Dolphia Nandi

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  • UX Designer | Computer Engineer
  • Stock Photographer
  • Wife to @matthewarnstein, 👧🏻mamma.
  • ft @shutterstock @sonyalpha 📍 Boston
Location Cambridge, MA
Country United States
Member Since JULY 04, 2021
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9 years ago we took the vows to love each other no matter what. #happyanniversary my love, world seems unfair without in it. (I am with fever and cold, so anniversary celebration will have to wait until the weekend). #happyanniversary #valentines #valentinesday #valentines2023 #loveofmylife #happyanniversarymylove #bostoninfluencer

Are you looking for a festive and fun drink for this Valentine’s day? Let’s make one together with @LyresSpiritCo! 🍹Start with PINK LONDON SPIRIT - with notes of rose, cherry, red berry, and blackberry followed by a great gin focussed finish. 🍹Then top it off with Classico -  lifted lime with notes of fresh peach and granny smith apple skin on the nose.  🍹Add pink lemonade, chopped berries, and a lemon slice!  Did I not mention it’s refreshing and tangy?  Lyre’s uses all-natural essences, extracts, and distillates to match traditional spirits’ aroma, taste, and appearance without using alcohol as the base. You can find @LyresSpiritCo at all @TotalWine locations across the US.  #LyresSpiritCo #MakeItALyres #LyresPartner @TotalWine #valentinesday2023 #mocktails #nonalcoholicspirits #drinkstagram

What are your Valentine's Day traditions?    Whatever they may be, sweeten your celebration by making a candy-cuterie board with @seescandies.    For over 100 years, See's chocolates and candies have been made using only the finest and freshest ingredients – with no added preservatives.    Here is what we included on our candy-cuterie board for the perfect amount of delicious. It was love at first (and last) bite!  • Classic Red Heart Assorted Chocolates  • Sour Hearts • Love-struck Tin • Dark Peanut Butter Hearts  • Strawberry Truffles  • Scotchmallow Hearts (I am addicted to these!) • Milk Chocolate Hearts • Dark Chocolate Hearts   #SeesCandies #SeesCandiesPartner #candycuterie #chocolate #valentinesdaychocolate #chocolatelover

I will let my daughter do the talking - YES, that’s how good it is. FYI: She is 2.9, all opinions are her own. If you have a toddler #iykyk. #organic #applesauce #toddlerofinstagram #momlife #biodynamic

In a busy household like ours, going to the doctor is a weekly affair. Thanks to @carbonhealth, I can manage my parents’ health easily. Carbon Health offers virtual and in-person appointments, primary care, urgent care, and mental healthcare — to meet you where you are. My parents love the convenience of not leaving home in deadly winter. We love that we don’t have to spend hours in the doctor’s office. #ad #carbonhealth #healthcare #virtualhealthcare #boston #bostonblogger #affordablehealthcare #health

When you are a busy working mom, medical care can be overwhelming!  Because  1️⃣ it takes hours to get an appointment,  2️⃣ it takes hours to go there, sit and come back (If you are in the Boston area, you know what I am talking about!). #ad @carbonhealth is a tech-enabled healthcare provider.  Under one app, you can see a primary care provider and seek mental health without wasting hours. Carbon Health has easy, same-day appointments. In addition, you can see prescriptions and lab results altogether - how amazing is that? #carbonhealth #onlinehealthcare #healthcare #affordablehealthcare #bostonblogger #lifestyle

I am partnering with @pbfit to celebrate National Peanut Butter Day. (Sponsored) We are snowed in, and nothing is better than a piping hot bowl of Thai Peanut Butter Ramen. We absolutely love PBFit’s powdered peanut butter. It has 8 grams per serving of plant-based protein, which we add to our khichdis (posted before), soups, and more. The soup itself is #vegan as long as you don’t serve an egg with it. But for others, it’s an excellent vegetarian option. It’s on repeat here for lunch and dinner - our in-house #toddler devours it too. #kidfriendlymeal. It is a straightforward recipe, and you don’t need directions to make this delicious soup. But still, let me know if you would like me to share a detailed recipe - I can share it in the comments. #PBfit #vegan #vegetarian #peanutbutter #thai #thaisoup #ramen #bostonfoodies

I am Dolphia! The last time I did an introduction post was in 2020. We have had a lot of new faces in the previous three years, and it's time to introduce myself. I was born in Kolkata. I moved to Buffalo, NY, to pursue a Master's in Computer Science and Engineering. After living and working there for three years, I moved to Boston and met Matthew at @bostonglobe. After working four years in Software Engineering, I decided to change my career to #UX, and thanks to my second Masters's degree in Arts from harvard - I am the UX Lead for the City of Cambridge. 🛑(I help people to grow professionally, so feel free to send me an email with career-related questions) I have been photographing since childhood, but I purchased my first camera with my salary from my first job. I have been photographing food since 2014 and professionally since 2016. I have worked with 200+ clients and launched 500+ campaigns since 2020. While these are something *you* can learn by googling me, here is what I am: I am a passionate designer who thinks good design should be imparted everywhere - from house to personal life to websites. Yes, I did study Computer Science and engineering, but deep down, I was always an artist, and thanks to my husband and his family's help - I am doing what I am good at (and that is a post for another day). Please share a few words about yourself - I don't want to feel weird. Lol. #ugccreator #contentcreator #photographer #videographer #uxdesigner #computerengineer #bostonphotographer #momwithcameras

