Ava Roxanne Stritt

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Ava Roxanne Stritt is a Travel Writer who Re-Defined the #Spa Day into a #Wellness Adventure! Travelocity Gnational Gnomad, Rocky Mountaineer Ambassador, Contributor to USA Today, Travelocity, and multiple online websites. Freelance Writer for multiple glossy print magazines such as LA Travel Magazine, Upscale Living Magazine and Spa Inc. USA Today, Upscale Living, LA +

Location Colunbia, South Carolina Southeast
Country United States of America
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My choice is always Premium Marine Collagen and that is exactly what I found with @ShoreMagic! The core benefits of use are to purify, fortify and enhance your true self. Who doesn’t want to detox and glow!!! I add 2 scoops to my coffee in the mornings and whip it in for some extra froth! Add it to your daily self-care routine and you will love the results. It makes a great Mother’s Day treat, so see the link in my bio! Limited edition Mother’s Day Gift Sets now available? See the link in my bio! #ShoreMagic #ad #detox #30daychallenge #collagen #collagendrink #collagenpowder #beautytips #831minhle #wearing831minhle

Repost from @thebroadmoor from a little photo shoot I had in the spa lounge prior to heading into my spa treatment. Can you tell how I am both excited and relaxed! You know a spa is my happy place for sure! So glad this grand historical hotel is so close to my daughter @alexisgstritt 👸🏻 I know I will return to this majestic place. 🏰 Do you know a majestic place? ⭐️ #spatravel #wellnesstravel #spabreak #selfcare #spaday #luxuryspas #luxurytravel #sparetreat #wellnessretreat #spatreatment #spa #spaday #spaandwellness #selfcare #luxuryspas #luxuryhotels #luxuryspa #historicalhotels

Your well-being is always important. And while your overall well-being is tied to your physical, mental and emotional health, it includes your financial and holistic health, too. #sponsor I know for me, feeling financially stable is a huge part of my well-being. Recently, I started looking around and found @officialempowertoday to help me prepare for my financial future. They help you navigate the steps to make sure you have a great savings journey. Some of my favorite tips came from an article on Empower’s website concerning the power of mindful spending. We all love a little retail therapy, but let’s make sure it really leads to fulfillment. Feeling anxious about your financial situation can affect your emotional and physical well-being. As financial hero Deepak Chopra says, the keys to financial confidence include knowing your financial values, setting a plan and seeing that plan through. In the article, Chopra recommends taking these steps: Have a joyful, energetic body Maintain a loving, compassionate heart Develop a clear, reflective mind Feel lightness of being Now is the time to learn how to be more financially stable with Empower. Follow them to improve your own financial well-being today! #empowerinsights #financialhealth #holistichealth #wellness #holistic

I am off again today on a short jaunt to the sunny state of Florida! After the chill in the air yesterday here in South Carolina, I am excited to get a bit of warmth. Thanks to @cityconnectair for a wonderful party the other night allowing me to see all that they have to offer for private jets. Let’s do it again @enhanceimagespa - IN THE AIR! Where are your travel dreams taking you? #privatejet #privatejetlife #privatejets #privatejetcharter #privatejetlifestyle #privatejettravel #privatejetinterior #privateair #privateplanes #privateplanes #charterplane #charterplanes #luxurytravel #florida #visitflorida

“Reading became my sanctuary. I found so much in those books. I found histories that inspired me. Poems that delighted me. Novels that challenged me… What I really found, though, was myself.” What Belle said is exactly how I felt by the fireplace in the cozy library at @thebroadmoor this week. #quotes #belle #books #boostagram #bookshelf #booksbooksbooks #TheBroadmoor #visitcolorado #visitcoloradosprings #luxuryhotels #luxuryhotel #disney #beautyandthebeast #disney #coloradosprings #coloradolive

We all know I love to take care of my skin, but I can’t visit a spa everyday. When I am at home or traveling I use my @FOREO Bear! Foreo Bear is my new at-home device for for anti-aging and rejuvenation. It’s the ultimate Face Yoga that I can do anywhere! The BEAR connects to an APP that guides you through your facial workout! You can adjust intensities and save your preferences. Of course, if you are traveling and don’t have connectivity, just use the BEAR without the app. 
 There are many anti-age treatments at spas that I love, however- the BEAR delivers Microcurrent AND T-Sonic Pulsations that tone, tighten and firm the skin. Out of all the products and devices I’ve tried, the FOREO BEAR is the best investment for my skincare routine. Those little T-Sonic pulsations help my skin absorb products better, massages my face, and gives me a glow! Foreo Bear = Instant Result = Red Carpet Ready Check the link in BIO and use code AVA10 if you would like to try it yourself!  #FOREO ‭#FOREOBEAR #antiage‬ ‭#skincare #skincareroutine‬ ‭#skincaretips #skincareproducts‬ ‭#skincarejunkie #skincaresunday ‬

