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𝐋𝐮𝐱𝐮𝐫𝐲 𝐋𝐢𝐟𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐲𝐥𝐞 𝐂𝐨𝐚𝐜𝐡•𝐌𝐮𝐥𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐚 𝐇𝐨𝐬𝐭 🎤 • Advocate | Believer ✞ | Creator • Fashion + Beauty + Lifestyle • Islander 🇭🇹🇯🇲🇩🇴 From NYC📍

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& For our final feature of workshop facilitators, we’re going to make sure that we don’t only teach how to monetize your brand with corporations but also how to land contracts with the government for the work you do as a creator! 😉💎 • Keyla is a results-driven strategist who helps small businesses obtain certifications, secure government contracts, and scale their operations. With over 7 years of experience in non-profit development, political campaigns, branding, and marketing. 🥂 • When Keyla first started out as a first-generation college graduate and business owner, she lacked guidance and a blueprint to follow. Now she provides that invaluable insight to other entrepreneurs just starting out. 🤍 • In addition to certifications, contracts, and scaling, Keyla offers creative solutions like website development, social media management, and content creation. Her team delivers tailored strategies leveraging their years of experience. 🫱🏾‍🫲🏽👏🏾 • Keyla formulates strategies through careful analysis of each business’s unique structure and needs. Her passion for high-level design and grassroots implementation allows her to lead diverse teams to execute bold visions. 💅🏾 • Whether it’s entering the public sector, expanding online presence, or growing a company, her team has the expertise and passion to help small businesses succeed. We’re so glad to have you support our ladies as they scale their businesses and brands! ✨ • • • • #theluminouslab #galentinesbrunch #nyceventplanners #nycevents #nycinfluencers #nyccontentcreator #womeninbusiness #womenleading

🎟️ GIVEAWAY ALERT! 💅🏾 • We heard we’ve got Gal’s who want to win an exclusive access to the EmpowerHER Earnings: Creator Galentine’s Brunch! Would we really be Luminous if we didn’t extend this opportunity to our people?! 🤭 • With that being said, we’re giving away TWO tickets to this empowering event where you’ll network with industry leaders, attend workshops, and brunch with fellow creators! 🥂 • To enter: 1. Follow @theluminouslab 2. Like this post 3. Tag a friend who inspires you in the comments (each tag = one entry) 🤍 Bonus: Share this post on your story for an extra entry! Winner announced 2/14! ✨ • #EmpowerHERGiveaway #GalentinesBrunch #CreatorEmpowerment #TheLuminousLab #NYCInfluencer #ContentCreatorMarketing #InfluencerMarketing

Now for our branding expert! 🤭🤍 Asia Kendra, is the founder behind SO RAW, the USA’s leading hair vendor! 💇🏾‍♀️ With over a decade of expertise as a pro hairstylist and marketing genius, Asia is leading out our branding workshop at our Galentine’s Brunch. As CEO of SO RAW and a highly, sought-after NYC influencer, she’s not only a powerhouse in the beauty industry but also a dedicated educator who helps women create & build lucrative brands. • Asia’s journey is a testament to her passion and dedication to the beauty industry. From her early beginnings as a hairstylist to becoming a millionaire-status, celebrity hairstylist, she has navigated the complexities of entrepreneurship with ambition and determination. Her commitment to excellence has earned her a reputation as a trusted mentor and advisor in the beauty community with much credibility to back her, having helped 800+ students already. 💅🏾🤍 • With The AK AKADEMY, Asia empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their passion for beauty into profitable businesses. Through personalized coaching and mentorship, she equips her students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the competitive beauty industry. • Join us as Asia shares her invaluable insights and strategies for building a brand that stands out in today’s market. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s brightest stars and Brooklyn’s native! What a privilege we have to host our dearest, Asia Kendra! 🥂🤎 • • • • • #EmpowerHER #BrandBuilding #BeautyEntrepreneur #EmpowerHER2024 #EmpowerHEREarnings #TheLuminousLab #WomeninBeauty #WomenInBusiness #WomenLeading #NYCInfluencer #NYCContentCreator #PhillyInfluencer #JerseyCreators #GalentinesParty

Oupp! Our moderator did NOT come to play! 😗🤭👏🏾 & Someone Had To Say It 🤷🏾‍♀️! Ladies, you heard it CLEARLY! Be in a space that supports you in leveling up to become your highest self this quarter. • Whether you’re someone’s Valentine or you’re your sisters Galentine, make time to be in the room darling. Remember tickets are limited, babes, don’t wait til last minute to secure your spot! 🤍 • • • • • #EmpowerHER2024 #EmpowerHEREarnings #FashionPolitico #WomenInFashion #WomenInLaw #WomenInFashion #WomenInLaw #WomenInFashionBusiness #WomenInPolitics #NYCInfluencer #DCInfluencer #DMVInfluencer #PhillyInfluencer #GalentinesParty #NYCEvent

