Sarah Montoya

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Celebrating San Francisco Motherhood Raising my sweet girl and twin boys Follow stories for ethical and secondhand fashion and other adventures

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We took the kids to the Indigenous People’s Sunrise Service on Alcatraz this morning. I’m grateful for the opportunity to raise my kids with an understanding that today is complicated- as decedents of European settlers we are grateful that our people found refuge in this great land and we mourn the harm that was done and the ongoing people oppression of native peoples. I believe we can offer gratitude and limitations in the same breath and I’m hopeful that my children will grow up understanding our obligations to one another. Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate and peace to those who mourn. #raisingconciouskids #raisegoodhumans #conciousparenting #intentionalparenting #respectfulparenting

Museums for All is a nationwide program providing access to museums to members of our community who otherwise couldn’t afford to attend. Anyone who is enrolled in SNAP and has an EBT card can participate. Visit to find participating museums near you! Medi-cal members also qualify. Share this post to spread some joy this season and make sure your community knows about this resource! If your in San Francisco you can use this list for reference. Please reach out to the museums directly to confirm participation and ticket details. American Bookbinder Museum Asian Art Museum Bay Area Discovery Museum (not technically SF but super close) California Academy of Sciences Children’s Creativity Museum Conservatory of Flowers Contemporary Jewish Museum de Young Museum Exploratorium GLBT Historical Society Museum Japanese Tea Garden Museum of the African Diaspora Museum of Craft and Design San Francisco Botanical Garden at Strybing Arboretum San Francisco Zoo & Gardens

If your looking for a FREE and fancy family activity these two Gingerbread Houses open this week. The @westinstfr will have a celebration Wednesday Nov 23 at 11 am with hot chocolate The @fairmontsanfrancisco has their ribbon cutting Saturday Nov 26th at 11 am! After visiting the Westin St Francis I recommend wondering @unionsquaresf and heading down to the @macys @sanfranciscospca windows! And if you go to the @fairmontsanfrancisco head over to @gracecathedral (check their hours before stopping in) to take it it’s holiday beauty. We go every year and the magic of these decorations just blow me away! The details are just breathtaking! #holidaysinsf #sanfranciscochristmas #gingerbreaddecor #cheapfun #budgetfriendly #holidayswithkids #bayareamoms #bayareakids #bayareafamily #sfkids #sffamily #sfmom

👋🏼Hi! I’m Sarah, welcome! Introduction time! I’ve gained some new faces with a few political posts, but this isn’t really a policy page - it’s a mom page and motherhood is multifaceted. So who am I? First - I’m an urban mom raising three fantastic humans in San Francisco. I am a Motherhood Coach - I work with moms to understand their values, set goals around those values, create rhythms, rituals and routines that help them meet those goals, and understand the boundaries they need to set to maintain these rhythms, rituals and routines. #mentalload On IG I mostly post about family activities. I write for @bayarea.moms and we have a lot of fun! I have two primary values when I post in this page: 1) provide helpful content about events and activities so you can build a connected and joy filled family life 2) highlight ways we can speak up for better policies for all families I recognize that my family can focus on fun in part because of policies that are set up to our advantage and I want to use my platform help inspire positive change. #parentingispolitical I’ve worked as a case manager for low income youth and as a Hospital Chaplain supporting patients and families in all stages of illness and grief. I decided to work part time after my son had cancer. I understand that life is hard and overwhelming. Sometimes we need more than a bubble bath for self care- we need a parenting revolution and a nap. I focus on joy because we need joy to get through the hard parts. Over the next 6 weeks my family will be all in on the holidays (follow me and @holidaysinsf for all things holiday) I’ll also be pondering ways to support more moms in the new year, more political actions I can take while prioritizing time with my kids, and ways to spread joy. Thanks for being here! You’re a fantastic human ❤️ 📸 @ksienkphoto

Contact your representatives - for common sense gun reform, marriage equality, and LGBTQIA rights. Fight against anti-trans policy. Call out all hate when you hear it. Teach your children to love all people. Don’t just accept, but celebrate the beauty the Queer community adds to our fantastic existence. Read and watch queer stories and celebrate queer love. We need gun action now. We also need a movement of love that protects and celebrates the LGBTQIA community. More than thoughts and prayers for Colorado Springs. #clubq #disarmhate

At the midway point of November I’ve been reflecting on how my family lives and all that I’m grateful for. I committed to doing less this month and it’s been restorative- more than I knew it would be. Rest when you primarily write about family activities makes for sparse content but it’s fueling my soul. I started writing about family activities in part to spend more time with my kids (and to inspire other families to enjoy time with theirs) - but sometimes the opportunities are too much so I’m doing my best to choose these kids first and only do what’s right for them. I’m slowing down and sharing less in hopes of connecting more. I choose these kids over everything.

