Ava Roxanne Stritt

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Ava Roxanne Stritt is a Travel Writer who Re-Defined the #Spa Day into a #Wellness Adventure! Travelocity Gnational Gnomad, Rocky Mountaineer Ambassador, Contributor to USA Today, Travelocity, and multiple online websites. Freelance Writer for multiple glossy print magazines such as LA Travel Magazine, Upscale Living Magazine and Spa Inc. USA Today, Upscale Living, LA +

Location Colunbia, South Carolina Southeast
Country United States of America
Member Since OCTOBER 18, 2018
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Happy 11th Birthday to Lily and Ellie! We are celebrating their birthday this week at @the_greenbrier and they are having a blast! I have added this remarkable resort to places that I consider a home away from home. Never have I felt so comfortable and embraced by a destination. They have all of the amenities anyone could ask for at a luxury resort. I want to live there! My husband and I have been enjoying jeep rides, fly fishing, divine dining and of course a visit to their luxury spa. For nearly 250 years, travelers have come to White Sulphur Springs to “take the waters,” the heart and soul of The Greenbrier Spa experience. I cannot wait to share with you more of what I found at this historic place to take the waters right here in the USA! This resort has all of the amenities of a spa town right in West Virginia. Stay tuned for more on The Greenbrier and my adventures of this historical luxurious resort! #TheGreenbrier #LuxuryHotels #LuxurySpa #AlmostHeaven #Greenbrier #WestVirginia #SpaTravel #HistoricHotels #FallTravel #FallLeaves #BeautifulHotels #EnglishCream #englishcreamgoldenretriever #englishcreamgolden

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Check out this almost hidden gem right here in South Carolina! @GreerStation is an amazing getaway that balances historic architecture with modern cuisine, fun shopping and southern hospitality. I had the BEST Weekend Getaway right here in SC! See below: Stay: - @the.chickencooploft @discovergreer Shop - @chelseasclothing1 @plunderplacesc @yeahthatboutique @talloni_a_shoe_salon @southern_sisters_boutique @sparklingsistersgreer @olivesbranchgallery @shoppesofftrade Eat - @GreerHarvestKitchen @thebleuporch @baristaalley @blueridgebrewingco Spa - @pure.health.wellness Getaway Gals - @SpaTravelGal @LindseyRHolder @AshleyRenkenLoves #GreerStation #DowntownGreer #ThisisGreer #WeekendRecap #WeekendGetaway #spaday #girlfriendgetaway #DiscoverSC #SouthCarolina #VisitSC #Travel #weekendgetaways #girlfriendgetaways #spadays

Here is real REEL recap of all the fun we had on our weekend at @GreerStation (pink heart emoji) Stay: - @the.chickencooploft @discovergreer Shop - @chelseasclothing1 @plunderplacesc @yeahthatboutique @talloni_a_shoe_salon @southern_sisters_boutique @olivesbranchgallery @shoppesofftrade Eat - @GreerHarvestKitchen @thebleuporch @baristaalley @blueridgebrewingco Spa - @pure.health.wellness Getaway Gals - @SpaTravelGal @LindseyRHolder @AshleyRenkenLoves #GreerStation #DowntownGreer #ThisisGreer #WeekendRecap #WeekendGetaway #spaday #girlfriendgetaway #DiscoverSC #SouthCarolina #VisitSC #Travel #weekendgetaways #girlfriendgetaways #spadays

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Recently, I was on a Girlfriend Getaway to @greerstation Greer Station is a place where charming brick paved streets lead to a path of chic boutiques, tasty food and spa days. Here one can enjoy shopping, dining, champagne tasting and of course a trip to the spa. Now I want to share this experience with you! Enter Greer Station's Relax and Unwind Giveaway to have your own adventure! PRIZE - ½ Day Spa Luxury Package at Pure Wellness Spa with Lunch catered by Harvest Kitchen ENTER - LIKE this post FOLLOW @spatravelgal @greerstation @pure.health.wellness & @greerharvestkitchen COMPLETE - Link in my BIO https://woobox.com/59j6q9 #GreerStation #DowntownGreer #ThisisGreer #win #free #spaday #girlfriendgetaway #DiscoverSC #SouthCarolina #VisitSC #Travel #weekendgetaway #girlfriendgetaways #spadays #yeahthatgreenville #gvltoday #onespartanburg #visitspartanburg

Invite in mind-body harmony with chakra-balancing yoga & postures. On this day I was on the shores of Lake Geneva in Montreux, Switzerland after a day of hiking to see the Matterhorn. Today’s thought is inspired by @roundglass & its app. It is a platform dedicated to crafting your holistic wellbeing lifestyle by creating better habits, being mindful in daily interactions, eating healthier and much more! #RoundGlass #Iamwholisticwellbeing #holistic #barre #barre3 #switzerland #inLOVEwithSwitzerland #IneedSwizerland #chakra #yoga #lakegeneva #MontreuxRiviera #visitmontreux #holistic

Power up your creative muscle with movement today. I discovered a new talent after I cleared my chakras today. Who knew I was a great axe thrower! Today’s thought is inspired by @roundglass & its app. It is a platform dedicated to crafting your holistic wellbeing lifestyle by creating better habits, being mindful in daily interactions, eating healthier and much more! #RoundGlass #Iamwholisticwellbeing #holistic #axethrowing #newactivities #movement #miraval #miravalmoments

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