Next In Our Débute 🤭 . . . Beauty & Lifestyle Influencer, @styleofcatalina , hailing from Philadelphia, is a social media powerhouse with over 80k followers across IG & TikTok. Her captivating content has earned her features in prestigious publications such as Essence and modeling opportunities with Fox 29 news station. 🤩🎙️ • Catalina’s influence extends beyond beauty, as she has partnered with renowned beauty brands like Maybelline and Juvia’s Place, showcasing their products with authenticity and style. 💃🏾💁🏾‍♀️ • Additionally, Catalina is passionate about supporting local businesses, often collaborating with restaurants and small enterprises, including her role as Social Media Manager for the popular Haitian restaurant, Gouphilly, highlighted across ABC networks. 🇭🇹🤎 • As a member of Five Below’s marketing team, she expertly bridges the gap between corporate marketing and personal branding, infusing every project with her unique flair and authenticity. ✍🏾🫱🏾‍🫲🏽 • Don’t miss the chance to meet and learn from Catalina at the EmpowerHER Earnings: Creator Galentine’s Brunch, where she’ll be sharing her expertise as a panelist on the Brand Deals Panel. Get ready for an inspiring and educational experience! 🤍🥰 • • • • • • #TheLuminousLab #EmpowerHER2024 #EmpowerHEREarnings #WomenInBeauty #WomenInspiringWomen #PhillyInfluencer #PhillyContentCreator #NYCInfluencers #NYCInfluencer #JerseyCreators #NYCEvent #GalentinesParty

Would we really be executing an EmpowerHER Earnings Creator Galentine’s Brunch without our following workshop facilitator?! 🤭 Introducing THEE Marketing Dynamite in the Luxury Fragrance & Beauty Industry- Mariah Diamond! 💎 • Mariah is a dynamic force currently serving as the Global Marketing Associate at a Fortune 500 Company, where her strategic prowess has propelled the brand to unprecedented revenue heights. With a distinguished career spanning corporate giants like L’Oreal Groups, BET, and Macy’s, Mariah’s expertise is unmatched. 🙌🏾🥂 • Recognized as a Forbes Under 30 Summit Scholar, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Marketing and Fashion Media from Kent University, complemented by a recent matriculation into her Master’s degree in International Business. Talk about beauty & brains! 🤍✍🏾 • Although a global trotter, Mariah has made New York City her headquarters where she seamlessly merges her passion for faith, fashion, and femininity, captivating audiences worldwide with her seasoned insights and dynamic presence as an esteemed speaker. 🫶🏾🎙️ • Get ready to be inspired as Mariah takes the stage, sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience with grace and authority! 🤩🤎 • • • • • #TheLuminousLab #EmpowerHER2024 #EmpowerHEREarnings #WomeninFashion #WomeninFashionBusiness #WomenInBeauty #WomenInLeadership #CorporateLadies #NYCInfluencer #NYCContentCreator #PhillyInfluencer #GalentinesParty

Now introducing our in-demand, rising start and unmatched moderator- Princess Jolie Charles! As a fashion connoisseur hailing from NYC, Princess Jolie brings a unique blend of style and political acumen to the moderator’s seat. 🎙️🤍 • As the Youth Caucus Chair of the National Haitian American Elected Official Network, Head of Charles & Charles Consulting, and Founder of The Fashion Politico, she navigates the intersection of fashion and politics seamlessly. 🥂💅🏾 • Currently pursuing her studies in political science and business administration on the pre-law track at Thee Illustrious Howard University, Princess Jolie is a dynamic force with a keen eye for fashion and a passion for making a lasting impact in the political landscape. 👩🏽‍⚖️⚖️ • • • • • #TheLuminousLab #EmpowerHER2024 #EmpowerHEREarnings #FashionPolitico #WomenInFashion #WomenInLaw #WomenInFashionBusiness #WomenInPolitics #NYCinfluencer #NYCContentCreator #PhillyInfluencer #GalentinesParty

Exciting announcement! Meet our distinguished speaker for the Brand Deals Panel at EmpowerHER Earnings: Nehemie Pierre! 🤍👠 • As a fashion model and beauty creator, Nehemie has graced campaigns for Makeup By Mario, Pat McGrath, and Armani Beauty, bringing her unique touch to the fashion and beauty industries across the U.S. & Caribbean. 🌎✨ • Beyond her thriving career, Nehemie serves as the Community Relations Specialist at Synergy Today Foundation, seamlessly blending her fashion prowess with a heart for community wellbeing and relationship management. Get ready to not only be inspired but learn from her journey and insights! 🌸💖 • #EmpowerHER2024 #BrandDealsPanel #FashionInfluencer #TheLuminousLab #EmpowerHEREarnings #nyccontentcreator #phillycreatives #nycevents

