Ashley Ryan

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I'm a coffee drinker and online shopping addicts who always has a bad case of the travel bug. I nerd out when making travel itineraries and spend way too much time planning my outfits for every adventure. I love sharing all the tips and recommendations for anything beauty, fashion and travel! I've worked with brands such as: -HealthWarrior -JayJun -JORD -HotelTonight Just to name a few.

I love to collaborate! Let's chat!

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It’s FRIDAY! It’s also the end of January and I could not be happier. 🙌🏽 Have this month been hard for anyone else?! February is going to be amazing tho!

Spent the last three days fighting people for parking and taking in the views🌉🥰

⚡️Life Update⚡️ Life has been sooo crazy over the past few weeks! I’ve been off social just trying to take it all in... —Taylin is now doing school online due to not getting the help she needed. California schools are soooo different than NWA. —Taylin, Koko & I are back in Arkansas. —NEVER stay at the Fairfield Inn in Albuquerque, NM the maids will steal your stuff. Including your identity. Happy Friday! Cheers to the weekend🙌🏽 Any big plans?!

Hello. My name is Ashley. And I have a Starbucks addiction. Actually that’s a lie. I have a coffee addiction. I would, and do, choose coffee over food on the daily. But most of the time it’s black coffee. Cause I like my coffee like I like my.... Shirts! 😉

✨HOW TO MANAGE YOUR TIME WHEN YOU HATE SCHEDULES 🗓 ⠀ + I wanna fully own that this is NOT one of my strengths. ⠀ I’m an #enneagram7 who’s naturally scattered 🐿 core value is freedom, so I don’t like being “conformed” or told what to do. 😂 ⠀ But, which I’m in growth I am body the characteristics of a 5 (think engineer) so I know that I’m at my best when I see freedom discipline and in a schedule (v being scattered and not knowing what I’m doing next #decisionmaking fatigue is a thing) ⠀ So here’s how I’ve found freedom in a schedule: 1️⃣ TIME BLOCKING. Each day I have a “theme” (for sure color coded) on things I focus on, which still gives me freedom to do what I want/need in that time v hour by hour planning what to do. On mondays I goal and content plan, and I still have the freedoms to decide what I want to plan (lives, emails, IGTV) which staying focused on a revenue producing activity. ⠀ 2️⃣ROLLING SCHEDULE V HOUR BY HOUR. In my kitchen I have a list of the things I need to get done in the am, and roll through that list v stressed if I’m doing it “on time.” And if I get things done easily, that means I plan extra time for fun, like taking Tay to the park. 3️⃣ STAY FLEXIBLE.. which right now you 7s are cheering for joy! Pick one day where you shake it up and “break the rules” which 7s love 💕 for me, that’s watching an episode on Netflix (fingers crossed it doesn’t turn into a binge 😉). And letting tay pic an activity that we all do together outside the house. ⠀ Having that day where you shake it up gives you something to look forward to! ⠀ Now it’s your turn! How have you found freedom in your schedule?

Steppin’ out of my comfort zone👟

#Patchologygiftedme self care Saturday with the Perfect Ten✋🏽🤚🏽 - Ever go get an manicure and wish they would keep the heated towel on longer? Well with the Perfect Ten you decide how long it stays on! & trust me, with the hand/cuticle masque inside the glove, you’ll want to keep it on forever! - Made with Macadamia oil, Shea butter and Rosehip oil your hands come out smelling like a spa! - Treat yourself my friends! Use my promo code: OCTOLY15: 15% off at using promo code OCTOLY15 @patchology #patchology #OctolyFamily

Channeling my inner ghost buster👻 . . && loving this bag from @shopelysian its going to be the perfect travel accessory for all the adventures 2020 holds⚡️🌎

It never fails that when something important is approaching that I get sick. Every. Single. Time. — This time I was prepared. At the first sign of my cold symptoms I took @zicam homeopathic Elderberry Medicated Fruit Drops and it shortened my cold! With the natural favor of Elderberry they even taste good! — Unlike other cold medicines, Zicam is clinically proven to shorten cold when taken at the first sign. You can save $$ on Zicam’s cold remedy products via link in bio. #hbtzicam #Zicam #ColdShortening #ad

If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for all the nerdy science stuff. @stemcelltulsa is a must visit spot! Thanks to @gofrenchyourself for showing me this gem while we took on @tulsa_oklahoma Literally felt like a kid in a candy store && sooo close to #nwarkansas