Samantha Vanderpool

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Boy Mom 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Lifestyle + Motherhood + Travel + Foodie Let’s Collab 💌 📍Delray Beach, Florida 🌞🌴

Member Since MARCH 25, 2021
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Why settle for a pot of gold when you can dive into a pot made of cookie dough loaded with themed lucky charms? These little treasures disappeared faster than you can say “St. Patrick’s Day,” causing excitement among the kids after school! Make sure to spread the joy with your fellow St. Patrick’s Day lovers — share the luck and the cookies! 🍀✨

When your girlfriend invites you for game night and assures you not to bring anything, of course you still show up with the latest and greatest game from Target – “That’s Not A Hat!” A hilarious blend of memory and bluffing that has become one of my favorites. Get yours at Target or order online for a guaranteed good time! @ravensburgerna @target #RavensburgerPartner

Why do I have to be the problem? It’s Amazon’s fault. 😓😓😓

Embracing a year of positive changes, especially in prioritizing my mental health, I’m thrilled to share the Livelong Summit in Palm Beach on March 15-16. Join experts like Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Andrew Steele, and Dr. Jennifer Garson for insights on fitness, extending human life, new medical technologies, and overall wellness—both mentally and physically—contributing to aging better. As someone who’s made transformative changes, I’m eager to learn more. Don’t miss out—use code SAM for an exclusive 50% discount! @livelongsummit #ad

“I want sushi,” he says, “but we have fish sticks in the freezer.”😩🥴🙄

Run don’t walk @petit_pot. is BOGO at your local @publix until 2/28. It is the most delicious French dessert that satisfies any American sweet tooth. The flavors of real dark chocolate and Madagascar vanilla are SO good. I am obsessed!! 😋

Sipping and dipping? I can’t contain my excitement for celebrating National Margarita Day with the delightful “Guac-A-Rita,” featuring @goodfoods chunky guacamole on one side and a scrumptious margarita on the other. Good Foods is giving everyone the chance to join in the celebration – win your very own Guac-A-Rita kit on Feb 22 at the @goodfoods page! Cheers! #goodfoodspartner

Bless their little hearts. 🥹🥲🤭

He knows I’m up to something. 😉😉😉

I need to stop spending money, I need to stop spending money…. I can’t stop spending money!!!! 🙃🙃🙃

I’ll keep watering the money tree in the backyard! 🤗🙏🏼🤞🏻

Flowers, chocolates, card, champagne AND something from Louis Vuitton - BEST SURPRISE EVERRRRR! Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️❤️❤️

Such a rockstar! 🌟👏🏼 Brb while I cry thinking of this. 🫠🙃🥲


If your family is looking for more great gift ideas from The Berenstain Bears brand, check out their store on Amazon by clicking this link: Easter is not just about candy and egg hunts, but this story explains the true meaning of Jesus and how he was resurrected! Mine wasn’t too long ago as I did not grow up celebrating Christian holidays, but I do remember Henrys first Easter three years ago. This book is the perfect way to understand a family of bears and the way they celebrate Easter.

What’s your JEAN style?

They have two kinds on the market right now called Pandora (boyfriend style) and Candela (skinny style). I am wearing size 28 in both jean style and I cannot figure out which one I love more. these are nice jeans” and I do think the Pandora jeans runs a little on the bigger size, but it is very comfortable and fitting. Right now for their start of their amazing company, they have an amazing promotion going on: Now through 3/22 in which customers receive 50% off their second pair of jeans

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