Drumroll, please! 🤭 We’re thrilled to reveal our first speaker for the Navigating the Path to Brand Deals Panel at EmpowerHER Earnings: Kaicherise Alexander! 🎤🥂 • Navigating family, faith, and beauty in her 30s, she’s proof that your content creation journey can start at any stage of life. • Get ready to learn from her genuine storytelling and insights that have caught the attention of household brands like Dove, Lifetime Network, and Febreeze! Kaicherise is a distinctive voice in the influencer landscape, and we can’t wait for you to hear her wisdom! 🌸💖 • #EmpowerHER2024 #BrandDealsPanel #InfluencerJourney #TheLuminousLab #EmpowerHEREarnings #NYCEvents #JerseyEvents #PhillyEvents #nycinfluencers #jerseyinfluencers #phillyinfluencer #nyccontentcreator

Success loves speed but not without intentionality. For all the prophetic words spoken over your life for such a time as now, put your foot to the pedal to see it manifest. 🫱🏾‍🫲🏽 • • • • • #ArielsVentures #PropheticWords #YourYear #ItsYoursForTheTaking

Ladies, mark your calendars for our upcoming EmpowerHer Earnings: Creator Galentine’s Brunch happening on Saturday, February 17th from 12-3 P.M. !🌹🤍 • Consider this to be a day of empowerment & strategy! Personally, I’m most excited for the brand deal’s panel featuring seasoned influencers (who we’ll be showcasing soon 🤭) sharing the low down on how they’ve been able to land paid partnerships- who wouldn’t want to up their game on that now?! 💁🏾‍♀️ • From our workshops on branding and marketing to a delightful brunch with your next potential accountability partners for your creator journey, we’ve crafted this event to bring on the value we’ve been seeking to launch in the creator economy.🥂 • Remember this is a NYC tea party theme so pop out in your best shades of pink, red, mauve, or white! Early bird tickets are available now! Use code ‘EmpowerHer’ to secure your spot! See you there! 😚🎟️ • • • • • #EmpowerHER2024 #GalentinesBrunch #CreatorEconomy #NYCEvent #ValentinesEvent #BrooklynEvent #BrooklynEvents #InfluencerEvent #NJEvent #PhillyEvent #CTEvents #NYCContentCreator

A Creator Galentine’s Brunch in NYC 🥂 • Brace yourselves, Galentine’s on the horizon! 🌹Wondering how to celebrate? I’ve got plans with my NYC & tri-state area squad at the upcoming Creator Brunch ! • Mark your calendars, you won’t want to miss it! Seize this opportunity to connect with powerhouse women in the creator industry. This year, we’re taking charge of the creator economy, unraveling the secrets from content creation to brand pitching and platform monetization. • Top-tier influencers will be leading workshops, offering an immersive experience to EmpowerYOUR Earnings in 2024! We’re ready to revolutionize your journey in the creator space! 😚 • #GalentinesBrunch #EmpowerHER2024 #CreatorEconomy #GalentineParty #ValetinesDay #NYCContentCreator #NJGirlBosses #NYCEvents #BrooklynEvents

After listening to @magnifycollective ‘s drop today on societal pressures & deadlines when it comes to our dreams and goals, I took a beat to revisit the treasures that God has entrusted me to steward for this year. Upon looking at the assignments, some aren’t as front facing and shimmery as others. However, what I do with them will dictate the fruits that’ll be on display in my life. ☝🏾 • I remember moments where busying my time with other worldly ambitions seemed way more exciting than the stillness of being with God, and now in retrospect, I see that I was actually missing out on true, everlasting fulfillment. In a society where we’re often posed, “What’s next for you?” and we’re more than likely identified by our accomplishments (from dating to workplace promotions and education) @bobbikumari reminded me that the best & grandest achievement is saying “Yes” over and over again to the Lord’s invitation to do life with Him. Even when it means to live by faith, not knowing when what you’re hoping for will come to pass, but waiting on Him for the next miracle. That is both revolutionary and resilient. 😮‍💨 • I pray that in this season of life, you exercise the upmost vigilance towards the calling over your life. I pray that you see the beauty individually carried within you, be that in singleness or in relationship. I pray that moments when you walk through aches of loneliness, masked to the world by your accolades, you remember the voice of your Father who promises to bring your heart’s desires to pass according to His perfect plan for you. Don’t let go of your non-negotiables, don’t compromise your position, and don’t settle for a counterfeit that buffers away Holy Spirit’s voice as @thursdaythoughtcoaching so nicely put it. Thank you for that fresh reminder & necessary conversation, @rachelcalland 🤍 • • • • • #ArielsVentures #MagnifyCollective #WomenOfChrist #VoiceOfThePeople #HealingProcess #AmbitionQuotes #ChoosingWisely #ItGirlAesthetic #JesusGirlBossBabe #BossBabeMovement #KingdomRelationships #KingdomMarriage #WomenWhoPodcast #Takeaways #NoteTakersAreHistoryMakers #KingdomWomen

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