This Girl Talks Money

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Making female financial literacy mainstream 💫 💰Cert. financial coach, writer + speaker 📝Ft R29, HuffPost, ITV 🎙Host of Money Unfiltered

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Money Unfiltered season IV launches on Tuesday 💸 I’m so excited to share with you what we’ve been working on & our first guest is an incredible person who has some seriously wise words for you all 👀 In the meantime, we’ve got almost 50 episodes to stream on topics from the impact of childhood on your money to blow out budget weddings, the cost of hen parties to carving a career out in a field you love 👌🏽 & one last thing - if you love the pod, please rate & review on Apple Podcasts! 💗

💸 BARE MONEY 💸 This week's Bare Money guest is a Senior Nursery Room Leader on a salary of £11.20 p/hr. 📍Hertfordshire 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 I've just turned 30! Eeeek. Reflecting on where I am now compared to my situation in my 20s, I thought I'd ask a few other women in their 30s to look back and note the differences in their attitudes towards money and their financial situation from when they were 20, to now. I'd love to know, what would you tell your younger self about money? 👇🏽

Four accounts you need right now 💸 I’m all about women taking control of their finances, so these are the top four accounts you need to look after your future self financially. 💰 F*ck off fund 🌅 Pension pot ⏩ Long-term savings ☀️ Holiday fund This isn’t exhaustive by any means - I have more pots than this to suit my lifestyle and goals - but it’s a good place to start when it comes to setting up your money👌🏽 What other accounts would you add? 👇🏽 #financialwellbeing #financetips #moneysaving #millennialmoney

A gentle reminder from your financial wing woman 💸 I’m the first to put my hand up and say I’ve done this 1000 times, but make sure you cancel that free trial before it auto renews, ladies. Even better, cancel your free trial as soon as you sign up so you get your free month long access & no panic to remember the dd date 👌🏽 Plus if you do get charged accidentally, it’s always worth emailing customer service to ask to cancel. I’ve managed to claw back £50+ for auto renew accidents 😬 If you don’t ask, you don’t get 💰

Money Unfiltered is back for Season 4 💸 and this time, we’re on video! 📹 We can’t wait to share our latest conversations with some incredible guests, with our first episode launching on Tuesday 4th October🚀 Make sure you’re subscribed so you get notified as soon as it’s out 🔔 Find us on Apple, Spotify & YouTube! Until then, join the 30,000 listeners so far & catch up on our episodes to date on all pod platforms👌🏽

How many of these have you made? ➡️ It's no surprise we make money mistakes all the time, because we're not taught about managing money and we have to figure it out ourselves 🙃 But once you know the value of taking charge of your finances and talking about money, it's hard to look back. So if you've made these mistakes, don't give yourself a hard time - we're all only human. Take the lesson and learn from it, and start changing the story about money! 💸 💸 💸

Payday doesn’t come around often enough, right? Finding the balance between socialising and saving right now can be hard, so here are a few things you can do to stay social and spend a little bit less... ☕ Go for a coffee catch up instead of brunch or dinner 🍔 Meet up on a Tuesday or Wednesday and get a midweek offer 🍽️ Take it in turns to host and cook a simple dinner with the girls What else would you add to the list? #financialeducator #savingmoneytips #spendinghabits #howtobudget #budgetlife #spendingmoney #financegoals

💸 BARE MONEY 💸 This week's Bare Money guest is a Programme Manager on a salary of £100k (plus bonus). 📍London/Hertfordshire 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 I've just turned 30! Eeeek. Reflecting on where I am now compared to my situation in my 20s, I thought I'd ask a few other women in their 30s to look back and note the differences in their attitudes towards money and their financial situation from when they were 20, to now. I'd love to know, how do you approach budgeting? Are there any budgeting tips you'd give?👇🏽

[AD] What does your dream retirement look like? I’m dreaming of margaritas on the beach…🍹 But with the cost of living creeping up, the amount you need to fund your dream retirement may be more than you think, so now could be the right time to ensure you’re saving smartly 💰 @wealthifycom are making it easier than ever for you to slide your pensions out of snooze mode and work harder for you. After all, you’re working hard and so should your pension 💪🏽 With Wealthify, saving for the future is flexible; you can pay into your pension as and when you want and choose to invest in ethical businesses that align with your values. And if you have old workplace pensions laying around, transferring them into one pot with Wealthify couldn’t be easier. Just give them the details of your existing pensions and their team will do the rest 🚀 Plus, to celebrate Pensions Awareness Week, new and existing pension customers will automatically be entered into a £20,000 prize draw, provided they have a funded Wealthify Pension by November 11th 2022 (just FYI, the minimum pension deposit is £50 and T&Cs apply. The prize draw also excludes Northern Ireland) 🎉 Not only that, but you could also earn up to £200 cashback for transferring an old pension (or multiple pensions) to Wealthify. Head to my stories for the link to claim the offer 👌🏽 (T&Cs apply. Up to £200 cashback available per person. After registering for the cashback offer, you’ll have 6 months to complete your transfer. The Wealthify standard terms and conditions also apply and are in no way affected by this offer). With investing your capital is at risk and you could get back less than you put in. Wealthify is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. #pensionattention

These are the things business owners don't talk about...👀 In 2022, it's more possible than ever to start your own business, but what aren't the business owners you know telling you? 👇 On a recent episode of Starting the Conversation with @Alice_Benham we broke down some of the myths and tales that we hear online, and talked honestly about some of the things that have helped us get to where we are today as business owners. Hint: there's a fair bit of financial privilege in there 💸 As ever, this isn't the case for everyone but hopefully, this will shine a light on just a few of the things you might not know...

Hands up if you like asking for money? There are very few women I've spoken to who love asking for money, and I get it - we're not conditioned to ask for more money, so we end up convincing ourselves not to ask 🤐 Yet asking for money is often the quickest route to earning more money. I'm not saying go out and ask for a raise out of the blue, but rather to put yourself in the best position possible to up your salary or rates 🤑 Here's how: ✨ Keep a record of your achievements. Add to this every week or month and keep it up to date. ✨ Do your research and find out what you could earn. Ask friends or colleagues, use GlassDoor & speak to recruiters in your industry. ✨ Put forward your case convincingly. Think about how you're a value add to your team. What else would you add? Drop your best tips in the comments!

💸 BARE MONEY 💸 This week's Bare Money guest is an Inclusion and Community Engagement Manager on a salary of £40k. 📍Yorkshire and Humberside 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 I've just turned 30! Eeeek. Reflecting on where I am now compared to my situation in my 20s, I thought I'd ask a few other women in their 30s to look back and note the differences in their attitudes towards money and their financial situation from when they were 20, to now. I'd love to know, how does money make you feel?👇🏽

How do you gain respect as a young business owner?👇🏽 After leaving school early at 16 & throwing herself head first into freelance life as a social media manager, @alice_benham accidentally found herself running a business at 17 - and had no idea what was in store 🤯 Fast forward 7 years and Alice has a thriving company (or two) and as a business strategist and educator, Alice works alongside entrepreneurs who have a vision but need her expertise and support in getting there👌🏽 But what happens when unexpected events throw us completely off track? We all love a success story, but we rarely talk about planning for the curveballs that life inevitably presents 👀 This was such a open, honest and valuable conversation with some very important messages, so please do listen and share this with anyone who you think needs to hear it.

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