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Learning as much as I can about the world of whisky, so I can continue to share it with you!

Location Atlanta, Georgia United States
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​It is with great excitement that I can now say the 12th Edition of Octomore is now available here stateside! I’ll never forget my first Octomore (from the MP6 tasting in 2016) and just being so taken aback by what I was tasting. How can the world’s most heavily peated whisky be this elegant, composed, and opulent on my palate? Over the years I have continued to enjoy these releases and I can still happily say that they are still as magical as the first one I ever tasted. Here is my review of the Octomore 12.3: Mash Bill: 100% Malted Barley (from Octomore Farm) Cask: 1st Fill ex-Bourbon (75%), 1st Fill ex-PX Sherry (25%) Age: 5 Years ABV: 62.1% Non-Chill Filtered | Natural Color | Cask Strength PPM: 118.1 A 2014 harvest of concerto barley was malted and distilled into a heavily peated spirt that was split into two parcels, a 75/25 split. The 75% parcel was sent to mature full term in 1st fill American whiskey casks with the remaining 25% going full maturation in a 1st fill Pedro Ximenez sherry butt from Fernando de Castilla. These two parcels were then aged for 5 years on Islay and married together. Nose: Smoked tart green apples burst on top with hospital juice and wood tarnish swirling about. Digging deeper you find refreshing notes of eucalyptus, leaving your nose tingling. Vanilla frosted mini wheats embrace the peat and herbal waves, leaving your mouth watering! Palate: Smoked salty grilled oysters dance in a viscous herbal tonic on the sides of my palate followed by a dessert of graham cracker and green apple chutney. Elegant parcels of sweet peat emerge from fig and jam. Finish: A musty and dusty finish of earth and leather, depart slowly leaving traces of a fine smoked wine sauce. While the stats tell us this whisky is heavily peated, the delivery of peat is so elegant and well-integrated like a finely tailored suit for your mouth. The peat is delicately woven into each thread of flavour, swirling around your palate and coating each nook and cranny with the behemoth elegance that is Octomore! Must be 21+ to enjoy. Link in bio! #bruichladdich #octomore #octomore12 #whisky #scotch #singlemalt #islay #peat #21+ #ad

I have yet to taste a whiskey from @wanderback that I didn’t enjoy, and enjoy thoroughly! Batch No. 5, which is their first limited edition whiskey from their Lone Star Collection was made in partnership with @balconesdistilling (hey @slowdrams !) and is abso-freaking-lutely delicious. As soon as I poured it, the room was filled with the richest aromas of brown sugar soaked with Armagnac, candied pecans and a cabinet full of every baking spice in Julia Child’s kitchen. My mouth was watering before I even tasted it! The palate is so decadent and teeming with warm spices of nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. But what I love most is this candied pecan-walnut note that is so warm and inviting, and at 52% just siiiiiiings on the palate. Well done @wanderback , this is one dazzling dram! Thank you for sending this to me, it will be enjoyed thoroughly until the last drop! ❤️ #wanderback #wanderbackwhisky #balcones #americansinglemalt #whiskey #pnw #hoodriver #whiskeygram

Still on this wine kick! Please spill the beans on all the best wine shops in Atlanta (around ATL) and what your favorite wines are right now! Would love your recommendations if you’re willing to share! 🧡 @fieldrecordingswine #winestagram #wine #atlantawine #winesofinstagram #whitewine #fieldrecordingswine #pasorobleswineries #whiskywho

Massive thank you to @quarter_jill for taking the time to talk with me about Orchard House! It’s such a a stunning whisky. The nose is full of thick waxy red apples and pears, slight whisper of smoke that just sings! Palate is wave of thick creamed and oily apple pie frosting, with melon rinds and baby puffs of smoked Brie cheese. So so so lovely, and a very welcomed addition to the core malts range. Well done @compassboxwhiskyco , this is a winner! If you need assistance in hunting this down, please reach out and I am more than happy to point you in the right direction! Ending this day on such a happy note. Thank you Jill, for being such an awesome human who happens to make some truly exceptional whisky. ❤️

ORCHARD HOUSE 🍎// Curious to know more about this massively waxy fruit bomb from @compassboxwhiskyco ? Well come and join me today at 4:00 PM ET here on @instagram as I will have the privilege of speaking with the lovely @quarter_jill about this new release, and so much more! See you then! 🍏 #whisky #scotch #compassbox #compassboxwhisky #orchardhouse #whiskytasting #whiskyreview #scotchwhisky #blendedmalt

