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The official guide to New York City.

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Official NYC Visitor Guide

Use our online and print resources to help navigate the City, whether you’re walking, biking or taking the train. In addition to searching the maps and neighborhood guides we offer, you can order an Official Visitor Map and either download or order an Official Visitor Guide for a quick rundown on local hotels, restaurants and attractions.

11 Foods Only NYC Does Right

NYC background: Today you can find bagels at chain restaurants and supermarkets around the world, and New York City is a big reason why. : Cheesecake has existed for centuries, but New York City's signature take came into being after cream cheese was invented in the nearby town of Chester, New York, in 1872. Where to get it:Gem Spa, Yonah Schimmel Knish Bakery, Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain—JZ NYC background: In the second half of the 19th century, Jewish immigrants from Romania brought pastrami to New York City. Where to get it: Glaser's Bake Shop, William Greenberg Desserts, Amy's Bread—HL NYC background: A New York Times article from way back in 1910 describes actors munching on fried egg sandwiches during their work breaks; even 100 years ago, it seems NYC was a busy place.

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