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Learning as much as I can about the world of whisky, so I can continue to share it with you!

Location Atlanta, Georgia United States
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For Father’s Day , @pauljohnwhisky reached out to ask if I ever stole a few drams from my dad. Sadly, my dad and I never had the chance to share a whisky on this journey, one that all began from actually stealing whisky from @thejorell ! It was this amazing daddy who sparked my love of whisky and the one who has supported me the entire way! Thank you @thejorell for always letting me steal your whisky, open every bottle that comes through the door, and too for being an amazing daddy. There’s no one else I’d rather drink whisky with, even if it has to be over FaceTime. And thank you @pauljohnwhisky for giving me an opportunity to pay him back with a stunning ooey-gooey PX gem that I can’t wait to share with him! ❤️ #forthedramsistole #pauljohnwhisky #indianwhisky #pedrojimenez #pxcask

A damn delight. ✨ @subjecttochangewineco #naturalwine #skincontactwine #stcwine #californiawine #skincontactwines #naturalwines

Dogs are rude Part. 18372627 ft. @jackdaniels_us Bonded which is doggone delicious! #jackdanielbonded #jackdaniels #dogsarerude #whiskey #jackdanielswhiskey

Word on the street is soon these stunning blue bottles will be filled with not only Irish barley, but too Irish peat! If you couldn’t guess, I’m just a *little* excited! Can’t wait to meet your peat, Fenniscourt and Ballybannon! @waterforddistillery Want to read all about it? Link in stories via @vinepair ! #waterford #waterforwhisky #waterfordirishwhisky #irishwhiskey #peat #peatedmalt #peatedirishwhiksy #terroir.

Up next on my @killowendistillery adventures is the Txakolina Acacia Cask! A combination of single grain and single malt Irish whiskey that started in ex-bourbon, and was aged further in Sherry butts. It was then married with another ex-bourbon aged Irish single malt before being finished in a Txakolina cask with virgin acacia heads! 🤯 Nose: ripe peaches in melted butter on top of butterscotch cake. Bright stone fruits, damp sweet moss. Palate: Thick & silllllky, notes of not quite ripe apricots, butterscotch gummies and dried grass. Finish: Lots of prickle all around the tongue with some white pepper in the very back of the palate with malty biscuits and citrus peels! So weird. So good. So worth picking up if see it out! Another smashing dram @brendan.carty.12 ! #ireallyloveirishwhiskey #killowen #killowendistillery #mournes #ireland #irishwhiskey #smallbatch #singlemalt #singlemaltirishwhiskey #whiskey #txakolina #acacia #whiskeyreview #basque

The nose on this is heavenly, like chocolate covered frozen bananas. Pairs best with hot chocolate chip cookies. Happy Ardbeg Day! @ardbeg_usa @ardbeg #ardbegday2022 #ardbeg #ardcore #ardbegardcore #islay #ardbegday

When you try to snap a photo of your @meinklang_farm Prosa, but #dogsarerude ! #meinklang #meinklangwine #meinklangprosa #prosa #winewinewine

Today I’ll be celebrating with my beloved @bruichladdich that @wateroflifefilm is now on @pbs for everyone to watch! I know I sound like a broken record but @bruichladdich has really impacted me and my career in whisky more than I can say, and the knowledge that I’ve acquired through my experiences with them is priceless. Plus, the lovely people I have met is truly the icing on the peated cake. Thank you @gwswartz @weedrambigman for asking me to be apart of this, and for being a kind and passionate human in this magical world of whisky. And thank you @bruichladdich for always being so good to me and always offering moments to learn. And, of course for the incredible whisky! You can now watch @wateroflifefilm on the @pbs website and app. It will air in local markets at the end of June to early July! #wateroflife #wateroflifefilm #whisky #bruichladdich #scotchwhisky #islay #peat #octomore #whiskyfilm

