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Learning as much as I can about the world of whisky, so I can continue to share it with you!

Location Atlanta, Georgia United States
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February has been full of joy and so much gratitude. Glad I got to enjoy it with you @thejorell ❤️ #paris #tattooplanetarium2024 #distilleriebertrand #frenchwhisky #johnniewalker #whisky #lamaisonduwhisky #togetheratlonglast

It’s giving musty red grapes on an old wooden bench that’s been recently oiled, stuck inside of an extra dusty dunnage warehouse in the height of summer. It’s divine! @duncantaylorscotchwhisky @shand_import #shandimport #duncantaylorscotchwhisky #aultmore #aultmoredistillery #singlecask #singlemalt #scotch #whisky #octave #octavecask #sherrycask

Wow wow wow, thank you @martingalecognac and @corkknife for this stunning delivery! I can not wait to dive into this! ✨ #cognac #martingale #martingalecognac #france #visitfrance #cognaclover

This @westwardwhiskey made me malfunction! What a wild whiskey, complex and full of flavor! Well done @miles_munroe and team, it’s a stunner! #whiskey #westward #westwardwhiskey #westwardmilestone #pnw #portlandwhiskey #whiskeyreview #whiskeywednesday #whiskeygram #americanwhiskey #americansinglemalt #solera

I fell in love with @echlinville on my trip with @invest_ni ! Located on the stunning 23 acre Echlinville Estate, this family owned, grain to glass distillery is making some seriously exceptional whiskies. Every single drop I tasted I was just enamored with from the farmy vanilla Greek yoghurt new make to the lush and hella viscous Tawny Port cask I had the pleasure of burgling! They grow all of their grain in Portaferry and even go as far as to floor malt said grain and send it on a low and slow journey of distillation. On top of their Echlinville portfolio, they also brought back @dunvillesirishwhiskey which fell silent in 1936. I had the pleasure of tasting a few of these and they are all stunning! Dunville’s is sourced liquid + their own spirit and it undergoes an extensive finishing process. And extra bonus points is that it’s completely transparent! And lastly the @oldcomber brand has too been brought back to life after 70 years of silence, which is pot still deliciousness and one you should definitely try if you find it! With the distillery crafting their own exceptional whiskies (and gin and poitin!) they too have brought back some of the lost whiskey brands of Ireland! So they are not only preserving the rich distilling history of Ireland, but they are also making a very rich history of their own. Please go out and try any of these remarkable whiskies from @echlinville @dunvillesirishwhiskey and @oldcomber , I promise you won’t be disappointed! And if you find yourself in Ireland, go visit! Thank you @peter.rogan.1441 for the amazing hospitality and for putting even more love for Irish whiskey in my heart! #investnishowcase #echlinville #echlinvilledistillery #whiskey #northerireland #irishwhiskey #dunvilles #oldcomber #presstrip #distilleryvist #fortheloveofirishwhiskey #ireland #visitnorthernireland

Dusty funky melons in dungeons! The new Teeling Very Rare Cask in Pineau des Charentes is a 33 year old beauty! Big juicy melon with all the musty and dusty notes makes this a dreamy dram! I had no idea what Pineau des Charentres was and now I want more whiskies in this cask type! Many thanks to the team at @teelingwhiskey for this opportunity! And if you fancy learning more and Pineau, please visit @pineau_academy ! #teeling #irishwhiskey #fortheloveofirishwhiskey #pineaudescharentes #cognac #whiskeyreview #whiskey #veryrarecask #teelingveryrarecask #dublin #visitdublin #ireland

It’s even more magical than I imagined! When we arrived at @killowendistillery (which is located in a @unesco geopark), we were welcomed by @brendan.carty.12 with Irish Coffees and Danny McGreevy playing the Uilleann pipes (which you are hearing now!) The distillery is surrounded by the lushest lands in an actual fairytale setting and with a view of Carlingford Lough. Truly a place of dreams! We sipped our coffees, had a wee tour and too had the pleasure of meeting @nearynogschocolate who makes some mouth watering chocolates before heading down to the barrel house for some tastes from a few casks! The distillery really is tiny, but is it mighty! The space is old and humble, it almost feels like you are going back into time, like the space was uncovered during an archaeological dig, with flame fired stills and stone walls, and even delicately weaved cobwebs adorning the corners. The barrel house too is tiny yet houses some whiskies that will truly blow your mind. I love the honest simplicity of the place, the people, the spirit. No bells and whistles, just really good people making some of the best whiskies I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. I know some of you may be sick of me waxing on about my love for this distillery, but I promise you there are very big things around the corner for them. I encourage you to get out and try their whiskies if you can, there is no denying that the spirit is world class. And if you ever have an opportunity to visit, bring some tissues as you’ll probably be a sobby mess when you leave, as it will fill you up with all the things you never knew you needed. More to come on this visit, but for now you just get me, in my feels, sharing my love for an incredible story and distillery. Oh, and they just won Production Team of the Year at Icons of Whisky Ireland! Well done @brendan.carty.12 and @killowenella !! Thank you @lovenifood for making this dream happen for me! I still can’t believe it happened! #investnishowcase #investni #fortheloveofirishwhiskey #visitnorthernireland #mournemountains #killowen #killowendistillery #irishwhiskey #distilleryvisit #whiskytravels #countydown #presstrip

