Florence Williams

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your resource for #naturalhair and #skincare Always #crueltyfree

I love creating video, stop motion, carousels and amaing product photography!

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This week has been a doozy. I think I speak for many of us when I say it’s already been a bit of a circus. I know a lot of you, like me are still grappling with the shootings over the past several days both in Monterey Park & Half Moon Bay. If you are trying to support and help those who are in those communities. I want to recommend you check out a victim fund that’s being organized by @advancingjusticesocal and check out the hashtag #lnyvictimsfund They are an Asian American social justice organization based in Los Angeles. If you have a little bit of extra money and would like to support the most vulnerable members of the community. I urge to go to the website and make a small donation. You can also donate to a go fund me from @aaajalc here: bit.ly/hmb-victims-fund Also check out @stopasianhate @standwithasianamericans @chinatownservicecenter @aapiequityalliance @asianpacificfund #montereyparks #halfmoonbay #lunarnewyear2023 #stopasianhatecrimes #stopasianhate

5 things you can charge for in brand deals. Sharing some basics to keep in mind during your next negotiation. Do you charge for these? Tell me below in the comments. #branddeals #influencertips #microinfluencers #nanoinfluencers #ugccreator #ugc #influencermarketing #youtubecreator #tiktokcreator #contentcreators #igskincarecommunity #sustainableblogger #blackbloggers #blackcreators #negotiationtips

5 mistakes you’re making in your pitch emails to brands Share & Save this for later. 📧 EMAIL DOESN'T ESTABLISH CREDIBILITY. Your first message is a chance to let them know who you are and why they should care. Don't miss out on this first opportunity to get them interested. 🤷🏾‍♀️ CONTACTING THE WRONG PERSON. The person you reached out to doesn’t handle influencer marketing. You may have also spelled their name wrong and they ignored you. 📅 WRONG TIME OF THE YEAR. There is a season for everything. Your pitch needs to land when potential clients are looking for new partnerships. If you think brands are entertaining Valentine's Day Pitches you’re wrong. They probably have creators secured for that. 🗑️ YOUR SUBJECT LINE WAS TRASH Are you still using @myhandle - Partnership Opportunity? Stop today. Pr managers get those every day and they don’t stand out. Share something in the subject line that is interesting. Use the contacts name in the subject line and thank me later 😘 📉 PITCH DOESN'T HELP THE BRAND ACHIEVE ITS GOALS. It's not about you. It's about them. Coming from a place of service is necessary. Even if your community is amazing, you still have to be able to articulate the value to the brand you want to work with. If this is you 👀 Is your inbox dry? The sadness in your inbox needs to change. We're going to turn that sadness into mild excitement when we upgrade your initial outreach process and increase your response rate and ability to convert your targets into potential clients. If you’re new here 👋🏽 I’m Flo, I’m an influencer coach, I help creators in all stages of your journey but specifically I love helping you find and negotiate your dream partnerships. TAP my link in bio to join my membership or book a 1:1 with me. Your future self will be thankful. Which one of these mistakes have you made before? I'll go first. ALL FIVE 🙃😖🫠 #influencertips #microinfluencers #nanoinfluencers #influencermarketing #youtubecreator #tiktokcreator #igskincarecommunity #sustainableblogger #blackbloggers #blackcreators #contentcreatortips #branddeals #brandpartnerships #makemoneyoninstagram

Morning skincare routine My skin is currently combo, acne-prone, and dehydrated. I love this routine because it leaves my skin bouncy and light and hydrated! Product mini-reviews @107global micro drizzle hydro toner - I don’t wash my face in the morning so I like to use this as a cleanse toner step. I like to do 7 layers of this to really plump my skin. It’s so light. There isn’t any fragrance and they sustainably source their vinegar which is the hero ingredient to nourish the skin. @dieuxskin deliverance serum - I’m prone to redness and irritation so this serum is a lovely treat to help with my blotchiness and gives a nice glow. The combination of peptides, niacinamide, and their cannabinoid complex help strengthen my barrier and soothe. It’s such a power serum! @sachiskin Triphala Pigmentation Corrector - my HG hyperpigmentation serum 👏🏾 if you want a serum with no acids that will fade, brighten, and even out your skin tone. She is the one! @isdinusa photo eryfotona ageless ultralight tinted mineral SPF 50 - I really love this SPF. It’s perfect for my skin tone for no make or makeup days (great as a base) Have any questions? Leave them below 👇🏾 P.S. I loved this song before it was a trend. I’m a true lamb lol *all products gifted. #morningskincareroutine #hydratingtoner #antioxidantserum #hydratingserum #hyperpigmentationtreatment #spf50 #spfeveryday #igskincarecommunity #ugccreator #dryskincare #dehydratedskin #acneproneskin #acneproneskincare #skincareblogger

