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I love to review all types of products; beauty, makeup, clothes, home items, etc. Check out my reviews here!

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#selfcaresunday What are you doing for self care sunday? The Nourish Beauty Box is the perfect way to treat yourself or your bestie. Their boxes are carefully curated to include 4 wholesome, holistic beauty products that are vegan, gluten free and cruelty free each month. They offer subscriptions of monthly, 3 months or 6 months pre paid plans for only $29.95 December's box includes: 💧Nourish Naturals Cream Vegan Stain in "Flesh" - $22 💧Purfect White Truffle Hydrating Face Cream with Blue Light - $45 💧Rain Botanica "I Am Enough" Facial Oil - $34 💧Meraki Botanical Flora Mist - $17 Total Value $118! They also offer Build Your Own Box 🎁 for $39.95 and you get to personalize it by picking 4 products yourself! You can use code HOLIDAY20 for 20% off build your own box! #nourishbeautybox #nourishbeauty #mssglm #fall1ng4beauty #alwayzzdreambig @nourishbeautybox #subscriptionbox #beautybox #skincare

#selfcaresunday Have you tried @SelflessByHyram yet? They are sparking social change one product at a time and every purchase will positively impact your skin and the planet. Powered by @theinkeylist, Selfless by Hyram offers gentle yet effective skincare products. The ‘It's Giving Good Skin' kit supports acne-prone skin with this effective yet gentle duo for clearer, smoother and brighter looking skin. ❤ The Salicylic Acid & Sea Kelp Pore-Clearing Serum is your perfect post-cleanse AM treatment, powered by a breakout-busting super-trio of Salicylic Acid, Niacinamide and Succinic Acid balanced with hydrating, barrier-supporting Sea Kelp. 👉🏻0.5% Salicylic Acid: Helps to unclog pores 👉🏻5% Niacinamide: Helps reduce oiliness and refine pore appearance 👉🏻2% Succinic Acid: Helps reduce bacteria to help prevent future breakouts 👉🏻0.99% Sea Kelp: Helps to repair skin's barrier, protect from pollutant stress and prevent hydration loss ❤ Retinol & Rainbow Algae Repair Serumis a blend of slow-release retinol, nutrient-rich rainbow algae and hydrating squalane in our Retinol & Rainbow Algae Repair Serum help to reduce the appearance of post-breakout marks and target hyperpigmentation. 👉🏻2% Encapsulated Retinol Complex (0.2% Retinol): Slow release, gentle retinol helps to smooth skin and even skin tone 👉🏻1.5% Rainbow Algae Complex (0.15% Rainbow Algae extract): Helps reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and even skin tone 👉🏻2% Tranexamic Acid: Help reduce appearance of and onset of dark spots 👉🏻4% Squalane: Hydrates the skin ❤ This duo comes in this 100% Organic and Fairtrade Washbag Fragrance free, Palm free, Cruelty free. Suited for Acne prone, Sensitive and Oily skin. Available at @sephora #giftideas #holidays #selflessbyhyram #skincarebyhyram #mssglm #fall1ng4beauty #alwayzzdreambig #skincare #skincareroutine #cleanbeauty #selfcare