🌎🥃 #ad // I speak to so many people whose whisky journey began with @johnniewalkerus . From beginners to industry veterans, there are people all around the world who love this family of whiskies. For me, I have always enjoyed Johnnie Walker, especially the Black Label, but it wasn't until recently I began to dig a little deeper into the brand and the distilleries that all come together to make these beautiful blends what they are.    What I appreciate about Blended Scotch Whiskies is that you get to experience a little bit of magic from each distillery as is the case of the @johnniewalkerus High Rye!  From the waxy notes of Clynelish to the little puff of briny peat from Caol Ila, and the showstopper of rye whisky from Teaninich, along with the contributions of Cardhu, Cameronbridge and Glenkinchie, this is a whisky worthy of its praise.    I hope on this World Whisky Day you go out of your box and try something new. I have a feeling you’ll be pleasantly surprised and if it happens to be the @johnniewalkerus High Rye, well it would be fitting, as you’ll have a world of beautiful whiskies in your glass.    Happy World Whisky Day!    #ad #johnniewalkerus #worldwhiskyday #blendedscotch #whisky #johnniewalkerhighrye #teaninich #clynelish #caolila #cardhu #cameronbridge #glenkinchie

Kicking off Tallyho season with @variantbrewingcompany ! #variantbrewing #beer #rosielovestoswim

What is your favorite whisky glass? I’ve broken all but this one copita (which is my go-to glass) but before I order more I’d love to know what your favorites are? Anything stemmed is plus for me and the standard Glencairn is at the very bottom of my list. Thank you so much! ❤️ #whisky #whiskyglasses #glassware #copita #whiskeyglass #whiskylover

K I L L O W E N // I am finally starting to share my thoughts (happy ones!) on @killowendistillery ! I will be reviewing 7 different whiskies and a poítin over the next few weeks, and I am so jazzed up about what I’ve tasted. I remember reading about this distillery and Brendan in @smws_unfiltered last year and being so intrigued by three guys making whiskey in a shed in the heart of the Mournes. To kick off this review series, I’m starting with the 5 year Signature. Aged for 5 years in bourbon casks, it was then divided and finished in their own dark rum casks and PX Sherry butts. The nose sucks you into this tropical paradise just brimming with coconut, rum cake and prunes that have been in the sun too long. Deep, rich aromas of dates and figs and all of those dense and gritty fruits, I can almost feel the skins in my teeth. The palate follows suit with a lovely viscosity that transforms all of those delightful aromas into flavors, with dried grass, hay and toasted oats holding it together. Finally, a little sticky sweet wisp of strawberry reduction pops up on the finish. It’s really f*cking good and I can not wait to tell you more about this distillery and the rest of their whiskies! Well done @brendan.carty.12 , this is a beaut! #ireallyloveirishwhiskey #killowen #killowendistillery #mournes #ireland #irishwhiskey #smallbatch #singlemalt #singlemaltirishwhiskey #whiskey

I’ve never met a @woodinvillewhiskeyco I didn’t like. One of my favorite’s because you really taste the place, the earth and it’s not just a bombardment of corn and sweetness. The 2021 Harvest Release is exactly that, just amplified. They took their flagship 5 year bourbon and finished it in 10 year old, 200 gallon Moscatel de Setúbal barrels. The nose is date cake with candied pecans, with apricot jam that’s fallen on the floor of a damp wood. The palate sings with herbal tea, whispers of anise and fennel and finishes like a cherry coke with a splash of fernet. Truly dreamy and gritty and earthy and reason 62728 I love their whiskey! #whiskeygram #instawhiskey #bourbongram #instabourbon #bourbonwhiskey #moscateldesetubal #dram #cask #bourbonlife #whiskeytime #whiskeylover #graintoglass #whiskeyreview #harvestrelease #woodinville #woodinvillewhiskey #woodinvilleharvestrelease

Hello, old friend! This is the whisky that opened up my palate to peat many moons ago, and I still very much love it to this day. 🥃 @kilchomanwhisky #peat #peatedwhisky #singlemalt #singlemaltscotchwhisky #kilchoman #machirbay #islay #islaywhisky #whisky #scotch

#ad These two women you see here are my sister in law and my mother in law. They are two of the strongest women I have ever met in life, having experienced times I could not begin to fathom. They have taught me lifelong lessons, shown me nothing but love, kindness, patience, and have made me a better human for just knowing them. There are not enough words here to begin to tell you how lucky I am to be a part of their lives, and to have them in mine. This is truly a once in a lifetime kind of love, and in honor of Women’s History Month wrapping up, I wanted to share just a little about these two remarkable women, who happen to be my very best friends. I am thrilled to raise a glass of @johnniewalkerus Black Label to them any day of the week! Visit the blog to learn more about why this whisky is special to us, and why these women are so special to me! Link in bio! #johnniewalkerus #womenshistorymonth #KeepWalking

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