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Fashion is a right, not a luxury. Take risks, break rules. We are Missguided.

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Meet Our Senior Social Media Executive

I would spend every spare morning or evening at Uni writing blog posts, taking photos, going to gigs, interviewing bands and writing reviews. I got my first job out of uni because of my blog, but showing that you’re really interested in social or digital with something like a blog or actively growing your own social accounts, will stand you in good stead and show that you’ve got a knack for content. what you know AND who you know!TOP TIPS FOR BOSSING IT IN SOCIALAlways tailor your CV to the job you’re going for, and keep your CV to a minimum of two pages. The person who’s hiring has to go through hundreds of CV’s so make yours stand out, whether that’s with a strong design or even something extra like a social rulebook or a content plan.

An interview with Swedish Artist KEV

Our first gig we had with KEV were in Halmstad, our hometown, and we didn’t have any expectations, but it came a lot of people and they we’re very happy and dedicated to our music, so it felt really fun! I like when the music video isn’t just about the music, but also has a story. , I think it’s really cool to combine a pink t-shirt with a pair of black suit pants and cool sneakers. We’re going to make music, release music and hopefully also play a lot of shows.

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