Sarah Montoya

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Celebrating San Francisco Motherhood Raising my sweet girl and twin boys Follow stories for ethical and secondhand fashion and other adventures

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Dear parents of Black and Brown Children- I am committed to raising children who will love and respect your children. I am committed to gun safety and common sense gun laws. I’m committed to your safety and I’m committed to learning and growing in anti racism. Last nights shooting was the 198 mass shooting in the US this year - the US is averaging 10 mass shooting a week. #antiracistkids #antiracism #momsdemandaction #commonsensegunlaws #endwhitesupremacy #raisegoodhumans #gunreformnow

I’m heartbroken reading the news. The hypocrisy of this happening during an assault on Roe has me distraught. We cannot force parenthood and continue to fail parents. #roevwade #formulashortage #postpartumcare #paidfamilyleave #feedingbaby #supportparents #carecantwait #reproductiverights #formulafed #bottlefed #abortionishealthcare #parentingispolitical #parentingandpolitics #prochoiceisprolife

Mother’s Day hike was pretty fantastic- even if the kids are still telling me how tired they are two days later. #hikewithkids #twinsplusone #proofofmom #norcalkids #olompalistatepark #stateparks #kidshike #bayareahikes

This is my childcare story. A huge part of my decision to take a full year to stay at home after the twins were born was the lack of support around pumping and breastfeeding I experienced with my first child. During that year one of my twins was diagnosed with cancer - When we did the math on the amount of days I would need to miss work to attend cancer screenings we realize that I would spend every day of my PTO with one of my three children attending cancer appointments. We genuinely believe that would not create the family joy and connection that we desired. So I decided to work part time. Then the pandemic came and Trevor and I were both considered essential workers and both had to go to work in person without childcare available. Because I was a part-time employee I did not qualify for the drop in child care provided by the hospital I worked for, and because my hours were inconsistent (and I sometimes had shifts canceled the day of) I couldn’t afford to hire someone that could consistently make themselves available exclusively to our family. Although I believe that titles like unskilled workers are classist and ridiculous, I also want to clarify that my job requires a masters degree and one year residency in the hospital - I thought I had done everything required to be able to be a working mom that made enough money for it to afford childcare. With over two decades of experience mentoring others I launched my coaching practice and I’m grateful to be able to use my training to support others, but I’m aware that not everyone can pivot to create their own career. Moms, dads and families of all kinds need policies that support us. 🎥This is the video I contributed to the #Momibuster project hosted by @momsrising and @parentingandpolitics along with many other allied groups. #policychange #paidfamilyleave #sandwichgeneration #paidsickleave #paidleaveforall #familyfriendlypolicies #paidleaveus #carecantwait #careinfrastructure #momibuster #parentingispolitical #parentingandpolitics #votelikeamadre

🧡💛Happy Mother’s Day💛🧡 I’m so incredibly grateful for the children who made me a mother, my sister-in-law who supports me as I mother these kids, the friends who have have helped learn how to mother, my sisters for sharing their wisdom, and my mom and grandmother for showing me so much love. 📸 @mszkorla83

When I was pregnant with the twins and I had a one-year-old a fellow twin mom with adult twins told me to take all the photos, because I wouldn’t remember the first five years. I’m telling you every time I find a new photo I look at it I barely remember the details but I remember that it was so crazy and so beautiful. This was our family of five and a one bedroom apartment and it was a blur of chaos but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. #twinmomplusone #threeundertwo #onebedroomapartment #citykids #cityfamily #sfkids #sffamily

I’m so honored to have participated in this project. For Mother’s Day this year, MomsRising along with the #CareCantWait coalition, and over 100 allied organizations, are organizing powerful, unprecedented pressure: The first-ever #MOMibuster. Moms, parents, caregivers, care workers, and leaders from all over the country are turning the tables on Congress by holding an online filibuster that works for us – a MOMibuster – to demand care infrastructure policies that work FOR families. Join us on Saturday, May 7, for the multi-hour event as speakers share their struggles, hopes, and the policies they need. Visit to learn more and RSVP. #motherhoodunited #parentingispolitical #momsdemandaction #policychange #coolmomsclubsf #sfmom #workingmomlife @momsrising @parentingandpolitics

