Nurse Shannan

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I'm a mom, registered nurse & product review writer located in California. I love sharing new ideas & products with my followers who are mostly moms that live in the U.S.

Location California United States
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ad.💜 Did you know that most women start perimenopause in their late 40s? You officially reach menopause after you haven't had a period for one year. On average menopause starts between ages 51 and 52 but that varies from person to person. The most common symptoms are #hotflashes, chills, night sweats, dry itchy skin, sleep problems ,#moodchanges, weight gain & slowed metabolism. @xojacquiproducts has organic, #plantbased options to support women in all phases of #perimenopause, #menopause and beyond! I've been taking Daughter's blend protein powder and You're Sweet Organic Sweetener to help me with symptoms. 💜 Daughter's blend - It's an organic #proteinpowder made with brown rice protein to help with that monthly #bloat & #hibiscus to help with cramps and stabilize #hormones. Hibiscus also has antidepressant properties to help manage #moodswings & anxiety during your cycle.Also contains essential vitamins, minerals, & protein to strengthen muscles & bones. It tastes great and contains no sugar! I mix it in smoothies, shakes & baked goods. I simply shake 1/4 cup powder with 8 oz plant based milk or blend into a smoothie. Today I used 1/3 cup in 12 oz liquid for a #postworkout protein bump. 💜 You're Sweet Organic Sweetener -- it's a natural sweetener to ween you off unhealthy sugars * high sugar intake can disrupt hormonal balance and cause inflammation. You're sweet #organicsweetener is a blend of apples & dates that has no after taste. It's a yummy way to reset your palate and say goodbye to processed sugars. It also helps me maintain stable blood sugar levels, reduces inflammation & promotes a healthy digestive system. I typically add 1 tsp or more to smoothies, hot drinks, oatmeal or anything I usually add sugar. 💜 #Xojacqui is a female owned business you can trust! They handle everything from formulation to shipping with no middle woman or large corporation. Just them, hoping to make a difference in your #menopausejourney! Most of the line is available on Amazon but not the Daughter's blend. To learn more and get 15% off sitewide visit & use my code : SHANNAN15

ad. 💙 Check out POKETINS @mypoketins! What a clever way to carry more than just a couple #feminineessentials! I love how discreet and easy it is to use! Not only can you carry multiple pads/items in a compressed style, you don't need to undo the compression to take one out! You can fit about 10 pads / 10 tampons or 10 pad/ tampon combo with room left over! This pouch has an innovative compressible & expandable pouch! It's the perfect solution for the gym, beach, school, work, traveling or just to keep in your bag on the go. The pouch I have is an ACTION right so the zipper placement makes it easier for right handed access. My daughter is left handed so when the time comes I plan to get her the ACTION #lefthandedfriendly option. 💙 I also love how POKETINS are made by hand in the USA with environmentally friendly materials #ECONYLyarn! To celebrate WOMEN'S INTERNATIONAL DAY From March 1 - 10th you can get 20% off sitewide with CODE : YESWMN24 . . . . . #WOMENSINTERNATIONALDAY #getorganized #reviewer #organizedmom#producttesters #productreviewer #womensday #productreview #periodproblems #momblogger#californiablogger #californiamomblogger

ad. đŸ«š Have you ever tried ginseng? Ginseng has been used in traditional Asian recipes for centuries! It has tons of benefits for women and helps maintain hormonal balance, reduces hot flashes - #menopausesymptoms and promotes healthy aging. @dairyland_ginseng is packed full of antioxidants and is a natural way to manage blood sugar, lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation, and improve energy! I take the capsules and the slices to give me a natural boost of energy whenever needed! The capsules contain 500 mg of potent ground ginseng root with no fillers, binders or other additives! The fresh ginseng root slices are my favorite way to take ginseng and is actually a better way to take it because it has 14% more nutritional value compared to dry ginseng! đŸ«š This sliced American #ginseng is super fresh and I love how it's not sliced up until the order is placed! I typically use about 3 - 5 slices with 2 cups of hot water and some honey to make tea. The slices can also be placed in spirits, liqueurs, brandy or made into ginseng wine. You can even cook the slices with rice, beef or soup! Check out the #ginsengrecipes and try this premium dairyland American ginseng for yourself! Get 20% off your order with code: Take20 . .. . . . . . . #ginsengtea #americanginseng #californiablogger #wahm #productreviewer #organization #getorganized#workfromhomemom#organizedhome#prodoctreviewer#momblogger #reviewer #californiablogger #bloggers#organizedmoms#organizedlife #organizedliving #wfh #digitalcreators #hotflashes

