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Mummy Matters is a magazine-style blog focusing on family life (the good and the bad), days out, crafts, travel, style, food, health and beauty. If it's a part of our lives, it's in the blog.


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One whole year. . Check out the big friendly smile of my father-in-law. It's hard to believe that a whole year has passed without him. . The children still speak of him so often that it sometimes feels like he is still here with us. That, i believe, is the sign of someone special. Even though he isn't here, he is because he lives on in their hearts and ours. . Harry reminded me very much of my own Grandad, always happy and smiling, ready to help. A wicked sense of humour and a gentleman, always a gentleman. Literally anyone who ever mentions him will say what a true gent he was. . We still have nights where the children cry because they miss him. We all do. . Today we are spending the day with the whole family, going to one of Harry's favourite places and I know that he will be with us ❤️ . . . . . . . . . . #oneyearon #stillloved #stillmissed #ukmumsquad #amwfparentingtribe #july100ig

I have been feeling out of sorts this week, it's been a hard parenting week with lots of challenging behaviour from all three mini Beans. I am not going to lie, there has been tears! . I don't often compare myself to others, but this week I have felt like I am 'not as good' because my patience has been pushed to its limits. . One evening I suddenly remembered my Chakra stones. I bought these last year but didn't get around to cleansing them ready to use with my Reiki practise. . This week I have really felt the need to self heal with Reiki. Now I have cleansed and charged them ready for healing. . Starting today I am going to take time out for myself every day to focus on my reiki self healing practice. . When was the last time you did something for yourself? . . . . . . . . . #covid_19diaries #lifeinlockdown #stressedout #mamastress #shoutymum #ukmumsquad #amwfparentingtribe #july100ig #pblogger #rememberthesedays #thistooshallpass #wecantallbeperfect #keepingitreal #ukparentbloggers #mumblogger #pbloggerkids #reiki #reikihealing #selfcare #timeforme #feelingjudged #iamgoodenough #iamstrong #chakrastones

It's funny how one little change can make such a big difference isn't it? . During lockdown we have been doing odd jobs around the house. One area that was annoying us was the small set of black drawers in our hallway. They looked nice enough but they weren't really big enough to store anything. . I decided that a cabinet would be better suited so I ordered the Brimnes cabinet from @ikeauk and it arrived last week. . I raided all the games from around the house and made this into a gaming cabinet. . Having all the games in one place has been fantastic (especially as the weather has been so bad this week) because the Beans have been playing games together at every opportunity. . What changes have you made in the home which have made a big difference? . . . . . . . . . . #covid_19diaries #lifeinlockdown #organisedhome #gamescupboard #boardgames #Dobby #DobbyPuppy #ukmumsquad #amwfparentingtribe #july100ig #pblogger #rememberthesedays #familyactivities #familytime #mumlife #ikea #brimnes #cornersofmyhome #myhome #homeorganisation #keepittidy

After a rather pants day yesterday, I started the day off well today with a run by myself and it felt great. . The sun wasn't quite shining but it was dry and I am feeling stronger each time I run now which is fantastic. . The kids have still argued today 🤦‍♀️ but for the most part I have managed to let it go over my head. . They all worked well today and finished school before lunch and so have spent most of the afternoon building Lego cities in the lounge and so far they don't seem to be arguing!! . How's your day today? . . . . . . . . . #covid_19diaries #lifeinlockdown #suddenlyhomeschooling #metime #running #runningmama #ukmumsquad #amwfparentingtribe #july100ig #pblogger #rememberthesedays #thistooshallpass #wecantallbeperfect #keepingitreal #ukparentbloggers #mumblogger

