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Since 2002, BETTER LIVING has been the premier digital lifestyle brand dedicated to FOOD, HOME, TRAVEL, HEALTH and MORE! Whether you’re planning the perfect vacation, looking for new recipes, or improving your home - you'll discover the best experiences, products and tastes throughout our website. Turn inspiration into action - visit OnBetterLiving.com!

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One of the best things about the summer season is the amazing bounty of fresh fruits that are available.  There’s strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, watermelons, peaches and one of my absolute favorites — the nectarine.  Juicy, sweet and little tart there is nothing better than a perfectly ripe nectarine on a hot summer day. Wonderful as a healthy snack on its own or sliced into salads, the nectarine is just darn delicious. But have you ever found yourself with an abundance of nectarines and are looking for a new and creative way to use them? We thought why not bake them into a yummy, buttery crisp? With a crispy, crumbly buttery almond flour and oat topping, this gluten-free and grain-free Nectarine Crisp is an easy and delicious way to use up that bounty of summer fruit. This gluten-free and grain-free Nectarine Crisp is a yummy twist on the classic crisp while using healthy and hearty ingredients. Tons of summer flavor without all the guilt. Don’t have enough nectarines? Try adding in peaches, plums or berries.  In place of the almond flour, you can always substitute regular wheat flour, cassava flour or a gluten-free blend with a 1:1 ratio. SEE OUR STORY FOR THE RECIPE! . . https://onbetterliving.com/nectarine-crisp/ . . #glutenfree #glutenfreerecipes #glutenfreefood #glutenfreelife #glutenfreeliving #glutenfreeeats #grainfree #grainfreeliving #grainfreebaking #nectarine #nectarines #dessert #desserts #dessertsporn #healthydessert #easydessert #summer #onthetable #eeeeeats #easyrecipes #recipe #instayum #eatingfortheinsta #feedfeed #tastespotting #f52grams #buzzfeast #foodgawker #huffposttaste #thekitchn

23 Apple Dessert Recipes You Need To Make This Fall

Baked with cinnamon and brown sugar spiced apples and drizzled with chocolate after baking, this recipe is sure to be a family fav. via Little Dairy On The Prairie French Toast is one of those dishes that can make even the most mundane mornings feel like a special occasion. For an even more decadent take on French toast combined with the flavors of baked apples, try this baked French toast recipe with a streusel topping from Little Dairy on the Prairie. Lots of cinnamon-spiced apples are baked in a moist delicious coffee cake batter, topped with a cinnamon brown sugar crumb, and then drizzled with caramel. It’s basically impossible to resist a cupcake and these vanilla cupcakes filled with homemade apple pie filling, and then topped with cinnamon cream cheese frosting and a buttery crumble are the fall-inspired treat from Pies and Tacos we’ve all been missing, but definitely need.

Did you know one of the largest sources of plastic pollution is single use plastics like the plastic cups, lids and straws dispensed from fast food restaurants and convenient stores? #ad And with over 500 billion plastic cups used every year an eco-friendly alternative can make a big impact in the health of our oceans.  A company called @ShamrockCups has an innovative solution that they believe can eliminate the need for single-use plastic cups and positively change the way we take our drinks to go forever. They’ve invented the Shamrock Cup - a paper cup with a foldable built-in lid shaped just like a four-leaf clover. It’s kind of genius. 100% recyclable and biodegradable, these cups even have a slot for a straw (paper only of course!). Shamrock Cups offer the convenience of plastic or styrofoam, without all the nasty negative environmental effects. Want to help fight plastic pollution in our oceans? Shamrock Cups needs you to help spread the word! With a Shamrock Cup there’s no excuse for any single-use plastic cup or lid to be used in the fast food industry anymore. TAP OUR LINK to learn more about Shamrock Cups and to help eliminate over 100 million pounds of plastic waste every year! https://onbetterliving.com/shamrock-cups/  http://shamrockcupsinc.com/help-us-change-the-world-with-shamrock-cups/ #sustainableliving #environmentallyfriendly #ecofriendly #minimalwaste #lowwaste #plasticfree #plasticsucks #saynotoplastic #lessplastic #plasticfreeliving #noplasticbags #saveourplanet #plasticwaste #wastefree #savetheplanet #plasticpollution #lesswaste #saveouroceans #plasticpollutes #sponsored #savetheseas #oceancleanup #marineconservation #cleanocean #plasticpollutes #cleanbeaches

This Easy Fall Popcorn Bark is a Chocolate Lover's Dream

To make this Fall Popcorn Bark, we simply line a baking sheet with parchment paper and pour melted dark chocolate all over it, spread it out evenly with a spatula and then top it with healthy ingredients like popcorn, pumpkin seeds, pecans, and nutty hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are also rich in minerals like phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron, and zinc and have high levels of gamma-linolenic acids (GLA) which have shown in studies to reduce symptoms of PMS and menopause and also reduce inflammation leading to things like heart disease, which is the number one cause of death worldwide. And since it’s sustainably harvested from unspoiled waters 2200 ft below the ocean’s surface, this salt provides even more minerals than typical table salt including potassium, selenium, copper, iron, zinc, manganese, and chromium. A super easy to make chocolate treat, this fall inspired bark is decked out with popcorn, pumpkin seeds, pecans maple crystals, hemp seeds, dried fruits and a sprinkle of sea salt to finish.

