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Delicious food for busy people. Save time using simple cooking strategies that make eating whole, healthy food accessible. Recipes, travel, motherhood.

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My best tip for eating healthier: have at least one healthy option in your fridge ready to eat. Aspirational veggies don’t count if you never get around to preparing them. They might as well not be in your house because you won’t eat them. It doesn’t have to be a big overhaul, roast a big sheet pan of veggies (Brussels sprouts are a personal fav) or simply have raw cucumbers and carrots ready for snacking. Put them in a clear container at your eye-line in the fridge. You can even put a note on the front of the fridge to remind you (and others) that there’s a healthy option prepped. Next time you’re hungry reach for that veg first. This is an easy way to start building a healthy habit. Make it easy for yourself to do the thing you want to do. If you’re looking for healthy recipe ideas, click on my bio link to subscribe to the Seasonal Recipe Bundle. It’s $12/season the delivers healthy recipes each season. Think of it as your investment in yourself. This weekend I’m also including the Fall 2022 bundle as a bonus. Cheers to you feeling healthy starting today! #healthyrecipes #dinnerideas #mealprepideas #mealprep #workingmom #healthyfood #foodcoach

This weekend I’m giving away a bonus for new SRB members! Start eating great and feeling nourished asap. Sign-up in my bio link and get the Fall 2022 SRB as a bonus! 🎁 You’ll receive this recipe and more + give the second membership to your fav bad a%$ babe. It’s the gift that says, “Let’s do less, together.” #workingmom #healthyrecipes #dinnerideas #seattlemom #mealprep #mealprepideas

Raise your hand if roasting a whole chicken scares you? This month on Dinner on the Table - conquer your fear! Knowing how to roast a chicken is a technique that will serve you forever. The episode is linked in my story now. It's a quick listen that will give you all the confidence. Go get 'em, girl. #dinnertonight #healthyrecipes #foodcoach #qualityoflife #workingmom

The gift that says “Let’s do less together!” The Seasonal Recipe Bundle is on BOGO now for a limited time. Give a membership to the brilliant women in your life, and get a membership for you. Ditch the cooking rut and feel more inspired to cook healthy, veggie-forward meals. $12/season for two membership until Dec.26th. Get the details in my bio link 🎁 #healthyrecipes #dinnerideas #workingmom #familymeals #mealprep #mealprepideas

Transcend that cooking rut next year! Subscribing to the Seasonal Recipe Bundle means veggie-forward recipes delivered to your inbox each season that are doable, delish, and nourishing. Each bundle will be a combination of made-in-a-moment and batch-cooked recipes. Think gorgeous soups that make home-cooked weekday dinners a snap, and family-friendly veggie sides. The BOGO is on: Buy a full-priced membership and give the second free. It’s the gift that says, “I think your quality of life is important.” THAT’S WORTH SUBSCRIBING TO. Subscribe to the SRB in my bio link and grab the deal today. #healthyrecipes #weeknightdinner #dinnerideas #foodcoach #mealprepinspo

Bring something to the holiday table that will make you feel good the next day. #dinnerideas #healthyholidays #healthyrecipes #healthyfood #workingmom #thanksgivingdinner

Green juice. One way I stay energized during the holiday season is with green juice, especially after a heavy meal (I see you, Thanksgiving!) My go-to combo? Cucumber + celery + lime + apple + ginger How do you keep it fresh during the holidays? #dinnerideas #holidays #foodcoaching #healthyfood #workingmom

✨Stock Your Freezer to Make Your Life Easier✨ Podcast episode linked in bio. Think of your freezer like a bank account, investing today so you can enjoy later. #dinnerideas #holiday2022 #healthyfood #familymeals #healthydinnerideas #podcast

Who misses an epic dance party? 🖐 #dinnerideas #healthyrecipes #kitchendanceparty #weeknightmeals #workingmom

Do you scroll or check your email on your phone while waiting in line? I do, as a habit, and I notice it leaves me feeling disconnected and scattered. Tami Hafzalla joined me on the podcast and shares the importance of giving yourself space to pause. The practice is simple but strangely challenging in a world where we are so plugged in. When I consciously don't pick up my phone and decide to be bored, the practice isn't new, but it's a big "AH HA!" Not looking at my phone means I'm looking up - I notice the leaves changing, and chat with the barista making my espresso. Leave your phone in your purse today while standing in line and try it. I bet you make a 5-minute friend. Thanks to @tamihafzallayoga for sharing your beautiful insight and energy. The episode is linked in my bio under podcast. #qualityoflife #healthyfamily #workingmom #feelinggood

Looking to do less each morning? Join my free newsletter and get this recipe for Prosciutto Egg Cups. Sign up in my bio link 👌🏻 #breakfastideas #healthyrecipes #healthyfamilymeals #menuplan #mealprepideas #foodcoach

Prosciutto, Tomato, Basil & Egg Cup recipe coming in my next newsletter. Have you joined yet? Sign-up in my bio. Join the free newsletter and enjoy menu plan-friendly recipes, tips to do less and conversations about quality of life. And these breakfast bites, which are divine 👌🏻 Thank you @cheftiffanythomas for the inspiration! LOVE your brilliant ideas. #breakfastideas #healthyrecipes #workingmom #foodcoach #healthyfamilymeals #mondayvibes

Wish you could hear how a personal chef thinks about meal prepping? @cheftiffanythomas shares how time swapping saves your week. Lighten your mental load, eat healthier, and feel refreshed by doing one simple thing during lunch. I love learning new ways to do less and @cheftiffanythomas brings all the tips. Oh, and she shares how to DIY IN-N-OUT BUGER at home... if you're interested. The episode is linked in my bio under podcast. 🎧 Have a great day, friend! #doless #qualityoflife #dinnerideas #healthyfamilymeals #lunchideas #workingmom

Build a better soup with these 3 simple tricks. More soup tips to make soup attainable on the Build a Batter Soup podcast episode, follow the podcast link in my bio. #halloween2022 #dinnertonight #soupseason #familymeals #healthyrecipes #qualityoflife

Isn't homemade soup the pinnacle of feeling cared for? October's installment of Dinner on the Table is about how to cook a gorgeous soup/stew. Get links to three of my favorite (and v. doable) soup recipes in the episode notes. Plus I give you ideas to make it a more substantial meal. From vegan to omnivore, there are menu ideas for everyone at the table. The episode is linked in my bio link under ‘podcast’. @french_women #soupseason #souprecipe #menuplanning #halloween2022 #familydinner #weekdaydinner #cookingcoach

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