#ad💗 These Real Littles Hello Kitty and Friends Backpacks are super cute easter basket filler ideas! Thank you @moose_toys for this #freeproduct bundle!! We love how each little backpack is so beautifully detailed and contains six Sanrio stationery surprises! Tiny stickers, pencil cases, pens, rulers, notebooks and postcards! They're currently available at @walmart! . . . . . . . #toycollector #toystagram #toycollection#REALLITTLES #SANRIOREALLITTES #toyreview #momblog #walmart #mominfluencers #easterideas #easterbaskets #easterbasketideas #easterbunny #kidstoys #kidsactivities#eastergifts #californiamom #californiablogger

đŸ©· Zelah had so much fun today playing with her Super Slide Puzzle Game gift from @giikerglobal! It kept her entertained for hours!! I love how it's a screen free activity she can do that helps build logic and concentration. This puzzle game has tons of brain benefits including building critical thinking skills, improving short term memory and helps with stress and anxiety. It's such a fun Brain Teaser puzzle for all ages! You simply follow the LED screen to set up the game and move the red square to the middle bottom! Endless fun with over 500 challenges from easy to difficult. đŸ©· This Super Slide Puzzle Game is a clever screen free way to keep your kids busy! Especially If you have a road trip coming up it's the perfect solution for keeping kids of all ages entertained for hours. It comes in lots of unique colors too!. To learn more and get some screen free entertainment for your kids visit đŸ©· Save with discount code: shannan.rn15 . . . . . . . . #screenfreekids #kidspuzzles #kidinfluencer #miniinfluencer #toyreview #toyreviews #toyreviewer#organizedmom#producttester#californiamomblogger #reviewer #producttesters #productreviewer#prodoctreviewer#californiablogger #productreviewer #couponmom

ad. đŸ‘©â€đŸ’» Are you self employed as a blogger, digital creator, gig worker or any kind of freelancer? If COVID-19 impacted your business in 2020 & 2021 you could be eligible for a Federal Tax Refund of up to $32,220! I just stumbled across @setcadvocates and found out that there are immediate refund tax credits for people that are #selfemployed freelancers, independent contractors, and #gigworkers!! In December 2020 Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act which expanded the FFCRA to cover the self-employed! The Government is actually paying you back for all that time you lost earning money because of the COVID pandemic. đŸ‘©â€đŸ’» Check it out because you might be eligible for a Federal Tax Refund of up to $32,220! To learn more click the link in my bio! See if you're eligible by answering 6 quick questions - . . . . . . . #californiablogger #wahm #productreviewer #organization #getorganized #freelancer #workfromhomemom selfemployed #organizedhome#prodoctreviewer#momblogger #reviewer #californiablogger #bloggers#organizedmoms#organizedlife #organizedliving #wfh #digitalcreators

ad. 🌿 Did you know that plants are good for your mental health even if they're artificial?! Having lush, evergreen artificial plants nearby is one of the most effortless ways to de-stress and make you feel calm in your surroundings. Plus they save you time and worry compared to real plants. These beautiful artificial plants from @vertnook are perfect for every space in our home. I love how they look and feel real without all the annoying maintenance and watering! 🌿 Which plant is your favorite? 1. Spotted #Monstera - This plant is known for its large, beautiful ornamental leaves. It is renowned by #plantenthusiasts as one of the top 10 most popular & Instagrammable houseplants. 2. Black Spotted Begonia - This plant originated in Brazilian rainforests and is very rare so the real-life version is hard to find and keep alive. Love how I have the no maintenance version of it. 3. Black Leaf #Begonia - This plant is my favorite! It brings a touch of botanical simple elegance to our dining room. 🌿 We also found these gorgoeous Asher Metal Vases at Vertnook! I love the mid century modern design and sturdy weight to them. They're a beautiful mixture of gold and black paint with a rustic, antique gold finish. 🌿 Check out Vertnooks Spring Mega SALE - You can even combine 2 promotions and get an even cheaper price! 1. Buy 2 Get 2 Artifial Plants FREE + free shipping $50+ Exp. 3/31/24 2. Enjoy a 20% off with Coupon CodeSHANNANRN20 Exp. 6/30/24 . 🌿 To learn more about how to transform your space into a calming lush haven visit . . . . . #VertNook #artificialplants #homedecor #interiordecor #interiordesign #houseplants #getorganized #organizedhome #organizedmom#producttesters #productreviewer #plantmom #productreview #momblogger #californiablogger #couponcode