How I feel about tonight’s announcement: I will not let this person have my joy or my hope. I will dance and celebrate. I have faith in us. How are feeling? #bidenharris #votelikeamadre #parentingispolitical #parentingandpolitics #swingleft #election2024 #momsdemandaction #vote2024

“What was it like for you when I had cancer?” The question surprised me “What, honey?” “Like how did you feel? Were you scared?” “Yes” “Why?” How do you tell a child that “scared'' doesn't start to express how intensely you felt How do you confess that when he was 10 months old and it was your job to care for him you were paralyzed by fear - you pushed his sister away so that you could scream into a curtain, hiding your face from hers because you didn’t want her to know how very terrifying the whole thing was, but you were only allowed to feel that fear for a second because you had to answer all the doctors questions and decided on a thousand things about his medical care How do you tell him his cancer was so all encompassing and overwhelming that a week later - after you found the tumor - after everyone was home - you stood in a grocery isle unable to purchase vegetables because you couldn't imagine what people eat How do you tell a 5 year old you can remember where you were sitting in your living room when they called to confirm what you already knew - the strange anti-climatic moment hearing the doctor say “it’s what we expected, it’s cancer” - forever captured in your brain like a bad movie, in an empty theater, where you are the only one paying attention, screaming without sound, while the narrator tells a story of the world moving on while yours stands still How do you tell a child you were so angry you couldn’t breath - everything hurt - your body hurt - your muscles hurt - your brain hurt How do you tell your child you were preparing for chemo and radiation - you were lucky enough to understand more than most moms because you were a hospital chaplain How do you tell your child he was treated by a team you knew - an oncology group you had sat in rounds with - a staff of people who you had stood beside when other mothers had had to say goodbye “I was scared because cancer is scary, my love.” He had already moved on, playing and smiling “I’m cancer free now” Five years cancer free - "cured" and he doesn’t remember the scary bits - for that I am grateful 📸 waking up from surgery his first hour cancer free

❗️FIVE YEARS CANCER FREE❗️ This little man had his FINAL Cancer Screening today after: 1 major surgery 1 central line placed and removed 6 MRIs and CT scans 12 ultrasounds and X-rays 18 blood draws And we’ve made it! He’s 5 years cancer free and we’re expecting that after his oncologist appointment next week he’ll be declared “cured” I am forever and always inspired by this fantastic human. 💛💛 We're grateful that just before Farallon's diagnosis research showed that Stage 1 Wilms tumors under a certain size in children under the ago of 1 didn't require chemotherapy and radiation. I'm grateful for chemo and radiation because it's what we have, and children need treatment. I'm also so incredibly grateful my child didn't require chemo because it's toxic and the long term impact of these treatments are extremely difficult on little growing bodies. Right now only 5% of cancer research funding is focused on childhood cancer. I've heard the logic behind such minimal funding is that pediatric cancer is rare in reality 43 children will be diagnosed with cancer today. 1 in 285 children in America will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 21. @cookies4kids raises money to support research for less toxic options any donation helps! I honestly feel terrible posting about how awful our current research funding is when we as moms are fighting for so much but it all goes together. We need paid leave so families can care for each other. We need affordable healthcare so families can face cancer without going broke - we had good insurance and we paid $30k a year to have that insurance so that we wouldn't have to spend $100k+ on healthcare bills. MRIS and CTs are so incredibly expensive. Our sweet child needed minimal treatment comparatively but if I hadn't had insurance and I hadn't been able to shift my career one surgery, followed by 3 years of scans every 3 months, then followed by 2 years of every 6 months would have been a massive burden. #wilmstumor #morethanfour #kidsgetcancertoo #childhoodcancer #paidfamilyleave #healthcareforall #morethan4 #cancerresearch #kidneycancer #votelikeamother #cancerfree #pediatriccancer #pediatriccancerawareness

Fantastic humans - @myevewellness is a new Breast Cancer Screening Clinic in San Francisco offering FDA approved Ultrasound Breast Cancer screening. provided my screening and I received my results in hours! As someone who has had many medical procedures it felt nice to be able to screen for something so important with a warm robe and cozy slippers instead of in an intimidating hospital room. This screening should be done in addition to your regular mammogram but can be done earlier and more often because it’s radiation free. Eve Wellness is an out of pocket clinic but your results can be shared with your doctor to help guide your care. It’s $350 per scan but you can use my code for $50 off EVESARAHM

Dear beautiful fellow progressive white women who rage against injustice while it’s impact on us minimal- we have to stop hating our fellow White Women who vote in ways that oppress. Why? Because they are fellow beloved humans and because we have the privilege of being able to speak truth to them without putting ourselves in social, emotional or physical danger. I am saying this to myself as much as I am to you - we have to do better. I didn’t become pro choice because someone yelled at me. I became pro-choice because someone gently sat across the table for me and did not to debate me, but shared the information they had about how the policies I supported would hurt people. I have never changed my mind because someone hated me for what I believed. I have changed my mind when people have loved me despite how hurtful my beliefs were. We need to love people into the path of love. #roevswade #abortioncare #prochoiceisprolife #abortionrights #reproductiverights #progressivechristian #christianleft #taxtherich #policychange #selfcareformoms #solvechildcare #mentalload #progressivepolitics #raisegoodhumans #parentingtruths #momtruth #votelikeamadre #momsdemandaction #roeoverturned

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