#sponsored Did you know 7 out of 10 Americans are not getting enough of the magnesium we need from diet alone?1 But, to reach just the recommended daily intake of magnesium, you'd have to eat 10 dozen almonds or 13 bananas or 7 avocados or 7 half fillets of salmon a day!† So, to make sure you’re getting enough magnesium, adding the help of a dietary supplement may be the way to go. That's why I take SlowMag® Mg Muscle + Heart daily. SlowMag Mg Muscle + Heart is made with magnesium chloride, for increased absorption versus magnesium oxide, which is commonly found in other magnesium supplements. Plus, it’s SLOW to digest, making it gentle on your stomach. Give SlowMag Mg Muscle + Heart a try and you might be pleasantly surprised at how awesome getting the right amount of magnesium is when it comes to providing support for proper muscle function, energy metabolism, and cardiovascular health.* TAP OUR LINK to learn how! #SlowMagMg @slowmagmg_usa † Based on USDA Database  *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 1. USDA Agricultural Research Service. Continuing Survey of Food Intakes by Individuals (CSFII) 1994-96, 1998. http://www.ars.usda.gov/services/docs.htm?docid=11046.

Try This Recipe! Chai + Vanilla Collagen Smoothie

Collagen Hydrolysate like the one from Great Lakes Gelatin Co. is a broken-down form of collagen that is a more easily digested body-friendly form. Here’s an easy, delicious, and healthy smoothie recipe using the new Chai Flavored Collagen Hydrolysate and their Vanilla Flavored Collagen Hydrolysate as well! For a boost of health benefits including a more youthful complexion, stonger hair and nails and better exercise recovery, try this easy and delicious smoothie made with Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate. Visit greatlakesgelatin.com to learn more about the benefits of collagen hydrolysate and to try their new Chai Flavored Collagen Hydrolysate!

For some serious comfort food and a new way to use Greek yogurt try our Greek Yogurt Spinach Mac & Cheese!!! #AD We’re using @DeltaGreekYogurt an authentic Greek yogurt, new in the U.S.!!! #DeltaGreekYogurt is Greek yogurt made the traditional way by double straining and without any thickeners like many other brands use. You can really taste #TastetheDeltaDifference. Click the link in our bio to get the recipe! #DeltaDifference

Greek Yogurt, Spinach and Artichoke Mac & Cheese

Combining the flavors of mac & cheese, spinach and artichoke dip, and the creamy richness of Greek yogurt, this Greek Yogurt Spinach and Artichoke Mac & Cheese recipe is so satisfying and easy to prepare. You can also use Greek yogurt to: Thicken and add extra protein and fat to smoothies Use in baked goods and frostings Use in sandwich salads like chicken, tuna, or egg Add a dollop to soups when cooking or before serving And also use Greek yogurt to: Add extra creaminess and protein to pasta dishes like mac & cheese. This recipe for Greek Yogurt Spinach and Artichoke Mac & Cheese combines the flavors of mac and cheese with the flavors of spinach and artichoke dip. Healthy Greek yogurt adds a creamy richness to this comforting mac and cheese that made even better with the addition of spinach and artichokes!

There’s no denying that mac & cheese can soothe the soul. If it’s one of your favorite comfort foods (it’s definitely one of mine) then there’s something really great to look forward to this month, my friends. #ad Put July 14th on your calendar, because it’s officially National Mac & Cheese Day! And to help all of us celebrate, Noodles & Company (the world-famous mac and cheese experts!) are giving away FREE mac & cheese! That’s right. They’re turning National Mac & Cheese Day into a four-day-long celebration from July 14th through July 17th. I’m pretty sure we all need this right now. TAP OUR LINK to get the full details! You can be sure I’ll be celebrating this year right from the comfort of my cozy bed with takeout from @NoodlesCompany! 💕 Visit https://www.noodles.com/macandcheese 👈😍 https://onbetterliving.com/mac-cheese-day/ 👈😍 #NationalMacandCheeseWeek #NationalMacandCheeseDay #macandcheese #NoodlesRewards

We're celebrating what's left of summer with a simple picnic at home! #ad We whipped up a tangy potato salad, a Caprese salad, sliced up some watermelon, and set out some cotton candy grapes to enjoy. For our main we went with a summer classic: grilled hot dogs, decked out with some of our favorite toppings like jalapenos, banana peppers, sauerkraut, beet kraut, onions, tomatoes, and of course mustard! To keep things gluten-free we served our dogs on yummy #Schar gluten-free hot dog buns. If you're on a gluten-free diet and have been missing hot dogs, you're going to absolutely love these Schär gluten-free hot dog buns. They're fluffy, baked with ancient grains, and just the right size for the hot dog and a generous amount of toppings.  @ScharGlutenFree offers the best in gluten-free bread, pasta, desserts, and more. So, be sure stock up for your next picnic or BBQ. To find a Schär retailer near you and to see their full selection of gluten-free products, visit Schar.com. #scharglutenfree #scharpartner #glutenfree #glutenfreefood #gf #celiac #celiacdisease #gfhamburger #yum #instafood #gfhotdog #glutenfreeeats #glutenfreehotdogs #gfree #nogluten #glutenfreediet #glutenfreeeats #glutenfreelife #glutenfreeliving #glutenfreemeal #hotdog #hotdogs #whatceliacseat #glutenfreebread #hotdog🌭

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