ad. 🌿 My 2 favorite natural pain & inflammation relief options are this bean filled heating pad and Nopavera Max! This Napovera Max from @essential.source is amazing and contains all my favorite natural pain relief ingredients including organic tumeric extract , CBD and more! Love how the ingredients work together and boost with a higher level of #turmeric, an additional enzyme complex, CBD, and BioPerine¼ to significantly increase the absorption of bioactive ingredients. I typically take capsules and start feeling the pain relief within an hour. 🌿 I've also been taking Tractive Biotics for Women to support my digestive, urinary, immunity and female health. It helps my digestion and also prevents urinary tract infections. This natural blend contains 18 clinically studied probiotic strains to help break down food, absorb nutrients, and keep harmful pathogens at bay. ✅ These EZ Tabs BONITA V supplements do wonders for my hair, skin and nails! These veggie supplements promote hair growth , build hair strength, prevent spit ends and strengthen my nails. It's made with a scientifically formulated blend that gives my body the right nutrients to super-charge collagen production. 🌿 Check out Essential Source's natural health products for your digestive health, beauty, and brain health! Get 25% off any product site wide with coupon code: nurseshannan Or my exclusive link . . . . #NaturalSupplements #naturalremedies#getorganized #organizedhome #organizedmom#producttesters #productreviewer #plantmom #productreview #momblogger #californiablogger #couponcode

ad. 🌄 I hadn't been to church for a while and was searching for something that was inclusive for all faiths, political backgrounds and lifestyles. I started listening to the BETWEEN podcast and love the vibe! I love how the host Matt Mattson talks with guests from all kinds of backgrounds about faith and human connection. The mailing list is also a wonderful way to get weekly and daily inspiration about how to infuse every interaction with the best of what the world’s faith traditions (especially your own) can teach everyone around you. 🌄 The people over at BETWEEN are really doing something special by actively inviting and including everyone! I love the daily prayers and all the inspiration! They really are re-teaching us all how to truly connect with each other in sacred ways! To learn more and sign up for their podcast and/or mailing list vist - 🌞 BETWEEN Podcast - 🌞 BETWEEN Mailing list - . . . . . . #churchpodcast #inclusivefaith #PrayTogether #PrayerWorks  #DailyPrayer #inclusivechurch #PrayWithUs #KeepPraying #DailyDevotionals #MorningPrayers #ShareFaithNow  #QuoteOfTheDay #DailyInspiration #DailyMotivation  #faithpodcast #religiouspodcast #spiritualpodcast

ad. 🚗 This baby on board led sign from @revvtechnology is such a clever idea for #nighttimedriving. It can be used as a constant stationary light or as flashing lights. The light up panel totally makes your vehicle stand out on the road to promote safer #drivingconditions by alerting surrounding drivers. It was super easy to install with no suction cups, magnets or batteries needed. I simply stuck it on my back windshield and plugged it in the usb. The on/off button is conveniently located near the connection of the usb. 🚗 What a quick and easy way to show others that you're traveling with a little one encouraging them to be extra #cautious on the road around you. It's especially handy during lane changes and intersections. đŸ‘¶ These #babyonboard light up panels make thoughtful baby shower gifts! Right now you can Buy 1 for 15% off, 2 for 20% off 3+ for 25% off on Amazon. Save even more with my coupon code: RNShannan - . . . . . #babyshower #babyshowergifts #babyshowergift #BMW #babyshowergiftidea #bmwlove #familysafety #familyfirst #amazondeals #amazonreviewer #babyalert #babysign #babysigns

