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Posts by founder, Sam… accidental photographer, writer, & content creator. ✉️:

Location Lexington, Kentucky United States
Country United States of America
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Meltdown Ice Ball Press: Tutorial + Coupon Code! I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for unique cocktail gadgets. And today, I have the ultimate toy to add to your bar cart arsenal. The @meltdownicepress literally molds a hunk of ice into a perfect sphere within seconds. I’ve teamed up with Meltdown to show off this dreamy apparatus and offer you FREE etching/monogramming (ARV $300) using the exclusive code “FROSTED”. Retailing for about $1,495, the press is made of highly conductive 99.8% solid copper and weighs in at a whopping 14.7 lbs! There are two other product options, too, starting at $895. Watch the full video to see how ridiculously easy it is to operate. Now who wants to make some ice?! Visit my blog (link in bio) for more about this beautiful gadget! #icecube #icemaker #cocktails #beautifulbooze #mixology #drinkphotography #scotchontherocks #satisfying #satisfyingvideos

Recipe + Bar Cart Set Giveaway with Reàl Cocktail Ingredients! It’s 7am on a September day. You open the window and a crisp, cool breeze brushes your cheek as leaves rustle in the wind. Frantically, you rush to your dresser and like a crazed woman throw clothes about as you search. There is a pause in the chaos as you see it, your wool cable knit sweater. You could care less that the forecasts says it’ll be in the mid-80s today, it’s pumpkin spice season, my friends! And what better way than to celebrate with a Pumpkin Ramon Fizz cocktail?! I’m teaming up with @real_cocktail_ingredients to bring you this boozy autumn recipe and also give 3 of my followers the chance to win a Bar Cart Set from Reàl Cocktail Ingredients. You’ll get a custom Reàl cocktail shaker & bar spoon, as well as a sampling of their infused syrups: Pumpkin, Ginger, Guava, Apple and Passion Fruit. Enter here: BAR CART SET GIVEAWAY: To enter... 1. Follow @real_cocktail_ingredients 2. Follow @frostpetticoat 3. Comment: What is the first drink you’d make with the syrups? 4. Extra Entries: Tag friends! 3 winners will be chosen on September 30th and announced here! Good luck! Now that you’ve entered, let’s get to mixing… Pumpkin Ramon Fizz Time: 5 minutes; Serves: 1 INGREDIENTS: 2 oz. gin 1 oz. Pumpkin Reàl 1 oz. heavy cream ½ oz. lemon juice ½ oz. lime juice Dash of orange blossom water Egg white Club Soda DIRECTIONS: 1. Add all the ingredients (except the soda) to a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously for 30 seconds. 2. Strain into a collins glass and top with soda water. Enjoy! #ReàlCocktails #giveaway #cocktailgiveaway #sweeps #freebie #ramonfizz #drinkphotography #drinkphotographer #spirits #beautifulbooze #gin #mixology

Kentucky Bourbon Sticky Bread with @scharglutenfree! I have lived all over the country. From growing up in Los Angeles, studying in Ohio, starting married life in Manhattan, raising a toddler in Texas, I am not joking… literally everywhere. Now I find myself in the most beautiful places of all, Lexington, Kentucky. One of my favorite things about all these residencies is getting to experience the food like a local. And let me tell you, Kentuckians know how to do breakfast! So today I am teaming up with Schär to bring you a gluten-free, celiac-friendly twist on a Southern morning classic… Kentucky Bourbon Sticky Bread. Kentucky Bourbon Sticky Bread Time: 40 min.; Serves: 6-8 INGREDIENTS: • 1 ½ loaves Schär’s Gluten-Free Artisan Baker White Bread • 1 ½ c. heavy cream • ½ c. bourbon • ½ c. sweetened condensed milk • ¼ c. candied pecans • 2 tbsp. granulated sugar • 1 tbsp. cinnamon • 2 tsp. salt • 3 eggs DIRECTIONS: 1. Preheat the oven to 350°F. Grease the inside of a bundt pan and coat with the 2 tbsp. of sugar. 2. In a large mixing bowl, whisk the heavy cream, bourbon, cinnamon, salt, and eggs together. 3. Chop the slices of Schär’s Gluten-Free Artisan Baker White Bread into 1” cubes and add to the mixing bowl. Fold gently until all the bread in fully drenched with the mixture. 4. Push the cubes snuggly into the bundt pan and then pour excess liquid mixture over the top. 5. Place the bundt pan in the oven and bake approximately 25-30 minutes. Remove and let cool. 6. Drizzle the sweetened condensed milk on top and garnish with the candied pecans. Enjoy! #schar #scharglutenfree #scharpartner

