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This Is the Serum That Even Dermatologists Are Freaking Out About

— comes SkinBetter Science Alto Defense Serum ($145), a groundbreaking formula, with 19 antioxidants, designed to deliver broad-spectrum environmental protection to help stall premature aging. This is what prematurely ages our skin — the inadequate immediate repair of environmental damage,” says McDaniel, citing UVA and UVB rays, infrared A, visible light, ozone, particulate air pollution, and second-hand tobacco smoke among the biggest offenders. In a separate company-funded study of the product, skin treated twice daily with Alto Defense Serum encountered up to 53 percent less free radicals than skin treated with a top-selling antioxidant, “demonstrating its greater capacity to counteract incoming oxidative stress,” says McDaniel. Consequently, beyond the measurable hike in protection, what most stood out to McDaniel during testing was the apparent reduction in redness and wrinkles in subjects’ skin after four weeks, the continued improvement over time, and the serum’s tolerability, even for those with rosacea, who generally can’t use products containing multiple actives without experiencing some degree of stinging.

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