In You Face Skincare is the result of five generations of family recipes and a lot of love ❤️ I have used a few of their products in the past &am excited to try these 💧 Nourishing Oil - This luxe blend of plant based active oils improves skin's elasticity & the appearance of fine lines. Enriching the skin with vital amino acids, vitamins &antioxidants to transform dry patches into glowing skin. This lightweight moisturizing oil defends against signs of aging while increasing skin's hydration. It has a faint hint of bergamot & frankincense to soothe your senses. It soothes sensitive skin with 6 gentle absorbing seed oils, 2 anti-inflammatory, nutrient-dense nut oils, and 3 calming and soothing fruit oils. I just love this oil it's perfect to use at night, it makes my face feel so soft, not oily at all! KEY INGREDIENTS: ❤ Marula oil: anti-microbial and effective for breakouts. Rich in fatty acids for anti-aging and fighting sun damage. ❤ Camellia seed oil: lightweight and locks in moisture with Omega-9 Oleic Acid. ❤ Argan oil: a Mediterranean miracle oil often called “liquid gold”. ❤ Jojoba oil: hydrating, healing and non-comedogenic - won't clog pores and controls excessive sebum production to balance skin. ❤ Evening primrose oil: essential fatty acids - a key moisture-locking ingredient. ❤ Tamanu oil: stimulates collagen production, wound, and scar healing while smoothing fine lines. 💧Botanical Lift Eye Gel - This eye gel is multi-correctional to reduce visible signs of aging, targeting fine lines, crepey skin & dark circles. Quenches skin for long-lasting hydration. Infused with collagen-building vitamins A, C, D E, and K and energizing caffeine & matcha with soothing chamomile. It's fast absorbing and renews and strengthens the delicate skin around the eye. I love the cream gel type texture. It contains Niacinamide and caffeine which tightens and fades the appearance of dark under eye circles over time. It's vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, and comes in recyclable packaging. #skincare #skincareroutine #eyes #eyecream #eyelift #facialoil #inyourfaceskincare #mssglm #alwayzzdreambig #fall1ng4beauty #skincareaddict @inyourfaceskincare

Have you heard of Excuse My Frank?? Just like a good friend, Frank puts honesty as their core, they focus on what’s best for you; uncomplicated, results-oriented, value-driven, & sustainable skincare! The best part is that all of their products have 19 ingredients or less & are EWG Green Grade. The square bottles are not just unique & cute but also serve its purpose to the environment. Their bottles do not come with boxes to minimize paper production & consumption. They are also affordable! Pricing ranging from $18-$20. 💧Step 1 - Hydra Cleansing Gel with oligo hyaluronic acid + pha cleanses and leaves skin moisturized. PHA is an effective ingredient that helps remove dead skin without causing any irritation. It also results in an even skin tone and smooth texture. 💧Step 2 - Hydrating Gel Toner with oligo hyaluronic acid + chamomile flower extract replenishes lost moisture from the skin & repairs the skin barrier caused by compromised skin. It also helps remove the excess residue that the cleanser may have not removed. 💧Step 3 - Calming Emulsion adheres to dry skin and itchy skin. This milky lotion texture helps moisturize the skin without the tacky feeling. It contains oligo hyaluronic acid + asiatic pennywort. 💧Step 3 - Rebalancing Emulsion helps regulate the oil and moisture balance of the skin. This emulsion adds an extra layer of moisture that is even suitable for oily skin. oligo hyaluronic acid + rose water + evening primrose oil 💧 Step 4 - Intense Moisturizing Cream contains oligo hyaluronic acid + panthenol + green energy complex (pomegranate tree, mangosteen peel, butterfly pea flower) seals and adds an extra layer of moisture to the skin. With consistent use, this intense moisturizing cream removes dryness and flakiness of the skin leaving it healthy and revived. I have been using these for a couple weeks now and just love this whole line. I love how affordable it is and also that it's clean beauty! No funky ingredients and they are fragrance free. Be sure to swipe and look at the lovely textures … You can find @excusemefrank_us @Walmart #cleanbeauty #skincare #mssglm #fall1ng4beauty #alwayzzdreambig #texturetuesday #texture

Have you tried Pop Beauty skincare yet? This ultra-effective, yet gently exfoliating serum combines potent powerhouses like apple fruit extract, glycolic acid, vitamin B3 and witch hazel for skin that will come up EXTRA LIT! Coconut water and panthenol also restore with anti-inflammatory properties and help to improve the skin’s hydration while brightening your skin. It's antioxidant rich, exfoliating and smoothing. Ingredient list: ❤ Glycolic Acid – Gently exfoliates & improves texture ❤ Apple Fruit Extract – Antioxidant-rich skin smoother ❤ Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) – Moisturizes & improves skin texture ❤ Witch Hazel - Clarifies & revitalizes You can't beat the price of $14!! You can check their products at @popbeauty #popbeauty #skincare #skincareroutine #vitaminb3 #mssglm #fall1ng4beauty #alwayzzdreambig #extralit #glycolicacid

