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How to Lace Walking Boots

If your boot has a gaiter catch, loop the laces through this before inserting the laces through the fourth eyelet. If your walking shoes don’t have a gaiter catch use a surgeons or reef knot at the bottom before inserting the laces through the fourth eyelet. This uses a more traditional lacing pattern with a surgeons knot (or a reef knot if you prefer) used after passing through eyelet 2, 3 or 4 depending on how much of the boot lacing you wish to lock off (“locking” is effectively using the knot to isolate part of the lacing so as to create a constant tension in that section of the lacing). Tie a surgeons knot before the speed lace section, then go straight up to the top lace catch, cross the laces over and pass down to the second lace catch.

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