I feel like this photo is giving “First Year Teacher At Abbott Elementary” vibes. Tell me if you agree or disagree in the comments. Anywho! Hi!!!! Let’s talk about my word of the year. In my most recent session with my therapist, I told her my word of the year is going to be “Relationship” I wanted to reevaluate and nurture my relationship with: • Myself: Do more things I enjoy and are rewarding but don’t make them happen enough. Release things I often do but have downsides & don’t have lasting benefits (jumping on my phone when I wake up) • Land: Purchasing 10 or less clothing items new. Setting up my composting bins in my backyard. Create less food waste Repair my clothes by sewing • Family & Friendships: Have more IRL moments Text back within 24 hours Meet one local friend in atl • Marriage Follow the 777 rule Create new memories Build our 2023 #lovemap (if you follow @gottmaninstitute you know what this is) This is just a little snippet of what I’ll be working on but I’m committing to more conscious choice-making around certain things in my life. My therapist encouraged me to make a personalized list. It’s neither good or right but it’s mine. What’s your word of the year? Tell me below 👇🏾

We’ve all been there. You receive an email with a word or phrase that you had to google but you’re still lost. So much of being an influencer or content creator is learning as you go. You aren't alone. I’ve been there. Here are some key terms that I’ve explained simply. Leave a comment if you want any examples or have a word to add to the list 👇🏾 #influencertips #microinfluencers #nanoinfluencers #ugccreator #ugc #influencermarketing #youtubecreator #tiktokcreator #contentcreators #igskincarecommunity #sustainableblogger #blackbloggers #blackcreators

GRWM This has been my go-to look as of late. Brands: @dieuxskin @elfcosmetics @makebeautyofficial @nyxcosmetics @meetalleyoop @cocokind *some items gifted P.S. my eyebrows look so good here but I can’t remember what I used 🥲

@innbeautyproject Lip Glaze 1st impressions. I finally caved and got my hands on this lip oil! Spoiler alert I LOVE What flavor is your fave? I want all of them now *gifted #lipoil #lipoils #innbeautyproject #lipoil💋

Sharing the not-so-pretty side of my 2022 This post was inspired by @lissettecalv and @feedthemalik I’ve shared my highlights of the year with you but I felt like it was necessary to also show the ugly side. The side that shows nuance and adds to the complexity of me as a human being. This is a reminder that as beautiful as life can be, there are struggles we all go through. Despite your success this year, what was something you struggled with? #2022recap #2022review #yearinreview #yearinreview2022 #2022recap #igvsreality #authenticitymatters #antihighlightreel #youcreateyourownreality #instagramvsreality #transparencymatters

Low manipulation holiday hairstyles of curly natural hair. Raise your hand if you’re a lazy natural 🙋🏾‍♀️ @thriftsandtangles and I created this looks via Pinterest inspo. Which one are you going to try? Definitely give these hairstyles a try if you're looking to wear your hair natural for the holidays #curlyhairstyles #naturalhairstyles #holidayhairstyle #eleganthairstyle #holidayhair #winterhairstyles #hairstyleinspo #hairstyletutorial #christmashairstyles

AD | GIVEAWAY WITH COVE INCOMING! But first, let me tell you more about why I’m so grateful for Cove... 1 year ago I said enough is enough. I’ve dealt with menstrual migraine for years and thought it was “normal” to * Stay in bed for days * Cancel plans b/c I couldn’t find relief * Go through life and showing up as less than my normal self due to pain in my body Then I found Cove, a telemedicine service that wants people with migraine to live their lives again. They do this through education, ongoing support, and research-backed treatment options to manage migraine. Their supplements have been a game changer to my care plan and the support from their migraine community has truly enriched my life. They are celebrating their 4th birthday with their community with the cutest gift box & I want to share it with you, especially if you suffer from migraine or have a loved one that does. Inside is: • Cute beanie • cooling face roller • neck & shoulder wrap • Cove Oasis supplement with Electrolytes for daily hydration • Magnesium supplement that absorbs quickly and won’t upset your stomach Here is how to enter to win: * Follow @withcove and @theblendedbeauty * Like this post * Comment what you’re grateful for in the caption and tag 2 friends The winner will be selected by me on December 20th, Good luck! Terms and Conditions: http://bit.ly/3tPllAM #covemigraine #migrainerelief #migraine #migraineawareness #migrainewarrior #migrainelife #chronicmigraine #invisibleillness #chronicillness #vestibularmigraine #butyoudontlooksick #headachereleif #headache #hemiplegicmigraine #migrainesupport #migrainecommunity #migrainetreatment #grateful4cove

We're celebrating 1 YEAR OF MARRIAGE 👰🏾‍♀️🤵🏾 I couldn’t be more proud of who we are, and how much we’ve accomplished together this year. I love you Lather ❤️ Veteran couples: what is your best piece of marriage advice? Leave it in the comments 👇🏾 Photography: @anna.valentine.photos Wedding dress rental: @laine_london Floral: @bestlittleflowershop Venue: @thepeachtreeclub #1yearweddinganniversary #atlwedding #atlweddingphotographer #thepeachtreeclub #loveontop #blackandmarried #blackwedding #weddingsonpoint #blacklovecouples #blackcouplegoals #luvblacklove #millennialmarried #blacklovedoc #herecomesthebride #blackloveexists #weddinglove #marriage2022 #weddings2022 #ecofriendlywedding #millennialmarriage #marriedtomybestfriend #aftertheaisles #blackloveisreal #blackmarriagemovement #blackloveisbeautiful #blacklovepage #blackmarriagegoals #blackmarriage #blackbrides #lainelondonbride

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