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I enjoy sharing with others in order to influence and educate.

Country United States of America
Member Since JULY 01, 2020
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Thank you @seventhgeneration #generationgood for sending me a free bottle of their Power Plus Easy Dose Laundry. I have been using the EasyDose bottle line from the band for a few years now. It makes my laundry a lot easier since I don’t have to measure my detergent. Just a firm squeeze and you’re done! I love being a Generation Good Advocate and use many of the brand’s products!

My last @formulate.co Shampoo formula went a bit awry! I let them know and they are sending me a free replacement! Thanks Formulate!!!! #customshampoo #formulateco

Check out these NEW Eco Friendly Cleaners and Soaps #gifted to me by @sapadillasoap . With three different scents, you’re sure to find one that fits your taste! Check them out at www.sapadilla.com You can also follow them on social to stay in the loop! #sapadillaclean #sponsored

What a year it has been. On Jul 19, 20 I slipped and broke my tibia and fibula. My surgery to screw everything back together was a year ago, on Jul 22, 20. On the anniversary of this surgery I can say that I have healed well thank G-d! At my year follow up doc says the bone is all filled in, you can’t see lines of where the fracture was! Yeah, sometimes it still hurts and swells up. But I can walk and be active again! #pilonfracturerecovery

Thank you @0.8l_usa for sending me the Le Mouton Speech Bubble Aroma Mask Patch for free in exchange for my honest review. #Sponsored @lemouton_us #lemouton #speechbubblepatch Though I generally no longer need to wear a mask it was still interesting to test out this product. The product is really easy to use. It is wrapped in plastic package, inside are three smaller bags. These smaller bags are reasealable and contain 8 stickers each for a total of 24 stickers. I can’t attest to how well the sticker stays in place or how long the scent lasts since I don’t currently wear masks. An occasion in the future that I may need to wear a mask in the future is if I get sick. I think the scent would be really helpful in that case with making it easier to breathe in the mask with congestion. It also smells cleaner then just sniffing your own breath. The emoji and speech bubble design is cute. Would be nice to see other designs like flowers or maybe customizable options. #scentedsticker #maskpatch #aromapatch #masksticker #maskfreshener #aromafragrance #facemask #breatheasy #aromatherapy #08liter #08L

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