The Desi Career Woman

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📍 Seattle, WA ⏰ 6-3 Woman In Manufacturing 🛻 | 4-10 Content Creator 🎥 💡 | 24/7 Inspiring Others

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Sad Announcement. . I know how many of you were excited that I got a new fully WFH position within 3 months of being laid off from Convoy. I also was very excited to be able to make heavy impact on a very young product and a very small and visible team. . Unfortunately (maybe Fortunately), they decided to lay me off with absolutely no severance, no warning, nothing. So I’m not only back to square 1, but I’m here with no safety blanket financially (which Convoy had given me). . I am SHOCKED. I am disappointed. I am broken. For everyone that knows me and my brand too, being a Career Woman defines me. And my career has been nothing but unstable and unpredictable in 2022, giving me little to have self-confidence and pride on. . This is the moment I will need my people, my support, and my network. I’m looking for a company that is receptive to change and looking to hire somebody experienced in Process Improvement and Quality. Would LOVE to have a nontoxic work environment, and no micromanagement. But till then, I will be chilling here as a full-time content creator and here to be transparent about my journey and struggles. . Thanks everybody for always being here for me. . #laidoff #layoff #recession #restructuring #marketrecession #jobhunt #jobmarket #industrialengineer #womeninengineering

#DesiCorporate Day 10 with @express ! As temperatures are dropping, it’s time to start layering and being warmer (even in Texas), so stocking up on all my Skinny Jeans and Long Sleeves 🥰 Forever loving my Indowestern patterns 🥰 Jeans and Top: @express . #indowestern #desicorporate #longsleeve #temperaturedrop #winter #layerup #texaswinter #ExpressYou #ExpressPartner #November2022 #visitsl @sl_townsquare @visitsugarland

Comfort>>>>> . #DesiCorporate does not have to be uncomfortable. Actually, DESI doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. #DesiCorporate Day 9 🥰 . Pair an indowestern jacket/ cardigan / duster with a co-ord set (this is my favorite from @parade Lush Rib Collection) to keep yourself desi and comfortable. Keep swiping to see some candids 😍 . Outfit details: Co-ord Set: @parade (Discount code: “THEDESICAREERWOMAN”) Jacket: Elegant Strands on facebook . #comfort #desi #indowestern #coordset #coordinate #coordinated #parade #sustainable

Apply For That Job! . The next couple of posts are going to be focused on landing a job during this recession. I got laid off at the very early end of the recession and managed to get a job before my “3 month” period so I’m here to share the same tips with you. . 1. Apply for a position you are not a perfect fit for! This one is targeted towards all the women who statistically need to “fulfill” more than 50% of the requirements in their head prior to applying [there are actual studies on this]. Apply for that job because you never know where the company is standing or whether the hiring manager will take your personality fit over some qualifications. 2. Network Network Network. I can’t emphasize this enough! This is the time where a personal connection and referral may set apart your application. 3. #BeReal with others. Within my first few days of the layoff, I was embarassed and unsure if I should be telling people. But I realized that keeping it real helped my friends and family provide me with the tactical and emotional support I needed (financial too for others) 4. Make sure your résumé stays updated, and maybe even start applying and interviewing (for practice) before the actual layoff. It took me over a month to “emotionally” be ready to update my résumé because of how heartbroken I was after my layoff. If I could have had it updated prior and wasn’t blindsided by the layoff. Ask me all your layoff and job hunting questions in the comments! I may do a dedicated post on them 🥰 . #networking #layoff #jobhunt #jobhunting #applications #jobapplication

#HTXWings . This month has been about smashing so many boundaries, especially self imposed ones. . For those of you who don’t know me personally, my Nana/Dadu (maternal Grandpa) is visiting and staying with us for a few months from India! I could have never imagined this but we took him to a brewery @saintarnoldbrewing on Saturday, when both him and my parents don’t drink at all. . Later that evening, I went to an @abhithenomad concert as somebody who barely enjoys music, and HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE! I have never been affected by somebody’s energy from stage as much as I did with both Abhi and @charliecurtisbeard 🥰 . How are you smashing boundaries and expanding horizons around you? . Next horizon goal: First Solo Trip (not for an interview/business trip)! . #htxwings #houstongraffiti #smashingboundaries #expandinghorizons #solotraveler #solotravel #brewery #patriarchy

A Modern Desi Diwali 🪔 . Belated Post but here is my take on a Modern yet Desi Diwali 🪔 . Blouse: @aariah_by_sabbineni Jeans: @1822denim (discount code ADYA15) Sari: From India Earrings: @shop.rangeen (discount code ADYA) Juttis: @kivvionline . #diwali #diwali2022 #moderndiwali #pantsari #saripleat #tiabhuva #saristyle #sareedrape #jamdani #indianearrings #jhumka