Sweet Pear & Goat Cheese Crostinis with @scharglutenfree! Raise your hand if you know someone with Celiac disease?! I do! Before my mid-20s, I had never heard of the disease and was shocked to learn about the severity of it. Since then, I have made a conscientious effort to respect others’ dietary restrictions and educate myself as to the different ways I can accommodate them in the kitchen. That’s why I am teaming up with Schär to bust myths surrounding Celiac disease and offer up a divine gluten-free appetizer recipe for those hosting days when you need to be mindful. Visit my blog for all the details, but in the meantime…Who’s up for a bite of my Sweet Pear & Goat Cheese Crostinis?! Sweet Pear & Goat Cheese Crostinis Time: 15 min.; Serves: 4-6 INGREDIENTS: • 1 Schär Gluten-Free Baguette • 2.5 oz. goat cheese • ¼ c. blackberries (halved) • ¼ c. blue agave syrup • ½ pear (sliced) • 1 tbsp. fresh basil DIRECTIONS: 1. Preheat the oven to 350°F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. 2. Slice the Schär Gluten-Free Baguette into ½” slices. 3. Pour 2 tbsp. of the agave syrup on a rimmed plate and quickly dip the bottom of each baguette slice in the syrup. Place on the parchment-lined baking sheet. 4. Lightly spread goat cheese on top of each slice. 5. Then top with a pear slices and blackberry halves. 6. Place in the oven and bake approximately 8 minutes. 7. Remove and let cool. Drizzle with the remaining agave syrup and garnish with fresh shredded basil. Enjoy! Visit my link in bio to get the @scharglutenfree products! #schar #scharglutenfree #scharpartner

Who here is vaccinated against Covid-19?! Who is about to get vaccinated?! Wahoo! (#PSA #ad) If you got the vaccine prick, then you’ve earned yourself a drink, my friend. The Vaccine Prick Cocktail is a cheeky take on the classic Penicillin (I know, I couldn’t help myself). Whisky, lemon, and Prickly Pear Dragon Fruit syrup, makes for a strong and sweet drink you deserve. I am vaccinated! Wahoo! Science, man… what a marvel and God-given gift! I am not only vaccinated to protect myself, I did it to protect my daughter (who is still too young to get the shot), my family, healthcare workers, and anyone else I may come into contact with. Why? Because of love. I genuinely love you, my fellow human beings. I feel so much joy in my heart to be vaccinated. I got the shot as soon as I could because my family has witnessed coronavirus horrors firsthand. My husband is a Pediatric Immunologist and has been on the frontlines since the pandemic started. He has seen the worst Covid-19 pediatric patients and worked tirelessly to help them. It’s heartbreaking. It’s not fair. And now, it’s preventable. Do your part, get the shot, and pour yourself a drink. And if you have any hesitation, please feel free to DM me and I will personally tell you about my experience getting vaccinated. I am here to support you and send out love, because we’ve only got each other. Tag 3 friends in your area who may need some extra information and encourage them to learn more about getting vaccinated at The Vaccine Prick Cocktail 2 oz. blended scotch 3/4 oz. Prickly Pear Dragon Fruit Syrup (easily found at local liquor stores) 3/4 oz. lemon juice 1/4 oz. Islay single malt scotch Add the blended scotch, syrup, and lemon juice and syrup into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake until chilled. Pour over ice in a tumbler. Top with the Islay single malt scotch and garnish with a cherry… you know you earned that cherry on top! Cheers! In Partnership with Ad Council.

Irish-American Whiskey Sour! Today I'm teaming up with @fighting69thwhiskey to bring you a cocktail that celebrates the Irish-American spirit. Featuring Fighting 69th Irish Whiskey, lemon juice, maple syrup, and cherry juice, it's a lovely tart-meets-sour libation to start the weekend. And hey, I had to pay homage to George Washington's cherry tree! Irish-American Whiskey Sour INGREDIENTS: 2 ounces Fighting 69th Irish Whiskey 1 ounce lemon juice 3/4 ounce maple syrup 1/2 once cherry juice DIRECTIONS: Pour all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake vigorously for 15 seconds or until chilled. Strain into a glass over ice and enjoy! This vanilla-smooth whiskey is an homage to the Fighting 69th Regiment, an American Irish Brigade. Make sure to mix up this cocktail or simply pour yourself a dram this weekend. Cheers! #irishwhiskey #whiskeycocktail #whiskey #libations #drinkphotography #drinkphotographer #tgif #beautifulbooze #feedfeedcocktails #mixology #mixologist #spirits

