Katrina Julia

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Katrina Julia is a Lifestyle + Transformation Expert Influencer Marketing and Digital Marketing Guru and the Creator and CEO of FIT Life Creation

She lives & loves by 1 John 4:18 Perfect Love Drives Out All Fear & Gal 5:1 It is for Freedom I am Set Free

An All in One Lifestyle Brand with Health, Wealth, Business in 1 With Tips, Tools, Tech Included with Experiences Online and Live, Influencer Marketing, Fundraisers, and Brand Placements and Engagements with Wellness, Lifestyle, Media, and Travel

Helping You Create A Life and Business You Love + Giving Back to help end homelessness, end cancer, military vets and battered women https://www.fitlifecreation.com/about

Results Include: Avg weight loss 4-167 lbs, wealth impacts >50%, + >1000% ROI Generate >2500% ROI in Influencer Marketing in 2018, and beyond 300 MM in reach in 2019 to date.

She thrives on innovation, creation, and transformation in every way. As a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur + Global Traveler to over 25 Countries + Hosting National and Global Lifestyle Transformation Retreats

She loves Simplifying Health, Wealth, Biz, + Community Creation

She is an MBA, CPA, NASM Fitness + Sports Nutrition. Keynote Speaker I Author I NPC Athlete I Worked on Apprentice TV Show Season IV

Experience in >7 Industries Including Retail, Education, Oil + Gas, Digital Marketing, Lifestyle, Hospitality and more!

Brands served include: Victoria's Secret, Airbnb, WeWork, MindBody, ThriveGlobal, Herbalife Global Nutrition, Emory, AICPA, and more!

Let's connect and create!

Location Atlanta, Georgia GA
Member Since MAY 02, 2019
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The most important person on 🌎 you must convince that you are worthy is… you. Drop a 💯 if you agree & tag someone that needs to see this. #createit #limitlessglobalgirl #katrinajulia

Let sunrises and sunsets brighten your spirit and soul no matter where you are in the 🌎 Be, feel, do, create, receive. Sometimes the most beautiful reminders of love, abundance, and gratitude are sunrises and sunsets. #createit #katrinajuliafit #limitlessglobalgirl

This morning 🌞 I got 🆙 & decided I would have an amazing day. Any day with a workout 🏋️‍♂️ has to be right?! Save this for a great leg workout! Without an ⏰ 🆙 4:30 am, 🏝️, working outside, connecting with friends & fam, pool@time. Did you workout today? 🎥 @evolvefitnessgym

Remember This 💡 Our Social Media Isn’t Private. Our Life Is. Stop 🛑 letting people who don’t know who they are, tell you who you are. Stop letting people who have no or less faith, no or a totally different vision, no clarity on their purpose, have put forth less effort, tell you who you are and what you are capable of I said what I said 🎙️ Inspired by the #30daychallenge and vision and verses Prov 29:18 & Hebrews 11:1 on my @youtube LIMITLESSGLOBALGIRL #linkinbio #createit #fitlifecreation #tiktoktrends #katrinajulia #katrinajuliafit #socialmediamotivation #socialmediamarketingtips #socialmediatips #socialmediamanagement

Limitlessglobalgirl swimming through Secret Caves & Cenotes @cenotikme Just call me #limitlessglobalgirl - a mix of Lara Croft, Barbie, Carmen San Diego, and Curious George all in one. This secret experience in #yucatan in #chemuyil beyond blew my brain with 65 million year old fossils, secret caves & rooms, and 2 air pockets I swam too. I swam freediving going from secret room to air pockets testing every limit in every way. I am the girl who is advanced scuba certified, freediver, surfer, canyoner, triathlete, bikini competitor and this tested limits. I swam under caves into air pockets barely 2 inches to breathe. I learned about secret rooms and miles upon miles of underwater world 🌎 I’ve gone now to maybe 15 cenotes (sink holes) there are over 3,000 discovered ones. Every time I’m blown away. (Check out my cenote guide on blog @ show) Live a life that is limitless daily. Imagine how your life would change. #createit #katrinajuliaxtravels #fitlifecreation #mexicotravel #bucketlistadventures #freedivers #freediverphotography

🤔 Why You Are 👀 vs 👀Watching #30daychallenge. 📱 Creator & CEO who Want to Build a Biz🚀 🗣️Creators & CEOs you want 👀 digital marketing all come together easier than ever? Save this post to 👀 30 Day Launch 🚀 Strategy #behindthescenes🎬 In my videos on YouTube for the 30 Day Challenge, I talk about & show you: @clickup dashboards, customer relationship management, and project management highlights 🖥️ @kajabi #emailmanagement #emailtemplates I walk through a ton in the challenge including a cowork session! 🗒️ @socialcurators with #aistrategy including planning social media, writing captions and repurposing content! 👀 @opusclip clipping videos & scaling like a boss! 📸 @youtube videos & monetizing 💵 And much much more! All@on the 30 Day Challenge on my @youtube LIMITLESSGLOBALGIRL Inspired by Day 5 & 12 & 19 Business of the 30 Day Challenge. I shared #behindthescenes Let’s #createit #linkinbio👉💻

