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The Mountain From 'Game of Thrones' Broke a Deadlifting World Record

On Game of Thrones, Gregor Clegane was the biggest, strongest dude this side of Wun Wun. —Hafthor Bjornsson is a real-life strongman, and he just set a world record by deadlifting a full 1,104 pounds. In case you need a refresher, the Mountain served as the Lannisters' most loyal and lethal knight, and was feared throughout Westeros due to his penchant for committing pretty heinous war crimes. maester Qyburn turned him into a walking, non-talking zombie, and he remained in this state until he finally met his end in a fight to their mutual deaths with his brother, Sandor, in the series' penultimate episode.

Why Now Is The Time To Start Meditating

Just 10 or 15 minutes of this a day over the following few weeks gave me a few things I hadn’t been able to find for a while: some fleeting semblance of relaxation, a nod towards a routine and a temporary pause on the scattergun thoughts flying around my head at high speed. In the years since, I’ve read books, done a zen class (uncomfortable), kept it up, let it slip, done a transcendental course, been given a mantra, picked it up again, forgotten my mantra, tried it in churches (surprisingly noisy), All Cure Or Performance EnhancerIn recent years, we’ve been blitzed with how we ‘should’ all be doing meditation, often from Silicon Valley CEOs and the life hack brigade who expound on how it helps them perform ‘optimally’ at work by increasing focus for 20 hour shifts. If you keep it up, you may find it starts to seep in to your everyday life too, when you can pay attention to your breath, bring yourself back to the present moment and focus on what you’re doing right now.

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