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How To Recreate Andra Day's NAACP Image Awards Look

Andra is rocking a fro, so Cooper wanted the makeup to compliment the hair, delivering a clean, 70s, glowy vibe. Cooper used her absolute favorites from the line to achieve Andra’s gorgeous look. As for the color on the eyes, Cooper started with a metallic champagne liquid shadow, followed by three hues from one of her favorite bronzy eye shadow quads. I also put a dab on the tip of her nose and the tiniest amount in the corners of the eyes.” Last, but certainly not least, the focal point of the look: the lips.

A Guide To Understanding Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissistic abuse is an insidious combination of emotional and psychological tactics aimed to undermine a person’s identity and destroy their self-worth. Love Bombing”—The Narcissist is enamored with you, thinks you’re perfect, and showers you with love, affection, and compliments. This stage often leads to the narcissist discarding you for a new partner they already groomed to provide the love and admiration you can no longer give. Its effect is to gradually undermine the victim’s confidence in his ability to distinguish truth from falsehood, right from wrong, or reality from appearance, thereby rendering them pathologically dependent on the gaslighter in his thinking or feelings.

"This Is What 50 Looks Like:" Method Man Talks Being On Screen And Staying In Shape

My first thing was to prove that I was dedicated to the art because a lot of people cut the line and jump in and cut their teeth in acting and they aren’t that good at it,” he says. If you follow him on Instagram, you’ve seen the new PRs he’s hit deadlifting and squatting. And while many actors step up their fitness game to look good on screen, the New Yorker actually started working out at 4 o’clock in the morning because of his sleep disorder. You wanna talk about Black excellence, from his mom to his cousin, to his daughter, to his ex-wife-baby mama– just excellence all over the board.

Courtney Kemp: Black Women In Entertainment Aren't Given More Than One Shot To Succeed

Power Book II Creator and Executive Director Courtney Kemp got her start working on The Bernie Mac Show and is now showrunner on one of Starz’ most successful franchises. Asked about the progress we’re told is being made in Hollywood on the heels of her NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Drama Series, she told us, “ but I am also a little cautious because I feel like some of those changes have happened from shaming people into them and they’re not coming from the goodness of their heart One of the ways that puts women creators at a disadvantage is the inability to fail, says Kemp who admits her journey when it comes to the Power franchise is a unique one.

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