7️⃣ Ways Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs Turn Passion Into Profits 💵 Save Post 👀 for Tips & 🧰 & 🖥️ 1️⃣ Consulting & Coaching Using platforms like @honeybook to organize & @indeedworks @usebraintrust to find projects 2️⃣ Speaking & Workshop Engagements @espeakers is a great platform to 👀 3️⃣ Freelance & Contract Work 👀 @dribbble for design & tech 4️⃣ Content Creation & Influencer Marketing @matadornetwork @obviously @captiv8 & more in my influencer marketing 📕 & course 5️⃣ Product Development & E-commerce Graphics & crafts & products & sharing on sites like @etsy @amazon. This could expand to your product being real-estate, art, etc. 6️⃣ Digital Products & 🖥️ Incredible sites like @kajabi let you showcase courses & marketing all in one 7️⃣ Licensing & Royalties 💭 everything from music 🎼 hello Beyonce to NFTs & art 🖼️ to @herbalifeusa royalties (not to@mention retail, wholesale etc!) How are you turning passion into profits and creating wealth? How will you #createit next? 👀 Drop the # in comments

💡 When we change our 🤔 from “Why is this happening to me” to “What is this trying to teach me”, we become unstoppable 🔥 For me, I’m shifting thinking with creating, discipline, community and finances in every way. This 👀 like ⬆️ waking 🆙 5 am, increased aligned action in faith, mindset, wellness, business, community & travel 🌍 What are your 💭 ? Comment ⬇️

Have faith and let perfect love drive out all fear. 🙏✨ Remember 1 John 4:18. #createit #katrinajulia #fitlifecreation #limitlessglobalgirl #katrinajuliafit #1John418 #Faith #LoveOverFear #BibleVerseInspiration #verseoftheday📖

Cheers to You Increasing Confidence @herbalife tea in my cup!) & #sneakpeek to #onlinecourse #mastermind content More videos like this one via @katrinajuliafit #igtvchannel #igtvseries 3 Tips to Create What You Love 1) Write down your vision. For the year. For your life legacy. 2) Make a 90 day plan (check out our #14daychallenge & #90dayplan 3) Take action daily. Track your steps & time you take. Above all else, never ever stop having faith & never quit. Hebrews 11:1 💗Faith is the substance of things hoped for & the evidence of things unseen. Tag someone that needs to see this as we wrap up #bestof2019 Who else has all the feels with 2020 #2020vision

Entering 2020 with a Tropical state of mind Anyone else love creating a life & business you love in sunshine? #flashback @katrinajuliafit @chiibalhostel

Dance like no one is watching & Create like all your dreams are possible because they are. Behind the scenes and flashback of our @dybrkr @daybreakeratlanta @katrinajuliafit our creator & CEO had. She’ll be experiencing it via @oprah 2020 vision event too! Create with our community to help you create a life & business you love with our all in one lifestyle brand with health, wealth & business. Tune in to our blog, podcast, & Katrinas IGTV channel & upcoming live events hands on in exclusive two story atlanta space & retreats & online courses & To learn more how we serve brands with wellness, media, retreats & travel.

Where to next? Where are you headed next? Create with our @fitlifecreation community Freebies How to Create Retreats Guide Blogs and podcasts on Barcelona, Atlanta, New Orleans, Cuba & Costa Rica ams more! Including one day guides & behind the scenes with our retreats! Coming in 2020 on Mexico, Bulgaria and more! Create with us live with upcoming events in Atlanta, San Antonio & Brazil! #earlybirdnow #createit #fitlifecreation #katrinajulia #entrepreneurtips #entrepreneurretreat #bloggerretreat #influencerretreat #collaborations

Bikinis & Bands Because why not? Save this workout👇🏻 Easy to pack for #healthytravel & 20 each x 4 rounds . Side by sides Kick backs Glute bridge Glute bridge hold . Tag a #travelblogger #entrepreneur #nomad who would love this! Tons more like this on our @fitlifecreation #blog #podcast #mastermind & events & #retreats

Create. Transform. Inspire. Tune in via @katrinajuliafit on more on recent @airbnb @airbnbadventures and @visitmexico Create with us via blog, freebies & courses & events! Coming up: Atlanta, San Antonio & Brazil!

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