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Garden of Life’s commitment to health goes beyond offering some of the most effective nutritional products in the world. We are interested in building relationships with people to help them transform their lives to attain extraordinary health. By combining the best of nature and science, the Garden of Life brand offers a path to healthy living with premium products that are supported by education and innovation.

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Easy Ways to Stay Healthy in Hard Times

Filling up your diet with vegetables, fruit, healthy grains, lean meats, seafood, eggs and poultry will give you an alphabet of vitamins and the minerals essential for maintaining a strong immune system. While there’s nothing wrong with the occasional indulgence or some much-needed comfort food, regularly choosing better-for-you foods will give you the best chance of staying healthy. While it’s best to reach for wholesome foods to get the nutrients your body needs, it can be challenging to get enough to keep your immune system healthy Studies have shown that certain supplements may help strength your body’s natural immune response, including elderberry, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, echinacea and probiotic supplements.

#ThanksToMyHealth: Coél Mahal

like we normally do, let’s really embrace our gratitude for our health and focus on the small things we are grateful for this year. This year to kick-off #thankstomyhealth, we are sharing our incredible Brand Ambassador’s story of overcoming adversity, healing and coming back stronger than before. Having been an athlete for as long as I could remember and pursuing a career as a performer at the time, he recommended that I change career paths and learn to accept not being able to be as physically active as I was,” said Coél. By continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our privacy policy and terms of use Accept Decline

Fall Latte Challenge

Using one of Garden of Life’s products as inspiration, make your favorite fall beverage with the most cozy vibes, snap a photo, and tag us on Instagram @gardenoflife. Winning drinks will be based on visual appeal (i.e. food styling), fall aesthetic and overall creativity. 10 finalists will receive a supplement gift bundle which will include mykind Organics Golden Milk Powder, mykind Organics Turmeric Gummies and mykind Organics Elderberry gummies and syrup. Garden of Life will select 10 finalists based on which lattes have the best the visual appeal (i.e. food styling) and demonstrate the most impressive overall creativity.

Pick the Perfect Produce this Fall

I love butternut squash roasted and puréed, with garam masala, cut into noodles on a spiralizer and made in the cacio e pepe (cheese and pepper) preparation with brown butter and pecorino,” says Pierce. “Slice persimmons in a salad with spinach and goat cheese and a Sherry vinaigrette or get enough North American persimmons to make Edna Lewis’s iconic persimmon pudding,” says Pierce. Buy fall vegetables you can mix and match in a roasting pan and use olive oil to dress them after they are out of the oven for added flavor,” says Rawson. ” Rawson likes purple kale, onions, radishes, ruttabegga, pumpkin, winter squashes and says keep the potatoes, including white potatoes and sweet potatoes, at a minimum.

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