Dominique Barrager

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From 🇯🇵 🇺🇸 , NY, NJ and Belgium based Certifued Barre Instructor 🩰 Certified Pop Pilates Instructor-to be 💪 Owner of my lifestyle, @dominiquebarrager Owner of my healthiness, @therealdominiqueb 💪 Model with @nymmg Hacked at 20K, but I’ll be fine ✨

Location Jersey City, NJ
Country United States of America
Member Since NOVEMBER 10, 2018
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I’m a world where people listen too much to others and drop their power over this: #TGIF: Thank God it’s Faith; Faith over fear, it is! And trust over others! 🔥 💃🏻

This past Christmas has been very different for us, me and my family, because one year ago today, we have lost one of our best friends. Our true love. Never out of our hearts. RIP Tiger 😿❤️

All I’m missing during this adventure in Bouillon is a cup of Earl Grey that is as big, rich, and dark as my puffy jacket. Same counts for acidity free coffee! And some oat milk that is as creamy as my trousers! 🦋 ☕️ 🧥

I could live in white shirts forever, weather I’m in meetings, at home in bed or on this white box 🤍 📸 @jmontfilms 🤴🏻

It’s my rare suburban life with this rare, handmade sweater for me! 🧶 ☕️ 🌲 @bomfoodanddrinks

I’ve decided for this year to step into my own clean, nourishing world and to cleanse myself from the outside world that doesn’t serve me. 🌟 To step into the world that genuine kindness comes from doing deeds that serve you with kindness and growth as much as it serves others with kindness and growth. 🌟 To step into the world where we have control over our thoughts and fears. Because fear doesn’t create our reality. You do. Unless you decide to not live your desired life and to not become the desired version of yourself, because you let fear replace you. 🌟 To step into the world where the true definition of kindness and leadership means listening and making efforts to understand all sides of the story rather than from one side. 🌟 To step into the world where authentically and purposefully showing ourselves off, with or without sexuality and showing off your skin is not narcissism. It’s called true self confidence. 🌟 To step into the world where we all know and understand that we should compare cars and clothes, not people. Not ourselves and others. 🌟 To step into the world where we can’t listen and make decisions because of opinions and “facts” based on other people’s limited beliefs and gaslighting, because other people don't control you. You have the control over yourself. And only you. No one else. Because at the end of the day, your outer reality is a reflection of your inner reality. so no need and no time to listen to anything and anyone that goes against your desires! 🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼 📸 @romanchavez 🤴🏻

Diamonds are not my only best friends. Especially in 2023, love, compassion, empathy, self-trust, self-belief and boundaries are my best friends. 2023, let’s do this! ❤️ 💍 #HELLO2023

I’ve got millions of goals every day, but one of those for 2023 is to live in joy and to say more and more “cheers” every day because I believe in true unity and togetherness, even in times when you’re alone. Plus, I feel like the term “New Year goals and resolutions” are overstatements. I prefer to focus on my new goals every day in my daily life. P.S.: Right now, even though this is NYC, I’m in hermit mode here in Belgium because I adore me and my family’s privacy. But you’ll see more posts from my adventures here in Belgium asap, I promise! ☺️ Thank you for your patience! 🤗 😘 📸 @louie.herman 🤴🏻

POV when you need to shine your light on yourself, your new goals and your hand knitted sweater every day and not only when the new year and mercury retrograde starts. 🧡 🍊

I love my greens, green heart chakra and my green fashion so matcha 🍵 🥬 💚 📸 @louie.herman 🤴🏻

May there be a Happy Pride outside Pride month as well! 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️ 🌈

Cherishing the best moments are the most beautiful and precious things that humankind can own, no matter what. Happy Father’s Days to my father, who is enjoying his life in a better place now. 👼🏻 🤴🏻 And I hope that all the deserving fathers had a very happy Father’s Day in this whole universe. Cheers to you guys! ☺️👑🥂🍻🥳

Happy June 1st! 🤗 So, I would like to officially and proudly announce my position as a barre and Pilates Instructor at @yvayoga! I will be teaching Pilates every Saturday at 12:00 pm, and barre this Saturday at 9.00 am. You also have the option to join me live via Zoom. So come and join me! DM me or @yvayoga for any questions! ☺️❤️

Happy Mother’s Day to this queen, aka my Mother, and from my heart to all the best mothers in this universe 👸🏻 👩🏻 💕

Raise your vibration. Be grateful. Trust the universe 🌟

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