Booklover’s Recipe for Relaxation: Cocktails, Hardcovers, & @Purple! (#ad) The last year and a half has been a doozy. It is times like these when we need to actively relax, take a step back, and find the little joys in life. That is why I am teaming up with today’s cozy brand to bring you a booklover’s recipe for an idyllic day of R & R. It’s time for cocktails, hardcovers, and Purple, my library-loving fiends! Here’s the ingredients (and a cocktail recipe!), you’ll need to put this together… Purple SoftStretch Sheets, the Purple Harmony Pillow, and a set Sleepy Jones x Purple Pajamas. Between the moisture-wicking fabric and the heavenly contouring Purple Grid Hex Technology, you’ll have cozy covered from every angle. Next you’ll need to pair the dreamy bedding with a good book! I highly recommend The Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley Heller. Love, lies, and secrets at a summer beach house… need I say more?! Lastly, you need a divine drink for page-turning sipping. Juniper, honey, and ginger add a punch of sweet warmth, while rosé mellows out the effect for a long-lasting sipping (while page-turning) experience. Rosé Colored Glasses 2 oz. dry gin 2 oz. ginger beer 1 oz. honey Rosé wine Dash of lime juice Stir the gin, ginger, lime, and honey in a wine glass. Top with rose and enjoy! All that’s left is mixing all these ingredients together and you have yourself a delicious recipe for relaxation. Make sure to check out @purple’s amazing line of mattresses and sleep accessories. You won’t be disappointed! #PurplePartner #OnlyPurple #drinkphotographer #drinkphoto #bookloversday #bookloversofinstagram #roséwine #gin #gincocktail #spirits #beautifulbooze

AD: Tart Cherry Spritzer + Grilled Pizza Pairing! If you are in need for a little patio dinner inspiration, then bookmark this post. All you need to do is mix up this refreshing summer cocktail, grill a frozen (yes, frozen!) @homeruninn pizza on the barbecue, and take in the killer summer vibes. In my opinion, grilling frozen pizzas is the absolute ideal way to enjoy them. Literally take the Home Run Inn pizza out of the freezer, throw it on the grill for 16-20 minutes over medium heat, and you’re done. Enjoy it with my Tart Cherry Spritzer and let the summer festivities commence! Tart Cherry Spritzer INGREDIENTS: 2 ounces of vodka 1 ounce of tart cherry juice Lime Soda Dash of Lemon Juice DIRECTIONS: 1. Pour the vodka and tart cherry juice over ice in a Collins glass. 2. Top off with lime soda and add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. 3. Garnish with fresh cherries and enjoy! For detailed grilling instructions visit: #grilling #bestchicagopizza #homeruninnpizza #homeruninn #family

The Islay Sea Nymph Cocktail: In honor of National Scotch Day, I have teamed up with @bruichladdich to create an ode to the ocean with the Islay Sea Nymph cocktail. The Classic Laddie bottle takes its stunning aquamarine color for the water along the Islay coastline on which the Bruichladdich distillery sits. With that in mind, my whimsical mixology fantasies started running amok. I envisioned a beautiful sea nymph rising from the green foam, tempted to venture onto land for a taste of this heavenly spirit. With whimsy in full swing, it was time to move onto taste! The Islay Sea Nymph cocktail takes cues from the flavor profile of the dram itself. Land meets the water’s edge with distinctive Scottish barley and a salty Atlantic breeze. Hints of ripe grapefruit and a fresh minty greenness add an undeniably summer flair as Prosecco bubbles tickle your nose like the ocean’s spray along the shore. The Islay Sea Nymph 2 oz. Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie 1/2 oz. Mint Simple Syrup Dash of Grapefruit Bitters Prosecco Pour the scotch over ice in a tumbler or Collin’s glass. Add the syrup and bitters. Stir gently. Top with Prosecco and garnish with grapefruit peel. Enjoy! Get $5 off a bottle with code “CLASSICDAY” from July 26-Aug 1. Visit: Let it transport you to the magical shores of Islay and serve as a tribute to scotch on this holy day. But be wary of the siren call for mermaids are afoot… #bruichladdichpartner #laddieaqua #scotch #nationalscotchday #lexingtonphotographer #feedfeedcocktails #beautifulbooze #scotchwisky #scotchcocktails #whiskycocktail #whisky

Did you know tomorrow is National Tequila Day? So if you need a recipe to celebrate the holiday properly, I've pulled a killer margarita recipe from my archives. Featuring the likes of @patron, jalapeño oil, and rose water, it is a drink you do not want to miss. ROSA PICANTE MARGARITA INGREDIENTS 2 ounces of Patrón Silver 0.5 ounces of Patrón Citrónge Lime 1 ounce of squeezed lime juice 0.5 ounces of ginger syrup Bar spoon of jalapeño oil Dash of rosewater Rose petal sea salt INSTRUCTIONS 1. Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake with ice to chill. 2. Strain into a chilled cocktail coupe that has been half-rimmed with rose sea salt, and top with a dash of rose water. 3. Garnish with a rose petal, if available. Enjoy! #nationaltequiladay #nationaltequiladay2021 #tequila #margarita #margaritas #margaritarecipe #drinkrecipes #cocktails #beautifulbooze #feedfeedcocktails #patron #patrón #patrontequila #drinkphotography #drinkphotographer #lexington #lexingtonky #lexingtonphotographer

