Nick Britsky

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Detroit cocktail content creator. Find me at: @thrillist, @travelchannel and @hour_detroit - #cicerone CBS, #USBG SP, 💑 to @lish

Location Royal Oak, MI
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Delicious DIY Holiday Cocktails

* Fig syrup is 2 parts jam and 1 part water warmed over the stove to combine. * Honey Sage syrup is made by warming 1 part honey to 1 part water. Once cool, remove the sage and store in a jar in the fridge. * Shake the Irish Whiskey, Heering and bitters with ice then strain into a pilsner glass.

2020 Boozy Gift Guide

When I visit people’s home bars, I’m always amazed at the creativity. Making nearly clear ice for yourself at home isn’t impossible Having access to a Clinebell Ice Machine that freezes giant crystal clear blocks of ice is really the way to go. Trust the professionals at Detroit Ice Works to make beautiful packaged ice that is sold at fine liquor and grocery stores.

Black Tater Tots & Rum

This day was known as Black Tot Day. It ended a nearly 325 year tradition of providing a ration of rum every day to sailors. This day was called Black Tot Day. Pick your favor rum, make some grog and honor the tradition of Black Tot Day.

Happy Mother’s Day! I could definitely go for a 1980s smash cake, right now.

Happy Hour time. Sipping on some @citybuilt Fifth Street Hooligan. Love the bright citrus flavors and the haze. Using @gotipem for @rhanks23. Cheers. #gotipem #citybuiltbrewing #happyhourdetroit

Ready for @nickofferman and @nbcparksandrec. @lagavulinwhisky ready to go. #ronswanson #nickofferman #pawneerangers #parksandrec

Shout out to @mabelgraykitchen making two tasty take-out cocktail kits: Hazel Park and Parcel and Margaritas! They provide the mixers and some optional add-ins for two delicious cocktails. The mixes are fresh ingredients that are bursting with flavor and have a great viscosity. We made each drink (check out our Instagram live) with @tequila_cabresto and @longroadgr Michigin. Go order some cocktails now and grab some carry-out food too. Cheers. #mabelgraykitchen #carryoutcocktails #takeouttuesday

Crazy Michigan weather is finally turning to something more inviting. That means @aperolspritzofficial weather. The quarantine house didn’t have any oranges so swapped some lemon and a touch of simple fixed that. Cheers. Photo and mask by @lishdorset #maskchallenge #diymask #aperolspritz #mimaskchallenge

Yes, I’d like the quarantine size. 750ml sounds great. Tonight I’m enjoying this @jesterkingbrewery Snorkel that I’m sure I cellared too long. But still tastes delicious and is like a sea breeze. Sneak peek of the new bunker studio. Sending a #gotipem to @an_i_me. Cheers. #313drinks #bunkerstudio #jesterkingbrewery

@lishdorset brought me back this tasty Tozai canned sake from @flaskandfield in LA. Subtle and delicious. Reminder to use @gotipem whenever you post a drink on social. Tonight I’m sending a tip to @jojotaveras06. #gotipem #313drinks #cannedsake

Come say hi to me tonight at 5pm on Facebook. I’ll be the behind the scenes tech for our first @hourdetroitmagazine #happyhourdetroit. Big thanks to @allisonduda for that slick logo. Good luck to @cocktail_coquetry and @castaliacocktails our first weeks guests.

This @detroitdesignmagazine Detroit Home Design Awards 2020 video stream brought to you by @ketelonebotanical. Putting my video and cocktail talents to good use for the day job. Join us on the website at 6pm to watch the presentation and find out all the best winners of the Metro Detroit design community. #ad #nomyadbutmyjobsad #ketelonebotanicals

Big thanks to @longroadgr who is busting out the @cnn style multi-camera epic production live streams and invited me as their first guest. We talked about @gotipem, their new rum, absinthe and basically everything else happening in the world today. Head over to their Facebook page to watch. It was a fun time indeed. #longroaddistillers #gotipem #daquiri

Easy curbside pickup of the tasty Evil Penguin from @cadillacstraits. Dedicating tonight’s @gotipem to @ginge_detroit. Cheers. #gotipem #313drinks #detroithospitality

Drinking some tasty @twojames Rye and sending a #gotipem to @pretty_good. Will you join me? Check out and help our service industry out. #313drinks #detroithospitality #nickdrinks

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