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ᴍᴀᴅᴇ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ #detroit ✋🏼 Lover of sweet tea | hockey | all things pretty | #nannylife @fohr.co Verified #bloggerlifestyle #contentcreation

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in any version of reality, I’d find you & I’d choose you ♡ - #summernights🌙 #goldenhourphotography #lakenights #lakelifestyle

[ad] There’s nothing like leaving your weekly stressors behind for a good ole lake weekend. Being on the water with a fresh @takefivehardseltzer helps me take a step back and live in the moment! Plus they are only 100 calories with the best flavors 😋 - Shout out to @sarahcramb for the sick surfing pic with my new go to seltzer’s. Check them out for your next get together! - - #NowsTheTime  #TAKEFIVE  #TAKEFIVEHardSeltzer  #LiveInTheMoment

Throwin it back to one of my fav outfits from @revolve … I may need them to send Kyle a shirt tho 🤣 - Also just hearing live music a few months back was so good for the soul 🖤 - Thanks for the first pic @robandhollyshow ! - #revolve #revolveme #revolvearoundthehouse #REVOLVEU #revolveinbloom #revolvesummer #superdown

Had to give this fit one more square on my feed lol - 4/5 of the Fam 🖤 - Go to my stories and help me pick what nails to get next at @paintbirmingham ! - @revolve #revolve #revolveme #revolvearoundthehouse #REVOLVEU #revolveinbloom #revolvesummer # AD

anyone else wish you could wear anything despite the weather?! - I love summer and fall but wishing fall to be here so I can wear this outfit means winter is soon to follow. Who else has this struggle?! Lol also need inspo for my next mani. Went neutral this time but thinking I might revert back to my classic black mani! Suggestions?? - @revolve #revolvesummer #revolveme @paintnailbar @paintbirmingham #paintthecountry #paintbirmingham #lookbetterPAINTed # ad

Nose plugs or bust 😜 - Currently unable to surf but wishing I was out there 🏄‍♀️ - @revolve #revolve #revolveme #revolvearoundthehouse #REVOLVEU #revolveinbloom #revolvesummer

Hes my best friend You mess with him, you mess with me You mess with me, you mess with him You mess with us? You better pray 🙃 - @revolve #revolve #revolveme #revolvearoundthehouse #REVOLVEU #revolveinbloom #revolvesummer

Weekend photo dump 🏄‍♀️🌊 - There’s nothing better than traveling 7 bodies of water. We surfed, explored, laughed and even lost a few swimsuits along the way 🤪 - The last two pictures you’ll find the guys happily repping swimsuits I told them were part of a collab for me. What they didn’t know was they were actually dissolving shorts and when they jumped in the pool they were surprised to find the seams slowing falling apart 😂 - It’s probably the best prank I’ve ever done but now I’m scared for the retaliation…. Stay tuned! - @revolve #revolve #revolveme #revolvearoundthehouse #REVOLVEU #revolveinbloom #revolvesummer #revolvestyle

Couples who Emsculpt together stay together… at least that’s what they tell me 🤪 - We had such a blast today with @facemedspa and @btl_midwest on the EmSculpt Neo Bus! In just one 30 minute treatment it provides 30% permanent fat reduction- it’s a game changer for anyone looking to lose those last few stubborn lbs 🙌🏻 - To celebrate, @facemedspa is giving away 1 series of EmSculpt Neo to 2 lucky people! - GUESS WHAT.....just for entering..... You get $1000 OFF YOUR EMSCULPT NEO SERIES!🙌 - 🙀 Yep, you read that correctly! Everybody is a winner! - Here’s how to enter! 1️⃣Tag 3 Friends 2️⃣Share on IG story and Tag @facemedspa 3️⃣Tap link in bio and hit “Enter Give.away” - #emsculptbooty #emsculpt #emaculptneo #noninvasive #noninvasivebodycontouring

Had to start the weekend off right! - There’s no better feeling than fresh brows 😉 - Thanks @vinnieandjune ! #vinnieandjune #brandpartnership #xokaylenarenae

Alright friends… Are you more of a baseball hat or beanie person?! Personally I live in beanies 8 months out of the year but I’ve been starting to like baseball hats more lately! - - @loveyourmelon has so many options and they have a great mission so it’s a win win when buying from them. Check out their latest styles in the link in my stories! - - - - #xokaylenarenae #loveyourmelon

I am a better person when my mani is on point… anyone else?! - Thanks @paintbykristyn for always fitting me in! - - Dress from @revolve @paintnailbar @paintbirmingham #paintthecountry #paintbirmingham #lookbetterPAINTed #ad #xokaylenarenae

Weekend wya?! - - - #revolve #revolveme #revolvearoundthehouse #REVOLVEU #revolveinbloom

Had so much fun at my consult yesterday with @lumenis.aesthetic.us ! They set up their mobile spa truck at @lifetime.life and it was so convenient to do my facial assessment there and then schedule my treatments with a local dermatologist in the area. - - I will include a link in my stories for more information about Lumenis and their amazing treatment options! - Bodysuit and overalls are @revolve #m22 #xokaylenarenae

currently obsessing over this new concealer I found by @itcosmetics - @alexajeanbrown posted about it a few weeks ago and I’m here to tell ya it’s one of the best I’ve tried! - I got the waterproof one and it literally lasts through anything.. surfing, faster horses, you name it, it stays lol. I’ll link it in stories! - @revolve #revolve #revolveme #revolvearoundthehouse #REVOLVEU #revolveinbloom

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