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  • UX Designer | Computer Engineer
  • Stock Photographer
  • Wife to @matthewarnstein, 👧🏻mamma.
  • ft @shutterstock @sonyalpha 📍 Boston
Location Cambridge, MA
Country United States
Member Since JULY 04, 2021
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My fam do not love mixing dry fruits with protein, however, date is a big exception to that rule. (Sponsored) This #toddlerfriendly dish (Chicken with @datesaregreat Dates & Caramelized Lemon, Onion) is very popular at our home because 1️⃣ - We can make it during weeknight 2️⃣ - It's one pot! As you know we love (and only eat!) dark meat here. Whole Chicken Legs get fried with only 2 tablespoons oil. Chicken legs will release a lot of fat here. Then those crisp fried legs go the oven with caramelized shallots, lemon, wine and #CaliforniaDates! Can you just imagine ? #DatesAreGreat Bitterness of lemon (its not at all bitter if you remove the seeds) is so well balanced with sweetness of dates and shallots. Plus, eating dates adds fiber, nutrients and antioxidants and other polyphenols to the diet. For more information visit We eat this with a fresh baby spinach salad with dates and quick pickled onion and couscous. My 16 months old toddler also loved this dinner. (Recipe at my blog) For more recipes, visit . . . . . . . . . #chickendinner #weeknightdinnerideas #roastchickenleg #chickenwithdate #bostonblogger #chickenrecipes #weeknight#foodwinewomenmeal #castironrecipes #onepanmeals #easydinnerrecipes #foodblogfeed #easyrecipesathome #thewayweeat

(Sponsored) Are you looking for #vegan lunch or dinner inspiration?   After moving to Cambridge, I found a restaurant right next to our home and my work that sells excellent lunch (half portion) and dinner (full amount) with grains, vegetables, protein, dressings, etc. I am partnering with @filippoberio_us to show you THREE nourishing bowls inspired by that.   (Swipe Right) Bowl 1 is inspired by American cuisine. It has mushrooms, quinoa, edamame, spinach, grated carrots, daikon radish, shredded cabbage, avocado, and an AHMAZING(!) Ginger Miso Dressing. The vibrant yellow dressing pairs so well with meaty mushroom and creamy avocado.    While that is my husband's favorite, I loved the Mediterranean-inspired bowl with bulgur, hummus, shawarma spiced cauliflower, shawarma spiced chickpeas, tomato, and cucumber onion garnished with parsley, lemon, and olives. This is so filling!    My last bowl is Asian-inspired which has noodles, crispy tofu, cucumber, shredded cabbage, carrots, bell pepper garnished with cilantro, and toasted sesame seeds.  I made three different types of vinaigrette using @filippoberio_us red wine, white wine, and balsamic vinegar.    When it comes to my everyday cooking, I use their olive oils daily. 1️⃣ I have used their (yellow) Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Olive oil for sautéing mushrooms, tofu, cauliflower, etc.  2️⃣ When it comes to making my dressings, I either use 100% Italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  3️⃣ California Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used for a little drizzle over edameme, chickpeas etc.  4️⃣ Delicato was used for hummus and whenever I make dips.  They have eight different types of Olive Oil, and we use and LOVE them all! #backtoschool #meatlessmonday #veganmealideas #buddhabowl #bostonblogger #italianoliveoil #oliveoil

(Sponsored) Ever since I moved to the States (2010), I have been a fan of @werthersoriginalus . Every year just before fall, I buy a few bags of their finest caramel and keep at the hallway for easy snacking or whoever is walking in or out of the home can have one. So when Werther sent us their limited-edition Harvest Flavors - I jumped in joy! We are lucky enough to try Pumpkin-Spice Soft Caramels Cinnamon Creme Soft Caramels Caramel Apple Soft Caramels. #fallinginlove #fall #newengland #boston #bostonblogger #caramel

For a long time, I was looking for a cooking pan that goes seamlessly from stove top to oven. @debuyerusa (#madeinfrance) answered that search with their mineral B country fry pan which is made of carbon steel (99% iron and 1% carbon). It becomes naturally (how amazing is that!) non-stick after seasoning. I made an amazing #toddlerfriendly weeknight pasta bake which is on repeat here. You can use sausage or mushroom (to make #vegetarian) to complete the meal. (Find the complete recipe at my blog). . . . . . #weeknight #mealideas #hearty #healthy #delicious #weeknightcooking #pastabake #vegetarianmealideas #onepotdish

(Sponsored)No matter how many times I tell my parents 'Merci' - it's not enough! They left comfort of their home and a familiar environment to help us raise Anouk with ease. Thanks to them, Matt and I can work without worrying about her. Thanks to my mum's support, I am able to establish my business and run it smoothly. It's very difficult for them to be in this country! From food to language barrier - they go through so much daily. Yet, they are here for me and my daughter. I am giving them a box of @mercichocolates to show our appreciation. I encourage you to do the same for that someone who is always there for you. #saymorewithmerci. . . . . . . #Boston #bostonblogger #photographer #lifestyle #parents #gratitude #europeanchocolates #chocolates #thankful #merci

(Sponsored) Save this post -' How to throw a party under $100 dollars?'.   1️⃣ First, go through your cupboard and find what is there - I often find nuts, dry fruits which I add to my board. 2️⃣ Next is crackers - we buy a lot usually. But you can find cheaper options at Market Basket, Shaw's, Wegmans. I also add a baguette which is GREAT with soft cheese and jam. 3️⃣ Here I have used homemade compote but you can use whatever jam you got at home. 4️⃣ Chocolates - this is unusual but truly an amazing addition to a charcuterie board. Add whatever you got at home but here I added Caramel and Twix. 5️⃣ Cheese - here you can go crazy and spent easily over $300. I buy 2 local and 2 from Europe to keep the budget under 30 dollars for cheese. 6️⃣ Meat - this is completely optional but I have added a log of hard salami and two sliced. 7️⃣ Wine - these @UpshotWines bottles are under 20 dollars. Swipe Up my stories to find a store near you!   @RSVineyards #UpshotWines #Blendwithpassion #wine

An ode to bitter-sweet Summer of 2021 with Trader Joe’s sunflowers. We took our first family trip beginning of this summer. Anouk definitely enjoyed it a lot, and we learned a lot about traveling as an entire family (with my parents included). Anouk and Matt started enjoying the great outdoor of Cambridge - Brookline - Allston through the bike. They both ride 15-20 miles a day. (Matt got a lot fit thanks to this) There are a lot of failed moments too! Initially, she was going to parks which we stopped because she was coming back thoroughly soaked from the waterworks in the park. Our house deal fell through. Anouk got severely sick (she is still recovering). It was GREAT!

(Sponsored) Do you dream about your lunch from the morning?   As you have seen in my last post, we love to shop #LocalAtStopandShop. This time, I am showing you two lunch options that take less than 15 minutes to make.   Get yourself a box of Willow Tree (from MA) Chicken Salad. Add some chopped onion, apples from Joseph P. Sullivan & Co Inc. Now add that to a fresh Bulkie roll from Calise(from RI). Add some Little Leaf (from MA) Lettuce, Tomatoes -  you got yourself a super delicious and filling lunch.   My second lunch option is perfect for #vegetarians and #vegans. Get a packet of Joseph’s Pita, Hummus, Tzatziki and Tabbouleh Make pita pocket with that and fresh-made salad - cucumber, onion, tomato, olives, parsley.   It is SEASONAL, #ADashofLocal, and more so DELICIOUS! The best is you can make it in the morning before work or school.   #FeedTheMoment #stopandshop @stopandshop

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