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For 40 years the clinically proven SlimFast Plan has been helping millions of Americans lose weight fast and keep it off. Pick a date, lose the weight!

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Along with his wife Halle, Heinz started the SlimFast Plan after finding the SlimFast Together Community. Like many people who decide to go on a diet because they reached a point where their weight became an issue, that was where I was at. I weighed in at 217 pounds, and  was at a point where I had to buy new clothes because I grew out of my size 42 pants and my extra large shirt was snug. I decided to go on a diet, like so many times before.

A Hydrated Brain is a Happy Brain

SlimFast Plan Consultant and Registered Dietitian, Maryann Walsh, shares her advice about how hydration affects your brain and body. Among the multitude of health benefits that come from adequate hydration, it is super important for neurological health. The Institute of Medicine provides a general recommendation of 2.7 liters of water per day for women (about 11 cups or 88 oz.) and 3.7 liters per day for men (about 16 cups or 128 oz.) from both beverages and foods, but most health professionals and researchers agree that the average healthy individual can let thirst be their guide for adequate hydration! A consultant of the SlimFast Plan, Maryann is a Registered Dietitian with Bachelor of Science degrees in Biological Sciences and Dietetics and a Master of Food and Nutrition.


As busy mom, Renae struggled to find balance between her busy schedule and taking care of herself. As I followed The Plan and began to see the number on the scale dropping consistently, I realized that I had finally found a plan that worked for me and my lifestyle. The holiday season quickly approached, and this made me nervous about gaining the weight back that I had lost so far. With such a busy time of year, so many treats and festivities, it can be very difficult to not gain or to even maintain weight.


Jeanne struggled for years to balance her responsibilities to her children and herself, often putting her own needs on the back burner. I had consistently gained for a decade and I had allowed life’s rollercoaster to just take me for a big, uncontrollable ride. Your ‘Mom heart’ is going to eventually strangle your physical heart unless you take care of yourself. I knew I had been slowly losing energy and having body aches but ignored it and just kept focusing on caring for everyone else.

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