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Companies That Pride Themselves On Customer Service: Pandemic Edition

Whether you're running a billion-dollar telecommunications company or a cafe in Columbus, Ohio, the stories of companies that pride themselves on customer service are inspiring and heart-warming. The pandemic allowed for the chance to reevaluate how customers can best be served as it became apparent that customers’ needs were changing rapidly," says Jeremy Murchland, president of travel insurance company Seven Corners. His company's response was a customer guarantee called 24/SEVEN that includes a more intuitive purchase process, accessible customer care at any time, and assistance from the company's sales team. The doctor will not see you Chip Bell, a customer service consultant, says the move to telemedicine has taken place quickly during the pandemic.

How A 60/40 Asset Allocation Can Change To 20/80 In Retirement

An example of the retirement income allocation decision Suppose that between the two of them, Jack and Mary can expect to receive $37,836 per year in Social Security benefits at age 65. When adding their Social Security income to their annual withdrawal from savings, Jack and Mary’s total annual retirement income is $49,636. As a result, their retirement income allocation is 14/86, a much different allocation percentage than their 60/40 asset allocation. This example illustrates that their retirement income allocation percentage depends on the method they use to generate retirement income from their savings, and the amount of retirement savings they have to deploy.

This Is What We Did—When Climate Action Is Our Legacy

If you hit that car at 100 miles an hour, versus hitting that car at 70 miles an hour or 50 miles an hour, it could be the difference between billions of people living or dying. So we take a cohort approach, over a six-week period, we get a bunch of people together who all want to move their money out of these climate-bad banks, into a credit union or a bank that's not funding the destruction of the planet. It’s what I call the three flows of money: 1) our money to the climate-bad banks, 2) from the climate-bad banks to the fossil fuel industry, and 3) from the fossil fuel industry to politicians. At this stage people are talking about the problem and lots of people are starting to act on it.

Thrasio Adds $750 Million To War Chest In Sprint To Acquire Amazon Businesses

The equity round was funded almost entirely by Thrasio’s existing investors, including Advent International and Oaktree Capital Management, and comes directly on the heels of a $500 million debt round the company announced in January, which was led by banks including JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs. Thrasio has acquired some 100 Amazon third-party sellers since it was founded in 2018 and now peddles 14,000 items—massage guns, hiking poles and everything in between—on the nation’s largest e-commerce site. The company’s rapid success has helped to usher in a gold rush in the Amazon ecosystem, with entrepreneurs and investors rushing to roll up the third-party sellers that generate about 60% of product sales on Amazon. The latest entrant is Branded E-Commerce Group, led by Lazada cofounder Pierre Poignant and former Softbank partner Michael Ronen, which announced on Tuesday it had raised $150 million to acquire Amazon third-party sellers.

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