Katrina Julia

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Katrina Julia is a Lifestyle + Transformation Expert Influencer Marketing and Digital Marketing Guru and the Creator and CEO of FIT Life Creation

She lives & loves by 1 John 4:18 Perfect Love Drives Out All Fear & Gal 5:1 It is for Freedom I am Set Free

An All in One Lifestyle Brand with Health, Wealth, Business in 1 With Tips, Tools, Tech Included with Experiences Online and Live, Influencer Marketing, Fundraisers, and Brand Placements and Engagements with Wellness, Lifestyle, Media, and Travel

Helping You Create A Life and Business You Love + Giving Back to help end homelessness, end cancer, military vets and battered women https://www.fitlifecreation.com/about

Results Include: Avg weight loss 4-167 lbs, wealth impacts >50%, + >1000% ROI Generate >2500% ROI in Influencer Marketing in 2018, and beyond 300 MM in reach in 2019 to date.

She thrives on innovation, creation, and transformation in every way. As a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur + Global Traveler to over 25 Countries + Hosting National and Global Lifestyle Transformation Retreats

She loves Simplifying Health, Wealth, Biz, + Community Creation

She is an MBA, CPA, NASM Fitness + Sports Nutrition. Keynote Speaker I Author I NPC Athlete I Worked on Apprentice TV Show Season IV

Experience in >7 Industries Including Retail, Education, Oil + Gas, Digital Marketing, Lifestyle, Hospitality and more!

Brands served include: Victoria's Secret, Airbnb, WeWork, MindBody, ThriveGlobal, Herbalife Global Nutrition, Emory, AICPA, and more!

Let's connect and create!

Location Atlanta, Georgia GA
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If only getting ready & batching social media in real-life was this fast 💨 😂 Want a sneak peek into where the magic happens? Mi casa es su casa 🏡 It’s at my desk or dining table at 🏡, community space @skyhouse_buckhead or at the rooftop pool, one of my fave coffee shops or coworking places when I’m in Atlanta. It’s not always globe trotting since May having my base again in Atlanta after 1.5 years of full time travel. It’s where I spend days creating & scaling a life & biz I love 💕 & helping others #createit like earlier this week when I ✅ Outlined content for 3 videos ✅ Picked my outfits @shein_us ✅ Filmed 3 videos & behind the scenes ✅ Created over 5 IG reels ✅ Planned automation @latermedia ✅ Updated delegation @efficise_va ✅ Planned social media for >a month @socialcurators It’s also here in my apartment I’m thankful to set my days up for success with prayer, journaling, & my fave pre-workout & shakes @herbalifeusa Tell me where & how you make magic happen⤵️⤵️⤵️ #createit #katrinajulia #fitlifecreation #lifestyleentrepreneur #digitalnomads #atlantaentrepreneurs #atlantacoach #wellnessentrepreneur #reeltutorial #socialcurator

What if everything you need is inside you? Believe it or not, it’s true. It may not “feel” like it yet, but imagine if you start showing up today as the person who believes it will become…today. What if you take that faith & align your actions? 💡 Imagine yourself 90 days from now ✅ With improvements in mindset ✅ With progress in weight / body fat ✅ With movement with money ✅ With community & biz results ✅ With travel 🌍 😴 dreams coming true Consider this your sign to walk the walk and talk the talk even and especially when you don’t believe you are ready. Want ideas? Take the first step by jump starting with the 75+ Tools & Resources to Create a Life & Biz You 💕 It’s often the little things that make a BIG difference. Everything adds up! I know first hand as I’m right there with you! #faithfirst #wellnessmatters #wellnessentrepreneur #lifestyleentrepreneur #digitalnomadlife #createit #katrinajulia #fitlifecreation

You know what’s a beautiful view? Living out passion & purpose so our 6 year old self is excited to be the multi-passionate entrepreneur she imagined when she grew up. You agree? You know what to do. Use the slider. I hope I’m making her proud & living out all God created me to be no matter where I am in the 🌍 Shots from #visitportugal #visitbulgaria #visitturkey earlier this year. Visit guides, reels and #linkinbio for more. What did you want to be and do when you were a kid? What fills & lights your soul up? #faithfirst #lifestyleentrepreneur #atlantaentrepreneurs #travelbloggers #katrinajuliafit #katrinajulia #createit #fitlifecreation

Them: It’s hard to get & stay healthy & travel healthy. Me: 👀 me. Join me. Save for smoothie bowl recipe ⤵️⤵️ Here's a preview into my morning & wellness routines no matter where I am in the world 🌎 I create drool worthy meals like this Unforgeta “bowl” aka Smoothie Bowl, @herbalifeusa add in incredible toppings like bananas, oats, chia, and coconut flakes. I then reflect on how grateful I am for this journey of life & transformation like losing >55 lbs & choosing to be alcohol free > 5+ years ago & keeping it off & helping 1000s create & scale what they love 💕 Allow me to spill the ‘tea, or in this case mix up the bowl 👀 I couldn’t be more honored for the opportunity I have each day to serve mission based entrepreneurs and brands who deeply desire transformation from the inside out, are tired of their 9-5, and ready to fully live out their purpose. And let me tell you, helping mission based boss babes, creatives, and CEOs and COOS of brands create & scale with freedom fills my cup or bowl in this case is gone! How about you? What keeps your cup or bowl 😂 ‘full’? Visit #linkinbio for 75 + Tools to Create & Scale What You 💕 with Freedom 🌎 Disclaimer people who use Herbalife nutrition lose on average .5 to 1 lb a week with a healthy active lifestyle #faithfirst #wellnessentrepreneur #katrinajulia #katrinajuliafit #createit #katrinajuliaxwellness #atlantaentrepreneurs #lifestyleentrepreneur