Yes, I think this sky captures my moods perfectly today. If I am honest, i don't really know where it all went wrong? . I was woken with a coffee and '2 naughty biscuits' which Albie insisted on bringing me with my coffee in bed. . I enjoyed lovely snuggles with each of my Beans as we discussed the day ahead. . Listened with a smile on my face to the sounds of the Beans playing board games at the kitchen table after breakfast. . I enjoyed #PEWITHJOE by myself this morning as everyone else was too busy to join in and then had a refreshing shower ready to start our homeschooling /work day. . As the morning progressed, the arguing between the Beans intensified, the ability to 'listen' seemed to dwindle and somewhere along the way some bugger stole my patience and so it continued throughout the day. . I am ashamed to say it culminated in a broken plate when I slammed it down too hard. . I tried to retrieve the day by heading out for a long walk but even that had its trials. . Thankfully by the end of the walks, apologies had been said by all of us, hugs had been given and we managed to have some nice interactions. . Back at home peace was restored (because we all chose to go to separate rooms 🤣) and now the boys are in bed. . Oh how I wish I had chocolate!! . How was your day? . . . . . . . . . . #covid_19diaries #lifeinlockdown #suddenlyhomeschooling #blackmood #badmoodmama #siblingrivalry #siblings #siblingarguments #stressed #stressedout #dogwalkinglife #ineedchocolate #ineedtodiet #ukmumsquad #amwfparentingtribe #july100ig #pblogger #rememberthesedays #thistooshallpass #wecantallbeperfect #keepingitreal #ukparentbloggers #mumblogger #pbloggerkids #ukparentbloggers

#ad-gifted Last night Simon and I enjoyed our first 'date night' away from home and our Beans for the first time in months. . We were invited to @showcasecinemasuk in #PETERBOROUGH to see a film of our choice and share our thoughts on the new safety measures in place. . Admittedly, my first response was no thank you. We have been very careful as a family ti stay away from crowds and anywhere indoors since the beginning of lockdown. . Then I watched the Showcase Safe video on Youtube which shows the safety measures in place and I felt much more comfortable about the possibility of going. . In short: 🎦 Face masks are encouraged. 🎦 All cinema staff wear PPE 🎦 All bookings must be made online. 🎦 On arrival at the cinema there are markings on the pavement showing the new 1m social distancing. Outside the main doors you need to show your booking confirmation before entering the cinema. 🎦 Showcase is currently operating a cashless system so all payments for refreshments must be made in advance online or by card/phone. 🎦 Once inside there are hand sanitisers which you must use. 🎦 A one-way system is in place so that people are not passing backwards and forwards, reducing contact with others. 🎦 Scanners are in place for you to scan your ticket in the presence of staff for entry to your screen. 🎦 Toilets have antibacterial wipe stations outside. 🎦 Every other urinal/sink etc is blocked off to maintain social distancing. 🎦 New filters are in place to kill airborne viruses. 🎦 All seats/handles/rails in the auditorium are cleaned after every viewing with a special spray which kills viruses on contact. 🎦 Cleaning around the cinema generally is more frequent. 🎦 Two seats are kept free between each group booking. 🎦 Once inside the auditorium you may remove your face mask if you so wish but must put it back on if you go to the toilet. 🎦 Wash hands thoroughly if you go to the toilet. 🎦 At the end of the film exit via the doors behind the screen and not through the lobby to reduce contact with others entering the cinema. . We were really impressed with our experience, we felt safe amd would return again. . Classic films are currently £5 ppn. . #cinema #july100IG

#ad-gifted . My children have had so much fun joining in the @cosmourse online art classes. . This week it was Albie's turn and he was very excited by the theme of Bridges. Before it began he said to me "I hope we are going to do the Golden Gate Bridge... did you know its not actually golden Mummy?" . He wasn't disappointed, they did do the Golden Gate and the Rialto and London Bridge! . It couldn't have been a more perfect topic for Albie. . The classes last an hour and are conducted via Zoom. You are sent a code and a list of materials in advance of the lesson. . The time does go quite quickly and I would advise keeping an adult on hand to help if they start getting a little behind. I helped to finish off painting the background for Albie's bridges whilst he made a start on drawing his first bridge. . Cosmourse release new themes each week so this week the themes are: . Mon 🎨 Dining Table Tues 🎨 Balance Wed 🎨 Flamingo Thu 🎨 No classes Fri 🎨 Candles Sat 🎨 Tooth Fairy *weekly Asia Pac classes only* . Classes cost £15 per session. . To book your session head to @COSMOURSE . . . . . . . . . #covid_19diaries #lifeinlockdown #ONLINEARTCLASS #artclass #learnart #kidsofinstagram #kidsart #socialdistancing #bridges #blogjul100 #ukmumsquad #amwfparentingtribe #mumlife #mumblogger #pbloggerkids #ukparentbloggers #pblogger #myhappycapture #capturingchildhood #capturedmoments

