swipe for flowers we encountered on our walk. Comment with some of your tricks for sneaky joy 🤩

Save and share this list! Everyone is focusing on Bay to Breakers - and yes it’s a sight to see - but there is so much happening this weekend! I hope you find something perfect for you and your family! I spend about 30 minutes each week looking at @eventbrite @funcheap and searching Google for the events I think families would love the most - feel free to send me your events if you want them on this list! Also - help spread the word: tag me @sarahromontoya & @bayarea.moms in stories when you use our suggestions!! Follow me for all things family in SF! Not mentioned but worth noting: @ooeygooeyevents hosts a weekly Friday Happy Hour! Check them out!

TW: childhood illness What is the one thing I need to know about you? In May of 2019 I was asked “if there was a one thing you needed to know about me in order to know me what would it be?” Immediately I said you would need to know that my son had cancer and you would need to know that he survived. You would need to know that for the next five years we were going to be following up to make sure that he's still cancer-free. The stranger wasn't expecting that level of honesty and we both teared up. She asked if she could write my story down - she was a reporter in an emersive theater event. We sat together and I shared the story of how I found my son's cancer. I recounted the day I took him to the hospital and the surgery that removed his kidney and his cancer. I told her how hard it was to wait for a diagnosis and treatment plan and the extreme relief of finding out that he wasn't going to need chemo. I talked with her about days when I couldn't breathe and I reaffirmed that in that moment if you wanted to know me you needed to know that my baby had had cancer. We cried a little, she handed me the paper with my story on it, and we returned to the event. He is cured of cancer now, and I'm still learning how to let go of the idea that this is most important thing you need to know about me, and more importantly I’m letting go of the story that this what you need to know about him. If you need to know one thing about me you need to know that I love my children more than anything and I show them my love by doing my best expose them all the ways that life is beautiful. I prioritize fun and connection because I believe we were created for joy and love. I’m fiercely dedicated to making motherhood better for all moms because moms are fantastic humans. If you want to know my son you need to spend time with him. His story and mine are connected but his story is uniquely his. Yes, he was a cancer survivor before he could walk, but that is not the defining event in his life, he has just started living. 43 kids in the US will be diagnosed with cancer today - Only 4% of cancer research is focused on pediatrics. Our children deserve #morethan4 [continued in comments]

It’s the day after Mother’s Day and marking firms everywhere going to capitalize on the ways you feel unappreciated by all the things that your partner and children forgot to do or maybe they were too busy to do in a world where we are all too busy. There’s not a product on the market that will give you the support you actually deserve - you deserve policy change you, deserve a world where you are not so tired that you feel the need to speak out luxury for a brief moment of respite. YES, you are worthy of luxury, you deserve rest, you are worthy of joy, but more than anything you deserve policy that cares for you, provides for your children, and keeps you safe. I’ve tagged organizations and individuals who are working towards the policy we deserve - give them a follow and then call your representatives to demand policy change. Share this post - start a conversation with your community about what self care actually looks like.

Happy Mother’s Day from @millvalleymusicfest #proofofmom

Share this call to action and repost the caption with your own image. For #MothersDay, I don't need flowers, I need for my kids to come home safe. I'm a volunteer with @MomsDemand and we are demanding our lawmakers reinstate the assault weapons ban! Text FED UP to 644-33 to contact your lawmaker and demand they act! Start taking action to #EndGunViolence today, text READY to 644-33. I’m calling on Congress to reinstate the bipartisan assault weapons ban now, join me! Text FED UP to 644-33 to contact your lawmaker and demand they act! Shirt by @mother_tongue_magazine & @iamavoter #phonecallsnotflowers #momsdemandaction #parentingispolitical #everydayactivism #callyourrepresentatives #sfmom #sfkids #protectkidsnotguns #mothersday

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