This year and this life is not over yet 💡 I am reminded today, August 7 more than ever to live a limitless life. One of my best friends Janelle passed away in 2014 from cancer unexpectedly. She was an earthly angel and is now a heavenly one. Years before during college, she spoke to me that I would be like Oprah and she would be my Gayle 😭 When she said it, I received it and simultaneously laughed. I said Janelle why Oprah and I’m white and your black maybe the other way around 🤔 She said because you have such a limitless mind and big heart. I said wow thank you for those words. While over the years after she said it, I never realized how profound those words spoken (Prov 18:21) where until she was diagnosed with cancer and then passed. While I believe in miracles, I had a strong divine download weeks before her death that she would soon be gone from this earth. When I saw her in Houston a week after her diagnoses, I felt it even more. She passed December 21 days before Christmas her favorite holiday. I began asking myself and God, was I really living? Was I really being all I was created to be? Was I the same girl in college that she said that to? I realized along the way, I had let the world 🌎 take vision, speak death, speak limitations, and had stopped setting goals and dreams. I made a decision then that no matter what it looked like to the world, I would follow God unapologetically and boldly being and becoming all I am created to be. Being the best I can be. Pouring out gifts, talents & abilities to the best of my abilities in the moment. To increase in prayer, discipline, education, and accountability. To live in the moment now because here is Holy @wearetransformation Every breath we take is a miracle. I am. You are a miracle. Now, what will you do with this moment? Year? Life? Share in the comments 💕 #faithfirst #katrinajulia #happybirthdaytofriend #cancersucks #fitlifecreation #motivationalreels #igreelsofficial #igreels

There is nothing to 🛑 me or you. It’s easier than ever in entrepreneurship with platforms like @instagram , tech tools like @kajabi , and management & dashboards like @clickup , & social resources like @socialcurators to name a few. There is no limit. My mission & vision is to help over a million entrepreneurs create a life & biz they love with freedom. This includes wellness, wealth, marketing, business AND travel. It may feel indescribable & overwhelming to speak and live that. Why shouldn’t I? Why shouldn’t we? I am limitless, resilient and priceless. I can do all thing through Christ who gives me strength Phil 4:13 & Perfect Love drives out all Fear 1 John 4:18 Tell me what is your mission & vision. #faithfirst #lifestyleentrepreneur #wellnesscoach #digitalnomadgirls #atlantaentrepreneurs #atlantabloggers #socialcurator #socialcuratorchallenge

7 Tips for Growth from the Inside Out (& no not just gym talk 😜) 💡 Make time for a morning & evening routine For me that’s prayer, journaling, devotions 💡 Celebrate the win 🥇 Every step you take like a baby learning to walk matters. I started this in 2020 & it’s a game changer. 💡 Track your progress so you can 👁 it with tools like @clickup , calendars 📆 & emails 💡Breathe. Really. Do the deep inner work whether it’s walking, breathing exercises, healing practices. 💡Do the inner work with aligned resources. Whether it’s counseling, journaling, all above -I participate in it all. I just finished the Heartbreak ❤️‍🩹 book @stephanspeaks & reflected for a week or 2 & felt pulled to start Are you really okay ✅ @debrafileta & just journaled 🔑 events from chapter 1 (heard her first time with @wearetransformation !) 💡Incorporate resources for 🔑 areas in your life you want help with. For years I’ve used @herbalifeusa @onepeloton for wellness. With wealth right now, @xoamandafrances book Rich as F*ck on repeat & did the journal activities round 1. 💡 Reflect & Rest. I am and you are enough. Along with vision & goals it is paramount to see your progress & be grateful for what we have & be content. Serving with love & overflow & abundance & excellence from the inside out is different than with scarcity, fear & a feeling of not enough. Tag someone who would love this. #faithfirst #wellnessentrepreneur #wellnessentrepreneurs #katrinajuliafit #fitlifecreation #atlantaga #socialcuratorchallenge #sc30in30 #socialcurator

No Words 🚫🗣My reaction when you don’t take action to create a life and business you 💕 It’s time to walk the walk and talk the talk. 7+ years ago, I took the leap of faith in full time entrepreneurship. The journey hasn’t been easy but it has led to losing over 55 lbs, shifting from corporate to calling, & traveling the world 🌍 full time for 1.5 years to make a few of the life altering changes. Take the first step to #createit www.bit.ly/lifestylebrandlikeaboss to create a personal brand + online presence + make money with freedom. 💡 DM your #1 business goal to get 10% off ! #katrinajulia #createit #fitlifecreation #lifestyleentrepreneur #lifestyleblogger #lifestyleentrepreneurs #katrinajuliafit #atlantabloggers