#Dermalogicagiftedme What's your favorite Dermalogica product? I have been loving this Daily Microfoliant! If you want to achieve brighter, smoother skin every day use this iconic exfoliating powder. This rice-based powder activates upon contact with water, releasing Papain, Salicylic Acid and Rice Enzymes to polish skin to perfection. A Skin Brightening Complex of Phytic Acid from Rice Bran, White Tea and Licorice helps balance uneven skin tone while a super-soothing blend of Colloidal Oatmeal and Allantoin helps calm skin. It's gentle enough for daily use. 🌟Removes dulling surface debris and evens skin tone 🌟Reveals brighter, smoother skin 🌟Gentle enough for daily use If you head over to you can get a complimentary mini Daily Microfoliant and other exclusive offers when you sign up to their mailing list. #octoly #dermalogica #skincare #mssglm #fall1ng4beauty #alwayzzdreambig #skincareroutine @ultabeauty @dermalogica #dermalogica #ultaskintok #octolyfamily #exfoliant

#sponsored Have you ever tried Dr. A Leeds Again Change Cream? Leeds means 'heyday'... When is your Leeds? Leeds... the brightest moments of life. Leeds... days do not have to be a point in the past. So get ready for the new Leeds you will experience in the future! Past, present, and future.... all of our moments are the 'Leeds'! This multi-cream, which is good for both face and body, offers 5 types of care at once: 💧 Antioxidation 💧 Extreme moisturization 💧 Trouble soothing and sensitivity relief 💧 UV blocking and protection 💧 Whitening / brightening improvement! Recommended for growing juniors, pregnant women with hormonal changes,those who lose skin elasticity due to sudden weight loss or looking for mild products. This groundbreaking cream helps prevent and relieve striae (stretch marks) that appear when partial breakdown of collagen fibers happens by excessive skin growth. It fills the skin with moisture and nutrients and protects the skin to flexibly cope with sudden skin changes such as environmental or hormonal changes. All ingredients are EWG green grade, non-irritating, not sticky or oily & tests completed. I love this cream, it has a nice creamy texture and offers instant hydration without leaving any stickiness. I've been using this on my hands to keep my hydrating during the cold weather. It's awesome that you can use it on your face and body!,73 #DrA #leedsagain #changecream #bodycream #moisturizing #selfcare #skincare #mssglm #fall1ng4beauty #alwayzzdreambig #skin #selfskincare #cream #basicskincare #sensitiveskincare #08L #Ambassador

#texturetuesday What do you think of these textures? Derma E is having a 30% off sitewide sale! It's time to stock up and do some holiday shopping! Don't' forget to use code FESTIVE30 I want to share these amazing @derame products I received to try out! 💜 Crepey Skin Pre-Treatment Exfoliating Scrub & 💜 Crepey Skin Repair Treatment - This crepey skin duo is highly-efficacious restorative cream that addresses dry, crepey skin, transforming it to visibly smoother, hydrated and firmer skin. 💜 Ultra Lift DMAE Concentrated Serum & 💜 Firming DMAE Moisturizer - This ultra lift DMAE duo is newly reformulated with added skin-firming ingredients to help visibly firm, lift and smooth skin as it moisturizes. 💜 Stem Cell Eye Lifting Treatment - Newly reformulated multi-action eye cream helps to visibly lift, firm, and tighten the delicate eye area while smoothing the appearance of laughter lines. 💜 Skin Firming Antioxidant Cleanser - Newly reformulated sulfate-free cleanser purifies skin while supporting a visibly firmer, softer, smoother complexion 💜 Ferulic Acid Resurfacing Pads - Infused with a unique blend of Resveratrol, Lactic and Ferulic Acid, our single-use, pre-soaked cotton pads remove dead skin cells to cleanse and resurface skin over time. Spot any favorites? Did you know that you can subscribe to your favorite Derma E products so you never run out? #DermaEGiftedMe #gifted @dermae #dermae #cleanbeauty #skincare #beauty #mssglm #fall1ng4beauty #alwayzzdreambig #skincareroutine #vegan #crueltyfree

