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Member Since SEPTEMBER 07, 2020
Social Audience 106K
withlove.sandra 106K Last Month Last 3 Months
  • Posts 16 42
  • Engagement Rate 1.4% 1.4%
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  • Avg Likes 1K 1K
  • Avg Comments 40 53
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Are you a morning person or a night person? 🥹 I think I’m a morning person but the next person to tell me we meeting at the trailhead at 5am is getting hurt 🫥🫨

This romper is the epitome of summer 🍊🧡

Got me there 🥹💀

Finally collected enough clips for this throughout the road trip 🥹 but my boss does know we’re on this longterm trip so it’s all good 🤠 Credit 🤍

Went to the desert to take a pic with the locals 😽🌵 V late posting bc I havent been able to during the day 🥹 but im currently going through all my photos from the past few months and it’s literally like my vision board threw up in my camera roll and i love it 🥰💙

AD | @jacksflightclub is hosting a giveaway for a free membership linked in my bio! You’ll get alerts to the best flight deals to your favorite destinations like the Maldives, Europe (hello European summer 👀), and Japan! Check out my stories for more details ✈️🤍

oh to be sitting on a toadstool in super nintendo world 🍄❤️ This was def one of the coolest parts of Universal! To guarantee you can get in, I’d do the daily reservation through their virtual line, or going through VIP/Universal Express since it can get pretty crowded! 🎟️

There will be 3.5 million jobs in cybersecurity by 2025 and there aren’t enough people to fill them, with more companies coming online and using more advanced tech, there’s a huge need for cybersecurity roles. If you’re looking for a sign to get started, here it is 👩🏻‍💻⛳️

Me during hikes: 👹👺 Me at the top: 🤩🥹🤗

Still crying over not going to taylor’s concert n now im pretending these zion peaks are windermere peaks 😫🥺😔

The little scoot at the end 🥹👍

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