Emily Adams | The Planking Traveler

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Hey! I'm Emily - a NC based outdoor lover whose goal is to share enjoyable movement and free fitness spots, pet-friendly adventure spots, and highlight small businesses both near and far that are worth visiting. I spent 4 years in Asia as a child and since then have traveled to 38 countries and 33 states, so I'm generally more comfortable traveling than staying at home.

About 2 years ago, I decided to combine two of my biggest passions (travel and wellness) to create my blog, The Planking Traveler. Over the years, many of my trips have been ruined by my own sickness because I would throw “healthy” out the window once I left for vacation. Though everyone needs some time to indulge, I realized that being healthy is a lifestyle to embrace and not something to abandon while on the go.

I love sharing about fitness and health - this post of mine is currently ranking near the top of page 1 on Google: https://theplankingtraveler.com/2019/01/03/fitness-motivation-getting-paid-to-be-active-a-review-of-the-stepbet-app/

A few of my other featured articles on travel and health:

https://blissphere.com/9-ways-to-stay-healthy-while-traveling/ https://www.nourishthefreelife.com/guest-posts/2019/9/23/11-tips-for-overcoming-flight-anxiety

I enjoy collaborating with brands, fellow bloggers, and small businesses who share my focus on healthy living and healthy travel, optimal nutrition, and non-toxic products. I am open to working with tourism boards, hotels, brands, and small businesses and can offer a number of different promotional packages tailored to meet the individual needs of you or your client. My media kit is available upon request.

Services offered include:

Product Reviews Guest posts Proofreading Sponsored/collaborative content Giveaways Social media campaigns Event attendance and coverage

*All posts containing sponsored content of any kind will be marked with a disclaimer within the post. Any reviews or content created by The Planking Traveler will reflect the honest and unbiased opinion of the writer, hence no guarantee will be made of a positive review.

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Thought this would be a fun "get to know you" exercise. Here are 10 things about me - what do we have in common? 1. I'm mostly a tomboy but dress up once a year for high tea with family 2. I was homeschooled until high school and plan to do the same with our son. 3. I enjoy all things related to healing through nutrition and am an integrative nutrition school graduate and health coach - love their program! 4. I'm a late bloomer. Married at 33, rainbow baby at 39. I almost gave up but there is always hope! 5. I owe everything to Jesus and I fail often. I'm so grateful for His mercy and faithfulness. 6. I grew up in a military family and have visited 34 countries and 48 states so far, I really want to hit the Dakotas to finish seeing the US. 7. I don't drink coffee but love almost every kind of tea, especially hot hibiscus tea and ALL bubble tea. 8. I love volleyball and met my best friend @thmhuets on a volleyball tour of Italy. 9. I love animals of all kinds and would love to have a farm/homestead someday, especially goats! 10. I'm a big introvert. Hate phone calls with a passion but love interacting one on one with people.

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