Atsuna Matsui

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Atsuna Matsui launched a personal style blog in March 2015 as a creative outlet from her regular day job to document her latest buys. She has always gravitated toward the visual arts from a young age and found an outlet to augment her love of fashion, photography, and traveling via a style blog. As a born-and-bred Los Angeles girl that is accustomed to nearly year-round warm weather, her sense of style is minimal, breezy casual luxe with a touch of nonchalance. She knows how to balance between trendy pieces and classic, timeless basic threads to create fashionable ensembles.

Location Los Angeles, California USA
Member Since OCTOBER 15, 2018
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If you look for it, I've got a sneaky feeling you'll find that love actually is all around.

MY FIRST LONGBOARDING LESSON with @brookedoeseverything 😍😍😍😍 I learned 3 new tricks and she’s reignited my passion… 🧚‍♀️✨ I shall continue my longboarding journey in the upcoming months. 🛹

The ice princess awaits her carriage to Wonderland. 🌎✨bahaha and the cold weather be making me look icy in this pic 🥶❄️🧊

Chubby bunny food adventure! Having @mcdonalds for the first time in YEARS cause I was curious to try items on the menu in Hong Kong that we don’t have in the states. Yes, I eat HEALTHY 80% of the time, but I still live to eat 20% of the time cause you gotta live a little. 😝 #mcdonalds #hongkongfood #hongkongfoodie #mcdonalds🍟 #mcdonalds🍔🍟 #mcdonaldsuk #fastfood #fastfoodporn #fastfoodlife #hongkongtrip

Unboxing @mcdonalds limited edition adult happy meal & all the toys we collected… 🍟🤯 #mcdonaldshappymeal #mcdonalds #adulthappymeal #happymeal #happymealtoys #happymeals #happymealtoy #mcdonald #cactusplantfleamarket

Spicy Couples Halloween Costumes 🥵🔥 - #halloweencostume #couplescostume #couplescostumes #halloweencostumes #foodies #couplesgoals #cutecouples #couplesgoal #couplesofinstagram #couplescostume

things to do places to go moves to make & dreams to dream… ☁️

Feeling and looking the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life and this is 30. Feeding healthy food that nourish my body, thoughts that bring me peace, and training my body to be strong to match my internal state. 🔥 The mind, body, and spirit are all interconnected with how we feel. 🧠👤❤️ - Growth is meant to feel uncomfortable cause it means pushing your limits with what you’ve always known. Doing the thing you’re resistant to is where our growth lies in the most because it’s the path that hasn’t been taken yet. What’s best for us is outside of our comfort zone, which is why we haven’t done it yet and if we want to make progress in life, relationships, or in our goals, we have to do the things we are uncomfortable with cause those are the things that’s probably going to move the needle forward, but those are also the very things we’re avoiding. #healthygirlz2022

Fairy from the enchanted forest 🧚‍♀️✨🌳 & fresh mane by 💇🏼‍♀️ @kimi_hair_color

For the TV-watching, laying around doing nothing kind of days, nothing beats a pepperoni pizza and a great glass of @davisbynumwines wine🍷 Time to wine down with #sonomawine #davisbynum #davisbynumwines #sipsonoma #russianrivervalley #ad

Random shower thought I had the other day🚿💭… aging gracefully means to have more awareness and mindfulness. It’s not a product that can be bought nor is it the surface level of appearance, but it’s a mindset for intentional choices and the will to continue educating ourself with an open heart, positive attitude, and flexibility. 🙈 living with a heart of a child but a mind of a grandma. 👶🏻👵🏻

Do it for the art!! 🎨 When @escapingyouth thought this would be an artistic photo, though real talk… it was UNCOMFORTABLE affff laying on stairs gracefully 🥲 👁❤️U @nataliaseth for taking this.

Boba Taste Test 🧋Barcelona Edition with @hieucow 🧚‍♀️✨ #bobagirl #bobatea #bobalove #bobalover #bobalovers #bobamilktea #bobatime #bobaaddict #bobalife #bobadrinks

How to do Space Buns

Finish the look by spritzing some new göt2b® glued® Spray Wax and göt2b® Freeze Spray over your hair I love how versatile this hairspray is with its dual actuator that allows you to turn to position 1 for flexible texture and turn to position 2 for structure hold. To snag your own göt2b® glued® Spray Wax, head over to your local Target or shop online at Target like what I did.

L'Oreal Le Color Gloss

Fortunately, L’Oreal Paris came out with this new product called Le Color Gloss that could prolong your hair colors. It’s absolutely wonderful for those of us who want to make our salon color last longer, those who do at-home coloring and are looking to add a bit more dimension or those who are just looking to really enhance their natural colors. The 9 shades available are Auburn, Black, Cool Blonde, Cool Brunette, Copper, Honey Blonde, and Rich Brunette. I love that it gives my hair no damage with its deep conditioning base of coconut oil that leaves my hair with a luxurious feel and incredible shine.

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