Meg Miller

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Hi! I am lifestyle vlogger and blogger! Some brands I have loved working with are ThredUp, Zee Zees snacks, Beech-Nut® Naturals™, HOMER and many more! I love creating content that speaks to me and really connects with my followers!

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Clean my whole main level with me because I have a busy mom and I NEEDED it cleaned! Hopefully this gives you the motivation to clean your house! #cleanwithme #cleaningmotivation #motivationcleaning

I love this series created by @brielle.cherie! I thought I posted this last week but mom brain must’ve gotten the best of me! I have been trying to show some real self-control because I want to save before Christmas as much as I can and I don’t want to add anymore into the house that I don’t have to! With that being said I did order 2 cases of @drinkolipop because it’s my little treat of the week or lately day! #target #targetshopping #targetfinds #targetshopwithme #targetlife

@mentionables is model free so you can really see the lingerie without the anxiety of wondering if it will looks as good on you as it does on the model. My nightie is so soft and it’s so comfy! It has quickly become my favorite piece! Now I understand why women lingerie for themselves! Use code MEG @mentionables for a discount! #gifted #mentionableslingerie #lingerie #lingerielove #momlife #momligerie #mombod

I have been following @ainttooproudtomeg for awhile so when I saw this board from @sophistiplate I knew I had to get it for my SIL @sami4410 for her bridal shower! I am very much the charcuterie Meg in my family so I want to pass the torch and give Sami the opportunity to create some ✨magical spreads✨ #giftgivingideas #giftguide #bridalshowegift #housewarminggift #giftideas #hostessgift #hostgift #gifted

Having a daughter named Tinley I knew finding keychains or really anything with her name in it was going to be a challenge, but @hoorayheroes makes it possible to put her name IN a book. She is also part of the adventure! The new mini heroes collections allow your child to jump into the story or it can even help them set new routines! They are all so cute and personalized! Not only do you put their name in the book but you can customize a character to look just like them! This is a great gift idea for any little in your life! #hoorayheroes #miniheroes #bedtimestories #nurseryrhymes #kidsbooks #gifted

Update my reading nook 📚 using @popsa photo tiles! These have been all over my suggested videos so I wanted to give them a try and I am impressed! They didn’t do any damage to the wall when I moved them around! I also got some for a gift giving guide I will be posting shortly! These photo tiles are 100% worth the hype! Use code MEGANMILLER25 for 25% off 🖼️ tiles. #phototiles #readingnook #homedecor #homedecoration #popsa #explorepage

@goodwillintl is my go to for looking for Halloween costumes or ideas but today it wanted to give me all of the teacher outfits! I’m not mad at all still on the hunt for a Daphne dress though! #thrifting #thriftwithme #goodwillfinds

What did you do this weekend? We had such a fulfilling weekend! We started by visiting my family in Iowa and then brought my sister to my house to experience @autumnonparade! We walked around the market, visited the animals and ended our busy Sunday in the parade! We had the best spot right in front of the tumblers! #weekendvlog #fallmarket #uncoveroregon #autumnonparade #weekend

Great Wolf Lodge Tips

Get the pass that works best for your family Great Wolf Lodge offers passes of different levels that include different activities based on the hotel you are visiting. They have the Pup Pass, Paw Pass and Wolf Pass. When visiting the Gurnee location we got the Wolf Pass that included those activities and we couldn’t experience those. Our pass wasn’t a complete waste though because it was the only pass the included Magic Quest, which is arguably Tinley’s favorite part of a Great Wolf stay.

How YOU can make Money Being a Content Creator-Starting at any level

I know even with the restrictions being lifted people are still uneasy about returning back to the world, or if you’ve grown accustomed to being home hopefully I can help and create a solution for you. The video is directed mostly toward working on Instagram, which everyone has a has a chance to start making money on right away. In my prime I was making upwards of $200-$500 per month off this blog. Tags : brand deals, how to become an influencer, how to make money, how to make money off instagram, how to make money on instagram, how to make money online, how to make money with instagram, instagram influencer, instagram influencers, make money on instagram, make money online, making money on instagram, social media, social media influencer, social media influencers, social media marketing

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddler Girls

I wanted to share with all of you some ideas of what you can fill your kiddo’s Easter Baskets with this year! Leave anymore ideas in the comments below! Tags : diy easter basket 2020, easter 2020 dollar tree, easter basket 2020, easter basket ideas, easter basket ideas dollar tree, easter basket ideas for babies, easter basket stuffers, easter decor haul 2020, kids easter baskets, what i got my kids for easter, what i got my toddler for easter 2020

Cost of being an Influencer

Hi budding bloggers or nosey nellies! I kid about the second part, as someone not deep in the trenches I was always curious what it took to be a content creator. When I started getting jobs I only saw the payouts and I was so excited That being said if you have any questions leave them in the comments below and I will outline a Q&A for my next post!

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