Jonathan Stanyard

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jonathan stanyard creator-cocktail consultant-competitor-mixology educator

Single Malt Scotch Whisky Diploma - Edinburgh Whisky Academy

CRT Professionalization in Tequila Culture

Canadian Whiskey Certification

BarSmarts Certified

2022 - 1st Place Cointreau’s World’s Best Margarita Global Winner

2022 - Top 15 USBG World Class National Finalists

2022 - 2nd Place National Finals Woodford Reserve Manhattan Experience

2022 - 2nd Place National Finals Gentleman Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Sour Classic

2022 - 2nd Place USA Licor 43’s Bartender’s & Baristas Challenge

2022 - 1st Place Fastest Hands in the East, Bellevue WA Competition

2021 - Top 10 USA Cognac Connection Challenge Winner

2021 - Top 50 USBG World Class Finalist

2020 - 1st Place Cardenal Mendoza Golden Week Global Competition

2020 - Sombra Sustainable Cocktail Competition Winner

2019 – 1st Place Flying Embers PDXCW Cocktail Competition

2019 – 1st Place NW Food Show Competition by Heritage

2019 –1st Place - Temple Distilling Co-Authored Gin Competition

Location Seattle, WA PNW
Country United States of America
Member Since APRIL 28, 2020
Social Audience 24K
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Friday Vibes Keeping it clean and zero proof this weekend. Seedlip Grove 42 Rich Pineapple Shrub Top with Topo Chico Put it in a fancy glass with a fancy twist! #zeroproof #dryjanuary #nonalcoholicdrink #topochico #seedlip #mocktails🍹 #tw50bc #yellow #craftcocktail #drinkpics

TAI FOR SOMETHING NEW From the vault, featuring clear ice for #cleariceweek 2023! Recipe: 1½ oz Havana Club 3 Year Rum ¾ oz Montenegro ½ oz Angelus Liqueur ¼ oz Amaretto 1 bar spoon Citric Acid* 3 dashes Bitterman’s Orange Citrate 2 dashes Scrappy’s Lime Bitters 📷 @world_kitchen_adventures #maitai #rum #amaro #bitters #thirstythursday #thirsty #cocktailoftheday #drinkoftheday #cocktailphoto #drinkpic #instadrink #tipple #snapoftheday #tw50bc

How to make Earl Grey Foam! 2.5 oz Earl Grey Syrup 2.5 oz Aquafaba .75 oz Lemon Juice Top your Martini or maybe even your morning cup of tea! #martini #earlgrey #reelsinstagram #mondaymonday #mixology #reelforyou #reels

Coconut Clarified Daiquiri What a better way to start #cleariceweek ? Step 1: Mix up a classic Daiquiri. Step 2: Pour it into full fat coconut milk. Step 3: Let it sit and curdle a bit. Step 4: Strain through coffee filters. Pour over clear ice and enjoy! Cheers to the 6th Annual Clear Ice Week! For this cocktail, I used a sweet clear ice sphere mold from @samuelworld.official #daiquiri #clarifiedcocktails #clearice #cocktailoftheday #moodypic #drinkphotography #craftcocktails #mixology #madeformore #siponthis #easydoesit #recipes #drinks #instadrink #instabooze

PEAR’S ALRIGHT 1 ½ Reposado Tequila 1 oz Lemon Juice ¾ oz Chai-Pear Syrup ½ oz Spiced Pear Liqueur Garnish with a Pear Slice + Smoke Rosemary Simply shake with ice and pour into the dopest glass. Slide the rosemary through the pear slice and torch that baby, This would also taste great with lighter spirits like gin, pisco, or rhum. Shake it up. Let me know what you think! #pear #rosemary #smoke #cocktailphoto #glowing #smokin #moodygrams

Famous Foamy Penicillin An easy upgrade to an already delicious cocktail. Recipe in reel. Give it a go my friends! #scotch #penicillin #famousgrouse #reeltoday #todaysreel #reelstagram #cocktailoftheday