ad. 💗 Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Have you heard about Active Skin Repair Spray and Active Repair Hydrogel from @bldgactive? They are absolutely amazing and a must have for your entire family! They're a medical grade treatment for everyday wound care and skin repair that you can buy without a prescription! Completely safe, non-toxic & natural skin repair that work wonders on all ages for minor #wounds, cuts, scrapes, sunburns, normal burns, chaffing, rashes, insect bites, and other skin irritations including open wounds! The reason they work so well is because the ingredients support your body's own #healingprocess. active ingredient: Hypochlorous (HOCl). HOCl is naturally produced by the white blood cells in our bodies as a natural way to support the natural healing process. 💗 The main ingredient is Hypochlorous Acid which is a natural antimicrobial produced by your white blood cells! Its anti-inflammatory properties help to naturally calm the skin. It kills 99% of bacterial, viral and fungal microorganisms within 15 seconds! This skin healing treatment is different from any other antimicrobial and topical antibiotic out there because it's completely non-toxic and causes no allergic reactions. Amazingly it's even safe enough to use around your eyes, ear, nose and mouth. 💗 I feel good about using Active Skin Repair and Active Repair Hydrogel because they have the same proprietary formulation that’s used in hospitals worldwide. bldg Active is also FDA cleared for use on open skin and is a leader in Hypochlorous with more than 1 million bottles sold. #ActiveSkinRepair has a 24 month shelf life and every lot they produce is tested for efficacy and safety. 🌿 If you've been looking for a natural way to heal all kinds of skin irritations and even #openwounds check it out! To learn more about this innovative healing spray for your family visit . . . . . . . . #organizedmom#mominfluencer#productreviews#productreview#productreviewer#productreviewers#organization#getorganized #organizedhome#sahm #stayathomemoms #producttester #organizedmoms#organizedlife #organizedliving #reviewer

ad. 💗 Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I've been taking @bold_botanica Cranberry Plus supplements as part of my health and wellness #selfcare routine! Cranberries are super rich in antioxidants plus have natural antibacterial effects. These supplements are a safe and natural way to promote bladder health, prevent bladder infections (#uti) and improve immune function. 💗 This #BoldBotanica supplement blend is the most effective cranberry supplement I've tried because it contains both full fruit extract and a super potent juice concentrate along with 100mg of non-GMO vitamin C to enhance the absorbtion. One capsule serving is equal to one glass of juice, but without all the sugar! My favorite thing about these supplements is that each contains 36 mg of soluble PACs or #proanthocyanidins which is the researched amount needed to give each serving the AAA or anti-adherent activity one needs to protect and prevent #UTIs. This is the strongest and most affordable cranberry on the market! đŸŒ± Bold Botanica is my favorite place to find premium, clean, natural supplements and herbal extracts. I love how they only use the purest ingredients and are committed to using certified organic or sustainably sourced ingredients. All their products are free from GMO’s, harmful chemical solvents, synthetic flavors, or fragrances. Plus they plant a tree through One Tree Planted for every bottle sold. To learn more and find your new favorite natural remedies visit . . . . #womenshealth #utiprevention #womenshealthmatters

ad.đŸ„ƒThese Oaxaca tequila glasses from @historicallymodern are so unique and beautiful! They were specifically created for sipping your tequila or mezcal! đŸ„ƒ Did you know that Tequila & mezcal is made from the heart of the agave plant called the #piña! The shape of these Oaxaca tequila glasses are inspired by the agave plant. The base of the glass is heavy and fans out like the leaves of the #agaveplant. Love the design with the wide rim and shallow bowl! đŸ„ƒ Check out the #historicallymodern authentic drinkware collection! They take historical pieces and put a modern twist on them! Perfect for gift giving any mezcal or #tequilafan! Right now my followers can get 15% off their entire order with code: Nurseshannan at . * Code is good all through February 💗 . . . . . . . . #mezcalglasses #tequilashotglass #tequilashotglasses #tequilalover #mezcallovers #mezcallover #mezcallove #tequila #tequilas #josequervo #tequilashots #tequilahonor #tequilatime #tequilatequila #tequilacocktails #tequilaglass #mezcallovers #blueagave

đŸ©·đŸ’— Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Thanks @SuperImpulse for this #SuperSweetSurprise gift bundle of Valentine's mini toys! They make perfect Valentine's gifts! Zelah received the World’s Smallest miniatures of Care Bears, Magic 8 Ball, #Colorforms Silly Faces, Trivial Pursuit and Minis-in-Minis Sugar Buzz Hershey! Zelah's favorite is the miniature #carebear! To learn more about these Valentine’s Day gift ideas visit the Super Impulse Amazon Store! . . . . . . . . #valentinesdaygiftideas #carebear #kidsvalentinesgift #carebears #minis#kidinfluencer #miniinfluencer #toyreview #toyreviews #toyreviewer#organizedmom#producttester#californiablogger #reviewer #producttesters #productreviewer#prodoctreviewer

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