Stephanie Massaker

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I’m Stephanie, a lifestyle influencer and busy mom of three. I love to share products & hacks that make life with 3 kids easier. My page is full of smiles & real life with lots of coffee & dry shampoo.

Location Lancaster, NY
Country United States of America
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Do you know what the best remedy for the after-vacation blues is? I do! Plan all the details for your next trip! So that’s what I’m doing, and I had so much fun putting together these park day looks from @shoptemu! The dresses are light & comfy, and I love a good belt bag to accessorize with functionality 💕 Temu Valentine’s Day Deals are kicking off! Up to 90% OFF! Check out the link in bio to shop these looks and more from Temu, where the average price is under $10! Use code: sage939 (extra 30% off). #ad #parkdaylooks #parkoutfits #travelclothes #travellooks #vacaoutfits #travelootd #travelclothing #Temuvalentines #Temugiftlove #temubaes #temustyle #temu #temutrends #temufinds  #shoptemu #valentines #valentinegift #happyvalentinesday #giftideas #giftsforher

Coming home from Disney always gives us the “Disney Blue’s” so we went to @disneyonice to cure them! We had a blast! The music and characters were so great! It’s such a fun time for the whole family. Jacob is on day 3 of a migraine so he stayed home, but my mom was happy to fill in on short notice! Checkout to see if the show is coming to your city! You don’t want to miss it! Have you ever been to Disney on Ice? What character would you want to see?? @DisneyOnIce #DisneyOnIce #hosted

Here's your reminder to have fun, spend time with family and friends, and buy cute Valentine's Day Pajamas from @AdoreMe! They have lots of great spicy outfits for VDAY or these adorable Pink Hearted Pajamas. Do you have any traditions for Valentine's Day? #AdoreMe #AdoreMeVday

Tips for Traveling w/ Kids on an Airplane! Part Two. 
 Let your kids carry their own backpacks and water bottles. I have mini bags for the girls, so they aren’t lugging huge bags through the airport. 
 Bring a LARGE Ziploc bag. You’ll thank me later. This is a game changer when on a plane with kids. It’s crazy how much garbage you accumulate on a 2-hour flight. BONUS TIP: I also use this bag for opening our water bottles…because they basically explode from the pressure.  Something NEW for your kids to do! We always have their tablets, but I prefer they color with new books or do their nails like Aria did for a solid half hour.  
 FOLLOW @Stephanie_Massaker for more tips, tricks, and hacks for traveling as a family with kids! 
 I hope you enjoy this Travel Tips Tuesday series as much as I am! 
 What is a travel tip you can share?  
 Traveling with kids, kids travel tips, airplane tips for kids, family travel tips, let’s go on an adventure, kids on airplanes,

If you’re going to Disney GET 👏🏼 A 👏🏼 STROLLER 👏🏼 We always get a double stroller and it gets tons of use! And not just by the droids 😂 All of my kids get tired eventually and need a break. And being out late watching fireworks one or two will even fall asleep in the stroller! This trip I also needed to rent a scooter for my mother in law and @scooterbugrent was amazing! They dropped the scooter and stroller off at our resort so it was waiting for us when we arrived. I highly suggest using ScooterBug! Use code: STEPHM10 for a discount through the end of March 2023! 🎉 Disney travels, family vacation, Orlando travel, Disney tips, Disney traveling family

We made it to Florida with the grandparents in tow! We took the @sunshineflyerorlando from Orlando Airport to our Disney resort, Art of Animation! We waited less than 5 minutes for our bus and we're at our resort in 35 minutes (every ride is under 65 minutes). I've used The Sunshine Flyer three times in the past 6 months and have had a great experience every time! I highly suggest using them if you need transportation to and from your resort! Thanks for getting us to all the fun, Sunshine Flyer! #hosted

Keeping kids entertained on a plane ✈️ PART ONE Traveling with kids is the best! Until it's not. IYKYK. My number one tip for flying with kids is: to be prepared! There often can be delays. We've been delayed for over two years after boarding (yes, we boarded and then sat for two hours before taking off). So being prepared is essential. Bring SNACKS. Whatever you think is enough snacks, double it. I'll talk about this in another post, but wanted to mention it here. Next, NEW TOYS. You don't need to spend a ton of money, but having some new toys or coloring activities for the plane can make all the difference! I like to checkout the @dollartree for 5-6 items for the kids to have in their backpacks. They are so excited to open their backpacks on every flight to see what new goodies they have! Lastly, tablets. Just bring one. Load it up with kid-friendly games and shows. And get kids corded headphones, the blue tooth ones never want to work when you really need them! If you like travel blogs, tips & hacks for traveling with kids, be sure to follow me @stephanie_massaker for more! Traveling with kids, flying with kids, tips for flying with kids, family travel, Disney family.

Packing for vacation can be very overwhelming! Especially when you have multiple kids to pack (and coordinate Disney outfits). Here is how I break it down to be simple and convenient! First, I write out the days of whatever trip we have planned & what we will be doing on those days. Second, I double-check the weather ( there's a 30-degree swing in Florida while we're there). Next, I laid out all three kids' clothes per day in a pile and labeled the day, the park we would be visiting, and what the weather will be like. After all the piles are complete, I put all three kids' outfits in a big Ziploc bag and tape the label to the front. I then organize the bags in order in my @Tobiqtravel bag. My Tobiq duffel bag has four compartments, so I will add two bags of clothes per compartment (for convenience). Having all their clothes ready to grab and go makes getting three kids and a husband prepared for a 7:30 am rope drop SO much easier! Whether you're going to Disney or another vacation, having your kid's clothes in prepared grab bags is so convenient! It takes a little more time to prepare, but the precious time it saves while we're on vacation is worth it! Do you have any tips to share when packing for a trip with kids? Be sure to follow @Stephanie_massaker for more travel tips and hacks! Disney packing tips, traveling with kids, kids travel hacks, family travel

🎶Let it Go 🎶 Yesterday, I had to let go of my crazy self-expectations.  
 I had to grocery shop, do laundry, clean up the house, go to a birthday party, and have about 100 other things on my list that I still need to get done.  
 We leave in 4 days for Disney. So on top of all my regular housework, content to create for brands, and wife and mom duties, I had another colossal list I wanted to get done yesterday. So I had to LET IT GO.  
 It was so unrealistic of me to think I could do it all. The added stress it created wasn’t good for my kids or me. Let it go.  
 So last night, I switched my thinking. Instead of worrying about everything I needed to do, I listed what I DID accomplish.  
 * Grocery shopping (to feed my family) * 1:1 time shopping with my Athena (quality time) * Taking the girls to a birthday party (memories made) * Starting a craft of making ears (empowering my daughter to feel accomplished) * Resting at the night’s end (making sure I don’t push myself and get sick before vacation.  
 My list is still there; I will knock it out before we go because that’s what mamas do! But I could have done without the snapping and stress for myself and my family.  
 Progress is a journey, and I will never reach the end. But I’ll keep getting closer and hope you feel encouraged by my sharing my ups and downs.  
 What is something you are letting go of this year? I’m letting go of trying to do it all myself.

Who has been thinking about a trip to DISNEY?! You all know I have been! But now I can help more of YOU with this incredible discount! Between July and September get up to a $750 Dining Card when you stay 5 nights and have 4 park days at Disney World! This can help make your trip more magical and affordable! Dm me for a free quote! Disney world, Disney planner, Disney adult, Disney obsessed, let’s go to Disney, free quote

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