Shanna Sciara

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⋒ two lesbians in love traveling the world 🏳️‍🌈 ☼ travel, lifestyle, plant-based 𖤥 NYC | 🗞 Glamour, T+L ⤹ YouTube, TikTok, blog + more

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Back in one of our fav places, @loscabostourism 🫶🏻🌵🌴 We loved Los Cabos so much that last time we were here, that we decided to come back to celebrate our 1 year elopement anniversary 😍 Los Cabos is our perfect paradise — the weather, the beaches, the activities, the inclusivity are all 🤌🏻 Los Cabos encompasses the two towns of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo. They are about 30 min apart from each other and each have a unique vibe. San Jose Del Cabo is known as the colorful art district aka RIGHT up our alley 🌈 We can’t wait to share with you all the other amazing things we’ve done in Cabo and explain to y’all why we love it so much here! 📸 photo assist: @cynontiv #lesbiancouple #loscabos #loscabostourism #wlw #wlwcouple #lesbiantravel #lgbtqtravel #sanjosedelcabo #mexico #travelcouple

We eloped one year ago today! 🥹💍✨ 2.27.23 One year ago today — during World Pride in Sydney, Australia — @raviroundtheworld officiated our elopement 🥹🤍🌈 We had been together for 7 years at that point, but we always knew we didn’t want a traditional wedding. We both always said we wanted to elope somewhere while we were traveling because THAT is what felt the most us. And since we met at Pride in 2015, getting married during Pride felt right 🫶🏻🏳️‍🌈 Our elopement was literally perfection and exactly how we wanted it to be (aka just us and @raviroundtheworld 🤣). During the planning (which only happened a month before lol) we said we would only elope in Australia if it could happen on the 27th — for obvious reasons 😜 When the elopement planner said that date was available, we new it was meant to be. Today we are celebrating on one year wedding anniversary exactly how we want to, somewhere else in the world. Marriage is just one amazing part of our journey, and we can’t wait to see what’s to come 🥹❤️ 📸: @martinepaynephotography #wedding #elopement #wlw #wlwcouple #lesbiancouple #lesbianwedding #twobrides #elopementphotography #lgbtqwedding #gaywedding

it’s called Mary Kate and Ashley matching when you wanna wear a matching outfit with your wife but not be cringy, identical 😜 #wlw #couple #lesbiancouple #wlwcouple #queercouple #lgbtq #puertorico #sanjuanpuertorico

that’s always step 1 😅 #travel #lgbtq #lgbttravel #lgbtqtrav #gaytravel #lesbiantravel #wlw #wlwcouple

#ad she’s an icon, she’s a legend, and she is the ✨MOMENT✨ @cocacola 🥤🌭🗽 So excited we got a sneak peak at the first @cocacola Foodmark! What’s a Foodmark? It’s a landmark but way more delicious! #Foodmarks #RecipeForMagic

Congrats Greece on legalizing same-sex marriage 👏🏻🥹🌈🇬🇷 Greece is one of our favoriteeeee countries we’ve ever visited (so much so that we went back 2 years in a row lol!). Not only is it absolutely beautiful and full of history, but always felt like we could be our TRUE selves there. As travelers we always love to see other countries taking lgbtq+ rights seriously, but in reality it’s more of a victory for the local people 🫶🏻 There is always more work to be done, but we think we should always celebrate the small wins too so we can remember what we’re fighting for — and that’s an equal world for all people 🤍🌍 📸: Spyros from @flytographer #greece #santorini #lgbtq #wlw #lesbiancouple #travel #travelcouple #samesexmarriage #flytographer

Our first vday as wives ❤️‍🔥🏹 Happy Valentine’s Day pals 🥹 I know this is a made up holiday but we always think it’s fun excuse to tell the people in your life how much you love them 🤍 Today I’m surprising Gabi with our vday plans! (I think she’s gonna like it haha 😂) BTW you’re all our valentines 😘🫶🏻 #valentinesday #happyvalentinesday #vday #wlw #lesbiancouple #editorialphotography #couplesphotography #couplelove #loveislove

no, we’re gonna keep traveling, sorry parents 😝✈️ #travel #travelcouple #milennials #travelreels #travelcommunity #travelcomedy

we’ve been home too long (less than a month lol) aka i think it’s time to book another trip, wbu? 😈✈️ tell us where we should go next in comments!! 📸: @flytographer (use our code 27TRAVELS50 for a discount ✨) #barcelona #couple #wlw #travelcouple #coupletravel #europe #flytographer

realizing we never posted these photos from Ibiza 😱🏖️ probably because we had a TRAGIC morning this day 🤣 STORYTIME 🚨: We always say nothing 100% goes to plan when traveling, and our time in Ibiza is a perfect example. We woke up early to to go to a beach so we could spend the day there before getting back to our Virgin Voyages ship. In Ibiza you have to take a taxi to get around (there is no Uber, etc.) so we figured “taxi’s are cash only, let’s grab some cash at an ATM.” We walk to the ATM, Gabi puts her debit card in, and the machine freezes 😬 JUST GREAT LOL. We waited like 25 minutes and the screen was still frozen, which probably wouldn’t have been a problem if the bank was open, but it was a Saturday morning and the bank didn’t open again until Monday 🫠 So Gabi ended up cancelling her card on her bank app, but couldn’t order a new one until she was back in the USA. So I was sugar mama the rest of the trip 🤣 After all that we go to another ATM, I use my card, successfully take out the cash, then we get on the taxi line. We get in a taxi to the beach, finally calm down from the crazy adventure, and immediately see a CARD READER IN THE TAXI! 💀💀💀 Sometimes we are SO DUMB lol. But at this point we didn’t even care, we just wanted to go to the beach and forget about what happened (not to mention we had an EPIC fail the day before as well). The second we got to the beach, our whole day turned around and we had such an amazing time! Cala Comte in Ibiza is a beautiful beach and it made us realize that Ibiza is so much more than just partying 🏖️ tldr; things don’t always go to plan, social media always makes things seems so glamorous, and sometimes no matter how much research you do or how often you’ve been traveling the world — there are some things you just can’t control 😂 #ibiza #calacomte #wlw #lesbiancouple #travel #travelstorytime #storytime #travelfail

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