Katrina Julia

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Katrina Julia is a Lifestyle + Transformation Expert Influencer Marketing and Digital Marketing Guru and the Creator and CEO of FIT Life Creation

An All in One Lifestyle Brand with Health, Wealth, Business in 1 With Tips, Tools, Tech Included with Experiences Online and Live, Influencer Marketing, Fundraisers, and Brand Placements and Engagements with Wellness, Lifestyle, Media, and Travel

Helping You Create A Life and Business You Love + Giving Back to help end homelessness, end cancer, military vets and battered women https://www.fitlifecreation.com/about

Results Include: Avg weight loss 4-167 lbs, wealth impacts >50%, + >1000% ROI Generate >2500% ROI in Influencer Marketing in 2018, and beyond 300 MM in reach in 2019 to date.

She thrives on innovation, creation, and transformation in every way. As a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur + Global Traveler to over 25 Countries + Hosting National and Global Lifestyle Transformation Retreats

She loves Simplifying Health, Wealth, Biz, + Community Creation

She is an MBA, CPA, NASM Fitness + Sports Nutrition. Keynote Speaker I Author I NPC Athlete I Worked on Apprentice TV Show Season IV

Experience in >7 Industries Including Retail, Education, Oil + Gas, Digital Marketing, Lifestyle, Hospitality and more!

Brands served include: Victoria's Secret, Airbnb, WeWork, MindBody, ThriveGlobal, Herbalife Global Nutrition, Emory, AICPA, and more!

Let's connect and create!

Location Atlanta, Georgia GA
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So grateful I made the decision last year to go to Bulgaria for Christmas and spend time with my family and my mom especially. God told me nothing is ever promised and prompted me to go even though everything looked crazy in circumstances. He promised he would reveal more and oh boy. I had the same feeling with my trip to @mexicotravel the month before with @airbnb @airbnbexperiences I don’t know about you, but my mom is my rock, best friend and cheerleader no matter what it has cost her. It’s hard to see her via what’s app only right now but I am so grateful for each and every moment online and live. I know I will see you soon and our travel adventures will resume. What about you guys? Are you alone in your city like I am in Atlanta? Or are you a full house right now? There are def pros and cons to both! Where my fellow ambiverts at? This is us during my last few days in Bulgaria in December. Lots of love mom always.

Like the blue sky, the possibilities to create a life & business you love are limitless. Tag a #creator #bossbabe #creative #entrepreneur #wellnessentrepreneur #transformationcoach

Let the sun radiate from within no matter how dark it is on the outside 1 John 4:18 Perfect Love Drives Out Fear

Dance like no one is watching & Create like all your dreams are possible because they are. Behind the scenes and flashback of our @dybrkr @daybreakeratlanta @katrinajuliafit our creator & CEO had. She’ll be experiencing it via @oprah 2020 vision event too! Create with our community to help you create a life & business you love with our all in one lifestyle brand with health, wealth & business. Tune in to our blog, podcast, & Katrinas IGTV channel & upcoming live events hands on in exclusive two story atlanta space & retreats & online courses & To learn more how we serve brands with wellness, media, retreats & travel.

I’m working out-sound on-@tiktok Global workout you can do outdoor & indoors 4x 10 Tricep dips Push ups Squats Side lunges Kickbacks Ice skaters Tag a friend you want to inspire to work out! Off to Chastain Park now to enjoy sunset! I’ll be sharing a video with @sheswanderful How are you taking care of you & self love & care indoors & outdoors?!

Let’s shake on it🤣 What shake are you having today @herbalife Create in our community via a podcast episode, blog, freebies, and or hands on activities with wellness, lifestyle & entrepreneurship at our live events & retreats!

Hey my fellow friends and creators! New 10+ series on sharing on social, blogging better, websites, videos and courses is dropping! Up on the blog already and first 5 parts loaded on podcast @itunes @podbean @stitcherpodcasts @iheartradio and in next few hours Don’t Ask Google, Ask Fercci @askfercci Good, Grow, Great with Thalia And coming this week features with @medium on better marketing and more! Let’s create! Tag a boss babe who would love this during #quarantinelife And LiVE on now for next 24 hours quick workout, and more tips & posts I share! Cover image one my faves me shot by @seeleyfoto and numerous credits and photos via @unsplash

Smiling while we hide out Gratitude for all that was, is, and will come What’s something you are doing today to be grateful for & planting seeds for the future? Let’s create a gratitude list for what we have now & what action you took for your future 💗 💗

Nature always wears the color of spirit - Ralph Waldo Emerson Yesterday on my walk and reflections in the park, God showed me exactly what I needed with peace, calm, and joy as He continues to in every moment. This Cherry Blossom 🌸 tree speaks to me because I love cherry blossoms and orchids. I had no idea I would see this. It was completely unknown. Yes, the unknown may be scary. What we’ve all failed to realize is nothing temporary and earthly - not even us - our bodies - our time here on the planet is known. God started walking me through a faith walk deep about 10 years ago and continues to daily to focus and place my trust on God ➕🦋100% That the only thing I can count on is eternal and internal. My joy, peace, hope and love is because of Him alone. That is the only supernatural explanation of being calm. Some of my favorite scriptures are 1 John 4:18 perfect love drives out all fear aka first thing in my bio. Phil 4:8 to focus on what is pure, lovely and praiseworthy. To place my trust in Him and to please Him. And without faith it is impossible to please him. And faith without works is dead. No matter what, I’ve learned I rather live like this no matter my circumstances. That is why I choose to now always turn to Abba in trust as His child💗 I loved @passioncity @louiegiglio message today and the question to our world at this moment. God is calling - are you and I answering?💗 Are you and I being salt & light? Perfect Love Drives Out ALL Fear 1 John 4:18

Nope. Not in Cancun. Not even close. In Atlanta and spending more time with me than ever! Anyone else?! I’ll be sharing more videos from here with wellness, business, travel and inspiration and more! In the meantime, I thought this video on revisiting your 90 day plan would be helpful. Refocus on your spiritual to your financial and taking 3 actions daily in each using my 3 x7 approach. I have a freebie guide via link in bio, episodes via podcast and blog, and step by step guidance in our creation club and free #14daychallenge with tips, tools and tech! Including 12 themes to help you create a life and biz you love! Being on my own even more hasn’t been easy. More things to unearth and face coming up. Anyone else? Today I took a walk, took action via online service with us @fitlifecreation + @honeybook @risingtidesociety @tuesdaystogetheratl @airbnb @speakerwatch What else would you love to see on health, wealth, biz? More smoothies? @herbalife more workouts outdoor / from home? More ways to set up your biz online? Ps take a look at some of my recent articles via @medium Lots of love!