#ad That feeling of balance and confidence you get after a good workout. Priceless! With @Poise Plus you stay both dry & protected whether at my local fitness class or hiking with my dogs! The protection you trust made even better for indoor or outdoor activities both day and night! Other reasons to choose Poise® Plus: 10% more absorbent* (*vs. Poise Originals 6 Drop) Trusted 3-in-1 protection with extra absorbency for Day and Night* (*vs Poise Originals 6 Drop) Up to 12 Hours of Protection Available only at @Costco! * Save $7.00 on Poise® Plus * Limit 2 * Valid 4/4-4/17

#sponsored Look who has been traveling with me these days as a wellness partner in my wellness journey. @ShopKaraMD is a premiere brand for natural remedies. As a vegan all-natural wellness brand their goal is to help you take your health into your own hands. I now feel empowered after using their products for the past few months. Comfort Guard X24 naturally reduces pain and inflammation caused by aging or activities. Be sure to use my promo code AVA30 for 30% off - SEE the link in my BIO! #YourHealthInYourHands #KaraMDSupplements #KaraMD #antiaging #lifeinbalance #overfiftyandfabulous #miraval

This is where you and I should be today! Spa Lilliana at @HotelEffie definitely impressed this spa gal! From their signature treatments to their hospitality. If you find yourself anywhere near this area, please check them out! Start out with a Vagus Nerve Meditative Massage. A massage like none other. This relaxing massage experience regulates stress and rest and transports you to an uplifting meditative state of consciousness.  Steaming aromatic compresses, gentle neck and body massage strokes, cranial holds and a soothing essential oil blend to mitigate stress and tension and invite total relaxation and wellbeing.  Then get one of their exclusive facials with my favorite French Skincare brand Biologique Recherche. So exclusive the skincare brand chooses which spas they will allow their line to be carried. Be sure to visit Hotel Effie! @southwaltonlocal 📸 @aprilfromthespa 🧘‍♂️ #spatravel #wellnesstravel #spabreaks #spaday #relaxation #hoteleffie #luxurytravel #luxuryspa #luxurylifestyle #30a

I have been checking out my future travels and Doha has definitely risen to the top of the list as it's the best value stopover of the world, and it's back open for tourism! Whenever I travel internationally I search for airlines that will provide exceptional service, and luckily I discovered @qatarairways which has been voted the World's Best Airline for the 6th time in 2021 as well as World’s Best Business Class! Check out Qatar Airways' detailed itineraries for Doha Stopover on their website by visiting the link in my bio! I am looking forward to explore Qatar's capital city and experience Doha as part of my next vacation. #DohaTogether #QatarAirways #VisitQatar #seetheworld #travelgram #firstclass #businessclass #travel #luxurytravel #luxurylifestyle

Becoming an entrepreneur can be stressful. When I went from being a Financial Analyst to a Freelance Writer, I needed support. When it came to my website needs, @GoDaddy was and is always there for me. #sponsored It is such a relief to be able to ask them any questions and get answers I can understand. This empowers me to feel confident about my business model and also also sleep better at night! GoDaddy allows me to grow my business now all over the world from anywhere I may find myself. From a rainforest in Ecuador to a sweet suite by the beach:) GoDaddy empowers women in their endeavors as entrepreneurs. My most recent proudest moment of being an entrepreneur is being named an Ambassador of @NevisNaturally. What are you proud of today about your business? #GoDaddyPartner #WomensHistoryMonth #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #femaleentrepreneur #thefutureisfemale

I found the perfect outfit for a perfect day of shopping in Savannah recently. When you have the most comfortable clothes that still make you feel good, anything is possible. It was the perfect day for brunch at a Parisian Cafe. I love @theparismarket 💕 #fashion #timelessfashion #nomadbasic #loungewear #fashioninfluencer

Looking forward to spring? So is your wardrobe. Check out the new @adoreme spring collection! I got spring vibes! 💗 Head to the link in my bio for all the cutes sets they have for you for spring! #adoremegiftedme #springvibes #adoreme #lingerie #springvibes

Recently on a wellness retreat, I had some time to think about my health. #AD Not everyone takes the time to think about their health like they should - especially men. If you have a man in your life, please encourage them to think more about their health. @mymdvip, a nationwide network of primary care physicians who practice personalized healthcare with a focus on prevention and early detection, recently conducted a study and some of their findings surprised me. Did you know that 4 in 5 men say their spouse/partner plays an important role in their health? Or that 45% of men have gone to the doctor because their spouse/partner insisted on it? Ladies, realize that you have more influence than you know in helping the men in your life take better care of themselves. Support your partner in making better health choices, keep an eye out for changes or warning signs that can indicate more serious health issues, and urge him to see his primary care doctor (or find one he trusts). Arm yourself with the facts by taking the #MensHealthIQ quiz on the MDVIP website. Everyone’s health is important! #MDVIPMenshealth

Almost too pretty to take a soak in…. ALMOST! Yes I tried out this amazing tub 🛀🏻 for real in the Presidential Suite at @hoteleffie 💙 📸 @southwaltonlocal #tubgoals #hoteleffie #thepreferredlife #luxurytravel #luxuryhotels #luxurylifestyle

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