Do you do you nails at home? I used to go get my nails done in the salon but started doing them at home during the pandemic. I have been wanting to try one of these DIY make your own nail extensions at home for a while and I am super impressed with the results. It's really easy to do even for a beginner. This kit includes everything you need, swipe to see my tutorial video on how to apply these nail extensions! It’s super easy!! 💅ALL-IN-ONE PERFECT NAIL GEL SET - includes 8 (15ml ) Color Gels, Slip Solution, Top, Base and Glue Coat Set,120 pcs Different Size Nail Forms, 1 File,1 Brush, 1 Glitter Powder, 8 Colors Rhinestone, 1Rhinestone Picker Dotting Pen, 1 Tweezers and 5 Nail Tips Clip. 💅NATURAL RESIN & LONG LASTING NAIL GEL - the extension nail gel has an innovative natural formula to keep your nails healthy and low-smelling! The main material is natural resin. There are no irritating ingredients or adhesives that can cause nail damage. It can last up to 2-3 weeks or longer and will not drop easily. It dries in 2 minutes and can save you a lot of time and money. 💅FASHION & SHINY NAIL ART - Not only can you create a variety of gorgeous and beautiful elongated nails, but you can also DIY other nail art designs with all the rhinestones and glitter. Check out their Cyber Monday deal and save 45%!! or click link in bio for my Amazon store #nailextensionkit #diynails #longnails #cybermondaysale #cyberMonday #mssglm #fall1ng4beauty #alwayzzdreambig #nails #manicure #gifted @autynie #autynienails #easynails #gifted #ad

#sponsored #honestreview I always like to keep food coloring in the house because they have so many uses.... 👉🏻Plant Experiments - Put fresh flowers in colored water in a clear vase 👉🏻Color Mixing - Use some milk on a plate and have fun swirling all different colors around 👉🏻Sparkling Colors - You can mix some color with epson salt and water, let it harden overnight and make yourself a colorful crystal looking creation 👉🏻Make Water Colors - Add color to water and make colored ice cubes 👉🏻Crayons - Mix glycerin soap and color, melt in the microwave, let freeze and viola you have a crayon 👉🏻Frosted Mason Jars - Add color to glue and lightly paint mason jars 👉🏻Dye Flowers - Dye white flowers any color you want 👉🏻Sugar Scrub - Make your own colored sugar scrub You can also use in it all types of foods that use icing like Meringue, cookies, macaron, cake, chocolate, ice cream, madeleine, tapio, candy, jelly flower, dacquoise, noodles, rice cake, bakery, jelly, songpyeon, etc. 8 Color Set / 0.33oz Each Bottles Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Black The darker colors do stain the skin so be careful. #08l #mssglm #fall1ng4beauty #alwayzzdreambig #forchild #vibrant #tasteless #foodadditive #safe #vivid #convenient #cooking

#sponsored #honestreview A walking cane is a great aid for walking and balance, and can even provide postural stability or support. Some designs also serve as a fashion accessory, or are used for self-defense. So whatever the use, it's a pretty handy item to have. I received this P&K 10 step adjustable Walking cane through @08liter. This cane is easily adjustable by simply pushing the button to raise or lower it, so it's good for all different heights and there are 10 different settings. It has a comfortable handle and a wrist strap so you don't lose it. This is a sturdy, high quality cane. I love the snow flake design on it. #outing #walkingcane #travel #shopping #fashion #mssglm #fall1ng4beauty #alwayzzdreambig #stable #wand #lightweight

