Stephanie Massaker

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I’m Stephanie, a lifestyle influencer and busy mom of three. I love to share products & hacks that make life with 3 kids easier. My page is full of smiles & real life with lots of coffee & dry shampoo.

Location Lancaster, NY
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Get out of her way, she’s living her best Disney life 🏰 Out of all my kids, Athena is like me and means business, especially when it comes to her Disney plans 😂 Follow + for more Disney fun, vlogs, and tips! Disney mom, Disney life, Disney girl, Disney trip, Disney, Magic Kingdom, let’s go to Disney.

That 5 am wake-up comes quickly! This is why I'm so thankful for my Positive Energy Zero Sugar Immunity Boosting Energy Drink! It also has no artificial colors or preservatives, zero calories, and a taste that's out of this world. My personal favorite? The refreshing Poppin' Orange. I'm so thankful for my time working out at home when the kids were little, but it's so nice to work out at an actual gym again! Be sure to check out all the great flavor options from Positive Beverage with the link in bio! Which flavor are you trying first? Let me know in the comments! Watermelon Mania Poppin' Orange Tropical Bliss #AD @PositiveBeverage

#AD Looking for the perfect game to play with your family? As a super competitive family, we had a great time playing That's Not A Hat from @ravensburgerna But be prepared for surprises! You might uncover who in your family is a master of bluffing. In this exciting game of bluffing and memory, I quickly realized that my 'good kid' reputation didn't help my strategy. My mom knew exactly when I was trying to pull a fast one on her, and somehow, my brothers had NO problem bluffing in this game. I also discovered I don't have to worry about my son in high school because, like me, he can't bluff. Grab That's Not A Hat at your local Target & plan a game night with your family that will bring on good times and laughter!

The countdown is on! This time next week we will be in the Disney bubble 🏰 Are you a last-minute packer? Also, why are the kid's clothes nowadays SO much cuter than mine?! Disney trip, packing for Disney, packing tips, lets go to Disney, Disney mom, annual pass holders, Disney ap’s, packing for a trip, lets pack, packing tips.

Spend the day with us at Animal Kingdom! 🦒 A lot of people skip AK but we truly enjoy it so much. It also tends to be a slower paced day which makes it even more enjoyable. On this trip we were able to do so much! Everest 🏔️ Dinosaur 🦕 Daisy Duck pics Starbucks Snapped a pic with @practicallyperfectfamily Tree of life pics 🌳 Relaxed in Pandora Flight of Passage Kali River Rapids Yak & Yeti lunch Safari 🐆🐘 Snacks 🍧 And lots of other memories 💕 Be sure to follow+ @stephanie_massaker for more Disney vlogs, tips, and tricks! Thanks for coming along 💕

Want a Castle pic without hundreds of strangers in it? Swipe to see my favorite spots! Once in awhile, I've seen these spots blocked off with trees, but not often! Have you tried this hack?! +Follow @stephanie_massaker for more Disney tips & travel vlogs! Disney castle pictures, Disney trip, Disney trips, Disney castle, let’s go to Disney. @disneyparks @waltdisneyworld

Epcot Vlog! I've had so many people ask me to S L O W down my reels so they could see more, so I decided to start adding in some longer-form vlogs. And I'm loving them! Last month, we took my brother to Disney, which was so fun! The kids loved having their uncle with us too. Thanks to Genie+ we were able to ride everything in the park (that we wanted - Mission Space ❌ no thanks). We rode: Frozen ⛄ Remy Test Track Guardians of the Galaxy x 2 Soarin’ We also snacked our way around the world trying some of the Flower & Garden snacks & some old favorites! Thanks for following along! Be sure to + FOLLOW @stephanie_massaker & @motherof_spartans for more Disney vlogs, tips, and tricks! Don't wait to visit! The Flower & Garden Festival ends May 27th! @disneyparks @waltdisneyworld

Don't clean your pool this summer ❌ Seriously, if you're spending hours every week vacuuming your pool, you're doing it wrong. We love our @wybot_official robot pool cleaner! Why? Because, our awesome little robot does all the heavy lifting to keep our pool clean all summer long! Checkout the link in bio get yours! #ad

A MUST-try snack! From Epcot’s Flower & Garden Festival 🌸 F R U S H I E I honestly didn't think I'd like this, but wanted to try it anyway. Oh my, it is SO good! We all loved it & can't wait to grab it one more time in a few weeks on our next Disney trip before the festival ends. Don't wait though! This festival ends May 27th! Have you tried Frushie yet? @disney @disneyparks @motherof_spartans @christianmwatts24 #disneyeats #disneyfamilytrip #disneytips #flowerandgardenfestival #epcoteats #frushie #letsgotodisney

Dreaming of the magic today! Can't wait to be back 🏰 I was chatting with someone today who is going to Disney for the first time on Friday! So exciting! But, she kept saying how there's SO much to know, and how she would pay someone to be there with her. Whenever I talk Disney with people they all seem to say the same thing, I wish I could take you with me 😂 And fun as that sounds, I don't think my husband would appreciate me being gone that much more. But! That doesn't mean I can't be with you VIRTUALLY 😉 If you would like to book a 1:1 call with me to discuss all your questions, comment CALL for more info! I’m also working on subscription for while you're on your vacation to have access to me via text/phone call for whenever you need an answer quick! Do you have an upcoming Disney trip? I want everyone to have the most magical time! Let me help you plan the best vaca for YOUR family 💕

I'm going to be an Aunt for the first time soon! My brother and sister-in-law are having a little boy. I can't wait to meet him! Looking back on my nursing journey with my three kids, something I noticed was all the time I spent "pump trapped". Yes, you read that right, not nap-napped but pump-trapped. This is when my newborn was sleeping. Instead of being able to pump while making myself a snack, doing the dishes, or even brushing my teeth, I was stuck in a chair connected to the wall, pumping. Not cool. Thankfully, that will not be the case for my sister-in-law, Jenn! I saw the S12Pro Portable/Wearable Pump from Momcozy and just knew I had to get it for her! It has a long-lasting battery of 240 minutes! That's 7 or 8 pumping sessions. And with upgraded double-sealed flanges, it helps stay tighter which leads to more efficient pumping and more milk! Grab your own S12Pro for 15% off with my code: S12steph Be sure to snag some of the @momcozy super comfy nursing bras, too! Get up to 30% off with my code: BRAsteph What product is around now that you wish you could have had when your kids were little?! #MomcozyS12PRO #Momcozy #momcozybra #HandsfreeBreastPump #BreastPump #MomcozyPump #breastpump #breatsfeeding #greatoutput #sahm #firsttimemom #pumpingmom #newbornmom #postpartum #wearablepump #pumpingjourney

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