Katrina Julia

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Katrina Julia is a Lifestyle + Transformation Expert Influencer Marketing and Digital Marketing Guru and the Creator and CEO of FIT Life Creation

She lives & loves by 1 John 4:18 Perfect Love Drives Out All Fear & Gal 5:1 It is for Freedom I am Set Free

An All in One Lifestyle Brand with Health, Wealth, Business in 1 With Tips, Tools, Tech Included with Experiences Online and Live, Influencer Marketing, Fundraisers, and Brand Placements and Engagements with Wellness, Lifestyle, Media, and Travel

Helping You Create A Life and Business You Love + Giving Back to help end homelessness, end cancer, military vets and battered women https://www.fitlifecreation.com/about

Results Include: Avg weight loss 4-167 lbs, wealth impacts >50%, + >1000% ROI Generate >2500% ROI in Influencer Marketing in 2018, and beyond 300 MM in reach in 2019 to date.

She thrives on innovation, creation, and transformation in every way. As a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur + Global Traveler to over 25 Countries + Hosting National and Global Lifestyle Transformation Retreats

She loves Simplifying Health, Wealth, Biz, + Community Creation

She is an MBA, CPA, NASM Fitness + Sports Nutrition. Keynote Speaker I Author I NPC Athlete I Worked on Apprentice TV Show Season IV

Experience in >7 Industries Including Retail, Education, Oil + Gas, Digital Marketing, Lifestyle, Hospitality and more!

Brands served include: Victoria's Secret, Airbnb, WeWork, MindBody, ThriveGlobal, Herbalife Global Nutrition, Emory, AICPA, and more!

Let's connect and create!

Location Atlanta, Georgia GA
Member Since MAY 02, 2019
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Like the blue sky, the possibilities to create a life & business you love are limitless. Tag a #creator #bossbabe #creative #entrepreneur #wellnessentrepreneur #transformationcoach

Dance like no one is watching & Create like all your dreams are possible because they are. Behind the scenes and flashback of our @dybrkr @daybreakeratlanta @katrinajuliafit our creator & CEO had. She’ll be experiencing it via @oprah 2020 vision event too! Create with our community to help you create a life & business you love with our all in one lifestyle brand with health, wealth & business. Tune in to our blog, podcast, & Katrinas IGTV channel & upcoming live events hands on in exclusive two story atlanta space & retreats & online courses & To learn more how we serve brands with wellness, media, retreats & travel.

Let’s shake on it🤣 What shake are you having today @herbalife Create in our community via a podcast episode, blog, freebies, and or hands on activities with wellness, lifestyle & entrepreneurship at our live events & retreats!

Looking back at challenges @katrinajuliafit like 💃🏻 grateful for all the growth. Create with us @fitlifecreation online with freebies, blog, podcast & courses like our In A Week Series for a Course & Mastermind & Tools for Health, Wealth & Biz included! If you love live events, we’ve got our @herbalife event this Saturday and all over the world! First time free! Hands on workshops & retreats with lifestyle, wellness & entrepreneurship coming up in Atlanta, San Antonio & Brazil! Tag a #creator #contentcreator #bossbabe who would love this!

Where to next? Where are you headed next? Create with our @fitlifecreation community Freebies How to Create Retreats Guide Blogs and podcasts on Barcelona, Atlanta, New Orleans, Cuba & Costa Rica ams more! Including one day guides & behind the scenes with our retreats! Coming in 2020 on Mexico, Bulgaria and more! Create with us live with upcoming events in Atlanta, San Antonio & Brazil! #earlybirdnow #createit #fitlifecreation #katrinajulia #entrepreneurtips #entrepreneurretreat #bloggerretreat #influencerretreat #collaborations

Keep Looking On the Bright Side Focus on All Abundance Around Turn Pain Into Purpose Use Your Energy to Shift Towards Transformation And Fight For Freedom Make a Choice to Act Not Fight for Fears or Excuses. It is and Always Will Be a A Choice of Free Will. There is No Room for Freedom and Fears or Inaction

Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, and faithfulness the best relationship. Beyond grateful for every day and the last several years. No matter the circumstances and the shifts, Clarity in creating a life and biz I love And now using the best nutrition @herbalife (over 35 years, over 90 countries, over 7 billion last year) and myself lost over 55 lbs, kept it off, help others, combine with what I love and how I love with community! These are the tasty treats we had at our last Social Media and influencers workshop! Swipe to see @herbalife Greek yogurt Fruit toppings Oats = Pure deliciousness Jump start with @fitlifecreation freebies, recipes blog podcast and more via #linkinbio Explore experiences for online and live! Visit get tickets here on @instagram for what’s coming up! #lifestyle #entrepreneurship for #influencer #blogger #socialmedia via our ambassador page

The more we align to passion, purpose, people, the more we become who we are created to be. I find the last seven years so amazing and interesting and truly believe god is a genius It reminds me so much of when I was in college - always learning, creating, simplifying health, wealth, biz, teaching, creating community, leadership, experiences, global travel, and exponential results. One year in college, I was taking 27 hours (3 classes correspondence, straight as, leading 3 organizations, working at. Credit union and delivering 6 figure results, volunteering, and still finding and making time for fun and travel. It was simply prioritizing and focus. What is absolutely breathtaking and beautiful is that now our creator has taken all of that + my weight loss + transformation + community @herbalife @garrain.jones #wedoherbalife + (prior experience with MlM in college that led to my 2 best friends + starting non profit - mlm was not aligned for us or the team and did not serve all of humanity like Herbalife does + all my experiences in over 7 industries, exponential results with everything from @nbc (apprentice) to consulting to banking to creating courses and publications for educational institutions and more + learning a ton over the last several years in communication, remembering how I was with relationships in school and credit union and “making friends”, digital marketing learning massively from @chalenejohnson @brendonburchard , immersing myself in influencer marketing, platforms, podcasts (I see it all as platforms, people, word or mouth! My hope + intention is that you trust the process. Turn pain into purpose. Know that nothing absolutely nothing is ever wasted And you can be and become and learn absolutely anything. Simply decide + act + never quit. . . . . . . . #createit #fitlifecreation #createcommunity #katrinajulia . . . . . #transformationcoach #lifestyleentrepreneur #socialentrepreneur #socialentreprise #transformationchallenge

Your vibe = your tribe! Loved attending @wanderlustfest last month where I met and we @fitlifecreation connected with amazing souls like jacquez (here) who love connecting + creating community too! via @mindbody @mindbody_atlanta and @koyawebb @getlovedup and many others! Love creating community! Super excited about growing with community here in @discoveratlanta , our past weeks workshop with social media + influencer workshop + tasty treats with @herbalife @krogerco + Tools for social + influencers like @kajabi @perlusocial @collabor8 @rep_app with @mindbody_atlanta , and more! Let’s create! Www.bit.ly/freebiesforu or #linkinbio . . . . . . . #createit #fitlifecreation #createcommunity #katrinajulia . . . . . #transformationcoach #lifestyleentrepreneur #socialentrepreneur #socialentreprise #transformationchallenge

Passion ➕Purpose ➕People So grateful for this @herbalife @atlantasts @fitlifecreation community and leaders like @ask_naeem who made a stand to fight for freedom for their own lives in all forms and pave the way. Blown away always by gratitude and hearts pouring in each and every direction! Love our monthly events! Love our Monday community calls @supermario_ie @garrain.jones Jump start via #linkinbio #blog #podcast #freebies Attend a community call Explore our #lifestyle #transformation experiences and events online and live Atlanta and Brazil coming up! Connect and create community with #influencer #blogger #entrepreneur in our lifestyle #entrepreneurship opportunities And 7 #vip tickets for June 1 event left in #atlanta first time free and national and global events! How would you feel if every day you showed up in love, how you love, with who you love and created with love and community 💗 Imagine: I get it I was once nowhere near who or where I am today. Thankful to our creator + community 🙏🏼💗

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