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📍 Seattle, WA ⏰ 6-3 Woman In Manufacturing 🛻 | 4-10 Content Creator 🎥 💡 | 24/7 Inspiring Others

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POV: When the Garba starts an hour after your flight lands, all the way across LA. . #PaTrisha was the funnest wedding and the best crew I’ve seen in the US so far! So many wedding reels coming up soon 💕 Congrats to my favorite high school sweethearts @trishakbpatel and Parth ! . 📍: Jain Center of Southern California and @losangelesairport 👗: @chintan_ethnic_designs Jewelry: @pritiradia Wedding: @trishakbpatel pnimpat #PaTrisha

MERCHANDISE LAUNCH 2! Thank you so much for all the support on my first launch! Here are some other products (Insta limits me to the number in a carousel but there are 15 new products launched today)! . Go check out the Etsy storefront for the new designs and brand new products! Type out what you’d want in a giveaway! . XOXO, your Fairy God Didi!

To combat Houston’s rainy day, here is one of my favorite memories of 2023! Growing up, my cousins were scattered all over the world and we had very different upbringings! But as we got older we realized that it really is up to us to foster that bond and continue our relationships 💕 This was the first of many “Cousin Trips” and I can’t wait for more memories like this! Also for those of you that don’t know, @aclfestival was my first ever Music Festival! 💕 . Outfits: Black Lace by @parade, Purple Top thrifted from @pennywise.thrift Sponsors: @hulu @coke_studio

Guess What! . There have been some very cool updates from my side! . ✅ Self-appraisal portion for the EOY Performance Review ✅ Accounting for 2023 Desi Career Woman books (with all assumed income for the next 2 months) ✅ Signed up for my newest credit card @capitalone Venture X card! (Thanks @lillovexo for the referral) - this one I will keep y’all updated on for what I think of it as I start using it and seeing the true benefits! ✅ Working on some additional Amazon links for y’all especially coming up on Christmas time! ✅ Squeezed in one additional Modelling assignment through @texascreativecollective at @precisioncamera . 📸: @annastellaphotography @precisioncamerahtx 📍: @woodlandsmarriott @visitthewoodlands

TW: Body Dysmorphia/ Issues. . This week I have somehow talked to a lot of people about body positivity and weight issues/ body dysmorphia. . And everytime I post a picture like this, there will be atleast 1-2 comments that remind me of how I look different than I did 1.5 years ago. However, who I am on the inside hasn’t changed. . Heading into the winter and festive season across both South Asian and European/American cultures, I really want to take the time to ask you to think of a non-size or weight related comment when you see somebody after a long time; or to not see each mithai/ dessert as an equation of the calories you’ll need to burn off. Look deeper than the surface and you’ll find that people are more than their weight, and want to be appreciated for what they bring to the table. . XOXO, Adya 😘 . (Photo is a slight throwback from ACL! I still need to clear my drafts of a LOT of my old photos and reels) 📍: @zilkerpark 👗 : @parade @savagexfenty @1822denim 🕶️: @katespadeny 👞: @nike Cortez

It would drive a younger Adya to work so much harder to know that one day, you can set the rules for yourself. You will not consistently live under the strict eye of others who control your life in a variety of ways, people of “authority” who may not have the same points of view as you. It is the most empowering feeling to know that there does come a time where you will make your own rules! . 📸: @rainbowscraps #rules #Boundaries #rulesetting #quotestoliveby #livebyyourownrules #ownrules #makeyourownrules #disney #vacation

Comment Link, Check my Stories or my Product Links Highlight to get this amazing travel tripod for yourself! Bonus features I forgot to mention: There is an inbuilt Bluetooth remote (within a slot) in the tripod itself and if you don’t pull out the legs of the tripod, it also works amazing as a selfie stick/ monopod!

Princesses can do WHATEVER they want. @curvycoutureintimates reminds me every day on what unconditional support means when it comes to bras of all shapes and sizes, especially in their range of sports bras. Princesses can lift. Princesses can be strong. Princesses can work out and Princesses can have careers. Also. Princesses come in ALL shapes and sizes. 📸: @rainbowscraps

Diwali Sale Starts Now!! Screw the “Fall Sales”, here at The Desi Career Woman (and ForDesiCareerWomen, our Etsy store), we only do Diwali Sales! . All sales above $30 can use the code Diwali11 for 11% off! If you haven’t bought merch yet, this is the BIGGEST % I can give you off so get on it now! . 📸: @utky.jpg . Happy Early Dhanteras, Choti Diwali, Diwali and Bhai Duj to everybody! Will be posting updates throughout the week!

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