Jen Ruiz

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Jen Ruiz is the solo travel blogger and lawyer behind Jen on a Jet Plane. She is a #1 Amazon bestselling author and 2-time Reader's Favorite Award winner. Jen is also a 3-time TEDx speaker and has spoken at conferences like the New York Times Travel Show and Women in Travel Summit. She is a 2-time North American Travel Journalist Association Award winner in the "Culinary Travel - Online" category and a freelancer writer for Matador Network and The Washington Post.

Location Humacao, Puerto Rico
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What’s it like to visit Ireland in September? Perfection 💚🇮🇪 I spent a week having outdoor adventures in the Emerald Isle, with stops including: - Howth Coastal Walkway - Glenveagh National Park - Great Western Greenway - Strangford Lough - Kylemore Abbey - Burren National Park Watch my stories to see behind-the-scenes content and follow @jenonajetplane for travel inspo ✈️ . . . . . #wildatlanticway #irelandsancienteast #lovedublin #irelandshiddenheartlands #discoverireland #tourismireland #failteireland #irelandtravel #irelandtrip #visitireland #emeraldisle #loveireland

What better way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month than with a food tour of San Juan, Puerto Rico? Things I ate include: 🍹 Monchito The original version of a piña colada before blenders, made with coconut water, coconut cream, coconut milk, and white rum. 🍔 Longaniza slider This local sausage is 75% pork, 25% chicken so it’s not greasy but light. 🫘 Gandules en escabeche Pigeon peas marinated in vinegar and spices, served with tostones for dipping. 🍗 Mofongo de pollo A classic mashed plantain dish, heavy on the garlic and with a little bacon fat to make it extra savory. 🐠 Mahi Mahi ceviche Marinated in passionfruit juice and served with tarot root chips. Thank you to @thespoonexperience for a tasty afternoon exploring Viejo San Juan! Follow @jenonajetplane for more travel inspo ✈️ . . . . . #oldsanjuan #oldsanjuanpuertorico #oldsanjuanpr #foodtour #foodtours #puertoricanfood #puertoricofood #sanjuanpr #puertoricoeats #foodpuertorico #hispanicheritagemonth

Want to do the same? Here’s how you get started 👇 “What do you do” is legit one of the hardest questions for me to answer 😅 I’m a lawyer turned full-time travel blogger, freelance writer, public speaker, and author ✍️ Basically, I speak, travel, and write for a living! I feel incredibly lucky to have figured how to turn a core skillset into multiple income streams. Here’s 3 secrets to getting started in each career: 1️⃣ Public Speaking The game changer for me was giving a TEDx talk. Lucky for you, anyone can give one! Identify your big idea than apply, apply, apply. 2️⃣ Travel Blogging I blogged for 4 years without making a dime. Things took a turn when I attended a live, full-Day SEO workshop with @maketraffichappen. Now, I make 4 figures in passive ad revenue from my website every month. 3️⃣ Author You don’t need a book deal to write a book — you can self-publish on Amazon! When you write the book on something, you’re automatically the expert and it leads to so many more opportunities. All these paths are open to anyone, with or without experience. Follow @jenonajetplane to change your life through travel ✈️ . . . . . #multipassionate #multipassionateentrepreneur #multipassionatecreative #multipassionatecreatives #entrepreneursofig #femaleentrepreneurlife #digitalentrepreneur #digitalentrepreneurship #creativeentrepreneur #creativeentrepreneurs #femalebusinessowners

Where are you heading next? 🗺 This month, I have 3 big destinations on the itinerary! 📍 Orlando, Florida I’m speaking at FINCon next week, the premier conference for financial content creators. 📍 Ireland Exact cities TBD, I’m visiting with the tourism board on a press trip. 📍 Qatar In anticipation of the World Cup, I’m exploring Qatar for the first time, also on a press trip! I am so excited to add two new countries and countless new experiences to my list 🤗 Follow @jenonajetplane for more travel inspo ✈️ . . . . #takethattrip #vacationmore #nexttrip #nexttripsoon #nexttripplease #travelandvacations #vacationvibes #vacationmode #vacationgoals #vacationallieverwanted #travelallthetime #travelroundtheworld

