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Making female financial literacy mainstream 💫 💰Cert. financial coach, writer + speaker 📝Ft R29, HuffPost, ITV 🎙Host of Money Unfiltered

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💸 BARE MONEY 💸 Our career paths impact so many aspects of our adult lives so each week, I'm speaking to a lovely person about their career journey, spending insights & their words of wisdom for their future selves. This week, I speak to an Early Years Practitioner in London earning £31,800. I'd love to know, how does money make you feel?👇🏽 PS. If you want to write your own Bare Money, message me!

Did you know that the average person spends just over 2 and a half hours a day on social media? 🤳 That's more than enough time to influence where we spend our hard earned cash, and it's easy to get that spending FOMO 💸 As the sun starts to shine more, here are some of the spending habits that social media normalises 👀 Do you spot any that resonate with you? #Spendinghabits #Financialknowledge #Moneyadvice

How often do you have an open conversation about money? 💸 Pick 1-2 of these icebreakers to get the discussion rolling. Whether that's with friends, family, or your partner. 💟 It's so important to be open about topics we perceive as uncomfortable. You'll only benefit or help someone who could really do with a chat! Who do you need to have a conversation about money with? Tell me below 🗨 #Moneymotivated #Debtfreegoals #Moneymindset #Howtolive

MONEY TALKS 💸📚 I’m beyond excited to be bringing you the book I wish I’d had years ago✨ Money Talks will cover topics such as how social media has impacted our spending habits to the rise of girl boss cultures and the impact it can have on career and financial decisions. Plus there’s tonnes of insight from financial, psychology and relationship experts and anecdotes from YOU 💗 You can preorder now via the link in my bio & it’ll land on your doorstep on 9 Jan 2024 💌 Thank you to the dream team for making this happen! @watkinswisdom @oscarjansonsmith @gleamtitles

Is the gender grooming gap costing you?💄 Turns out, long-standing societal expectations of a woman can cost you a small fortune in salary, cash and time 💸 That’s because a study found that physically attractive workers have higher incomes than average-looking workers - but that this correlation disappears when controlling for grooming in women 🤦🏽‍♀️ In other words, if women purchase the right clothes, makeup and haircut, higher wages are more within reach💰 But in an industry worth over half a billion dollars, looking ‘good’ doesn’t come cheap✖️ In fact, a 2017 study by GroupOn found that the average women spends $250k in her lifetime on skincare and makeup 💋 So it seems that looking pretty is an expensive business, but yet not doing so really can cost you financially. I want to know, how has the gender grooming gap impacted you in your life? Tell me 💬 #gendergap #societalnorms #womenandmoney

What’s your definition of success? ✨ I often think we’re so wrapped up in a society that tells us the only type of success is financial 💸 that we fail to acknowledge the everyday wins & meaningful successes we have. So here are a ~ handful ~ of ways you can be successful with no money in sight. What else would you add? ⬇️ #howtolive #findinghappy #financialwellbeing

💸 BARE MONEY 💸 Our career paths impact so many aspects of our adult lives so each week, I'm speaking to a lovely person about their career journey, spending insights & their words of wisdom for their future selves. This week, I speak to a Head of Major Gifts in the SE earning £54,500. I'd love to know, what was your favourite job you’ve had?👇🏽 PS. If you want to write your own Bare Money, message me!

Feeling the pinch every payday? Here are 5 payday tips to make a habit out of! 👏 💸Don't be afraid of your bank balance. By checking this regularly you can ensure that all payments have gone out on time and that everything is as it should be. 💸 Review the ins and the outs. Has your income or outgoings changed recently? Once you get a grip on money in vs money out, you can see where you spend the most money and if you can set any more back for a rainy day or if you need to reign it in a little. 💸Think about the month ahead. See any dates in the diary that might end up as big spends? For instance, you might think you need a new outfit for a special occasion or your holiday calls and you're dreaming of Duty Free. 💸On the subject of #2, you don't always need new. Instead of buying on a new look, is there a way that you can re-work your current wardrobe to save on spending? 💸Pay off your credit card in full where possible, as soon as you're paid. This can help to boost your credit score and create a healthy habit of keeping your bank balance at a manageable level. Money shouldn't have to be complicated. Follow @thisgirltalksmoney for financial tips that leave you feeling good and in control of your money #financialgoals #financialeducation #feelgoodmoney