Today is #DesiCorporate Day 8, Curvy Edition! Here are some of my favorite outfits, desi edition, and with my favorite curvy girl jeans from @1822denim ! Code “ADYA15” will get you a 15% discount on all jeans, and this is the Curvy Shapewear box. . Outfit 1: Jeans: @1822denim Top: @express Earrings: Banjara earrings from @shop.rangeen Heels: @colehaan . Outfit 2: Jeans: @1822denim Top: @stitchfix Earrings: @stitchfix Purse: From India Heels: @colehaan . Outfit 3: Jeans: @1822denim Top: @kohls Necklace: From India Heels: @colehaan . #desicorporate #denim #1822denim #skinnyjeans #curvygirlsrock #curvymodel #curvyfashion #gifted

Besides my #DesiCorporate series, what other content do you enjoy on my page? Especially those who have been here longer, should I bring back the Résumé series? Feedback now or forever hold your piece as I continue content planning for Q1! 🥰 #contentplanning #contentcreator #feedback #audience #abtesting #productfeedback #audiencereactions #targetaudience #millenials #zillenials

I present to you: The Chudail (चुड़ैल) . @sanjana inspired me to make an Indowestern Halloween outfit out of an all-black outfit with witch accessories. . Sari: @jeobyindra Blouse: @suzettecollection Candle: @athomestores Witch accessories: BEHOLD. @takashimayasg and This is from my childhood! Will post childhood photos on the story later Combat boots: @dansko . Also yes @sweeter_than_barfi ‘s Tiger costume was 100% a red herring! She was matching @ansh_royall 🥰 . #indianwitch #blacksaree #chudail #halloween #indianhalloween #allblack #allblackoutfit #monochrome #sustainable #rewear #repurpose

#DesiCorporate Day 7! Style a plain white Lucknowi Kurta (ib @hintofdesi and @shop.rangeen ) with some muted Juttis! I’ve always wanted to wear Juttis but as a size 9.5Wide in Women’s, I never find Juttis my size! @kivvionline made all my dreams come true with my FIRST and ONLY juttis ever and I can’t wait to continue wearing these! Psst: Bonus points for a Payal (anklet)! These are my Dadi’s anklets from when she first got married! 🥰 . Kurta: Dad’s closet Jeans: @1822denim (sneak peek!) Juttis: @kivvionline Anklet: Dadi’s Payals . #payal #anklet #jutti #indowestern #tiptapshoetransition #desicorporate #whitekurta #lucknawichikankari #chikankari #chikan #chikankarikurta #kurtaandjeans #jeans #1822denim

#DesiCorporate Day 6 with @express #ExpressYOU . I’m all for dressing up but with a WFH job, comfort comes first! @express has some of my favorite comfort tops that look professional 🥰 . Paired this with Flared Yoga Pants, Oxidized Jewelry and some light makeup for Zoom ❤️ . #expresspartner #ExpressYOU #October2022 #purple #cowlneck #comfortable #comfortableclothing #sustainable

Come build my WFH space part 1! The office desk is the primary portion of a WFH space and I am obsessed with mine! @wayfair does some of the most fantastic desks under $100 and I never have to work too hard to assemble them either! . Part 1 of many as I refine my room from 2014 teenager to 2022 fully functional adult 🥰 #wayfair #officespace #officedesk #officedesign #wfh #fullyremote #remotefirst

12K Baby! . Yes yes I’m aware this is an odd milestone to celebrate. But here is why I am: 1. Every milestone is worth celebrating. 2. The first 6-7 months of this year were tough for me to continue with content! Posting consistently is something that has JUST returned. 3. I’ve rebranded little pieces at a time. I’m focusing more on my lifestyle as a career woman rather than my career itself or how to level up your career. 4. Coaching! I’ve officially stopped coaching others because of how shitty I was treated by some ex clients, which brings me back to social media as the main source of income for DCW. 5. If you’ve begun to see more “real footage” and raw vulnerability, it is 100% on purpose! Many of my peers helped in my rebranding to encourage me to get real, be makeup-free, show the mundane day to day things (like washing my face) while getting to know me better. 6. #DesiCorporate has been my dream baby for over 2 years, and I can’t wait to show you the variety of things I have planned for it as a community! Meanwhile, share away, it is for all of us to learn from each other. Thank you to EVERYBODY who has helped grow and support this platform. I haven’t done a giveaway in a while but I really want to soon 😘 #makeupfree #vulnerable #rawfootage #nofilter #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #lifestyleinfluencer #desicareerwoman

Happy Diwali from My Baby @sweeter_than_barfi and I 😍 . I absolutely cannot wait to buy Barfi some real desi clothes, but as she grows in her first year, we decided to DIY out of a silk dupatta and a repurposed embroidery pattern! . She also succeeded at not eating any flowers or rangolis around the house, which is an accomplishment for her 🥲 . Love you and can’t believe you’re going to have your own stocking at Christmas now! . #dog #dogsfirst #dogsfirstdiwali #firstdiwali #diwali2022 #diwalicelebration #anarkali #dogsofinstagram #maltipoo #barfi #milkcake

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