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Fashion is a right, not a luxury. Take risks, break rules. We are Missguided.

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Meet Our Senior Social Media Executive

Been at Missguided for: 1 year 4 months About me: I’m a 20-something, Instagram-obsessed Welsh bird from a tiny, surfy, seaside town. Things I love: going to gigs, anything related to true crime on Netflix, coffee and Ryan Gosling

An interview with Swedish Artist KEV

Our first gig we had with KEV were in Halmstad, our hometown, and we didn’t have any expectations, but it came a lot of people and they we’re very happy and dedicated to our music, so it felt really fun! I like when the music video isn’t just about the music, but also has a story. , I think it’s really cool to combine a pink t-shirt with a pair of black suit pants and cool sneakers. We’re going to make music, release music and hopefully also play a lot of shows.

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