Did you know you can take a chocolate making class in Puerto Rico? 🍫 This is @montaderochocolate, a 100% locally sourced chocolate shop using endemic ingredients like papaya and passionfruit 💯 The 2-hour long class takes you through the history of chocolate on the island. You’ll make 3 custom bars to your liking 😋 There’s also whiskey tasting included! 🥃 All for only $36. Reservations are required and can be made online 🎟 Follow @jenonajetplane for more travel tips! 🥰 . . . . #chocolateclass #chocolatemaking #locallysourcedfood #puertoricancuisine #puertoricotravels #puertoricoblogger #puertoricoholic #puertoricogram #discoverpuertorico #montaderochocolate #puertoricofood #puertoricofoodie

I love Vegas, and I don’t gamble! 🎰 [Save + Share] Here are 5 places you need to visit if you’re in the area: 1️⃣ Mob Museum This museum chronicles the history of the mob, with former mobsters having input on the exhibits and even serving as volunteers. There’s a speakeasy in the basement where your drink is served inside a carved out book, prohibition style. 2️⃣ Pinball Hall of Fame This place is meant for kids to have a safe space to hang, but might be even more fun for adults. There are over 5 decades of original arcade games, and they cost whatever it cost to play them when they were built. 3️⃣ Neon Museum This is where old casino signs go to get a new life! I recommend visiting at night when they put on a music and lights show. 4️⃣ Slotzilla Zipline Urban ziplines are few and far in between, and the one in downtown Vegas is one of the originals. Fly Superman style or seated over the crowds. 5️⃣ Seven Magic Mountains This was supposed to be a temporary art installation but it’s so popular they’re trying to make it permanent. It’s located about 15 minutes outside of Vegas, in Henderson, and is a great photo opp. Follow @jenonajetplane for more travel tips ✈️ . . . . #vegastrip #vegastravel #visitlasvegas #visitvegas #vegasvacation #thingstodoinvegas #thingstodoinvegaswithkids #lasvegastravel #travellasvegas #lasvegastrip #traveltovegas #vegasthings #onlyinvegas

What it’s like to run a Disney race 👇 I still can’t believe I ran my first 10k this year! 🏃🏻‍♀️ This has been a goal of mine for the longest time, and I am NOT a runner 😅 I wanted to prove that I could do it, and there was no better place than Disney to do so. Here’s why I recommend you do a Disney race: 📷 There are character meet and greets along the way 🥁 Disney sets up marching bands and choirs to cheer you on 🗣 Cast members come out to encourage you, clapping and telling you to keep going 🎢 The running route goes through the theme parks early in the morning before they open 🍽 The runs are all themed — mine was food themed, hence the running table 😆 🥇 You get a cool, collectible medal at the end Disney runs need to be booked months ahead of time and sell out almost instantly. Pro tip: the 5k sells out quickest, followed by the 10k, so always buy those tickets first. Follow @jenonajetplane to change your life through travel! ✈️ . . . . #disneyrace #disney10k #rundisney #rundisneytraining #rundisneycostume #disneyworldflorida #waltdisneyworldresort #disneyrun #disneyrunner #disneyrunning #disneyrunners

Don’t feel guilty about the money you spend on travel! There are so many “responsible” ways we use money — from paying bills to investing to buying property. But money doesn’t have a personality and it’s not innately strict or boring. You get to choose how you use it! 🤑 You deserve to spend your money on something that makes you happy, just because. For some, it’s a purse 👛 For others, a car 🚘 For me, it’s a glass dome in the middle of the Jordanian desert fit for a princess 👸🏻 To each their own! I hope you use your money in “irresponsible” ways every once in a while, and revel in every minute of it 😌 Follow @jenonajetplane to reinvigorate your life through travel! ✈️ . . . . #travelinspo #travelinspired #travelbucketlist #bucketlistplaces #travelforyou #travelistolive #justtravel #travelforlife #travelandlive #travelinfluencer #travelcontent #travelcontentcreator