Summertime patio dreaming with stone fruit pastries paired with @sanpellegrino_us Essenza Dark Morello Cherry & Pomegranate. (#ad) This is one way I am reinventing date “nights” at home… with date brunches on our back patio! So easy and fun! #PairedPerfection #PairedFlavors

Stone fruit patio brunch with @sanpellegrino_us! (#ad) The sun is out, the breeze is about, and the outdoors beckons. Take your brunch festivities out to the patio, by pairing San Pellegrino Essenza Dark Morello Cherry & Pomegranate with some delicious stone fruit accompaniments. The drink’s refreshing bubbles taste delightful with cherry and almond pastries, fresh peaches, strawberries, and sliced grapefruit. Get a case of San Pellegrino Essenza flavors to elevate your next patio brunch. #PairedPerfection #PairedFlavors

Chardonnay Cocktail + Happy Birthday Gift Card! Everyone has someone in their life that is impossible to buy gifts for. (#ad) So, take the guesswork out of the celebration and pair a custom cocktail with a @gftcards. Seriously, you get to share a delicious drink with the special person and they get to choose their own gift. It’s a win-win! In particular, I adore including @GiveHappyCards in birthday celebrations because the recipient can choose from the card’s featured restaurants, retailers, or entertainment venues. Plus, after the insane year we’ve all lived through, it is time to make up for the time we lost and start indulging in the experiences we’ve been missing out on. So whip up the cocktail below and surprise them with this special treat… Birthday Chardonnay Cocktail Serves 4 1 bottle of chardonnay ¼ cup of elderflower liqueur 3-4 dashes of orange bitters Garnish with dried orange slices Mix all the ingredients together in a pitcher and serve in wine glasses. Enjoy! So for the next birthday shindig, make sure to give Happy Gift Cards to that special person in your life. #GiveHappy #Earnedit #GiftCards #HappyBirthday

Soju Mint Julep: Take your mint julep game to the next level with this delicious Korean twist. YOBO Soju is an elevated take on classical Korean grape Soju with an American twist. @yobosoju is hand-crafted in small batches in the New York Finger Lakes region on the breathtaking shore of Seneca Lake. The distillation process begins with locally-sourced and sustainably-farmed Catawba grapes, yeast, and crisp, clean water from New York’s Finger Lakes. Whether you sip on it straight or mix it in a cocktail, it is a delightfully refreshing spirit to add to your home bar. Best of all, they are a spirit with a great conscience. Founded by a second-generation Female Korean-American, @yobosoju is dedicated to supporting other minority-owned small businesses, as well as joining efforts to fight Asian American discrimination. In conjunction with 33 organization, YOBO Soju provides aid to those how have been marginalized or attacked. In other words, they are kick-ass warriors fighting injustice! Love it! SOJU MINT JULEP 2 1/2 oz. YOBO Soju 1 oz. simple syrup 4-6 fresh mint leaves Sprig of sage Muddle the mint leaves and simple syrup at the bottom of the cocktail glass. Fill with ice and add the YOBO Soju. Stir and garnish with sage. Enjoy! Join the fight: #soju #stopasianhate #yobosoju #mintjulep #kentucky #kentuckyphotographer #kentuckyphotography #beautifulbooze #feedfeeddrinks #spirits #drinkphotography #drinkphotographer #drinksphotographer #lexingtonky #lexingtonphotographer

AD: Wine & Tarts Happy Hour with @lapostavineyards anyone? Skip the crowds and host your own at-home happy hour this weekend. I’m pairing both sweet and savory tarts with the divine 2019 La Posta Pizzella Malbec. The dense berry notes of this food-friendly malbec compliments almond & fruit tarts, as well as a smoked veggie & sausage galette. Plus, with a few friends on hand, this makes for a perfect happy hour to kick off the night’s festivities. So grab your favorite sweet and savory pastries and make sure to check out La Posta’s trio of single-vineyard malbecs. Seriously, their range of varieties has something everyone will enjoy. Find La Posta on, Drizly, and Total Wine. Cheers! Not intended for anyone under the age of 21. Enjoy responsibly. #laposta #livelaposta #malbec #happyhour #foodandwine #drinksphotography

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