After having a fun-filled holiday raise your hands if you want to do Dry January ® with me. If YES, consider @LyresSpiritCo.  I love doing Dry January ® because it helps me to  a. save some serious $$$, b.reduce weight and improve the overall health, c.mood boost. Having said all that, often, after a busy and rough day, I do miss my favorite cocktails.  A few days ago, I came across Lyre’s.  Lyre’s is the official non-alcoholic partner of Dry January ® (@dryjanuary). I love the variety it provides! With their amazing selection of non-alcoholic spirits, I can create my favorite cocktails without alcohol, which helps me stay on track. BONUS: I can use them at my parties all year round.  They use all-natural essences, extracts, and distillates to match traditional spirits’ aroma, taste, and appearance without alcohol. Lyre’s is also available at @cvspharmacy locations across the US! @dryjanuary_usa @alcoholchangeuk, @meharrymedicalcollege and #LyresSpiritCo #MakeItALyres #LyresPartner @dryjanuary

We are selling our FIRST CONDO! So pardon me for tearing up. Matt bought this place around the time we got married, and we both loved this like a first child. So we renovated (solid oak cabinet, German hinges, new floor, new door, @marthastewart closets, and so much more). I colored the bedroom dark purple and wanted a ceiling like the Sistine chapel with gold crown moldings. Good old silly me! This is where I started Story of Cooks, which later became professional photography and then into videography. This place taught me to study light. I bought a room full of props, and Matt transformed the home into my studio with his craftsmanship. I experimented with 1000+ recipes here. We made Anouk here. This home saw my late-night studies for exams, many job changes, career switch struggles, and so much more. This home has seen me grow from a 'naive newlywed' to a mum who manages a job, business, and a child. Mum said something beautiful the other day - we are decking these condos up like a daughter so they can be married to a good family (just like it used to happen in her time). I hope someone falls in love with this place just like we did 9 years back. #condoforsale #compassrealestate #compass #bostonrrealestate #realestate #interiordesign #luxurylifestyle #luxuryliving

I love bright and shiny skin, how about you? I have been using this @frenchpharmacyfp Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream Gel, and my skin is glowing. It is designed and tested using the best ingredients France has to offer. This Cream Gel delivers many moisturizing and anti-wrinkle effects while being incredibly light and comfortable. You can use it all year long. Do check their website! They sell many other brands from France.  P.S.: Buy two and get free shipping #beautifulskin #skincare #bostonmom #skincareroutine #skincareproducts #frenchskincare

One meal gets overlooked the most. I am partnering with Tate & Lyle to show you two breakfast ideas made with DOLCIA PRIMA® Allulose, a non-artificial sweetening ingredient that provides the taste and texture of sugar. 1️⃣ -Incredi-bowl Cereal (Honey Nut Flavor) - pair it with milk, fruits and you have an impressive low sugar and calorie breakfast. Did I mention it’s #grainfree, #paleo? With a timeless taste and the strength of 16g of protein, 8g net carbs, and 2g total sugars, honey nut cereal is what you need every morning. 💡If you are working from office, keep a box of this at desk drawer and milk, fruits at fridge. It works out the best for busy mornings with meetings. 2️⃣ Atkins Caramel Almond Clusters. Each cluster has less than 1g of sugar and 2g net carbs and are made with made with Dolcia Prima Allulose. Those 3 pm sugar cravings - these work the best! These options are amazing for someone who has been diagnosed with pre-diabetes (like us) or has diabetes. #diabetesfriendly #keto #paleo #busymomlife #breakfastofchampions #bostonfoodies

Design is as much art as it is science. I spent many nights understanding how design works and then used that to design our most coveted place - the living room. I can’t wait to show the before and after. Until then, I will be sharing more in between process photos and videos. #homerenovation #livingroom #livingroomdesign #livingroomideas #bostoninteriordesign #homeiswheretheheartis #bostonhome

What a start to the new year! 2022 was unique to us, and we had many firsts - our first overseas trip with her, her adjusting to school, buying our dream home, selling our first condo, and so much more. But 2022 taught us many things, tested us, and, more importantly, our faith in the almighty. 📑 We are entering the new year with a laundry list of things to do, and if you are following me, you know what they are. WHICH MEANS this profile will change to adapt to that. (🙏Thank you for sending wishes and prayers, dad is doing much better) 💫 I will always cherish you (who support me no matter what I share)—much love to you and cheers to the new beginnings. #happynewyear #hny #2023 #bostonphotographer #bostonfamilyphotographer #girlparents #lifestyleblogger

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