🇲🇽Who wants a FREE Spanish Class?!🇲🇽 Friends, I am not good at languages I have studied Spanish, German, Mandarin, ancient Greek, and ancient Hebrew - I solidify speak English 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m hoping to get my children a different language experience. #ad Sarah’s Spanish School is a wildly popular online Spanish class that has classes available live and recorded - You can attend class around your schedule the classes are interactive teaching children Spanish with games, cooking, science experiments and even a Star Wars exercise class! The best part is the class is FREE for the month of May! Absolutely no catch, they do not ask for your credit card it’s just free and once you sign up you have lifetime access to the recorded classes! Classes have themed weeks so you can find assume that your kids are excited about to help them enjoy learning! I’m so excited about this it’s gonna be so much fun!! And especially excited to be able to take these classes with us while we travel over the summer and we can learn from anywhere! Find the link in my stories for how to sign up!! And share this with the mamas and dads who want a FREE MONTH of Spanish Classes!! #sarahsspanishschoolrocks #sarahsspanishschool #onlinespanishforkids #kidslovespanish #spanishforkids #playfullearning #athomelearning #learnfromhome #kidslearning #globalcitizen #raisinglearners #playfullearning #playlearngrow #playlearning #learntogether #bayareamoms #bayareakids #sfkids #citykids #kidslearningfun #kidslearnspanish #kidslearning #kidslearning #letthemlearn #momtips #momhack #parentinghack #travelfamily #summerlearning

I grew up pro-life. I spent years praying for this day to come. I was wrong and I’m sorry. But this moment isn’t about me. It’s about the women who will suffer and die. I am terrified that so many pro-life Americans (like I was) have no idea that the pro-life agenda is so extreme that it prevents abortion even in the event that there is a medical reason. It’s about the women and girls who are already struggling to simply survive who will be forced to give birth. Pregnancy is difficult. It’s also expensive and young women are often penalized at work making it even harder to provide. It’s about victims being victimized by the system. The pro-life agenda rarely makes exceptions for victims of sexual trauma. It’s about women being allowed to care for their own bodies and make medical decisions. Women know what women need and all medical decisions should be between a woman and her doctor. I’m angry. I’m angry for so many reasons and one of them being that I know that many Christians across this country will see this as a victory when it is in fact a defeat. Christians across this country have been manipulated into believing this is a religious issue when in fact it is a political issue. It is the responsibility of the Christian to stand with those who suffer and those who are oppressed and it is oppressive to force a person to stay pregnant. #sotus #roevswade #abortioncare #prochoiceisprolife #abortionrights #reproductiverights #progressivechristian #christianleft

🎓Who else has graduation this month?🎓 This month my boys will graduate from the Coop we have been at for 5 years and I have so many feelings - as someone who moved around a lot growing up this is the longest I have been part of any community and it feels so strange to be moving on and it other ways it is clear that these kids are ready to grow and learn in a new space and I’m excited to see what the future holds. Being part of a Coop with twins during 🦠 had been so much harder than I could have imagined and my heart hurts that these boys simply didn’t have the experience their sister did. The boys are so excited about their graduation and I am dedicated to making it as special as I can (which mostly means attempting to make two scrap books covering three years!) - they survived preschool during a pandemic and I’m proud of them. 📸This photo was the twins first day August 2019 before 🦠 changed everything. #OneDayMay Is social media challenge hosted by @laura.tremaine I’m participating with the hope of making social media more social I would love to hear what the month ahead holds for you. #pandemicparenting #preschoolgraduation #motherofthree #twinsplusone #sfkids #sffamily #momfluencer #momsofinsta #honestmom #momtruths #motherhoodmoments

Today was a good day. I hope yours was too ❤️ Happy May Day! #OneDayMay is a social media challenge by @laura.tremaine and I accidentally participated in today’s prompt with a selfie 🤳 and I just looked through the prompts and I’m kinda excited to possibly participate when I feel like it because it looks fun and I’m needing social media to be fun.