Tips to get the courage to travel SOLO 👇 Solo travel is one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do. But actually working up the courage to take a solo trip is a whole other story! 😅 I’ve legit thrown up on the way to the airport from the anxiety, despite being a professional traveler 🙈 Here are some of the ways I cope: 1️⃣ Research like your life depends on it Knowledge is power, so before I go to another country I research the area where I’m staying, the best way to get to attractions, common scams, etc. The more you know, the less you’ll look like an easy target. 2️⃣ Connect with a local before you go I previously shared a post with the best Facebook groups for solo female travelers. Before you go, post in the group to get advice from locals. Make a friendly contact on the ground, just in case. 3️⃣ Plan your evening activities It can be hard going out at night alone, so don’t! Haunted walking tours, food tours, dinner cruises — all of these are nighttime activities you can reserve and do with others. Follow @jenonajetplane for more solo travel tips! ✈️ . . . . #solotravel #solotraveller #solotraveler #solotravelwoman #travelsolo #womentravelsolo #solofemaletraveler #solofemaletravel #travelbyyourself #goalone #womenwhotravelsolo #travelalone

Waited 2 months for this reservation and it was worth it! I’ve never had a dining experience like this, for several reasons: 👨‍🍳 An award-winning chef is making the food, clearing the table, and chatting with you. 🍽 There are anywhere from 12 to 20+ courses served, with a different menu every night. 👀 You’re encouraged to go in the kitchen and see what they’re doing. They also broadcast the food prep in the dining room. ⏰ The experience lasts 4 hours or more. There is no flipping of tables here — your table is your table for the night. If you’re planning a trip to San Juan, make your reservations at @orujotaller sooner rather than later! Follow @jenonajetplane for more travel tips ✈️ . . . . . #puertoricanrestaurant #puertoricorestaurant #puertoricofood #puertoricoeats #puertoricofoodie #puertoricoblogger #finediningexperience #awardwinningchef #finedininglovers #finediningram #finediningfood #finediningrestaurant

Let’s talk money! Some people are amazed what I do is a real job. The truth is, it’s like having several jobs at once. As an entrepreneur, I never want to put my eggs all in one basket. These are some of the ways I get paid to travel: ✍️ Freelance travel writing 🤳 Influencer work 💻 Blogging and site ads 📚 Book royalties Do any of these interest you? Follow @jenonajetplane for more tips! ✈️ . . . . . #getpaidtotravel #travelismyjob #travelinfluencer #travelwriter #travelblogger #makemoneytraveling #travelcareer #multipleincomestreams #digitalentrepreneur #entrepreneurwoman #travelbusiness #travelbusinessowner

When faced with the reality of turning 30 and being painfully single, I did what any reasonable woman would do… Booked a flight to put a world of distance between me and my problems! And then I repeated that process. Over and over. For a total of 20 trips in one year 🗓 I could’ve spent the last year of my 20s panicking, trying to line up endless Tinder dates and freeze my eggs. Instead, I spent it: 🌋 Descending into a volcano in Iceland 🐘 Volunteering with elephants in Thailand 🍹 Sipping mojitos in Cuba 💜 Frolicking in lavender fields in France 🐢 Swimming with sea turtles in Aruba Travel is always time and money well spent! Follow @jenonajetplane for more travel inspo ✈️ . . . #bookaflight #catchflightsnotfeelings #catchflights #frequentflyer #frequentflyers #frequenttraveller #frequenttraveler #traveladdict #traveladdicted #travelgram #airtravel

12 Fun Things to do in Vieques, Puerto Rico On Your Next Visit

Whether you’re going for a week or a weekend, you’re going to want to bookmark this list! Vieques is a small island located off the coast of Puerto Rico and makes a great destination for those wanting a slower paced, tropical getaway. I personally found the snorkeling by Mosquito Pier (aka the “rompeolas”) to be the most enjoyable since the water was calm, visibility was clear and there is a lot of wildlife under the pier. Punta Mulas is beautifully restored and has a small museum inside covering the nature of the island and maritime history.

Best Restaurants in Vieques, Puerto Rico (And Vegan-Friendly Options!)

If you have additional restrictions like being gluten free or sugar free you could have a difficult time. ’re right by the water in Esperanza and open for dinner, starting at 5:30pm. They have wholesome, fresh ingredients with gluten free, dairy free and sugar free options. Located right across the street from Buen Provecho, Rising Roost is a popular breakfast and lunch spot.

My 99Designs Review and Promotional Discount Code

I started to search for book cover design websites, and that’s when I came across 99Designs. This means that if you’re an individual that wants to find a designer, you launch a contest for your project and designers submit their ideas to you. I use 99Designs for my book covers and love that they have different pricing and style options available, starting as low as $199 for an ebook cover. To start a contest, you submit a design brief where you rank other designs, include relevant materials and try to be as detailed as possible on what it is you’re looking for.

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