#sponsored Have you tried D'Alba spray serum yet? D'Alba's White Truffle Spray Serum is made with white truffle carefully extracted from Piedmont, Italy which is specifically rated as the best truffle. This fine mist offers intense anti-aging care while quickly hydrating your skin. Made with organic ingredients including avocado oil, sunflower seed oil, and chica seed extract help to promote a natural skin healing process, resulting in improved skin comfort, elasticity, and radiance. I love this serum it instantly hydrates my skin and it's super refreshing. You can quickly your nourish skin anytime, it also makes your skintone glowy and you can even wear makeup over it. Swipe to see video No wonder why more than 7 million bottles have been sold in Korea, and over 60K reviews on the official dAlba website, and it's also highly acknowledged by Korean celebrities. #dalba #dalbasprayserum #spraytheglow #dalbaserum #dalbamistserum #glowserum #glassserum #glowmist #08L #Ambassador #ad #mssglm #fall1ng4beauty #alwayzzdreambig @dalba_global

Looking for some great affordable gift ideas?! @bliss has this exclusive Walmart Holiday Snow Globe Gift Set for only $9.98! This 5-piece set features their most popular spa-powered face masks to brighten, replenish and smooth, plus 2 pairs of the cult-fave holographic foil eye 🌟 masks to revive and depuff tired eyes. ❄ Pumpkin Powerhouse™ Resurfacing & Exfoliating Enzyme Mask ❄ Mighty Marshmallow™ Bright & Radiant Whipped Mask ❄ What a Melon™ Reviving & De-Stressing Overnight Mask ❄ Eye Got This™ Holographic Foil Eye Masks (2 pairs) Available at @walmart #thisisbliss #giftideas #mssglm #fall1ng4beauty #alwayzzdreambig #holidaygifts #skincare #masks

#sponsored If you're a #kbeauty fan that let me introduce you to BRI.N: Angelic Herb Essence / Moisturizer / Cleanser trio. BRI.N is a Korean vegan skincare brand that is recommended for vegan skincare, they are hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types. Their products are mild and moist for winter moisturizing. They come in eco-friendly packaging too. This set offers a minimal care set of these 3 products for your whole skincare routine. 💧Essence - Tone-up function-whitening clinical test completed after 2 weeks of use. Toner, essence, mist 3 in once product for soothing, moisturizing and whitening care at once. 💧Moisturizer - Hypoallergenic and highly moisturizing lotion with natural moisturizing ingredients. Lotion and moisturizing cream in one, multi-lotion that reduces skin care. 💧Cleanser - Rich foam type of hypoallergenic and weakly acidic cleanser. Check out the texture! Don't miss out on their Black Friday Sale 55% off + 10% additional off with the Code 10ANGELSALES (total 65% off) You can find these products here or click link in bio! #AD #Pulmuone #BRIN #vegancosmetics #veganskincare #cleanbeauty #cruetlyfree #koreanskincare#kskincare #skincareroutine #skincareaddict #blackfriday #mssglm #fall1ng4beauty #alwayzzdreambig #blackfridaysale #blackfriday2021 #blackfridaydeals #08L #Ambassador #texturetuesday #texturethursday #tomsriverlocal #tomsriver

Are you sure your water is clean? Rusty water pipes, residual chlorine and heavy metal particles can all be in your water. Daily ChaE offers a solution to not only filter your water but also bring a spa-like experience to your home shower! The included shower head has 318 holes in it to soften water and improve water pressure. You simply add a Vitapresso vitamin shower capsule which has Vitamin C in it, without chemical additives, to give your skin moisture and elasticity while removing chlorine in the tap water. But wait there's more... The Vitapresso capsules are scented! There are 7 scents to choose from; Red Grapefruit, English Pear, Bahama Blue, Blackcherry, Blackberry, Lavender, White Musk. So easy to hook up to your existing shower hose, all you do is screw in this shower head, add the Vitapresso capsule to the shower head and turn it on, easy peasy! I absolutely love knowing that my water is filtered, has vitamin c in it and the subtle smell is lovely! You can find this We all have the right to clean water!! #dailychae #vitapresso #vitaminshower #데일리차이 #team7dunia @dailycha_e @team_7_dunia #ad #mssglm #alwayzzdreambig #fall1ng4beauty #giftideas #spa #homespa #showerhead #no.1_showerhead_dailycha-e #iF_AWARD_WINNER

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