Kaylan Lynn Perkins

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Location Harrodsburg, Kentucky South-Eastern
Country United States of America
Member Since MAY 16, 2019
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Hands down 100000000% this is the BEST gift I think I’ve ever received due to the circumstances behind the gift. Thank you SO SO SO much momma for gifting us with such an amazing and irreplaceable heartwarming gift of Papaw’s Flowers from his Funeral. Papaw would most def approve! I’m sad he’s no longer here with us humanly … but .. this makes me feel so closely around him. I love you mom! @bobbie087 p.s I had this in my living room to proudly display but I moved it to my bedroom so I could keep it close beside me at night. Lol.

Since Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching I figured I’d share these lovely gems I found while sorting and sifting thru pictures while getting scrapbook pages together 🥰 I love you all! Glad I get to call you Mom,Mommaw,&Nana! Thanks for being the string and awesome ladies you are! #loveyouabushelandapeck

So I guess our #FurKids have been slightly good this year 😂. We’ve finally upgraded to a really nice water fountain and they all seem to really love it! (** side note; slightly jealous of their really cool water fountain😩) @npetofficial is the brand you can find them on @Amazon for a great price if anyone is interested! It filters your #Furbabies water and comes with 2 attachments as well as a cleaning kit (not pictured sorry) and an extra filter! 😊 my #furkids also got themselves a brand new shaver! From @npetofficial as well it comes with everything you’ll ever need to help trim and groom your #pets which is super helpful especially right now with #quarantine & ##covid going on. 10/10 HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS AWESOME BRAND!💕 I’m glad I was able to bless my #furbabies with some new goodies 🥰.

Thank you so much @wearelasagnalove 💕 this was such a prayer answered in many ways! Thank you so so SO much to the wonderfully sweet Moore family 💕 #lasagnalove #wearelasagnalove #Z99S

💕 Just a Roocifer and his blankie🐕 😂 🥰 my little sour patch kid.

So this was my first time making a door hanger [ALSO! Must note that it was made on an extreme wind 😅] I had some stuff sitting around from the @dollartree and just kinda gave it a whirl not sure if it actually looks okay but I’m proud of my first hanger☺️ in the process of making a few other odds and ends as well I hope they come out just as well as this did (atleast I think it did? Ha)😅😅😅and I made the bow from scratch as well and let’s just say it was surprisingly a lot easier to make once I could get my hands and brain on the same wave 😂 #lefthandedproblems #DIY #Dollarcraft #DollartreeCrafter #doordecor #doorhangers #frontdoordecor

Sadly😞💔 I lost the BEST papaw in the entire world on January 28th at 3:30pm I’m happy we were able to spend his last moments together. Papaw will never know how much I truly love him and how thankful I am to have spent 27 years on earth with him. He was the most caring man and taught my sister and I so many different things and let’s not forget to mention he let us annoy him to the bone with our Cher and Shania Twain concert movies and oh so much more. Yesterday was the hardest day to accept knowing we had to burry you... it seems like some kinda strange dream. But papaw I’m so happy you are no longer in pain or tired and have reunited with your one and only lady. Until we meet again “See ya later Alligator! After awhile Crocidile!”💕

If everyone could say a #Prayer or two for my papaw I would appreciate it more than life itself 😢.... he’s not doing well and is on a ventilator currently but hopefully after his awesome doctors and nurses can get things going we can get him back home and out of the icu! #Praying and #StayingPositive 🤞🏼💕 Papaw we love you more than you know!

Oversized Sweater: Check No makeup: Check. Forever bummin’🙃. As of today I have #23days until I turn the big ole #27yearsold 😭 WHERE IN THE WORLD HAS THE TIME GONE!? It feels like just yesterday I was turning 15😅. I am #officiallyold 😰. #HappyNewYears #2021 #aquarius

Roo says he would love to be chosen to host the awesome @ripplestreetfun + @canonusa #CanonIvy #ripplestreetchatterbox #sponsored we love taking pictures everywhere we go! *Fingers Crossed* we hope to be selected💕 hood luck and happy holidays everyone!

My sweet sweet #prrbaby my one and only #pumpkinbutt my #Kitty aka #Tiddy. He is one thing I am beyond #Grateful to have in my life. As well as he is #Thankful For me. #FelineGrateful #Ad #Sweeps #armandhammercat #armandhammerkittylitter #armandhammerkittykrew

My little walking buddy 💕 my Roo baby he got so many compliments in his little jacket today lol. #dogsofinstagram #doggosbeingdoggos #dogs #minipinschers

2.5 hours later we finally have some beautiful #curtainlights 😂 thanks #Mom @bobbie087 they sure do pull my living room together and add some #festivevibes as well💕 but I’m someone with #zeropatience so it was a bit of an #Adventure getting them up😂 #HomeDecor #livingroomdecor #cozyvibes #amazonfinds #amazonhome #amazonreviewer #AmazonDeals #leopardprint #KittyWillLoveThese

Welcome to our #homesweethome 💕🥰 we are now proud home owners! @cryptic.psychosis ... we have a TON of work ahead of us and we’ve already accomplished a ton 💕 I can’t wait to see the rest of our journey! We are thankful to all of the wonderful loving and supportive people we have in our lives and we are beyond thankful to everyone that’s helped us along the way and continue to help us!

Even tho I look EXTRA C H O N K Y 💔🥴.... I’m glad it’s finally #October it’s my favorite month! Even tho I don’t really do much to celebrate the wonderful month. 😫👎🏼.. We just bought our new home and it’s in town so I cannot wait to pass candy out to all the little monsters and ghouls! #TrickOrTreat is still very much so happening in the Preston’s house!💕

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