“I want you to take a moment to think about the first thing you thought about this morning vs the first conversation you had. Were either of those things money centred? 💸 Chances are, the first conversation you had was about the workday, the weather, or what’s for lunch?🥪 Am I right? 😂 Let’s change that, together. Here are FIVE resources to help you to feel more comfortable with money. Because, why shouldn’t we engage in coversations that help us feel empowered, boost our business, and make us feel in control of our day? There are so many questions to puzzle over. When is it right to invest? What should I be earning for my experience? How do I explain the difference between gross and net profit? Save this post for later so that you never run out of great resources and ideas. 💡 Head to @myfrugalyear account for thought-provoking insights on financial wellbeing and budgeting. Tune into The Wallet podcast by @vestpod to learn the best way to manage and invest your money. 💸 Sit back and listen to the @Girlsthatinvest podcast for a jargon-free collection of content that debunks finance myths. Check out @Thefinancialdiet to enjoy living life on a better budget! Follow @Mybumppay to find new reads and motivational content to smash the glass ceiling! Let us know your favourite financial feature in the comments. 🗨 #Financepodcast #Womeninfinance #Financegoals #Personalfinance #Investment

5 TIPS TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM FRAUD ON SOCIAL MEDIA 💻 Fraud stats are frightening. The House of Lords (2022) reported that £1.9 billion has been lost to fraud by individuals in the past year. As well as this, the big banks are encouraging us to be wary about too good to be true schemes and fraudsters crawling the internet. With 77% of scams taking place on social media, online marketplaces and dating apps; we can see why the places we frequent the most need to be used with caution. Having recently taken a trip to @10downingstreet to discuss how to tackle fraud and stop scammers from exploiting people, here are a few tips I'd recommend following when you're feeling unsure online. Save for later so you've always got these tips to hand. ✨ ➡️ So what can you do if you spot a scam? 📍Emails: forward to 📲Texts: forward it to 7726, free of charge 📞Calls: text CALL followed by the suspicious no. to 7726 💻Websites: report to NCSC at

Don't fret, we're not telling you to ditch the caffeine, unlike the buzzing millennial myth that has been trawling the internet for years. If you give up your daily latte, you won't suddenly feel the financial freedom you desire. According to @thetimes , you would have to give up over 25,000 coffees in order to save for a house deposit, that's over 70 years! So, that @pret subscription isn't breaking the bank as much as some thought. What's one negotiable in your little luxuries fund? We're certainly prone to picking up a daily dose of caffeine between meetings. #Coffeehabit #Budgeting #Mortgage #Financialfreedom #Budgeting #Simplethings #Lifestyle

4 ways to set realistic money rules that work. 💰 Finance shouldn't have to be frightening. With these simple tips, you'll be able to look at your spending habits now and feel good for the future. These can all be easily incorporated into your everyday, so there's no need to feel overwhelmed by intensity or preparation. Share these tips with your friends and let's have a discussion about which money rule is your favourite! ✨ #Budgeting #Savings #Datenight #Budgethack #Moneymindset #Financialliteracy

Have you ever been a victim of fraud? 💷 If so, you’re not alone. Fraud is now the most common crime in the UK, with 1 in 15 of us falling victim to fraudsters at a cost of nearly £7 billion a year. This week, I attended a briefing @10downingstreet to hear about the new Fraud Strategy & the extensive action the government are taking to tackle fraud and stop scammers from exploiting people.  ➡️ So what can you do if you spot a scam? 📍Emails: forward to    📲Texts: forward it to 7726, free of charge    📞Calls: text CALL followed by the suspicious no. to 7726    💻Websites: report to NCSC at    The more we report fraud, the sooner the scammers can be stopped in their tracks so please save this & share with your circle 🙏🏽

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