Jeffrey Schwartz

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Honest Reviews / Workshops & Tastings / Creative Copywriting


I’m a Whiskey Consultant and Barrel Geek, a proud member of the Bourbon Mafia, a Contributor for Bourbon & Banter, a Certified Bourbon Steward with the Stave & Thief Society, a copywriter for distilleries, and I enjoy working with folks in the whiskey industry. If it is whiskey-related, I am interested.

I also host workshops and tasting events at distilleries, bars, liquor stores, or at your private event.

Transparency is my lifeblood and, in my opinion, the only way to protect my reputation.

  • Are you looking to have your whiskey reviewed? Samples are welcomed with the full understanding that they result in no-strings-attached, honest reviews. There is never a fee for this! Please message me for information on how to submit a sample.

  • Are you looking for sponsored content? I have so much fun doing this. Sponsored content is always disclosed as such to my followers. I will never share your proprietary information without your permission.

Let's start collaborating! Learn, laugh, and enjoy great whiskey!

Location Marshall, Wisconsin United States
Country United States of America
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Yes, There Really Is A Difference in Glassware

I find it offers a nose of caramel, vanilla, and oak, a mouthing of caramel, fruit, and vanilla, and a palate of vanilla, caramel, toffee, corn, and oak. I picked up caramel, vanilla, toffee, corn, and oak, and the narrow mouth helps aim the liquid across my palate versus everywhere in my mouth, allowing me to pick out the individual flavors. I was able to pick up vanilla, caramel, and oak, and didn't find anything in terms of alcohol burn. I was able to pick up all of the expected flavors of corn, vanilla, caramel, toffee, and oak.

Barrell Seagrass Review & Tasting Notes

They've been finished separately in some rather unusual barrels: Martinique rum, Malmsey Madiera, and of all things, apricot brandy barrels. Before I get to the tasting notes and recommendation, I'd like to thank Barrell for providing me a sample in exchange for a no-strings-attached, honest review. Here's where things got really different - dried apricot and plum were sweet notes, then brine offered a barrier of sorts, separating out the grass and mustiness on the other end of the spectrum. Long and warming, the finish had plenty of wood tannin, salted chocolate, molasses, ginger, rye spice, apricot, and pineapple.

Obtanium "Beautiful Swan" Single Barrel Bourbon Review & Tasting Notes

Today, I'm reviewing Obtanium Bourbon Whiskey, which is a Niemuth's pick called Beautiful Swan. It consists of an MGP Bourbon utilizing its 60% corn, 36% rye, and 4% malted barley mash and was aged for six years. I'd like to thank Niemuth's for providing me a sample of Beautiful Swan in exchange for a no-strings-attached, honest review. Things started off sweet with cherry, then earthy with dark chocolate, and finally spicy with cinnamon and rye.

Barrell Bourbon Batch 28 Review & Tasting Notes

Single barrels and single malts can be awesome, but blending is a learned skill and unless you're very, very lucky, you don't just mix things together and wind up with a good finished product. Batch 28 is a blend of 10- and 11-year Bourbons distilled in Indiana (MGP), Kentucky, and Tennessee (George Dickel). I'd like to thank Barrell Craft Spirits for providing a sample of Batch 28 in exchange for a no-strings-attached, honest review. Appearance: In my Glencairn glass, Batch 28 presented as a hazy orange amber.

Today I'm reviewing the French Oak Cask release of Daviess County Bourbon from Lux Row Distillers. The standard expression took a Bottle rating, will this finished expression fare as well? Cheers!

Today I'm doing a side-by-side review of Boulder Spirits American Single Malts - one Bottled-in-Bond and one standard. My results may surprise you. Cheers!

My review of Virginia Distilling Company's Port Cask Finished American Malt is now live at Bourbon & Banter. Port. Cask. Finished. Yeah, that's what you need to know. The rest of the story is in my review. Cheers!

Happy National Scotch Whisky Day, everyone, cheers! #NationalScotchWhiskyDay #Scotch #whisky #whiskey #singlemaltscotch #singlemalt #whiskeyfellow #liquidsunshine #drinkcurious #brownwater #highland #oloroso #alcohol #booze #drinks #whiskeylife #whiskylife #whiskeylove #whiskeylove #spirits #scotchscotchscotch #scotland

Woodinville Whiskey Co. has been making a name for itself for its impressive Bourbon. Today I'm reviewing its 100% Rye. If you're a fan of Woodinville, you'll want to read this review. If you've not had it, you'll want to read it, too. Cheers!

I do enjoy the challenge when someone sends me a sample in exchange for my opinion and just marks it "Mystery." It takes "blind tasting" to a whole new level. Cheers!

Peated Scotch out of the Speyside region? It isn't unheard of, but is also isn't overly common. Today's review is The BenRiach Curiositas 10 and you can read all about it on my blog. Cheers!

Four Gate Whiskey just released Batch 7, called "River Kelvin Rye" which is barrel proof and distilled by MGP. My review will help you decide if this one is something you must have in your home bar. Cheers!

I actually do drink things that some have whiskey in it. Yeah, I know, hard to believe. This is a blueberry daiquiri. They have street tacos. Tacos. Yum. Cheers! #taco #daiquiri #coctails #drinks #booze #mexicanfood #whiskeyfellow #alcohol #tacos #streettacos

I ordered a small number of masks to see how they'd come out. I think the company did well. I need to see how comfy it is, not to mention how durable... Then I will share the details. So far, they work great with eyeglasses. Cheers!

Four Roses has long had three expressions in its standard releases:  Yellow, Small Batch, and Single Barrel. Then Master Distiller Brent Elliott comes along, and he introduces a new, permanent fourth rose to the stable:  Small Batch Select.  It is the first addition to the brand in a dozen years. You can read my review at:

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