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We Asked 4 Moms With Great Skin How They Maintain Their Pregnancy Glow

Pregnancy skin changes can run the gamut from excessive dryness and melasma (brown patchy discoloration) to constant hormonal acne (raises hand) to, yes, the fabled glow. Personally, I experienced loads of angry little breakouts in my first trimester, which I was hesitant to treat because I was trying to clean up my beauty routine while baking a baby. Derms also say to avoid in-office treatments like certain chemical peels, laser treatments, and Botox while you’re pregnant. I didn’t have much of a skin care routine beyond trying to fight breakouts as they happened or making sure my face was clean.

My Boyfriend Is White and Rich. I'm Neither.

, I started to Google-map the directions from Peter’s apartment to a friend’s place in Brooklyn but couldn’t remember his exact address. He walks through the world as if no one has ever told him no (and he confirms they haven’t), whereas I walk through the world like no one has ever told me yes (and many times they ­haven’t). I never envisioned any Disney fairy-tale-princess-like life, and this certainly isn’t that, but I have to admit that I am benefiting from Peter’s privilege. “Don’t be so concerned about preparing for that world that you forget the fact that your world is pretty fascinating too.”Riding up to the Maine country house that first time, my real fear was not whether I would connect with my boyfriend’s family, but that they would be judging me.

The Ob-Gyn Shortage Is Real—And It Might Impact Your Care

There’s a really high rate of burnout among ob-gyns,” she says, and there aren’t many young doctors clamoring to start their careers in areas like hers. A recent ACOG report concluded that women in Arizona, Washington, Utah, and Idaho face the greatest risk of a severe ob-gyn shortage; Florida, Texas, North Carolina, and Nevada could soon be next, because the female population in those areas is growing without new ob-gyns flooding in. While Dr. Jones admits that it’s unusual to stop practicing entirely in your late thirties, she understands why young physicians drop the obstetrics part of the job and just stick with gynecology. To get or maintain access to real-life ob-gyns, rural communities may have to figure out incentives to lure physicians away from major metropolitan areas, such as offering to pay off medical school loans, suggests Dr. Lawrence.

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