Here is the #1 cocktail from my feed last year! Foamy Negroni… …or a martini with Campari Foam? Truly it doesn’t matter. What does is how damn tasty this cocktail is. Easy to make and simple to serve. It looks cool, has texture and character. Give it a go and let me know what you think! 1 oz Gin 1 oz Vermouth 2 dashes Orange Bitters Stir with ice and pour over a large cube. Top with Campari Foam, orange oils and an orange wheel. Campari Foam Campari, Aquafaba, Cherry Syrup, Saline, Orange Peel #foam #negroni #martini #campari #mixology

Whiskey Waltz #sponsored I have crafted the perfect Winter inspired whiskey sour showcasing the famous old brand Chicken Cock. It is one of America’s oldest whiskeys founded in Kentucky in 1856. During Prohibition, Chicken Cock became the House Whiskey of the Cotton Club in Harlem, NYC. It was also the favorite whiskey of the legendary Jazz musician Duke Ellington. Currently, Chicken Cock Whiskey is Distilled, bottled and aged in Bardstown, KY, the heart of the Bourbon trail. Their Bourbon and Rye are readily available, but keep an eye out for their highly allocated limited releases! Recipe: 2 oz Chicken Cock Bourbon ¾ oz Honey-Ginger Syrup ¾ oz Fresh Lemon Juice 2 dashes Orange Bitters Top with Spiced Cranberry Foam Garnish: Lemon Wheel + Aquavit soaked Cranberries + Nutmeg Method: Shake the Bourbon, syrup, lemon juice and bitters in an ice filled shaker. Strain over a large ice cube in an old fashioned glass. Top with Spiced Cranberry Foam and garnish with the lemon wheel, a cocktail pick of cranberries and fresh nutmeg. @chickencockwhiskey #thefamousoldbrand #americanwhiskey #bourbon #rye #chickencockwhiskey #whiskeysour #cocktailrecipe #drinkrecipe #kentucky #bardstown #bourboncountry #bourbontrail #cranberries #winterdrinks

Festive Tom Collins ¼ oz Spiced Cranberry Grenadine* ½ oz Bookmark Limoncello ¾ oz Fresh Lemon Juice 1½ oz Temple Chapter One Gin Top with 3 oz Soda Water Glass: Collins or Highball Method: Build in the glass, add ice and slowly stir. For the best result, keep the gin and limoncello in the fridge. You can also short-shake the cocktail minus the soda water. Garnish with lemon essence, a lemon wheel, and a cherry. Garnish: Lemon Mist* + Dehydrated or Fresh Lemon Wheel + Cherry #tomcollins #cocktailphotography #ginspiration #gindrinks #ginstagram #highball #collins #cocktailsforyou #tw50bc #drinkoftheday #winter

The Nog You’ve Been Looking For It is that lovely week between Christmas and New Year’s and here is a holiday nog for my Secret Santa friend. This is for Adam’s @soundtrackmydrink #SoundtrackMyFriendsDrink Volume 12: Secret Santa Edition. We were randomly assigned a fellow drink makers account and told to craft a cocktail for the inspired by a Christmas song of choice and/or their feed. The song is playing, and of course, “What are you doing New Year’s Eve?” This tasty one is for @empirebrickofgin. I do not have any legos around to put into the photo, but I knew I could use gin. Not just any gin, I used the newest release from @templedistilling their Woodcut Volume 2. This is the first verision of the Co-Authored Gin I helped create with them. It was put into a bourbon barrel that had previously aged amaretto. After three years of resting, the gin is loaded with oak and vanilla, but with notes of caramelized nuts. I figured it would play well in a nog style cocktail. Paired with nutty olorosso, maple syrup, cream, egg and a touch of bitters. The cocktail is finished with a dusting of the freshest nutmeg. Happy Holidays and Cheers to everyone, and especially empirebrickofgin. 1¾ oz Temple Woodcut Gin Vol. 2 ¾ oz Olorosso Sherry ½ oz Maple Syrup ½ oz Cream 1 Whole Egg 2 Dashes of Aromatic Bitters Add all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and dry shake for 30 seconds. Add two big pieces of ice and shake for 30 more seconds. Fine strain into a dope glass. Freshly grate a hefty amount of nutmeg on top and sip away. #gin #gindrinks #eggnog #nog #ginspiration #happynewyear #craftcocktails #cocktailrecipes #cocktailoftheday #mixologyart #cocktailphotography #drinkphoto #nutmeg #sherry #holidaydrinks #holidayvibes #newyears

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