April is national Cesarean Awareness Month. As the month comes to a close I just want to add our story to the conversation. My C-section was perfect. It was lovely, calm, and mindful. These are words are often reserved for vaginal deliveries, but I don't think they have to be. I'm grateful for a the team of people who heard me say that I wanted my babes to come into the world in a calm and welcoming space and they helped me create that. Our doula worked with my husband to help set the tone that morning by helping me set an intention for the birth, lighting flameless hospital candles, and shutting off the sounds of machines I didn't need to hear (with the medical teams approval) and helping guide me through visualizations of the birth. The OB's allowed a few reasonable requests. They worked with me on my breathing to help me stay in the moment, and allowed my doula in the room along side my husband helping keep me centered and open to the beautiful thing that was happening. They lowered the cloth so I could touch each baby before they did all of the necessary checks and allowed me to hold my boys on my chest almost immediately. I even have a photo of one of my boys attempting to latch while I was still being stitched up - which sounds intense (because it is and all birth is beautifuly intense), but it also shows that C-sections don't automatically prevent bonding or create barriers to breastfeeding. Cesarean births aren't unnatural or abnormal forms of birth. Mama and babies can thrive easily after a well planned, gentle, loving and mindful C-section, they can also thrive after a hectic and traumatic life saving C-section. Cesarian births are a gift of modern medicine. We have to change the language we use around birth. When I found out I needed a scheduled C-section I went looking for resources on a mindful C-section and found nothing. Luckily, I already had an amazing doula team and medical team that was willing to work with me to figure out what a mindful C-section could look like for us. It's my hope that someday all mamas will have the same support I did. #csection #cesareanawarenessmonth #csectionawarenessmonth #cesareanbirthisbirth #bellybirth

Double tap if you are ready for the weekend ❤️ I was feeling really proud of myself because I got up early, made croissants 🥐 (from a can) and fruit smoothies for my kids breakfast and then they woke up and it was pure chaos so much so that we left the house without W’s backpack 🎒 It’s a 25 minute drive to my daughter’s school so I spent 2 hours in the car this morning 🚗 And this is why we do pizza a movie every Friday night because it’s one less thing to think about 🍕 ‼️Happy Friday‼️ 📸 @janaeshieldsphotography 2019 #motherhoodishard #citymom #parentingishard #honestmom #honestparenting #sfmom #sffamily #citykids #bayareamoms #momoftwins #twinsplusone

👋HELLO AND WELCOME👋 My Mother’s Day Policy Change wish list has brought so many new faces! I thought I’d do an introduction post! I’m a Life and Motherhood Coach and the mother of 3 amazing humans. I came into coaching after 6 years as a hospital chaplain and over 15 years of providing mentoring in the nonprofit and religious settings. I believe you are the expert on your life and that in the midst of parenting in America without the support we need it can be extremely difficult to listen to our own inner wisdom- I also believe that we have been taught ways of being in the world that consistently make our lives harder. I focus on helping you be honest with yourself about what’s working and what needs to change in your life so you can be a more joyful person who is also a mom. I respect motherhood as a huge part of your identity while also helping you reconnect with yourself independent of your many roles. My clients range from retired grandmothers to executives - The primary thing my clients have in common is that they are mothers who have dedicated their lives to the service of others and are trying to better understand how they can be present within themselves. Now if you came here for the playground recommendations and you’re wondering what coaching has to do with anything I can tell you that busy moms need help planning fun things - and I’m here for it! If you came here for the commentary on public policy: my passion is supporting moms & families, and mom’s are better supported by better policy. ❤️Now, I’d love to meet you! Tell me who you are, where are you from and how this space can support you!❤️ #motherhoodcoach #coachingforwomen #coachingformoms #joycoach #lifeonpurpose #intentionallife #busymomlife #citymom #motherhoodjourney #motherhoodunited #mindfulmotherhood #supportingmoms #selfcarecoach #selfcareformoms

Let’s let our imaginations run wild for the good we could do in the world and then demand that good happen. I asked this question on Facebook and in my stories and people have some fantastic ideas - using abandoned building to serve people, feeding people, homes for people, healthcare - all the things we need as a society. #taxtherich #endworldhunger #childcareforall #healthcareforall #homesforall #votelikeamadre #parentingispolitical

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