I’m learning to have faith, be & do my part, let go & trust God for the rest 💡 Tag someone who needs to see & hear this. Audio @iamsteveharveytv ✔️ #faithfirst #trusttheprocess #multipassionateentrepreneur #christianaudio #ıgreels

When you say you are ready to create a life & business you 💕 with freedom & act on it. I’m ready when you are to take your personal brand & online presence to make money with freedom to a whole new level. I know you’ll love the insider info on Lifestyle Brand Like a Boss with the Free MasterClass www.bit.ly/lifestylebrandlikeaboss Tag #businessbesties who get weak in the knees with us Audio credit @u.up.podcast #katrinajuliafit #katrinajulia #lifestylebusiness #lifestyleentrepreneur #multipassionateentrepreneur #personalbrandingtips #onlinebusinesses #wellnessentrepreneurs #atlantaga #entrepreneurtip

🚨7 Steps to Create a Lifestyle Brand. 411 Create & Scale a Life & Biz You 💕 Save for Lifestyle Brand Tips ⤵️ Back story: After undergrad & grad school, I worked in 7+ industries in strategy, finance & operations. I always had side hustles. In 2011, I left corporate & step by step everything started to reveal itself. In 2013-14 I lost 55 lbs with Herbalife, healthy active lifestyle, & competing & have kept it off. My first year the business grew 25x 😯 I received a vision to create an all in one lifestyle brand with health, wealth in business. Step by step, these last 7 years have involved creating all of ⤵️ So whether you are curious about personal branding, media presence, and or making money with freedom, you are in GREAT hands 🙌🏻 1️⃣ Social Media-all the channels! A great 🧰 is @socialcurators 2️⃣ Website & Blog ✔️ mine for an example & 500+blogs🗞 A great 🧰 is @wix @kajabi 3️⃣ Show @anchor.fm is great 🎙 Create Katrina Julia 500+ 4️⃣ 💻 Courses This includes products you include with them! I use @kajabi for pages, pipelines, people & profits automating > 75% with over 15 freebies, 25 pipelines, & 7+ 💻 5️⃣ Brand This is ongoing projects from betas programs 1-1 to CMO/CFO to Influencer Work to Management. Often ran first 1 to 1 than scale. A great 🔝@honeybook 6️⃣ Travel 🧳 ✈️ Press trips & paid media content & bundles & retreats. If it’s your first time, I just traveled 1.5 years full time & had 4+ press trips & paid work 🌎 in <1 year @travelmassive @matadornetwork @workaway are 🔝 7️⃣ Communities This can include some of above & communities you create & manage like wirh NFTs, Airbnb, & Real estate to name a few I’m in the process of So, where are you focusing now & where do you want to be a year from now? I’d love to help www.bit.ly/lifestylebrandlikeaboss Disclaimer: average person loses .5 to 1 lb a week with healthy active lifestyle #faithfirst #createit #katrinajulia #katrinajuliafit #lifestylebrand #lifestylebusiness #lifestylebloggers #lifestyleentrepreneur #multipassionateentrepreneur

Cheers to You Increasing Confidence @herbalife tea in my cup!) & #sneakpeek to #onlinecourse #mastermind content More videos like this one via @katrinajuliafit #igtvchannel #igtvseries 3 Tips to Create What You Love 1) Write down your vision. For the year. For your life legacy. 2) Make a 90 day plan (check out our #14daychallenge & #90dayplan 3) Take action daily. Track your steps & time you take. Above all else, never ever stop having faith & never quit. Hebrews 11:1 💗Faith is the substance of things hoped for & the evidence of things unseen. Tag someone that needs to see this as we wrap up #bestof2019 Who else has all the feels with 2020 #2020vision

Entering 2020 with a Tropical state of mind Anyone else love creating a life & business you love in sunshine? #flashback @katrinajuliafit @chiibalhostel

Dance like no one is watching & Create like all your dreams are possible because they are. Behind the scenes and flashback of our @dybrkr @daybreakeratlanta @katrinajuliafit our creator & CEO had. She’ll be experiencing it via @oprah 2020 vision event too! Create with our community to help you create a life & business you love with our all in one lifestyle brand with health, wealth & business. Tune in to our blog, podcast, & Katrinas IGTV channel & upcoming live events hands on in exclusive two story atlanta space & retreats & online courses & To learn more how we serve brands with wellness, media, retreats & travel.

Where to next? Where are you headed next? Create with our @fitlifecreation community Freebies How to Create Retreats Guide Blogs and podcasts on Barcelona, Atlanta, New Orleans, Cuba & Costa Rica ams more! Including one day guides & behind the scenes with our retreats! Coming in 2020 on Mexico, Bulgaria and more! Create with us live with upcoming events in Atlanta, San Antonio & Brazil! #earlybirdnow #createit #fitlifecreation #katrinajulia #entrepreneurtips #entrepreneurretreat #bloggerretreat #influencerretreat #collaborations

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