When I think about my love of bourbon, I always think back to a very humbling story of a blind tasting I experienced early on in my journey. You see, my husband is a big bourbon fan. It’s his bread and butter, always has been, and I always leaned more toward Scotch and Irish whiskey. He has a particular bourbon that he really loves, (so much so it’s tattooed on his body) and it is one that I found to be just okay. One night, I was lucky to blind taste through 5 whiskies and there was one that just really captured my palate. I REALLY liked it. I was shocked to learn it was my husband’s favorite bourbon, the one that I turned down many times and passed on to have a Scotch. It was such a humbling moment, and one that made me question just how many exceptional bourbons I missed out on over those early years. I’ll never forget it, as it’s reminded me to not give up on a whiskey, even if I don’t like it the first time. Now, even in Scotch whisky I tend to lean towards those bourbon cask matured whiskies that carry those big juicy viscous vanilla notes. The contribution those casks make to whisk(e)y around the world is so profound, and I can’t imagine what that world would be without bourbon! The magic of that ex-bourbon cask has fueled my love for this spirit and has me diving into parts of whiskey I never have before. I’m really grateful for that foot in mouth moment many moons ago because there is a bounty of incredible bourbons to be poured, sipped, and enjoyed and I look forward to doing just that! Thank you @distilledspiritscouncil for asking me to celebrate #BourbonHeritageMonth with you all! #bourbon #whiskey #bourbongram #instabourbon #bourboncask #whiskeygram #Bourbonlover #craft #distilled #instawhiskey #whiskeywednesday

Still here with blue hair drinking all @thejorell ‘s @oldforester in my jams! #whiskey #oldfo #oldforester #bourbon #alotischangingbutsomethingsneverwill

After months of not drinking whiskey together, or just being together for that matter, @thejorell and I are very much enjoying this @smoothambler Contradiction Rye. So much so I was told to snap a photo now because it wasn’t going to last. Thank you @amblinwingo for walking me through this a few weeks ago, and please thank the Amblin’ Boss for bottling this at 52.5%! We really love it! #smoothambler #rye #contradictionrye #ryewhiskey #whiskey #nonchillfiltered

🍷Never had so much fun learning about grapes. These are some recent favorites: @grapeabduction @fieldrecordingswine @meinklang_farm Thanks @hopcityatl for fueling my grape learning fire! #wine #winestagram #petnatwine #petnat #winetime #rosé #biodynaicwine #orangewine

Massive fan of Glen Moray, both their releases and ours. Some of the single cask we have released over the years have absolutely blown me away, ones I will remember for a very long time. Plus, their standard releases are fantastic, and a great way to expose and build up your palate without breaking the bank. Whenever I see them in the @smwsamerica pipeline, I get super jazzed. This 12 year , 1st fill ex-bourbon barrel release has a malty tropical thing going on. It’s what I imagine Tropical Malted Milk Balls tasting like. Lots of cookie-cocoa tropical bits in my nose now. Palate is a puncher, I actually prefer this with some water (it siiiiings!) It’s a dessert on the palate. Green apple, almond pastry cream tart with a whipped honey graham cracker crust, big big apple finish (like fresh, tart, juicy AF, green apple!) Another whisky to cement my love for Glen Moray! Got any favourites from @glen_moray_whisky ? #whisky #scotch #smwsa #glenmoray #speyside #singlecask #singlemalt #scotchwhisky

My whisky collection has been locked up in storage for a few months now (moving is a blessing but also a curse?) and so I’m beyond grateful for these little gems to keep my heart, and palate satisfied. No secret, I’m a big ol’ Octo-fangirl and this 10.3 is a treat! Funky ointment and bandaid soaked barley on the nose, gooey charred hay, honey almonds and sweet soot (think marshmallow fell in the fire while camping) on the palate, and a lingering feeling of pure mother-peating joy on the finish. My kind of whisky! Hoping you all are finding some joy tonight! 🖤💨 @bruichladdich #islay #islaybarley #bruichladdich #singlemalt #scotch #octomore #whisky #peat #singlemalt #scotchwhisky #peatedwhisky #joy

I haven’t had this in quite some time, so when it showed up today I had to pop it open and pour a glass. I love that weird ‘creamed moss’ note on the nose of this and that it translates just so on to the palate. All in all, a very good way to end the day! @bruichladdich #bruichladdichislaybarley2012 #islay #islaybarley #bruichladdich #singlemalt #scotch #whisky

I loved the old version of this and too the new. In a blind tasting of over 50+ whiskies a few years back, this ended up in my top three, and frankly I still think it’s just tasty AF. @glenmorangieusa @glenmorangieusa #glenmorangie #glenmorangiedistillery #glenmorangiequintaruban #whisky #scotch

I have to say that my appreciation for grain whiskey has really blossomed over the last year or so. To say I was excited to see this arrive is an understatement. The Gael is such a delight of a whiskey and so I couldn’t wait to pop this open and give it whirl. The nose is soft with marzipan and honey, with this creamy earthy texture of vanilla cream. The palate follows suit with MUCH viscosity! Big waves of vanilla bean pastry cream, taro and red bean paste engulf the palate in this luscious dessert of a whiskey. It’s dreamy! Massive thanks to the amazing @louisemcguane for crafting this beauty right on the farm in County Clare! You’re doing such incredible things and I’m lucky to be able to taste them. 💙 @jjcorrywhiskey #whiskey #irishwhiskey #jjcorry #chapelgate #chapelgatewhiskey #ireland #countyclare #grainwhiskey #thehanson #blendedgrain

No words to say how much I love this little dog and this tattoo that captures her perfectly! Thank you @callmemickeyt for sharing your talents with me and creating something so beautiful and perfect. Your gifts are truly remarkable and so special, just like you! And lots of love to Little Rosario for keeping me smiling through all of life’s curveballs. 💜 #tattoo #womentattooartists #womentattooingwomen #girlsrule

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