I have learnt a lot about my children during homeschooling. Watching their attitudes to learning, their personal thought cycles and how they approach a challenge. . I am so proud of how well they have coped and I wanted them to know, I wanted them to have something to look back on to remind them of this period in their lives. . At the start of our homeschooling journeyI bought my first @zox band, 'Just Breathe' to remind me to stop and not resct so quickly. The Beans loved it and would always comment whenever I wore it. . For Lillie's birthday I bought her 'Ohana' which means Family or those we love. . Yesterday a special delivery arrived, i had chosen 'Believe In Yourself' for Albie as he often doubts himself and his abilities. I told him that I had seen he needed that extra reassurance but he was more than capable if he could just trust in himself. . For Ollie I chose 'Love You To The Moon'. Throughout homeschooling he has has worked hard and independently. He is self driven and doesn't ask for much which sometimes means he gets less attention because the others need so micmore but it doesn't meam we love him any less, I wanted him to remember how much he is loved. . For Lillie i chose 'You Can Move Mountains'. She and Albie are one and the same child!! She looks at a new challenge and says 'I can't do it' but with a little encouragement she nails it every time, she just needs that initial nudge. . And for me? 'You Got This' because maybe, just maybe I am more like Lillie and Albie than I care to admit 😉 . After I had presented the Beans with their new Zox, I looked to Albie who had a trembling bottom lip. I asked what was wrong and he replied "my band isn't very colourful" so with the help of some Sharpies we gave his Zox a makeover and plastered a smile all over his face!! Thank goodness for the humble Sharpie!! 😂🌈 . . . . . . . . . #covid_19diaries #lifeinlockdown #suddenlyhomeschooling #proudmama #mymessagetoyou #ukmumsquad #amwfparentingtribe #blogjul100 #sharpieart #zoxbands #zox #believeinyourself #loveyoutothemoon #youcanmovemountains #yougotthis #selfconfidemce #selfbelief #mumlife #myworld #mymotherhood #myordinarylife #rememberthesedays

#ad-gifted - ART! . When I first found out that I would be homeschooling the children for a while I knew there were a few things I wanted to do differently. . Sure I planned to follow the curriculum and not stray too far from what their teachers had in mind but I also wanted to try a few new things. . Back at the beginning of lockdown you may recall that the Beans joined me in some online art classes with the Art teacher who I have been going to for a while now. The children LOVED it and surprised themselves with what they were capable of. . A few weeks later I was contacted by @cosmourse to see if the children would like to try out their online art classes. So last week Lillie and Ollie joined in two separate classes on the theme of Fashion. . The classes are planned for different age groups so Ollie was in the 7-10 year old class and Lillie was in the 11-14 year old class. . The classes take place via an hour long Zoom session, the details if which are sent to you prior to the class along with a list of materials you will need. . Both children really enjoyed the classes, though Ollie struggled to keep up at times because he started off by drawing his first figure too small. With a bit of help from Mum and Dad we had him back on track. He was really happy with his finished artwork and can make more clothes for his figures so he can change his art when he wants to. . Lillie really loved making the background for her artwork and went on to make more after the session had ended. . This week it will be Albie's turn, his theme is Bridges so my little construction man is very excited!! . Sessions cost £15 per hour and all instruction is given throughout the session. The themes change daily so find a theme to suit your artist online at Cosmourse. . They even do birthday party classes!! Perfect for social distancing celebrations 🎉 . . . . . . . #covid_19diaries #lifeinlockdown #ONLINEARTCLASS #artclass #learnart #kidsofinstagram #kidsart #socialdistancing #socialdistancecelebrations #ukmumsquad #amwfparentingtribe #juneblog100 #fashion #mumlife #mumblogger #pbloggerkids #ukparentbloggers #pblogger #myhappycapture #capturingchildhood