Earlier this month I had the immense pleasure of attending a press trip to Northern Ireland by the incredibly kind and hospitable @invest_ni for their #investnishowcase. The entire trip was one of dreams, perfectly planned by some truly kind souls. It felt a true privilege to be there, and I am immensely grateful for the opportunity. I’ll be sharing the highlights (it was all a highlight) with you all starting with a tasting at @friendathandbelfast set up by @belfasthiddentours ! Tucked away on a very quaint Hill Street sits one of the most beautiful shops (it’s more like a museum) I have ever stepped foot in. Owner Willie Jack (who loves all things old and vintage like me!) is not only preserving and telling the rich history of distilling in Belfast within those walls, but too proudly showcasing the absolute magic and history of all of Irish Whiskey. With over 600 Irish whiskies on deck, and only a fraction of them being for sale, this is unlike any place I have ever seen on my travels and cant recommend it enough. A true heaven for whiskey lovers! There are three adjoining rooms, and as you walk through them each, your mouth just falls to the floor as the rooms grow more and more impressive. In the back is a stunning tasting room where Paul of @belfastwhiskeyweek hosted a tasting of three exceptional drams. First up was a @mcconnellsirishwhisky_irl 5 year in ex-bourbon and oloroso! More on the story of this distillery to come but a lovely dram to start with! Then came Journey’s End, a 14 year @bushmillsirl in Amarone at 54% (this was DIVINE) super musty and velvety! And lastly a 20 year @dunvillesirishwhiskey in PX, which I’ll dive into more when I talk about @echlinville , although this was from Cooley and so rich and ooey-gooey delicious! I can’t recommend a visit to @friendathandbelfast enough on your journey in Belfast. Ask for Ray who so proudly shares SO much love and knowledge on the history of whiskey making in Belfast. I promise you will leave with a big smile and maybe less money in your pocket, but with a whole new love for Irish whiskey! #investnorthernireland #belfast #visitbelfast #whiskey #irishwhiskey #whiskeytravel #whiskeygram

This has been such an incredible week learning about the magic of Irish whiskey. As if my love for the category and people could possibly grow more, this week has filled my heart with so much gratitude and joy. This community is truly so special, it’s hard to put into words. More to come on these! Massive thanks to the @invest_ni team and the one and only @lovenifood ! I’m leaving with a very full heart. ♥️ #investnishowcase #investni #northernireland #belfast #irishwhiskey #whiskey #distillerytour #mcconnellsirishwhisky #echlinvilledistillery #rademonestatedistillery #killowendistillery #hinchdistillery #titanicdistillers #twostackswhiskey #friendathand #killeavycastle #presstrip

Killowen Barántúil is a dream. It’s like a peated chilled apricot - date jam, ooey and gooey, but also fresh and almost cooling on the palate. Notes of toasted macadamia and black tea and pipe tobacco rush into the finish, leaving you yearning for just one. more. sip. One of my favorites of this year! 🤤 @killowendistillery @brendan.carty.12 #fortheloveofirishwhiskey #killowen #killowendistillery #tawnyportcask #irishwhiskey #ireland #mournemountains #visitnorthernireland #killowenbarántúil #countydown

Massive thanks to @brendan.carty.12 for joining myself and @whiskythinker tonight to chat all things @killowendistillery ! And for my US friends, reach out to @folsomwinespirits if you’d like to add these to your home bar! Once they are gone, they are gone forever! #killowen #killowendistillery #irishwhiskey #ireland #whiskey #livestream

📺 KILLOWEN LIVE STREAM TONIGHT!! Come join me here tonight at 5:00 PM ET! I will be joined by @whiskythinker as we sit down with @brendan.carty.12 of @killowendistillery , a distillery that has completely captured my whiskey loving heart. We will be diving into the Bonded Experimental Series as we discuss all things Killowen and the future of whiskey in Ireland. Come join us with your questions as we take a moment to appreciate the magic of Killowen and Irish whiskey! And for all of us here in the states, the folks over at @folsomwinespirits have a generous selection of Killowen whiskies to select from and can arrange shipment to you! 💙 #killowen #killowendistillery #irishwhiskey #livestream #whiskeylivestream #ireland #mournemountains #fortheloveofirishwhiskey #whiskeyreview

Glasgow Distillery 1770 Peated! Have you had this yet? Let me know what you think below! Thanks @seb_whisky for the lovely history lesson on these marvelous whiskies! @glasgowdistillery #glasgow #glasgowdistillery #lowlandwhisky #singlemalt #scotch #whisky #visitscotland #peated #peat #scotchwhisky #whiskyreview #shandimport

A long and mildly unhinged review of the new @waterforddistillery Peated Cuvée Fumo. Sometimes the whisky is so good you just can’t find the words. Thank you team Waterford for this amazing gift, I’m so grateful for it. 💙 #waterforddistillery #waterford #ballygarran #cask #whisky #bondedwarehouse #whiskywarehouse #caskstrength #instadram #dram #womeninwhisky #irishwhisky #ireland #irishwhiskey #whiskeygram #instawhiskey #whiskygram #irelandtravel #cuvée #waterfordireland #instawhiskey #instawhisky #frenchoak #peat #irishpeat #peatedwhisky


They have always been big Mount Gay fans, speaking very highly of it, and so I knew that my visit would include many Mount Gay Rum punches on Dover Beach, which are fantastic by the way! While on the tour, I tasted through Mount Gay’s core expressions, as well as the Master Blender Collection: I know this role does not come easily, and is charged with years of hard work and dedication, and learning about Trudiann’s path and her dedication to Mount Gay and its future just makes this all the more special. This is a shining star, and I am eager to see what other magic Trudiann Branker creates in the warm sunshine of Barbados, as she continues on her path to enrich the rum tradition at Mount Gay.

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