#adGifted . Are you even a parent if you don't have a handbag or purse full of plasters? . My children tend to move around the world at full speed so it's inevitable that at some point accidents are going to happen. . For Lillie this isn't such a problem as she is fine with standard plasters but both of the boys have allergic reactions to plasters and after wearing them for just a few hours they look like they have been burnt where the plasters were stuck to their skin. . Over the years I have tried lots of different brands of hypoallergenic plasters, some good, some useless but finally we have found some that not only do the trick but are specifically made for different occurrences with children in mind. . Since it is World Allergy Week I wanted to introduce you to @patchstrips which contain: 🍃 NO IRRITANTS 🍃 NO PLASTIC 🍃 NO LATEX 🍃 NO PARABENS . These Natural Bamboo Plasters are: 🍃 Durable 🍃 Hypoallergenic 🍃 Compostable 🍃 Globally Award Winning 🍃 Better for You 🍃 Better for The Planet . You can buy Patch strips in Natural for Cuts & Scratches, soothing Coconut Oil for Abrasions & Grazes, Aloe Vera to repair Burns & Blisters and Charcoal to draw out impurities from Bites and Splinters.

ME TIME! . Last night I escaped the house for a few hours together with my fellow neighbour Mums. . We sat socially distanced on the green enjoying a glass or two of our favourite tipple to talk homeschooling, lockdown, seriously hot houses and anything else that happened to crop up. . It was perfect! . Have you been able to enjoy some 'Me Time Freedom' recently? . . . . . . . . . . #covid_19diaries #lifeinlockdown #metime #freedom #mumsnightoff #ladiesnight #cheers #summernights #passthegin #mumlife #mymotherhood #myordinarylife #mumblogger #ukmumsquad #amwfparentingtribe #juneblog100 #ineededthat

Hip hip hooray we've been to the sea!! . I have always found the beach to be a therapeutic place for me. I grew up living just a few miles inland and would go to the beach regularly. . In my twenties I lived in Skegness and would walk along the beach most days, especially when I wanted to clear my mind. . Moving further inland I have definitely missed living by the sea and try to plan a day out to a beach or to holiday near a beach when I can. . Throughout lockdown I have craved a day hanging out at the beach but have resisted for as long as possible. Today we finally caved, we said 'No to homeschool', packed a picnic and set off for a family day out and it was perfect. . The beach was busy further up from us but very quiet where we were, we didn't come within 15-20 metres let alone 2 metres. . We played on the sand and in the sea, we ate, we read (well I did) and listened to music. . We couldn't have asked for more ❤️ . . . . . . . . . #covid_19diaries #ohidoliketobebesidetheseaside #beachlife #seaside #feelingfree #funwiththefamily #ukmumsquad #amwfparentingtribe #juneblog100 #noschooltoday #makingmemories #capturedmoments #capturingtheday #thisismysmile #wegotthis #inittogether #mumlife #mymotherhood #mumblogger #myordinarylife

Happy Father's Day to my amazing Husband. Thank you for our beautiful family and for bring our rock through anything and everything that life throws at us. . Today marks the start of a difficult few weeks as we mark all the 'firsts' without your wonderful Dad, my cheeky father-in-law and the children's loving Grandad. . Today we will remember him for all the fun and laughter he brought, for the wise words and support. . We love you both to the moon and back ❤️🤍 Happy Father's Day xxx . . . . . . . . . #happyfathersday #fathersday #ukmumsquad #amwfparentingtribe #juneblog100 #rememberthesedays #remembering #wemissyou #ourrock #family

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